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Found 10 results

  1. I was going through my media library for ideas last night for Girot's Song Contest and happened upon "Flood" by Jars of Clay. MP3: http://markshire.com/playerimages/flood/flood_by_jars_of_clay.mp3 And after listening to it for a while (repeatedly) I came up with this concept from it. "Ezren, having given a good fight against the sea monster, calls upon the Dark Maiden to collect his soul before drowning and being locked in servitude under the water again." Scale might be off from pic to pic of the minis but I wanted to pick up the Dark Maiden anyway and figured Ezren makes a nice addition to her base. Obviously, this is subject to change at this point. But there's the core of it. Should be interesting. Feel free to offer up ideas, options, opinions and such. Special thanks to Girot for previewing this idea and offering his insights. They are under consideration as well.
  2. I needed Ezren's arm w/staff to modify another miniature that my friend did not like the candelabra it was holding. I painted this Ezren to look like the other one he has off mine and green stuffed it tentacles with any leftover greenstuff I had over time. Hopefully he can find a gaming use for this doppelganger.
  3. This is an Aasimar Summoner and his Eidolon that I painted up for my new Pathfinder campaign. I'm pretty sure the foo dog is supposed to be a statue, but eidolons are typically otherworldly creatures, so the blue skin and gold mane makes him look bizarre enough. I'm really happy with the color scheme and how they compliment each other. It might be a little hard to tell from the pics, but his hair has a gold colored hue and the eyes are glowing purple to match the eidolon. I tried to create a glowing effect coming from the staff, as well as his outstretched hands. I also attempted some minor photo editing to brighten the pictures up, as the lighting in my house is pretty weak. Overall, I'm pretty proud of this pair, but I will probably touch up a few things here and there. Any tips on glowing or magic effects that I could add to the summoner or eidolon would be appreciated. Thanks for any comments or critiques!
  4. Finally got a real start on my first wizard destined for Frostgrave. Not thrilled with his face - I'm having a lot of trouble with eyes, shockingly - but I've decided to move on to other stuff. I might come back and try to make his face less weird later. He's an elemental wizard, primarily fire, and I thought it'd be fun to do the hair up as if it were flames. I think it's coming out OK finally, but it's taken some tinkering. So! Thoughts? Things I should change? Did I actually manage to do something well?
  5. This was an interesting model to paint. I got a little muddled in the center, as there is a ton of detail there. This was kind of a quick paint. I notice, however, the subtle shading I used looks much better in person. I need to set up my camera for pics again. Currently I am using my iPhone. At any rate. Here he is!
  6. Man, there's a lot of details on these minis. Every time you think you are finished you see a buckle or something you missed. Some of the detail gets a bit muddy in the Bones material, but overall these have been fun to paint. Nice to not have to make color choices sometimes... Related note - how the heck does everyone pronounce Seltyiel? I love me some Pathfinder but the names sometimes... Damiel Seelah Ezren Seltyiel
  7. I posted a diorama here a few weeks back, but it was never meant to be permanent. I was finally able to remove them all from the diorama and base them all. They are a team to me now and tried to keep the bases simple and matching. Deathsleet's base took me a lot longer and I'm pretty happy with it. Diorama link here if you are interested. I hope you enjoy.
  8. Have some more painted bones to share. To start off, here are some Kobolds of the tribe of Bron... I may get another set and paint them in black and silver as Kobold Raiders... I also painted up the Pathfinder Wizard Ezren with a non-canon color scheme: I'm pretty proud of the Earth Elemental I did. I painted the skeleton in his shoulder like a fossil instead of as fresh bones: And my most recent is the Marsh Troll, which I did a WIP of if you're interested: Comments and criticism appreciated.
  9. Very exciting news for me: In about a month, I will take a hiatus from DMing and actually play in a few games. Other people will run the weekly RPG show at my house, and that's spectacular. First up, we'll finally get the Firefly game going that I painted up minis for some time ago (see them here if you're interested). Then, once the "pilot" episode of that game is over (we'll come back to it from time to time for two- or three-session "episodes;" not only is it in the same 'verse as Firefly, it's also going to be plotted like a TV series), we'll start a Dragonlance campaign. I should say, "the" Dragonlance campaign. We aren't using the iconic characters--no Raistlin here--but the DM will run the classic modules. I'm totally stoked for this! Now, I just have to paint a bunch of things. This WIP will show the process of the PC minis, and I may throw in a few other things as I work on them (my main job, aside from PCs, is the old Ral Partha box of Draconians). So, here's the five initial PCs. All Reaper minis at this point, but we have a few players that haven't made characters yet. Here you can see Alaine, Jester, Ezren, Lem and Dub in various stages of primer, awaiting paint. So far I don't have names for all the PCs, so I'll refer to them as archetypes (rogue, female fighter, etc) or by their minis' names until I do. Alaine and Dub will pretty well go to paint as-is; they'll be the party's female fighter/Knight of Solamnia and our ranger-rogue. Ezren is going to lose his staff, but we don't yet know what this wizard will replace it with. Lem will play the part of our kender. Happy-go-lucky, blithe...annoying as all get-out...kender use a forked weapon called a hoopak and wear their hair in topknots. So while the attitude of this guy (thanks to Derek!) is perfect, the acoutrements needed work. Here you can see the initial greenstuffing. Obviously I have some sanding and polishing to do once the GS cures on the hoopak, but I'm pretty pleased with the topknot. Jester will henceforth be known as Gerwin Southwall. Gerwin is my PC, a hereditary scion of the Knights of Solamnia who would rather keep his fellows alive than seek personal glory on the battlefield. As such, he's become a competent field medic in a time with no clerical powers, and has picked up a footman's weapon, the spear, instead of a knightly sword. For close combat he prefers a crowsbeak. I've removed the sword from this mini and replaced it with a spear. The axe was removed from his left hand, and will eventually be replaced with a medic's bag. The scabbard has been modified (along with the axehead) to put a crowsbeak on his belt, and the pile of skulls GS'd over to become a pile of rocks. More to come as it happens!
  10. This was painted by my 10 year old son for his character in the Pathfinder campaign I am running for him and his 14y old sister (she hasn't started on hers yet..still primed gray...which is appropriate...she is playing as the rogue). And before anyone asks.....yes....I helped with the eyes.
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