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  1. Here's the nymph from the old L2PK4, painted up according to instructions and only with the paints provided in the kit. While I struggled with the mini I had a lot of fun with the water base. C&C very welcome, as always!
  2. Here's Bertok, the barbarian. I followed the instructions of the old L2PK4 using only paints originally included in the set. (Plus gold and silver, because I suck at NMM)😇 Enjoy!
  3. I like giants almost as much as orc and Anhurians, just a few touch ups and a pair of chain that attach to his waist.
  4. Trying to workout my colors for fur on the Gnolls I will be painting for a campaign
  5. First time using the olive triad. Fun figure to paint but I have several touch ups and some highlighting to do. Can’t hide from the dang camera
  6. Some of my June projects so far. She was one of the necromancers I had primed this month and the first one painted. I had gotten this figure so long ago and picked it out of my loose figure bin. Don't ever remember from before as her being labeled a hellborn and wanted her to have pale flesh so she could be used as a vampire as well if need be.
  7. Some of my June projects so far. She was one of three necromancer's I had primed this month the last still need to be done.
  8. Some of my June projects so far. Was hoping to keep him woodsy with just a dash of color thus the violet (actually the wild violet was a new color I had gotten and wanted to try out).
  9. Some of my June projects so far. This month I wanted to do some male fighters and he was one of three that I had primed for it.
  10. Some of my June project so far. I wanted to try a beaten armor look like he's been in a lot of battles, don't know if I succeed but still kinda of like the look of the armor as it's all over the place.
  11. She was in one of my WIP threads where I wanted to see how dark armor would look for 3000 Kyra and Lavarath. Since I finally finished that nightmarish project thgought I'd finish her up and use as Kyra on foot.
  12. This was a nightmarish project that I shelved for years after I had first put her together. Being metal I didn't want to try and attach the wings after it was painted so assembled all the parts of the dragon together. I wanted a blue dragon and first went with Prussian Blue, huge mistake as it looked awful and trying to paint that heavy thing in hand was a... ...so it got shelved until now. It's my second dragon of any size (painted baby dragon as PC followers). but basically really my first as the other dragon I painted was the Asgard Dragon (twice the size of this weighting over 2 lbs. of lead) in the 80's done in metalic's where I hadn't any idea what I was doing, later striped and sold the model.
  13. Super fun to paint, all Reaper Paints, the base is Vallejo- Sandy Paste with a Reaper sandy tan base coat and Minotaur hide wash. The shoulder armor is powderburn brown with powderburn brown+drops of leather brown for highlights. Really liked the armors color, I have been wanting to use that color. Really happy with the eyes first mini in about 2 dozen whose eyes don’t looked like the guy was kicked in the side of the head by a horse. Shield looked spiffy too, which is key to any self respecting spartan
  14. A long time ago, I painted up a model of Barros & Tempest (DHL #3096). Unfortunately, this is now one of my missing minis. It is located somewhere in my parent's place, but where exactly, no one knows... All that I have left are these pictures from an old computer. But I really like this model, so I ordered a new one and painted it up with a different rider and a horse of a different colour. Their barding matches, just incase the original is ever found. Here is the missing Barros & Tempest. Please forgive the bad photography skills, I took these photos on a freezer with a piece of paper behind them in place of a real box. I used a pin and green attach Tempest (I'm assuming that is the name of the Pegasus) to the stand. It didn't hold up well, and it looks like they are coming in for a landing or to smite someone. And here is my new version of Barros & Tempest. This model is hard to photograph because there are so many cool sculpted features going all the way around the model. I love the movement of these sculptures. They work really well together.
  15. She was another I had primed as a thief but didn't fit my scheme, had always thought of her as a bard with the guitar and to me bards are a thief class. You lied to me, you told me you wouldn't use any green on her. "but, but," I had replied, "She's an Elf." hehe
  16. He was primed to be used as my thieves group I was doing last month bu7t upon looking closer got an arabian adventure feel to him so couldn't do my brown and green scheme I had for the group. But of course still decided to go with the brown thinking a desert camoflage....well at least (hoping) maybe thinking that.
  17. I know I counted him as an Elf when he's only half-elven but five side by side looks better than four, hehe for the group shot, thou I really need to go back and try and redo the eyes and one cheek bone on him.
  18. Usually when I prime it's like 15 mini's at a time and I try to throw something in there for fun or a test. Him I primed thinking he'd be a good speed paint practice thou it only semi happened (1 and 1/2 hrs). I was hoping to make him slicky maybe to be use as a leper as well.
  19. Meet Ogana, who will star as the main character in my RoSD game. I absolutely love that sculpt (by Julie Guthrie). It's actually one of the few minis I didn't choose from my stash for the game but ordered specifically for this job. Hope he will survive, I'm not known for my skills in table top games... Looking forward to some comments and criticisms!
  20. The last of three elves I had primed to paint for Feb.
  21. The last of three vampires I had primed to paint for Feb.
  22. I always thought this was a fantasy mini. Only when I began painting it I could read the sculpt enough - no fantasy mini at all, more of a pulp themed one. Probably better suited for the chronoscope line... Painting was really fun, though. Just a quick paint job on black primer. Since I rarely prime black that was a very interesting experience. C&c very welcome. Enjoy!
  23. The second of three vampires I had primed to paint for Feb.
  24. The second of three elves I had primed to paint for Feb.
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