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Found 12 results

  1. I ain't even gonna try to feed this beastie lemongrass... Known for its deathgaze and horrific flatulence, it was universally feared by adventurers. But, if some brave adventurers would gather milk, the local creameries would produce Death cheese. I was surfing through some posts and saw the catoplebas mentioned, so I thought that someone might enjoy seeing one.
  2. Hello, all! I'm planning to paint Ma'al Drakar as Dungeons & Dragons' Dark Lady, Tiamat. She's going to be, by far, my biggest painting project. Before I start painting, I'm planning some conversions to make her look more like D&D's Chromatic Dragon. I'd love to get any advice or tips that anyone would like to share about painting large models, or any of the other parts of the process. I'll share my plans, and try to keep up a WIP thread about this grand adventure. My first step is going to be pretty drastic, so if anyone wants to jump in wit
  3. A quick paintjob on one of the D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line, the Umber Hulk! My somewhat local gaming store finally had them back in stock...still no luck on the elusive Beholder!
  4. Both pictures are of the same mini, but I actually did two of these at once for practice. Pretty pleased with the results outside of a few stark transitions, may go back and touch it up and try and add more depth to the hair.
  5. I actually finished this guy a few weeks back, but I didn't have a good set up to take photos of larger miniatures. Then, I realized the recently arrived game mat from Ganesha Games "Axe and Brimstone" Kickstarter would make a great backdrop for the larger pieces. So, here's the Storm Giant Royal Guard from Gale Force 9's "Dungeon & Dragon Collector's Series". Feel the thunder, friends.
  6. Finished up a group of drow this month. I'm running Out of the Abyss for a group of my coworkers, so these should get some tabletop mileage pretty quickly. Thanks for looking! Rogue Archer Warrior Mage Warrior
  7. So I currently DM a 5e D&D game. One of my favorite things to do is create my own magic items. The armory sets from Bones 3 seem to me to be perfect candidates to have accompanying RPG stats! To that end, I made up the following. Feel free to steal/tweak these if you like them! Ashen Zweihander Greatsword This magic greatsword adds a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Its hilt is fashioned to look like the skull of a ram. When drawn, flakes of ash fall from the blade. When you hit a creature with the ashen zweihander, you deal an extra 2d6 necrotic damage. If a creature hits you, y
  8. Hi all. I finished up a Purple Worm for a local miniatures show last month, and figured I would show it off here. It's one of the limited edition collector's series models that Wizards licensed out to GaleForce Nine in 2013, and had been sitting on a shelf at my FLGS for over a year before I decided to snatch it up. I avoided using washes for this one for everything but the mouth, and instead just did dark base coast, medium shade drybrushing, and then lighter line highlights over that. I could have spent more time on the spines along its sides (I could have made the lines finer and don
  9. So while I'm currently running a game already, I've been jonesing to create a new setting. I don't know if it's because my current game is edging on the two-year mark (!) and that part of my brain is just getting antsy, or if it's because I'm afraid for the possible TPK in a few weeks (my PCs are hell bent on fighting a CR25 dragon at level 12), but whatever the case, I've been slowly chipping away at a new setting for my next game. Yesterday I began work on the map! For reference, the scale is 6 miles to a hex. So this is a pretty expansive area.
  10. This is the Hill Giant from Gale Force 9 Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series (SKU GF971030). An awesome dynamic sculpt. I don't think I have spent as much time dinking with skin on a mini as I did on this guy. His base skin color is a mix of Tanned Skin and Rosy Shadow, with Rosy Skin and Tan Skin highlights and Sunburn Flesh as a wash. I also glazed in some darker brown in the recesses. Edit: I am having trouble with the pictures staying put
  11. So one of the potentially most flavorful things in 5th edition is the warlock patrons. I especially like the do it yourself aspects of picking your specific patron and the nature of your relationship. Rob Donoghue has been posting some solid gold thoughts on warlocks over on his "The Walking Mind" blog, including some new warlock patrons and powers. I thought I would put some links here for any who might be interested. http://walkingmind.evilhat.com/2014/10/24/the-grey-tyrant/ http://walkingmind.evilhat.com/2014/10/25/vestiges/ http://walkingmind.evilhat.com/2014/10/26/patronal-courts/
  12. Just thought I would make a thread to collect magic item ideas that people come up with for D&D 5e. Ideally these should include some back story and description to help give a sense of the item's place in the world. Also, since D&D 5e is designed with a more constrained numeric range it would be good if powers were interesting rather than just numeric bonuses. So, what you got? __________________________ This is a magic item that I cranked out while daydreaming. What do you think? In the heart of the glade grows a mighty oak. It's limbs reach high into the heavens, a
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