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  1. So, I cannot hold it in anymore. I must Share the results of my hard work before I explode or something. If you have NOT gotten a Secret Sophie Package Proceed at your own risk!!!!! -------------------------- -------------- So first off the piece of Cork on her behind was removed as soon as I saw that it was there in the Pictures. So, I painted up Yephima the Giantess as a Fire Giantess. My Partner for this Exchange Was . They did not have a lot of preferances as far as requests. just s
  2. As I'm sure most of you do in these exchanges, I end up picking parts of the request to focus on. In this case I went with a winter base and OSL. Generally when we think of OSL we think of a mini painted with a zenithal light source and then the OSL is a secondary light source that colors part of the mini. I decided to do something different though and make the OSL my primary light source. Initially I wasn't going to have any secondary lighting, but that made things a bit boring from certain angles so I added in some moonlight. In the scene below the primary light source is the end of
  3. Welcome to the 2016 Summer Miniature Exchange! This is the thread for coordinator announcements, questions, letting people know that packages have be mailed or received, and other "official"-ish stuff. You can also use this thread to talk, get suggestions, and show off the awesome mini that your partner sent you. If you've never done an exchange before, how it works is like this: Everyone who is interested PMs me with the questionnaire below filled out (please don't just send an old one, as the questions may have changed). I then match you with a person whom you will paint a mini for, and
  4. When I fill out my questionnaire for the exchanges, I like to give lots of options for people to choice from. For example, I mention that I have CAV:SO figures (and hope to play someday....). One of the other things I mention is that I collect rabbit minis (it all goes back to the Doom Bunny...). I never really thought anyone would ever combine those two.... What an awesome and creative piece Kangaroorex came up with! I love it!! (Although I may never look at a Starhawk VI the same way....) I don't know where he found the little car but it is perfect.
  5. I got Keianna's name for the Summer Exchange (if you don't know about the exchanges, go check out the Mini Exchanges & Paint Contests section of the forums!). ​One of the things she was looking for were Steampunk heroes or villains. I've been painting a fair amount of Steampunk lately and quite enjoy it, but wasn't sure what to paint. So I loaded up my cart with assorted Reaper Steampunk figs that I hadn't already done and waited for them to arrive. Once they got here I was really taken with Smedley. It's really a wonderful sculpt with lots of interesting details. So he got painted
  6. So, yeah late! But I got my Package and am sending out one in a couple days. So, first what I got... Not sure who exactly sent it, but it is awesome:) And what I'm sending... Dual Wielding Beer and Blade, Kerdak Bonefist from the Reaper Pathfinder line. I'll be sending a few bitz of extras with the package. Hoping it will make them "Howl" in thanks:P GF
  7. Here's the 2016 Spring Exchange Chatter Thread! If you haven't already, please go visit the Official Thread to get the questionnaire. We can discuss what we are doing, get some ideas of things to do from each other, post some teaser pics of what we are doing, even post final pics of what we get or links to show-off.
  8. YAY! I have just received a package that spent many a day at sea (which might explain the complexion) ! Not only was I anxious to see the content but my wife texted me from work as she couldn't wait to hear what was in the box either. All I can say was... I was not disappointed... I have this lovely mini and her companion from Tarlen. This is my spring exchange! The challenge was to use Orange on the mini and he pulled it off with great success. I know you forumites just want pictures .. so you shall get pictures First set is of the complete scene (I apologize in advanc
  9. Welcome to the first Miniature Exchange of 2016! This is the thread for coordinator announcements, questions, letting people know that packages have be mailed or received, and other "official"-ish stuff. There will be a separate chatter thread where you can talk, get suggestions, and show off the awesome mini that your partner sent you. If you've never done an exchange before, how it works is like this: Everyone who is interested PMs me with the questionnaire below filled out (please don't just send an old one, as the questions may have changed). I then match you with a person whom you wil
  10. My exchange recipient this spring was Evilhalfling and he was looking for an example of monochrome. Now I'm certainly no expert on it, but my first attempt worked out ok so I figured I'd give it a shot, and I'd just recently ordered a Rowena for myself (which I still need to remember to order again) and I figured all the layers and textures would make for an interesting exercise in monochrome. (Note to anyone starting out in monochrome, do not start with a figure with a whole much of different layers and textures.... ). She was a challenge for me but in the end I think she came out
  11. This is the mini that I painted for Minibart for the Spring Exchange. His requests were pretty easy: fantasy; forest scenic base; and no undead. No undead was easy as I do not have many of them so I focused on something that stood out to me that would work on a forest base. I went with Marcus and blind me did not realize that he is an undead hunter until I started base coating him and realized he has stakes. I had a few issues with him: the gold painting was not cooperating and the texture I attempted on his cloth was not coming out how I wanted. But I got him done and in the end, I am happy w
  12. For my spring exchange I requested a fantasy bad guy and for the colour scheme I suggested "throw some purple in" because purple is my favorite colour Well, Teskeria delivered this bad-arse lady. As well as these three spiffy bases: My mother in law was with me when I opened the package and commented that "anyone with that colour hair is definitely evil!" Thanks Mom! Anyway, she's gorgeous and I just love her. Hubby is preparing an NPC just for her
  13. So, I'm posting my VERY LATE Secret Sophie Project now. Please enjoy it! GF
  14. Welcome everyone, to the 2015 Secret Sophie thread! What is Secret Sophie, you ask? Well, it's a lot like Secret Santa, with a more attractive (albeit more dangerous) delivery person! (For those not in the know, Sophie the Succubus is Reaper's mascot.) This is the time of year for Reaper forumites to give a little holiday cheer to each other. Unlike most of the exchanges we do on the forums, this will have two categories - miniature and gift exchange and gift-only exchange. Signups will run from November 1st to November 10, with the assignments going out around the 15th. If you'
  15. This is the miniature I painted for SGHawkins09 for the Secret Sophie '15 Miniature Exchange. She requested Christmas colors, so I obliged. Conveniently, the same colors as my Koldun Lord. I gave her a decorative base, which started out with some bark someone gave me at ReaperCon, but I think my attempts to put snow and gravel on it made it worse than just the bark painted up as rocks. Not my best face (and of course the super-closeup makes it look worse)... all my army painting recently made it a bit difficult to get back into the groove of painting as nicely as possible.
