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Found 258 results

  1. Can anyone tell me if (Ax Faction Miniatures) are sold by any distributor in the USA?...I understand that they are a rather new company in the UK! Paul (Catdancer)...
  2. IMAGE...Depicts my Jungle Girl running through her purple hue realm and arriving at the sandy beach on her island of Mora Toba...Her name is Lahini (from Kipling...meaning she-wolf)...I hope you like and enjoy my depiction of this beautiful little figure. FIGURE...REAPER (# 14579 = Handmaiden of Keskura)...Off site links due to topless nudity! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505463319137&l=e277fa4804 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505159985834&l=cc98f4c363 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505593319124&l=90a1a2372e https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505463319137&l=e277fa4804 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505969985753&l=7c6d78e3b8 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505776652439&l=8368c9e993 Paul (Catdancer)...
  3. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02329 = SIOBHANA VAMPIRE QUEEN)... TITLE...Vampire Countess Gabriel Cane getting ready to drink a goblet of blood... ENTRY...This will be my 2nd entry in the (Painting Excuses/Jan-Feb 2014...Challenge Contest)... Hope that you like it. Paul (Catdancer)...
  4. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion (removed sword and added chain mace hand)... NOTES IN REGARD TO FIGURE...I executed my figure in my standard way (as other black orcs I have posted on this forum), but made the following changes/alterations as suggested by a couple of Reaper members. 1. I placed this orc on a darker base setting which is less pristine (Ying-Yang) and more as part of a flowing/belonging into the scene. 2. I dulled down the flesh skin tone and flesh coarseness on the creature. 3. I dulled down the shiny aspect of the weapons and added a slight rust aspect to the chain on the mace. Please advise...if you like this type of execution better. Paul (Catdancer)
  5. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FINISHED...This is the finished and mounted figure from my (WIP) posting of step-by-step painting of same said figure. I hope that you like it,,,and my style presentation of the Black Orc. Paul (Cardancer)
  6. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FOLLOWUP...This is a followup posting to my (WIP) dated 2-7-2014 and a reply to a (PM) that requested how I paint my black orcs and materials I use. STEP-BY-STEP...This is a brief basic step-by-step process that shows how I paint (my) black orcs. PHOTO 1...My figure is primed with Krylon flat white...first basic body/skin cover is a mixture of (midnight black/espresso/hauser dark green). PHOTO 2...Body/skin highlight is done with a mixture of (dark flesh/medium pink flesh/ac flesh/sable brown)...dry brushed on all higher areas...(let dry)...body is washed with paint mixture of (hauser dark green/midnight black/dark flesh)...(let dry)...body is washed with mixture of (lettuce/citrus/eggplant) artist ink. PHOTO 3...Face done...(eyes are mixture of bright yellow/mint green)...(mouth is mixture of berry red/true red/pink parfait...washed with strawberry ink)...(teeth are a mixture of Wicker white/cool white)...(face highlights a done using pink flesh tone/melon/pink parfait). PHOTO 4...Upper torso leather work is a mixture of (espresso/brick red/burnt sienna/deep burgundy)...washed with midnight black ink...highlights added with (brick red/deep burgundy)...metal work is metallic steel...horns are (wicker white/cool white)...all leather areas are washed with brown artist ink. PHOTO 5...Lower torso work...kilt painted as Russian red bear...mixture of (espresso/midnight black) base coat...wash with jet black ink...highlight/drybrush with (chocolate brown/light cinnamon/sable brown/honey brown/brick red)...boots (same process as upper torso leather work)...sword is a mixture of (metallic steel & charcoal)...washed with eggplant ink...highlighted with sterling silver cream...(let dry)...wash entire figure with mixture of (egg plant/jungle green/night shade) artist inks. NOTE...Since the battle staff is a conversion and not part of the original figure...I will not discuss the painting of it, since each person may have their own taste as to how they wish to paint it. SHOWOFF...I will post the finished figure in the Show Off forum when the painting is finished and the figure is mounted to his base. I hope that you find this short step-by-step posting useful/helpful. Paul (Catdancer)
  7. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02663) TITLE...Kalebb Summit NOTE...This figure is an entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Single Entry Thread)
