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Found 258 results

  1. AMAZON ARMY PRIVATE COLLECTION...This is the (3rd) figure of my Amazon army. FIGURE...Reaper (# 03406) Anjanis, Elf Druid.
  2. AMAZON ARMY PRIVATE COLLECTION...This is the (2nd) figure of my Amazon Army. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02528)...Kara, Female Archer.
  3. VIGNETTES...As an avid collector and painter of miniature figures...I work hard at trying to come up with cute vignettes...sometimes requiring the conjunction of two miniatures from different companies...I try to build pieces that are like a snapshot (telling a story)...Vignettes are my love and passion...BUT! AVID COLLECTOR...I am also an avid collector and painter of two series of miniature lines...(Amazon Female Warriors) and (Female Pirate Figures)...both of which I am working on as private collections in simple non-vignette pieces. After many long months, I have started working on my Amazon Female Warriors...this posting is the 1st such figure in my (private army)...I have just ordered 10 varied amazon female figures from varied companies and look forward to their arrival in a couple of weeks. I will post them as I finish each one...sorry to say that I will/can not post a number of them due to the fact that they are topless with exposed breasts and I do not want to cover them up (just for posting) because they look fantastic as they are cast. 1ST FIGURE...Reaper, Lorna The Huntress # 02476.
  4. VIGNETTE TITLE...The Mushroom Garden of Fae FIGURE...Reaper Nymph # 02741 (Set)... NOTE...I just finished this vignette piece for my wife as an anniversary gift (our 45th) for her china cabinet. Except for the miniature figure; the entire vignette is scratch built. Since it is a display piece for my wife...the vignette was finished in a high gloss protective spray...the wooden base was sprayed with Minwax High Gloss Polycrylic Spray (used to protect wood)...and the scene was sprayed with Duncan High Gloss Ceramic Spray (used for porcelain figurines). The miniature was painted as a blue Sylph (an enchantress creature/character akin to the Dryad & Selkie)...and this is her enchanted mushroom garden. I did not add the pixies, nixies and sprites that usually surround her nor the will-o-the-wisps that are usually found in her area...I wanted to keep the vignette simple. I hope the true natural enchantment fantasy buffs out there like this piece...it gave me a warm loving feeling building this little piece.
  5. FIGURE...Ral Parth...(Djinn Blister Pack # 01-069)...circa (1979). NOTE...Most figure painters paint the varied Djinn miniatures completely (as being there)...I tried to depict my figure in the process of materialization as he comes forth from some far unknown region of the fantasy Netherrealm...I tried to simulate a pixel process as he materializes and takes on his coloration...Let me know what you think of my attempt. THANK YOU...Over the past month, I have tried to bring you some oldies from the past; I hope that you enjoyed the walk through the miniatures of yesteryear...as I have presented (14) such varied figures. I am going to take a break from these for a while and work on a few private vignettes that I have floating around in my head.
  6. VIGNETTE...Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf... NOTE...I wanted to do a private collection vignette of Red Riding Hood & The Wolf along the Grimm Fairy Tales art line...I could not find a figure that fit my mind eye view of Red Riding Hood...so this is what I came up with in the conversion building of this vignette...I think that it is cute, straight forward and comes close to what I had in my artist mind eye...I like it...I hope that you all like it also. PHOTO 1 & 2...Shows the back part of the vignette clearly...I used the Grenadier Troll (Horrors of the Marsh # 2010b)...circa (1983)...and painted it up like a werewolf. PHOTO 3...Shows the figure that I used for Red Riding Hood (Reaper #50176 - Sugar, Anime Heroine)...the red cape (scratch built out of sheet lead)...pic-nic basket scratch built out of plastic parts. PHOTOS 4 - 9...Show the completed vignette with the details (walking stick, cape, basket and landscape added).
  7. MINIATURE...Hand from the grave...scratch built...all items are from my parts box...the cacti is real tiny cacti from the desert. PROTOTYPE...The request for this very unusual and weird piece came from a writer/artist; who wanted me to do a desert piece of a hanged cowboy coming back from the grave in skeleton form...with the hand reaching up for the hangman's noose. He wanted to do some comic type drawings and needed a visual reference to work by. This is the prototype I built and sent him...he really liked it...used it for his work...and I was nicely compensated. In my years...I have had some off-the-wall requests.
  8. FIGURE...Grenadier (Brain Absorber # 2012)...circa (1983)...(Subterranean Terrors Box Set).
  9. FIGURE...Grenadier (Vegetation Beast - Marsh Horror Set # 2010)...circa (1983)
  10. FIGURE...Grenadier (Lamia # 5004N - Tomb Of Spells Set)...circa (1980). I have to say, in defense of my limited miniature figure painting ability (which is greatly inferior to the abilities/talents of many that I share this forum with)...this is one of the poorest and crudest figure castings produced/released by Grenadier during the era of (1978-1981)...the worst part of this casting (for those who are familiar with the piece) is the/her face (which looks like she was in a train wreck)! But with all the faults; I love this figure...her pose suggests complete peace and tranquility...relaxed and in total harmony with the world. So I have tried to do her justice with this little piece (as poor/crude as it might be). Hope you older members like this small vintage piece/figure from yesteryear (33 years ago)!
