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  1. When some warlocks and warcasters go epic, they don't change all that much. This is not the case with Thagrosh, who seems to be slowly transforming into a full on dragon. For this project, my client wanted me to create a very different look for Thagrosh. I pitched him a couple ideas, and he really loved the concept of giving Thagrosh the Magma Dragon treatment. So here he is, in all his fiery glory.
  2. While I really like the arch-angel min with its sleek draconic musculature, this one is the mini that made me squee. I was super excited when I saw this one. I mean, the little shredders are super fun minis already, but a gargantuan based on them is such a great idea. I mean, he's super huge, and still mostly mouth! I was super excited that I had the change to paint him up.
  3. Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight. The very first Legion of Everblight model I have ever painted. All thanks to my Patrons for choosing it. Now, one of them gets to win it. Rest assured, there are videos coming out that will feature this big fella, covering both his skin, and horns. However, YouTubers will have to wait until January 9 for the public release of the first video. You can watch them if you're a Patron before the end of the month. He was a really fun model to paint. He's one of those models that has just the right amount of detail. Enough bits and bobs to make it fun, and not tedious. I think I sunk about 20 hours into this one, although it didn't seem like it at all. He was actually finished quicker than it felt. And that's probably because I was really enjoying myself. I stuck pretty closely to the studio scheme here as well. Onto the pics!
  4. Knocked out these fairly quick because I wanted to get them on the table and play with them. And yes, those are Edward's Sissorhands Hope you enjoy
  5. This guy has been mostly painted on my desk for about 6 months. I decided to finish him as part of January's Resolutionary Painting Challenge. I am using the monthly challenges to start some new models but also finish up the backlog on my desk. He was the "test dummy" for the rest of my warspears. I am not really happy with the way the warspears are turning out, but I don't like the models enough to start over so I am pushing ahead and getting them "good enough" and moving on. edit - updated tags
  6. This one I painted a few weeks ago, but was a bit lazy about posting. Happy with the model, not not so much with the picture lighting. It is a little off, but decent enough to post. I was crossing my fingers she would be pretty in pink. Hope you enjoy.
  7. Been gone over a month to complete this very large soul sucking model for part of a challenge I was participating in. Got some smaller Reaper stuff coming up and that I am dearly looking forward to. Finally get the time to look at some of the posted pics over the past month too. Yay!
  8. OK...I have some time today so I'll start this up. Won't actually get to start seriously painting again until September or so, but at least this inital post will be taken care of. So I play Warmahordes, specifically Legion of Everblight (title of the thread kind a gives it away, I know). And I have a sizable force, most of which is still bare primer or only partially basecoated. I'd like to field painted armies, since dice roll better for those (that's how it works, right?), and I feel like it's a good idea to get more painted before I start buying more (who am I kidding). So, since this thread has to start somewhere, a catalogue: Painted now...These have been posted elsewhere, for the most part, but it's cool to see it all in one place. The big dude in the back is a Carnivean. Clockwise, there's a Beast Mistress and four Shredders, two Stingers, a Shepherd, a Feralgeist and pLylyth is in the center. Not shown (was in a display case when I set this up) is a Strider Deathstalker. This represents one warlock and 28 points worth of army. Now...unpainted. First up, the 'Locks, beasts and solos:clockwise from top center: Angelius, Proteus, Annyssa Ryvaal, Forsaken, pVayl, pAbsylonia, two Raeks, Afflictor, Scythean. In the center is a Sorceress on Hellion, a magnetized Carnivean/Ravagore and two Harriers. This is another 65 (or 66) points and two warlocks. Unpainted units:clockwise from top left: two min units of Blighted Nyss Archers and one unit attachment, a complement of five Incubi, a unit of Striders and UA, a full Spawning Vessel and a min unit of Raptors. This is 35 points. And I have a Throne of Everblight and an Archangel. The Throne is the one that actually seems assembled (it isn't, really), and the AA is the pieces around the perimeter of the photo. This is another 29 points. So, all told, that's three warlocks (pAbsy, pLyl and pVayl) and 157 points of Legion, of which one 'lock and 28 points are painted. That's just about 18%, so I need to get cracking. Annyssa Ryvaal is likely the next piece I'll finish; she's almost done as it is. The Harriers are also really close; I'll likely complete all the basecoating on the other wingading beasties while I finish out the Harriers.
  9. Well, it took me almost a month to finish these. I told myself when I started painting that I would not do multiples of the same model. That went real well. I am happy though especially for being out of my comfort zone with the cauldron (metallics aren't really my best thing and I haven't painted anything that bloody for a while, if ever.) I can't wait to get these girls into a game. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Got the last touches down on these and their bases flocked. Woohoo! Another Warlock and 9 points painted for my army. Absylonia, Terror of Everblight: pAbsy was very fun to paint. Love the winghands and I really had fun giving her this base. Not much else to say, other than I hope y'all like her! And the Angelius. So far, I've played this guy in a few games and been...underwhelmed. The Legion community seems split on whether the Angelius is an auto-include or a meh beast. Either way, SOOOOO much fun to paint, and I'm quite pleased with how he came out. Since A) I'm likely to get a second at some point, and B) all my beasts get names, I dubbed this one "Yahoel." This is the name of, apocryphally, the angel who spoke to Abraham, and is associated to some extent with glory and fire. Hopefully this beast will bring me the former and rain the latter upon my foes. I've included a few closeup shots of what a standard soldier would be likely to see when this fella comes to call. Comments always welcome!