  8. FIGURES...REAPER (# 02333/# 02394/# 02073) TITLE...Viking Spring NOTE...This piece is an entry in the (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Theme Entry Thread),,,(Vikings & Norse)
  9. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc) TITLE...Uruk-Hai with battle staff!...I removed the axe and replaced it with an orc battle staff from my parts box...The figure has the first body color base coat which is a mixture of (black/espresso/hauser dark green)...as shown in Photos # 1 & # 2. NOTE...This figure will be my 3rd contest entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Single Entry Thread) ADDITIONAL PHOTOS...Are a reply to a PM I received from a member who was interested and asked about the paints, brushes, glues, etc. that I used in my work on figure, vignettes and dioramas...Believe it or not; I am a miser and hate spending money on high priced paints, brushes, etc...so I work with what is the least expensive and that works for me and what I want to accomplish. PHOTO # 3...Shows the (6) flesh tone colors that I use on my human figures (usually mix 2 or 3 to get the tone that I want)...you can also see the (2) colors that I use for the shadings on the flesh skin...All are acrylic paints. PHOTO # 4...Shows (26) of my acrylic paints (have 130 varied shades)...also show (8) of my artists inks (have 40 varied shades). PHOTO # 5...Shows my basic items I use...white glue, hot stuff, brush cleaner, metallic creams and the gold paint I received from my Christmas Sophie. PHOTO # 6...Shows my assortment of brushes (none of which cost me over $ 5.00)...each cut down and shaped to how I need it for the specific job it does. If you look carefully...you will see that I also use cosmetic brushes from female cosmetic sets. PHOTO # 7...Shows my very simple paint pallet...a piece of hard board with aluminum foil...as well as my water bowl for my acrylic paints. PHOTO # 8...Shows my chalks...that I use on most of my wood (real wood) work...also for rust, dust, texture, etc. So you see that I do what I do with the most simple items...and to answer your last question...NO, I do not use an airbrush (do not have one, have never had one and have never used one). Paul (Catdancer)
  10. I've had a wonderfully productive basing/painting weekend. Tonight I got a start on my DHL Classics skellies, which will be used in an upcoming D&D adventure. I'd wanted to wait for more tips from Buglip's dry/wetbrushing how-to thread, but ultimately, I was just too excited to get started, and I think I know all that I need in order to get a start on my own. Drybrushing generally freaks me out. It's messy, and often used for putting finishing highlights on a mini. With my heavy hand, I'm likely to get paint all over the place using this technique for highlights, and so I've refrained from doing it very much in the past. With the skellies, though, the bone ridges practically DEMANDED drybrushing. But I don't want to drybrush a nearly finished mini if I don't have to, so my plan of attack goes like this: Drybrush bone basecoat -> wash bone shade -> drybrush bone highlight(if necessary) -> basecoat, wash then layer weapon and armor highlights (with minor drybrushing highlights on the wood grain.) Here they are, all primed up and ready to go. I wanted to paint up four sets of three different types of skeletons: Bleached, Aged, Blue, and Red. The Red Skeletons are a throwback to my childhood, playing Final Fantasy on the Nintendo. The Red ones were just a little bit tougher than the regular ones. But why Blue? I don't really know. I guess because I needed a 4th option, and that seemed the least offensive? I had to do a little bit of mixing in order to get the colors right, especially with the reds. I don't want any of these to deviate too far from the white/off-white coloration of bone, so everything got a small does of either bleached sand, or light buttermilk. I also threw my drybrushes in the picture. Artist's Loft Roma brushes from Michaels. This was my first time getting any real use out of them, and they took a beating tonight. I like using the big one a lot. The little guy is just there for precision stuff I can't reach with the other. And here's how the drybrush basecoat turned out. The Bleached(1st) and Blue(3rd) are very similar, almost indistinguishable from one another. I may go over the bleached ones with some pure white just to increase the color difference. The Aged(2nd) and Red (4th) ones also look similar in the pictures, but are fairly distinct in-hand. I plan on applying dark black, brown, blue, and red washes to four different types, which should help on that front as well.
