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Found 7 results

  1. Non-Mini, PC Video Game - Dinosaur / prehistoric animal Tycoon. Accurate models, highly customizable gameplay I know it's not mini-related, but I also know some of you might have kids who like dinosaurs (or like them yourself), and this is a good educational game because they actually did research, applied current and up to date science to their models, and i figured some people here might actually be interested. If not? Ah well! I just thought i'd make a post for it There are 50 Species planned for Early Access, with more planned "Prehistoric Kingdom is a modern take on the tycoon simulator game genre, focused on building and managing your very own prehistoric-themed zoo, populating it with a large variety of extinct animals and opening its gates to the public for your guests to enjoy. As such, our main goals with the project can be brought down to three major aspects: Ensuring a high level of customization for buildings and their placement modes, allowing for almost limitless creative potential. With multiple creative tools provided to help you build the ultimate prehistoric zoo, the possibilities are endless. Providing a fairly realistic and scientifically accurate in-game depiction of each animal, from its looks to its sounds and behavior. Each and every creature is designed and created with the utmost love and attention. Offering challenging, detailed, and enjoyable management mechanics that will immerse you even more in the very world that you built! "
  2. I have created a little diorama / terrain piece to go with my Lost World Project. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81223-welcome-to-the-jungle-by-glitterwolf/ I used the base of Kaladrax Bones, now OOP to create some Aztec style ruins. The smaller Aztec ruin pieces are from Greenstuffworld. For the creatures in the murky river I used the Moray Eel of Reaper's 02948: Familiar Pack VII, sculpted a lungfish and some Trilobites myself ( almost invisible in the murky water as they should be.) and I sculpted a second eel. And a Bones Centipede 77427: Dungeon Vermin - Centipede . The Plantlife are the Plant Dragon and the Deathstar Lilies from Bones 77505: Dragon Plant and 77504: Death Star Lilies . The Triceratops cadaver is a plastic Triceratops skeleton which I fleshed out with putty. The little feathered raptors are Ral Partha Velocirapors and I used putty to give them feathers. There is a juvenile Barchiosaurus in the back he's from a Paint and Play set from Wild Republic. The Flying Creature is an OOP Metal Terradon from Games Workshop. The Giant Centipede is from Safari Toob Animals which I repainted. Thanks to @knarthex for providing me with flock, @strawhat for sending me the Toob Animals from which the Giant Centipede is now used, @TaleSpinner for his advice on sculpting feathers, I'm not superb good at it but I think it worked. @SisterMaryNapalm and @malefactus for their ongoing support and tips. Enjoy:
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fossilpunkfoundry/sauriana-miniatures-game/description About Sauriana Sauriana is a 32mm tabletop skirmish game set in an alternate 19th century, where dinosaurs once again roam the earth, paleontology drives the economy, and new world powers lurk in the shadows. Players build their band of daring and intrepid agents, and battle against their opponents in a fast-paced, narrative gameplay experience where fortune favors the bold and hiring the right men, women, and beasts for the job mean the difference between success and failure, life and death. Gameplay in Sauriana is straightforward and intuitive, and getting into the game is affordable. The goal of this Kickstarter is to launch our game in its most complete form - successful funding will allow us to produce our starter box for the game, as well as faction starters to get players into the game from the ground up. Most of our initial miniatures are sculpted, molded, and cast, ready for launch, and any funding in excess of our goal will go towards expanding our miniature range to provide even more great models for players and hobbyists. Our 32mm scale resin miniatures are just exude detail and personality! 32mm Scale - compatible with most game ranges and terrain. High quality multi-part resin miniatures cast by our partners at Secret Weapon Miniatures, and sculpted by some of the best in the industry. PLAY A normal game will number 3-10 miniatures per player. We make it easy for players to get into the game! This Kickstarter is meant to fund both the starter set, and faction starters - everything you need to get started in one box. 3 x 3 game table is suitable for normal play, though the game can be expanded with more miniatures per side and more terrain. Objective-based gameplay with a heavy narrative focus. Rules for Expeditions - Campaign play to chronicle the journey of your Posse, encouraging you to personalize your force. Assets and Equipment add a massive amount of tactical depth and synergy, equipping your Expedition with the right weapons, armor, tools and instincts to maximize their potential in the game. Unique D20 system for simple, effective gameplay basics. Dinosaurs! Steampunk Automatons! Time Travel! A Game Like No Other... My name is Sam Nolton, and I've been developing Sauriana for almost four years. It's gone through a number of iterations, including our planned 54mm version I attempted to raise funds for in 2016. I've listened to the community's feedback, and put a lot of work into bringing to life what I believe is the best possible version of this game. The miniatures, aesthetic, narrative, and themes of Sauriana are all extensions of myself, it's the game I've always wanted to play- and I hope it will appeal to others as well. Drawing inspiration from a number of genres, as well as real-world history (most notably the Great Dinosaur Rush or "Bone Wars" of the 19th century), I am truly excited to present this game to the Kickstarter crowd with the hopes of bringing it to life.