  11. FIGURE...Grenadier (Cave Fisher #2012D - Dwellers of the Deep Set)...circa (1980) NOTE...In all my years of fantasy gaming, I have never used this creature in an encounter of any kind for/with any of my adventure groups.
  12. Ever since my grandson saw the movie (300)...he has asked me to paint him a spartan miniature...he also plays on an international flag football team that are called the (Spartans). So this piece was painted for him and mounted on a varnished walnut display base...He requested that I keep it simple with no trees, flowers, etc...just the spartan warrior with helm, shield and spear (like the characters in the movie). FIGURE...Ral Partha (Titan # 01-108)...circa 1985-86.
  13. I am in the process of painting (for game play) some older figures (vintage, if you will) from yesteryear. I love painting these older figures...for some reason, I feel that they have a certain character to them that for some reason is lacking in a lot of the modern era figures/castings. Posted here are the following miniatures; PHOTOS 1-4...Ral Parth (Giant Skeleton # 02-940) circa 1985... PHOTOS 5-6...Grenadier (Death Lord # 150) circa 1986... PHOTOS 7-10...Alternate Armies (Chicol The One Legged # CM19) circa 1992... PHOTOS 11-14...Grenadier (Beholder # 104) circa 1984... I hope that you like these old figures...I have the next (4) mounted on sticks & will prime them later today.
  14. FIGURE...(AD&D - Grenadier # 105) Blister pack figure (circa 1985-86). I want to thank member araziel for helping identify this figure for me (since I had no data information on it). I tried to execute this entity as a semi-sinister character (not really friendly like the blue djinni in Sinbad)...so I tried to keep the facial expression stern and no nonsense (like...what do you want now...why are you bothering me?) More vintage figures are in the works...it is really great getting back to these older figures from yesteryear.
  15. I am going to start work on this vintage miniature. I would appreciate if anyone can identify it for me (I have no data on it)...What company put it out...an ID/SKU number if possible and if your know the year it was made/marketed...Thank you for your help.
  16. Since I am currently busy painting some older miniature (vintage, if you will) figures; I decided to take a piece from my private collection showcase and post it. This is the male Frost Giant by Grenadier (circa 1985). When I started painting miniature figures about 18 months ago; this was the 2nd figure that I selected to paint. I think this is one of the most beautiful fantasy figures (castings) that I have ever come across and I still love it today.
  17. I am about to start work/painting on these (2) ogre figures...but have lost all data on them. Anyone out there who can identify these for me...please do so. They are circa 1991 and came in a blister pack...but I do not know who released them or their SKU numbers. Thank you for your help!
  18. I recently received a private communication from a fantasy figure painter & gamer, asking me if I was familiar with or had done any painting work of the Reaper Black Orcs (02335, 02321, 06038/03219). This is in reply to that question. In fact, I have a (6 figure) hunter/killer group of those orcs on my workbench. In photo # 1 (the figure on the far right/all green body is a conversion of figure 02335. The solo mounted figure is a finished piece that shows how the whole group is going to be painted. Being (black orcs)...I go heavy on the dark green/black base skin color and tone up. I hope this answers your question and feel free to communicate with me if you have any other questions.
  19. GYPSY WAGON # 3...(Small 2 wheel utility/supply wagon under repair)...This is the (3rd) of 6 wagons that will be featured in this part of my traveling Gypsy nomad band. The wagon is complete except for the base edge ground cover work and the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece. It is completely scratch built and the vignette measures (3"x4"). NOTE: Credit for this wagon idea & vignette concept goes to fellow member Darsc Zacal...who suggested that I do a wagon that was being repaired.
  20. Gypsy Wagon # 2 (Small supply 2 wheel flatbed wagon)...This is the (2nd) of 6 wagons that will be featured in this part of my traveling Gypsy nomad band. The wagon is complete except for the final seal spray. It is completely scratch built and measures (2"x3"). NOTE: This is the final results of the wagon featured in my (building Gypsy flatbed supply wagon) tutorial.