  11. FIGURE...REAPER #03303 (Amazon with spear) COLLECTION...Amazon # 8...in my private amazon army collection Hope you like it...
  12. I grew tired waiting for news of my kickstarter shipment, so I went a bought some Bones from a third party to practice on. I don't have many colours to choose from (since my Reaper paints haven't arrived) and most of what I do have is cheap artist's acrylic, so I decided to start with a fairly simple figure. I present Barnabas, the rusty warrior: Just by looking at the photos I'm seeing details I missed or screwed up, but I need broader feedback than just "You suck, give up now!". Please, critique away!
  13. This falls under the "How come I didn't know about his until now" heading. I was listening to the latest Game Classy podcast and found out we have fantasy and gaming based bar here in Vancouver B.C. called The Storm Crow Tavern. I had no idea. http://www.stormcrowtavern.com/ Probably wont be able to check it out until after the holidays, but it does sound interesting. For example their "Roll a Shot" menu. Just curious how many other cities have bars like this.
  14. This is a posting for site member (MissMelons)...If you are interested; I can send you these dozen older miniature figures for your painting practice and enjoyment. These are figures that I will never paint or use in my work. Catdancer...
  15. This is the (5th) completed fantasy vignette as listed on my (WIP) forum vignette projects posted on Oct. 2, 2013. VIGNETTE TITLE...FIFI; TENTACLE ATTACK... FIGURE...REAPER (# 50084)...Brigitte, Naughty French Maid... NOTE...There are no photos posted of this vignette here due to the fact that the figure is an exposed topless figure...and as all of you should know by now...I have no idea as to how to do links to an off site posting...It is posted on my FB album(s)...but to view these albums requires a submitted and approved by me (friend request) to/on my (FB) page. My (FB) address is [email protected] I am sorry that I am such a computer " idiot "...I think that it is a very cute & simple vignette! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394466737323010&l=e7b838042c https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394468023989548&l=c62f70df65 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394468373989513&l=414448e8a3 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394477763988574&l=ee230e7b41
  16. This is the (7th) completed vignette as listed on my (WIP) forum of fantasy vignette projects posted on Oct. 2, 2013... VIGNETTE TITLE...OCTOBER WITCH/PUMPKIN PATCH... FIGURE...DISCWORLD VARIANT (Flying Witch...no SKU)... NOTE...When my witch figure arrived...I noticed that it was a bad casting (over 50% of her face was missing)...a long distance phone call resolved the problem and the company said they would send me a good figure...it arrived by special delivery on the evening of the 29th...it took me a couple of marathon sessions to get her done and mounted on the base so that I could post it today. NOTE 2...I want to wish all the great and wonderful members on this forum a " HAPPY HALLOWEEN " and thank you all for welcoming me into your fold. I hope that you all like my little Halloween Theme fantasy vignette. BLAST FROM THE PAST...(HALLOWEEN) work assignments are one of the few occasions that I miss from my past work...traveling all over the west coast to cover and photograph events like (Saints & Sinners Ball/SF)...(Hollywood Fetish Ball/LA)...(Sexy Halloween Cosplay/LA)...(Wenches & Vixens/LV)...over the years taking hundreds/thousands of photos of some of the most fantastic costumes & beautiful people (men & women alike) for both domestic & foreign adult mens magazines.
  17. Well since it's a day of the week there's another new mini based skirmish game KS http://www.kickstart...arpath?ref=live Based on groups from the Americas & Pacific these could be the minis (Metal for those who care like you Buglips) you have been looking for The core rule book includes one War Party from each region: Pacific Northwest Tribes from the North, Woodland Tribes from the East, the Aztec Triple Alliance from Mesoamerica, the Inca Empire from the South, and the Hawaiian Koa from the Pacific. First up is an Aztec Officer A wereshark spirit beast from the pacific and a shapeshifting Mayan Shaman (Nagul) A full starter kit is around 15 minis, an example shown is for the pacific northwest 15 figures above, and a LE figure and a print for $50 ($65 international) or if you want the rules too $70 ($85) probaby not one for me being broke
  18. VIGNETTE TITLE...Alice in Wonderland... FIGURES...Reaper # 50209 (Alice & White Rabbit)... VIGNETTE SIZE...(3" x 3") on a (4" x 4") wooden base with ceiling tile riser...completely scratch built except for the (2) miniature figures... NOTE...This is the (1st) completed fantasy vignette of the dozen or so that I listed in my (WIP) projects for Oct/Nov...I am hopeful of getting 3 or 4 done from that list; pending the arrival of miniature figures needed for the given (title)... Hope that you like this true fantasy fairy tale vignette.