  11. Had the model for almost a year and finally got around to finishing him. Yay!
  12. A Legion of Everblight Afflictor. The studio model pose looked sort of odd to me with the beast sliding across the grass. I tried my best to make it look nicer than that. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Finally adding to the finished army, the solo that does the work of a unit, the Strider Deathstalker! I'm glad to have her done; she was on my table for waaay too long. I really need to up my speed game if I'm ever going to get all my units for Legion painted. Anyway, she's good on the tabletop, so I can call her done and move on to some other models. Next up is a Beast Mistress, then a Warlock and some beasties. C&C always welcome.
  14. Finished this one pretty fast, due to wanting him for a game over the weekend. He flies so I thought I would have some fun and change the background.
  15. I finally got around to painting a Carnivean. Wow, this and the Reaper Cloak Fiend... 2 models painted in one week. oh yeah!
  16. Stingers sat primed/assembled on my shelf for months until I ran out of stuff that was primed and finally got to work on them. Lylyth is one of my favorite models and I am happy with the way she came out. And as previously promised, my small, but growing Everblight Army. It has been about a year now that I started painting minis and I like painting just about anything, so things have progressed a bit slow, but coming along and having fun.
  17. Painting Faster than Posting. Hope you enjoy them. Deathstalker This is my second time painting a Deathstalker, I like the sculpt a lot and you can have 2 in an army. I went with completely different colors and tried multiple variations of metallics for the first time. Instead of just painting straight silver or gold like I used to do. I like the new paint up better, but enjoy the other models colors more. Ravagore A couple of things upset me about this model. I don't like how they sculpted it shooting fire almost straight into the ground. So, I tried my best to have him angled up a bit and blasting it outward a little more. The other thing is that that the studio paint up threw me off when it came to the fire. They have it painted like I did, with the bright on the outside, but that to me is backward. It bothers me a tiny bit, but not enough to go back and paint it over. Not sure where my brain was at, I guess theirs looked so good that I didn't even think about it.
  18. Nephilim Bolt Thrower Lot of fun to paint and put together. Thagrosh the Messiah (revisited) I almost completely repainted him. He was one of my 1st paint ups, a favorite model and I wanted him to match the rest of my growing army. Very happy with him now.
  19. I was trying my best to finish this one for the 2013 Dragons painting contest, but could not make it in time. Maybe there will be another contest this year that I can toss him into :) The Archangel took me a week to assemble and a couple of plastic pieces just crumbled in my hand, so I had to sculpt a couple of things myself. The painting took me about 2 weeks, hours and hours... Finally the base took less than an hour. Other than a couple of crumbly plastic bits, everything went smoothly and I think he came out nice. The Proteus and Scythean were touch ups on models I had already painted and posted. Here and Here I tried to make the highlighting match the Archangel. The new paints seem like an improvement to me. I hope you enjoy them!
  20. I broke 6 arms in the process of painting and basing, some were multiple fractures on the same figure. I don't like glueing little arms especially after I paint them. My heart sank a little more each time I heard a snap.
  21. I did my best with her, but found her a bit confusing to paint. The Raek was my second attempt at a model I painted and posted earlier this year. Hopefully I am showing some improvement.
  22. Are there always so many tears involved in the final outcome of a mini? At least 5 hours of painting, ugh! but everthing is going good. Time to glue the arms on..a little scratch, I can touch that up... a little too much glue, but it's ok, still good, it doesnt show Haven't done snow for a while, how the heck did I do this again? eh? maybe it was like this... ...got some glue and snow on me, lets get this off my fingers...Wow! got a bunch of super glue on the table, thats a first, not good lets move the mini.... KERPLOP!!! face dive into the table. Snow caked on his feet, scrape scrape scrape with the razor knife, touch up the paint that flaked off, luckily only in a minor spot right on his face. Won't glue back on, still too much snow on his feet...scrape scrape scrape...gee, I got more glue on me. The wife isn't going to let me touch her for a while. I think it is on now, not as sturdy as the others though. What the heck was I doing?!?!?!? 5hrs to paint, 5 minutes to possibly destroy it. I wanted to post this before a couple of my other recently finished ones in case it decides to self destruct. I really hope you enjoy :) No touch ups, just some better pics with a new camera: Old Pic:
  23. Much, Much, Much brighter highlights on boney areas compared to the Scythean model I painted. Although my camera doesn't want to show them very well. Even my wife was blown away by the difference. Had trouble with the tentacles and some confusing areas regarding where the skin was and where the bone is though. I don't use their painting guides, rather just paint it myself and learn by trial, error and what pointers others give me. He is a real big guy, lots of paint, but much easier this time around. Normal Carnivean is next and should be a breeze.
  24. So I did what I swore I wouldn't do with minis, I painted multiples of the same dude. At the moment I'm painting an army for a game I may never play, but I like the models. Hope you enjoy these :)
  25. I was getting tired of snow for this army and decided to do something different. I sculpted the base myself. Simple, fun and very happy with the result.
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