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Found 3 results

  1. D. Williams did a spectacular job on these three. I was genuinely surprised by the sheer heft of the set--even at the price you are getting a lot of mini for your money! The Stag Knight and the Boar Brute are big fellows. But don't take my word for it; let's see pics! This is the sort of thing that happens when you cross The Fey: you get transmogrified into a half-man, half-beast cursed to wander the woods. At least this gentleman pulls it off with dignity and grace. (And he IS a gentleman: got a coat of arms and everything on the shield!) More pictures: Big, like I said: here's a comparison with Sora Goldflame, Female Cleric, 03283. A moment of praise for Jeff Grace's sculpt here: she is gorgeous and dynamic, an heroic pose and beautifully detailed armor and shield. Fantastic for a light cleric or a paladin. (Ignore the "medic" armband; I had difficulty keeping her dainty arm glued on and this was a workaround). It's appropriate that Sora's pose is 'punching up.' Next up, the brutish hog-man! Again, just a hefty chunk of metal. The other giant boar is from Black Tree; came with a mounted orc as a separate piece. I love the man-hog's giant mace and the combination of tattered clothes and fancy adornment. And here is a size comparison with Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard (03393). Tre Manor did a great job with this sculpt. Scrawny arms in abjurative gestures, beaky nose, long beard. Classic wizard. I painted him as more of a druid-type. Again, you can see that Mister Hog is simply massive. Another shot with a female cleric (she was a Reaper freebie I remember...I think one of the Anniversary series, but I can't find her on the site). The beast-man is intrigued by this "word sandwich." Thirdly, the foxy werefox archer. Smallest of the three (meaning regular humanoid scale) and also with the fewest humanoid features--or at least the most torso fur. If memory serves, she also shows up in the Lady Lycanthropes pack. A finely detailed sculpt. In hindsight I probably should have put some white patterning on the blue cloth; maybe later. More angles: Again, scale comparison: Thank you for viewing, and remember: DON'T CROSS THE FAE! More beast people forthcoming!
  2. In a glen among the trees Lies a bush on the ground Its ferns ruffled by a light breeze And its roots spread through a mound I will now hold court It will be short So let me be brief Who defaced my leaf? The scribble and scratch of the old man’s pen Filled the small glen The court was in session It would not end before a confession It was not I I saw it with mine own eye It was the one in the red hat That little gnat The accused toyed with his beard Among mortals he was feared But even he would not dare That he could swear Two red caps waved through the air One of the wearers was a fibber But which one of the pair For none yet gibber One of the things I learned when painting this set is that stippling works really well for frog (and amphibian) skin. Overall the were a joy to paint, thought I do wonder if 15mm dwarves and elves would not be a lot more cost effective if I ever want a lot of small folk.
  3. And this is the second one, Zyla of the elusive Fae and boy she was such a pain in the neck to paint.. On her character card she is depicted as purple all around.. There are subtle differences here and there but she IS all purple.. I painted her bag yellow (on her card it is black) to create some interest at least! C&C are, as always welcome. Thanks for looking.
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