  19. FIGURE...Grenadier # 2009 (Wizards Room Set - Cauldron with conjured face)...circa (1980-81)... MY TITLE FOR PIECE...The Black Cauldron... STORY LINE...The adventure group has battled climbing the mountain for hours now...crevasse after crevasse...higher and higher...to a height were only moss covers the rocks and gnarled barren trees dot the landscape. You finally reach a small rocky plateau...at the back end is a rocky niche that contains a black cauldron just sitting there. Upon investigation, you find that there is no fire and the cauldron is ice cold...yet it seems to be boiling with some kind of reddish/blackish liquid filled with things that look like tentacles. As you stand at the ready, poised for action, a reddish black mist or smoke rises from the vile liquid and a face appears in the mist (a face that looks like it has seen the coming and going of many ages past). The face speaks in a voice that sounds like it is coming from the depths of an endless void...he says " your destiny awaits...he knows you are coming...he waits "! In a flash...the face is gone...the cauldron is cold and empty...your group stands on the small rocky plateau alone...alone, but with each persons thoughts of what just happened and what might be coming next.........
  20. This guy was WIP for a long time, but I finally got around to finishing him up. I'm happy with the red skin on him, it came out pretty well. His eyes are almost impossible to actually paint, though, they're so deep in the sockets. I ended up just shading the socket and calling it done, which I think looks alright. The metallics are a little disappointing in retrospect, but not worth redoing at this point. T'Quan is a really nice figure, and one that you don't see painted up all that often. One of the highlights of the Dungeon Adventurers boxed set.
  21. AMAZON ARMY PRIVATE COLLECTION...This is the (7th) figure in my Amazon army. FIGURE...Reaper (# 03559)...Zala Natar, Huntress. Hope you like...
  22. FIGURES...I have finished figures # 5 & # 6 of my Amazon Army Private Collection. FIGURE # 5...Hasslefree (Gayle leaning on her spear) # HFH015 FIGURE # 6...Darksword (Elf Warrior) # DSM1164 Both of these figures contain nudity...so I can not post them here...for anyone interested in seeing them; they are posted on my FB page. If you are interested, please send a friend request to Paul Kristoff/Facebook. I have tried twice to paste my FB address here...but I have not been successful...Now you know why I refer to myself as a complete Computer Idiot.
  23. VIGNETTE TITLE...Apocalyptic Beauty in Rubble. FIGURE...Malifaux # WYR5020 (Hollow Waif) NOTE...There are so many modern day apocalyptic miniature figures in modern dress/garb...I wanted to do mine in a semi Steampunk-Victorian style of wardrobe. I figure that a girl can hunt/kill zombies and such all day long...but still look sexy and not like some combat grunt or corporate executive. It least that is my vision on the matter. Hope you like.
  24. VIGNETTE TITLE...Steampunk Wants You! NOTE...I just finished this private vignette; first posted on or about March 28, 2013. FIGURES...Female (Malifaux # WYR3024)...Colette Du Bois Cat & Lamppost (Malifaux # WYR0016)...Victorian Accessories Hope you like it.
  25. AMAZON ARMY PRIVATE COLLECTION...This is the (4th) figure of my Amazon army. FIGURE...Citadel (Big Mama's Series - vintage figure)...Sorry, no SKU information. NOTE...This is the last figure that I will post for a while...have to wait till my ordered figures arrive...also, the next two that I am currently working on...can not be posted due to topless status...(Darksword Elf Warrior DSM 1164 and Hasslefree Gayle leaning on spear HFH015).
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