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Found 4 results

  1. from the creator that brought you https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brassmonkeygames/ian-millers-grim-tarock/description And now for something completely different. I have just launched the Facebook page for our latest collaborative effort - Ian Miller's Middgyr: Tower of Chaos! So what's this all about, I hear you ask? Here is a quick summary: A cold wind moans, its sighing a thousand alien voices breathing in your mind – meaningless, tenebrous. Yet promising everything. You look up at the great gates before you and at the impossible tower above. The gates are open. You take a step forward… Middgyr: Tower of Chaos is a co-operative dungeon crawl board game for 2-5 players set in a world plagued by war and the increasing influence of Chaos. Players fight for their lives as they explore the mysterious Tower of Chaos, high above the swamps of Middgyr, united in their quest to end the war, yet each with their own veiled agendas. Players take charge of four grim anti-heroes as they set out upon a vital quest that will take them through the twisted forests, crumbling bergs and foggy meres that crawl, slither and gibber from Ian Miller’s wonderfully dark imagination. One player takes control of the unknowable Tower of Chaos and its many devious denizens, acting as Game Master. The labyrinthine Tower of Chaos will offer an immersive gaming experience, fast-paced and intense combat, and many challenging puzzles for the players to overcome. Middgyr aims to deliver an experience that will capture the very essence of Ian Miller’s legendary artwork with an expansive, story-driven campaign mode containing many twists and turns, as well as a number of different outcomes. Make the right choices and untold power, fame and fortune awaits – make one wrong decision and oblivion is your only reward... If you are on Facebook, you can join the fun here [link to commercial site removed, if your on facebook just search for Middgyr and you should find the group] If not, watch this space as I will be creating the mailing list soon. Cheers everyone and stay safe! James
  2. Dungeon Crawler The BEHEMOTH 2016 Kickstarter Time to get something BIG in miniature. k
  3. Hi ! Just for fun, a old Heroquest mini tabletop :) (I loveeee oldies mini ;))
  4. Hi Folks, A lot of people came to check out our first miniatures KickStarter and felt that it was far too complex. We're asking folks to come back and take a second look as we've basically overhauled the entire campaign. Tidal Wave KickStarter I know there is another thread floating around which our old campaign was mentioned in, but I just wanted to start a fresh thread for those that might be skipping over the old thread. The biggest news is; thanks to our new reputable manufacturer we are able to lower our goal, which should mean we're able to achieve said goal much more easily. We've done away with exact shipping, and incorporated flat rates (except with one particular pledge level intended for small orders). Most importantly, we've done away with the Credit System and simplified as much as we could, while leaving everything as customizable as possible. As the campaign goes on we will be adding more pledge levels, but we have 2 that we want to mention upfront. DIY'r TIDAL WAVE :: For people that like to paint their own minis we have the $15 Two Fer One which gets you a full unpainted set of Tidal Wave as a bonus just for ordering a full unpainted set! This is 16 minis for $15. TIDAL WAVE :: For people, like me, that like everything already pre-painted we have the $25 "buy what you want" and get a free set of all 8 alternate painted Tidal Wave minis as a bonus! This is a minimum of 16 pre-painted minis for $25. The launch centralizes around a nautical theme, but as the campaign goes on we plan to branch out in to various other themes. The next two sets have already been revealed in our updates. Update #1 If you're into print n play games, we also have our FREE downloadable Dungeon Crawler Labyrinth game as part of our campaign. There's also our fantasy story mode expandible card game which we have on special until the end of Halloween. Update #3 Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)
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