  16. So, I received this Awesome Evil Cleric From Silvervane for the Fall Exchange. I had asked about Non-Metallic Metal since I've never seen it up close and stuff. Well, This arrived recently and it is AWESOME! Have a Look-See! So, Awesome huh? GF
  17. There are only a few stragglers from the Summer Exchange, so let's kick off the fall version! There will be about two months of painting time so we can leave room at the end of the year for Secret Sophie. Signups will run from August 1st to August 10th, with assignments going around the 15th. Miniatures should be mailed by October 15th. If you've never done an exchange before, how it works is like this: Everyone who is interested PMs me with the questionnaire below filled out (please don't just send an old one, as the questions may have changed). I then match you with a person whom you wil
  18. The Sentinel He stood upon the outlook, his grizzled features and single eye looking down upon the massive horde of stinkin' orcs that were arraying against his people. He was one of the elite, the Sentinels of his people. He must warn them before it was too late... Figure: Dwarf Ranger, Alliance of the Bat Manufacturer: Norsgard Material: Metal Shield Modification made ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This figure was for an on-the-side exchange with fellow forum member, robinh. We met up thi
  19. Here's my Fall exchange piece. I's called Fractured Reality and yes, the mirror is suppose to be broken. I now have 14 years of bad luck because of it... Sorry for my sucky camera skills.
  20. So, This is my Exchange Mini I sent to wolfie### for the Fall Exchange. The Inspiration for this was his love of Cold Weather and Barbarian's, Especially Conan! So, as for the Why this miniature, I have been Catching up on the "Dungeons and Randomness Podcast" and I was thinking that this Mini was a Perfect "Drock" armed with his Legendary Greataxe "Stormrender". For that Podcast's world, Drock is its Conan. Much better than my first idea, "Kobold the Barbarian" :P Now, On with the Pics! These first three Pictures are some early work in progress ones.
  21. I painted Deladrin for SamuraiJack for the Fall Miniature Exchange. SamuraiJack was actually the first guy I received a miniature from in the exchanges, back in early 2013 when the exchanges were being run by recruittons. The color recipe for the cloak is from the Scale75 "Elven Colors" set, and I think it's pretty awesome looking and have used it on several miniatures already.
  22. Folks this is the lovely Bones troll that Pochi sent me for the fall exchange. I am sorry for the delay in posting pictures but the Troll suffers from weak ankles and I had to let him lean back to get decent pictures. ( bassically stood him on his side and let gravity do its thing). After taking these pictures I will be attempting to stiffen up those ankles so that he can stay upgright permanently! Fair warning this is picture heavy as there was sooooooo much on this mini and his base I just couldn't keep the number of pictures down. I also apologize for my poor photography skills ,,
  23. This is the second exchange mini I did for terminalmancer. He wanted something unusual, so I found an old Rackham mini in my stash. I used the orignal artwork as a guide and added a larger base. Also altered his stance a bit so he did not lean so far forward. He is quite big and I am happy how he turned out.
  24. This is the chatter thread for the 2015 Summer Miniature Exchange. No sign-ups here, send me a PM for those. Feel free to talk about anything exchange related here! Remember to post pictures of your awesome miniature when you receive it!
  25. Now terminalmancer has received the mini's. This the first one, the bones Nightspectre. I was looking for an excuse to use the led kits I received from a kickstarter. So i made the base a bit higher and put 2 leds beneath the mini and a battery holder and switch on the bottom. The leds give a nice effect, but the camera does not like it. These are the best pictures. The plastic was a bit weird to paint on, the paint did not want to stick on some places. I am happy how it turned out.
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