  21. TUTORIAL WALK THROUGH (Building small 2 wheel gypsy flatbed supply wagon)...as requested by member AnneO'Leary. STEP # 1: (Photo 1)...Basic parts you need to cut... 1. Card stock (2"x3") = wagon bed 2. (8) scale lumber boards = wagon bed 3. (2) scale lumber edge boards = wagon bed 4. (4) heavy scale lumber = wagon under support frame (drill for shaft) 5. (2) wagon wheels = from my parts box 6. (1) brass rod = wheel shaft 7. Assemble these items for wagon bed (Photos 2 & 3) STEP # 2: (Photo 4)... 8. Scribe planks on wagon bed...varied ways of doing...I scribe each plank with an x-acto knife for grooves & texture of rough wood 9. Add bolts to bed side rails (railroad bolts) = 5 to each side 10. Add rope tie down eyelets (brass rod/make) = 3 to each side 11. Add step ups (brass rod/make) = 1 to each side 12. Add driver seat box (scribe wood) STEP # 3: (Photo 5)... 13. Make horse harness (T) bar...parts box item modified 14. (5) eyelets to hold chain for horses 15. Cut chain to desired length & attach eyelets at proper points STEP # 4: (Photo 6)...Paint your pieces as desired (WAGON)...I paint my utility wagons by using a base coat of (Jacobean Stain/Minwax Wood Finish)...Once dry,,,I apply (Adirondack Alcohol Washes) = Ginger, Butterscotch & Sunset Orange...I dry brush with artist acrylics (sable brown, light cinnamon, desert sand). (WHEELS & T-BAR)...I paint my wheels & t-bar (Krylon = Satin Burgandy). STEP # 5: (Photos will be posted as finished product = Gypsy Wagon # 2) 16. Assemble your parts (attach (T) bar & mount wheels)...your wagon is completed 17. Add supply items as you desire
  22. So I began my slow journey to barsoom gaming the other day, I'll not go into various gaming details here, suffice to say you can visit my blog for those. But here are pics of my first martian figure. Dejah Thoris Details of my Barsoom Gaming will be held in my blog. http://thefacelessking.blogspot.com/2013/07/my-journey-to-mars.html
  23. I am often asked (HOW DO YOU DO THAT)? Every modeler has their own way of doing things and this quick note is not intended to change the way established model builders work. It just puts forth the way that I do things (for what it might be worth to others reading this). 1. PHOTO # 1...I build 98% of my pieces on standard ceiling tile. It is easy to cut, shape, groove, paint, etc...it is light weight and takes both white glue & hot stuff very well and it does not warp or bend. 2. PHOTO # 2...All my roads are made/covered with real desert dirt (not store bought)...I gather up a jar full of dirt (spoon by spoon) and put it through a 3 stage sifting process (3 sizes of kitchen strainers)...to get the fine dirt...the small rocks...the larger rocks...the rest is garbage......I also get dark earth (for woods/animal pens/etc.) by doing the same process with dark flower potting earth. 3. PHOTO # 3...I make my own rock castings out of plaster (you do not need expensive rubber molds and such)...just take aluminum foil and form a tub/shape and pour your casting plaster into it. When completely hard, just peel off the foil and your casting will have every crack/crevasse that your foil had (you can make the texture the way you want it when you form your tub. I use grape stems (let complete air dry) to make thorn bushes...I use dry orange peels to make all my meats on spits/ribs on plates/etc...I use dried apple slices that have been in a tobacco can for a couple of weeks to make fungus on tree barks and tree bases. 4. PHOTO # 4...Shows (4) creeping flesh pieces (made out of orange peel)...the large round piece is a desert bush/fern that made a great looking vampire plant (that sucks the blood from victims)...the (3) tree stumps are tabletop game markers (I also use single rocks on round bases as game markers)...Last of all...your lady adventure character has slipped into the pond to take a well deserved bath...she is attacked buy a couple of goblins...where are her clothes...her weapon? These two marker pieces tell/show you exactly where they are...how long does it take for her to reach them...she grabs her weapon & fights in the buff (any armour reduction?) How long does it take her to get dressed (if she tells you that she grabbed her clothing & weapon)...Your the (GM); you have to decide! If some of you liked this information...I can post more such tips at a later date...let me know,
  24. Gypsy Wagon #1 (Small Utility 2 wheel wagon with sideboards)...This is the (1st) of 6 wagons that will be featured in this part of my traveling Gypsy nomad band. The wagon is complete except for the final seal spray. It is completely scratch built and measures (4"x2").
  25. Gypsy Nomad Camp...This is a full view of the Gypsy camp project that I have been/am currently working on. Pictured are (back row from left to right); 1. Tattoo & piercing tent... 2. Fortune teller tent... 3. Gypsy witch tent... 4. Tarot card reader tent... 5. Gilded Lily sporting house tent... 6. Gypsy open air art tent... 7. Gypsy central bazaar... 8. Ale wagon & food table... Both the upper left & right open areas will contain Gypsy wagons (maybe a 3rd in the center area)... Both lower left & right open areas are free to add 2 more tents...I am open to suggestions/ideas as to what these 2 tents should be...to fit the overall current theme...so that they blend in!
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