  4. The current 5e AL adventure, Tomb of Annihalation, is pretty great. It's set on the Far Continent, Chult, a dinosaur-island style region rich in Pterifolk, vegepygmies, and, of course, dinosaurs. Thus, when I started playing, I realized that it would give me an ideal opportunity to play something cool: DINOSAUR DRUID. I love druids, but prefer to pick a theme when I'm playing them, and this one had been rattling around in my head for a while - but in AL, you can't turn into dinosaurs until you've seen them in game... So until ToA, I had been out of luck. The recent release of Volo's Guide offered me a perfect base. A lizardfolk druid, wandering the land preaching the True Faith - dinosaur-based ancestor worship! Striving to free his people from the heresies of dragon-worship and other outlander faiths, he's been gifted the divine ability to channel the forms of his sacred, distant ancestors - rather than being able to turn into anything, he can only turn into the as-of-now-eleven CR 5-and-under dinosaurs available in MM, VG, and ToA. He's been great fun! And so, I set myself an ambitious task: paint miniatures for playing him... and most of his possible forms, plus his two primary summons. The two miniatures below are from Acheson Creations, who have a great line of realistically-scaled 28mm dinosaurs. They represent the CR2 Allosaurus, a large carnivore who's pretty great, and the CR5 Triceratops, a huge fighter who's not actually that good tbh. But they're super-cool, so I painted one anyways. First up, the Nanotyrannus/Allosaurus! This is a great mini, a 1-parter with a pretty huge integrated base. I painted it Vallejo's Luftwaffe Cam. Green, and highlighted it up with yellow, then hit the whole affair with a good coat of Game Color's Lavado Sombrea wash. Basing was pretty simple - I glued it to a 2" base, then built up the base with greenstuff to match the integrated base, adding some resin tree stumps; then I primed and painted the whole thing brown. Then I just used a mix of moss flock and Army Painter tufts to add grass, ground cover, and hanging moss! This guy was done in two parts - it took me about an hour to greenstuff and prime, and then around three to paint and base him. Second, the Styracosaurus! This guy was done pretty much the same way! Two inch base, and all I did was paint him in GW Ogryn Camo mixed with a little Ruddy Leather, pick out all the large scales in Ogryn Camo + yellow, and then add a little more Ruddy Leather inside the mask. Hit the whole thing with a wash, seal, and base! Easy! These two look great on the table, and I've ordered three more minis from Acheson: their Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Dimetrodon. I've also got a small hoard (18!) of veloceraptors from Khurasan Miniatures, and 11 of the old Ral Partha raptors to paint up as Dionychus, plus the Lizardman himself, so look forward to lots more dinosaurs from me! (And that's not even mentioning what I have cooked up for dinosaur-themed elementals at 10th level!)
  5. ​Launching Tuesday Feb 16, 2016. UPDATE: Project is live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dgsgames/traazorite-crusaders-freeblades-fantasy-miniatures
  6. An assortment of dinosaurs, weapons, accessories, armor, mammals, characters and creatures perfect for your tabletop miniatures games. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/244627251/heavy-metal?ref=category_newest
  7. Since the Bones 3 thread was getting filled up with this kind of chatter, I've decided to make a thread and see if we can move the off topic dinosaur talk here XD What would you look for in a dinosaur mini? I'd love feathered raptors, of this sort (only a bigger raptor, not the tiny Yixianosaurus i drew ) I'm not a fan of the very chicken like raptor, but a raptor with a fine coat of feathers and wings on the arms and tail plume, and a head crest, would be awesome! I'd also love to see Stegosaurus and any sort of Ceratopsian (Triceratops, or Styracosaurus, Diabloceratos, Rubeosaurus, etc) Carnivore wise, the classic rex (preferably non-feathered, i don't much like the looks of feathered rexes), Carnotaurus, or maybe Allosaurus Maybe some peaceful herbivores like Parasaurolophus or Anklyosaurus What about you?
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