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  1. One of my friends asked me to find a druid miniature to paint up to use as his D&D character. I found some possibilities for him and he choose the metal version of Elquin. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Alright this is obviously Danithal. Picture now replaced, only one due to him needing touch-ups apparently... He is meant to be colorful as he is represent my mom's Swordmaster: Darian Erick Farancus Silvertree II.
  3. I have been working on a project in blender, and could use some criticism. Unfortunately, I haven't converted this to a JPEG, but I will change it out as soon as it is possible. One of the things that is horrible with sculpting in 3d is that the details can become faded or nonexistent when the print is made, but with a 16 micron resolution almost all of the details you see should make it. The head is missing right now, and the arms and hands are just being set up for general shape before I can get into detail work. Some armor doesn't have support behind it if you look closely. I am sorry
  4. The Encounter at the Ruins Willen looked around, the area overgrown with plants, the once great elven city had fallen into ruin, forgotten beyond all memory. As he approached, glowing blue runes flared to life and upon the landing above the crumbling stairs he saw something gleaming... He moved past the broken column and noticed the brackish water to his right stir. Slowly, he pulled forth his razor sharp blade and climbed up the first two steps when suddenly the surface of the water erupted with an eyestalk, green in color and the eye a baleful yellow and red... ---------------------------
  5. This is my third mini, Niente a wood elf druid. She has an amazing amount of detail which I was frustrated with by he time I decided she was finished. I did attempt OSL on the fairy fire which you can't really see in the photos. I'm going to paint a bear, a wolf, a big cat (not sure which one yet) and an eagle for her. I need to re photograph her because I added snow to the base and she's blurry. Any advice or points are welcome.
  6. I thought this elf would turn out red, but he wanted green so...
  7. So with Willen on his way to Vegas right now as I write this to vacation, we talked about a painted figure exchange. For his, he wanted something to represent his old TTRPG/D&D type character "Willen" and told me the story of how he was from Rivendell, an outcast who was good with the sword and with magic (both lightning and ice being his preferences). I found Dayln Talas, Elven Sword Mage on the Reaper Site, which we both thought was perfect. I did an alteration to the sword since the PC had a longsword instead of a curved blade, used some files and got it straightened out. Starti
  8. Tabletop jobbie on the Bones version. I painted the metal a few years back for my elf army and liked the detail much better. The metal version has beautiful hair. The Bones version is just a blob.
  9. Here's the other Fantization mini I ordered. I'm not 100% happy with his face, but then again I'm not usually happy with the faces... Elthan Silvermane, Dragon Slayer As always, C & C welcome!
  10. Just had a few points left to finish on her, so I finished her up and here she is. Aria, Elven Shadow: As always, C & C welcome!
  11. Arwen, from Games Workshop. I picked this miniature to finish off 2014 (to get my 2014 total to an even nice and even number) because it probably paint fast. I was somewhat surprised of the result. I'm quite pleased, especially since it didn't require at much of an effort.
  12. Luna from Hasslefree Miniatures. Not much more to say.
  13. I painted these for my mom for Xmas. I need to put them on a base. Any tips for basing?
  14. So here are finally my two elves after a long WIP, two old Ral Partha elves, Adrol - Elf Warrior King and Talaria - Elven Swordswoman.Just finished the bases this morning. Seemed to take forever, but I guess now they are finally over, and on to the next miniature! So I'd been worried that I wasn't going to meet my actual goal of 26 figures this calendar year, because I'd calculated all the figures I always stick on my little Lost Mini Wiki page, and I'd come up with 25, including these two figures, finished in 2014. What I didn't take into account were two small figures I'd painted in Ma
  15. As one of my many ongoing projects, I'm stripping and repainting some old original HeroQuest minis. I don't have a complete set anymore (gave almost all of mine away, including all the expansions), but recently got a second hand set that had some Testors (or similar) slapped on it, and it makes for a fun project to try to recover lost detail. The dwarf in particular was pretty caked up. Being the iconic White Dwarf model, I took some extra time on him, really trying to elevate what are essentially pretty detailless models by modern standards. The gang: Anyway, pre
  16. Continuing to paint my Bones wizards.
  17. One of my bones figures I didn't really want to paint, but then it came out pretty great. That's always the way.
  18. So wasn't sure if I was going to do another WIP, but it turns out that by doing these WIP's it kind of makes me almost feel accountable for keeping painting. I've been hoping to be able to get 26 figures done this year, so basically one every other week. I'm at 22 completed so far this year if my count serves correctly, so with these three I'd be at 25, plus one more and I'll have met that goal. So I've got until the end of the year to get these plus one more done. For the satyr, he's got a base coat of tanned shadow, and the elves both have fair skin highlight as their bases. The e
  19. Chose a miniature to represent my necromancer for my biweekly D&D Next sessions. Settled on Elquin for the time being. Obligatory (not really) brown liner picture: MY BEST EYES TO DATE! *does happy dance* It only took 2 hours! XD My favorite part of a miniature to paint? The cloak or robes. One day I'll start practicing freehand, for now, just shade and highlight. (Tried painting higher highlights, still seems kind of simple).
  20. This is Anduriel Drow Warrior as he walks through the Underdark. He is not a new paint but I did do some touch up on him. As always CC are welcome
  21. Finished up the month with Bobby Jackson's Satheras, Elf Warlock. This is the metal version. I'll be using him as an NPC in the Pathfinder Game I'm running--Gerinnes Lefelen, an elven wizard who's the de facto ruler of a town and the PC's benefactor . . . for now. Mwah ha ha. I'd had this mini on my to-get list for quite some time, having wanted to paint it since the moment I saw it, but I must confess that once I started getting into it I found the robes a little silly, regarding what's part of what and what's not. I just kind of winged it, in the end, hehe, without being altogether sure
  22. This guy is finally getting close to the point where I stick a fork in him. There are many things that I'm not happy with about this guy, but the whole thing has been a very good learning experience. All I have left is shading and highlighting on the skin, and the cloak. Also the cloak needs retouched because he lost a little paint when he took a header off the photo stand. I really like this sculpt, but this guy had a lot of problems. His face is a bit misshapen on the left, and his head looks a bit like it was squished. C&C welcome. The guy I'm painting him for seems happy with him, so I
  23. So, I think the new phone is already affecting the qualify of the photos, which, really shouldn't be surprising. I still need a better light source, though. Let's start off with something green...
  24. So this is probably my least favorite mini I've produced since getting back into the hobby. I'm really really really bad at browns for some reason, which I think is due to 98 percent of my paints being Vallejo or Reaper (easy to thin and mix), and all my browns being GW. Overall, not my best work, and pretty sloppy. I've also been considering adding actual nice bases to these models instead of these boring Brocolli bases, which I think might add a bit of life to them. Tell me what you think!
  25. To kick things off, some various Half-Orcs. One of these days I'll get home in time to take photos outside in natural light.
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