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  1. KISSING BOOTH...This is my 6th open air booth in my Renaissance Fair project. DATA...This is a small kissing booth...scratch built on ceiling tile...size (2" x 2")...again shown from concept drawing to complete finish...the Reaper figure (although it exactly fits the piece) is just to show the scale of the finished piece. Hope you like and enjoy this simple but cute little piece. Paul (Catdancer)
  2. PUPPET SHOW BOOTH...This is the 7th booth in my Renaissance Fair project. DATA...It is a small puppet show booth with (Punch & Judy)...scratch built on ceiling tile...size (2.5" x 2.5")...again shown from concept drawing to complete finish. I hope you like this simple booth presentation...it is the 2nd of the small booths on simple plots (1st being the Kissing Booth). There are 3 more small simple booths that I have to finish before I return to the more elaborate ones with fantasy landscape. Paul (Catdancer)
  3. RENAISSANCE FAIR ENTRANCE GATE & 2 FANTASY ROAD PIECES DATA...As a slight change of pace...this is the entrance gate to my Ren Fair and 2 small fantasy road sections leading to (Gypsy Camp & Livestock Pens). All are scratch built on ceiling tile...the size of the gate is (8" x 5")...the size of the road pieces are (4.5" x 4.5")...Again, the figures are only to show the scale of the pieces. As always...I hope that you like the photos/pieces of my Ren Fair project. Paul (Catdancer)
  4. 4TH BOOTH...This is the 4th open air booth in my Renaissance Fair project. DATA...This is a basic curio shoppe...scratch built on ceiling tile...size (8" x 5")...again shown from concept drawing to complete finish...The Reaper figure is just to show the scale of the finished piece. Again...I hope you like this little piece...I also hope that you are not getting bored with these pieces (there are 6 more varied pieces to go). Paul (Catdancer)
  5. 2ND BOOTH...This is the 2nd open air booth in my Renaissance Fair project. DATA...It is a small weapons booth...scratch built on ceiling tile...size (5" x 4")...again shown from concept drawing to complete finish. The Reaper figure is just to show the scale of the finished piece. Again; I hope that you like this simple little piece. Paul (Catdancer)
  6. TITLE...Jungle Waterfall Pond SCRATCH BUILT...This is a tabletop gaming piece that depicts a small jungle waterfall and pond. Used by adventure group members to bathe, wash their clothes, water their animals and refill their waterskins. PHOTOS 7 & 8...Depict the small clearing...(photo 7) without the character clothing & weapon...(photo 8) with the character clothing & weapon. NEAR COMPLETE...The piece is complete except for the final pour of liquid water on the pond...I do water pours only when I have 4 to 5 pieces that need it; so that I can do all of them at the sam
  7. HISTORY...Last year, I started work on a series of Renaissance Fair open air booths for fantasy table top game play. Like most long term projects; I had to put it up for a period of time (due to burnout). I have now returned to the project with renewed enthusiasm and here is the first completed piece...from idea conception to full detailed completion. PIECE...Beer & Sausage Booth...completely scratch built on ceiling tile base...size (6" x 4"). Hope you like it. Paul (Catdancer)
  8. 3RD BOOTH (STAGE)...This is the 3rd open air booth (stage) in my Renaissance Fair project. DATA...It is a small solo dancer stage...scratch built on ceiling tile...size (3.5" x 2.5")...again shown from concept drawing to complete finish...The Reaper figure is just to show the scale of the finished piece. Again...I hope that you like this simple little piece. Paul (Catdancer) NOTE...The finished piece did not lend itself to usage of the banner...so I left it off!
  9. VIGNETTE TITLE...(SAVAGE GARDEN)...based upon a color comic art illustration by artist (Ray Callie Artz)... FIGURE...REAPER # 50228 (Whitney, Anime Heroine)... FINISHED PRODUCT...This is the finished product/vignette of a step-by-step tutorial that was posted in/on (WIP...Savage Garden Vignette...step-by-step/my way)... NOTE...The base took 10 1/2 solid hours of work to construct/detail...the figure took 14 hours overall time to paint. I hope that you like the final results of this little " anime " fantasy vignette.
  10. With the approach of football season...my work on both the medieval renaissance fair & Gypsy traveling band has come to a close (for the time being). It is time to turn my attention back to painting some miniature figures. The older miniature painters & figure buffs/collectors will recall most of these classic figures from the (70's & 80's). These figures will be what I will be working on for the next couple of months. I hope you will enjoy (as I post updates on the progress of the painting of these selected pieces).
  11. I have just started work on (2) tabletop terrain game pieces...(1) Is a small jungle waterfall (8"x5")...(2) Is a small secluded nook (4"x4"). Waterfall piece...will be the standard piece where the adventure group/characters...tend to their needs...taking their baths...resupply their waterskins...water their animals (if they have any)...wash their clothes...etc. I am working on the major construction of the piece...the small details will come later. This piece also shows my usage of ceiling tile (to construct my terrain pieces); in this case...you can see the multi-layer rise...you can
  12. Can anyone tell me if (Ax Faction Miniatures) are sold by any distributor in the USA?...I understand that they are a rather new company in the UK! Paul (Catdancer)...
  13. IMAGE...Depicts my Jungle Girl running through her purple hue realm and arriving at the sandy beach on her island of Mora Toba...Her name is Lahini (from Kipling...meaning she-wolf)...I hope you like and enjoy my depiction of this beautiful little figure. FIGURE...REAPER (# 14579 = Handmaiden of Keskura)...Off site links due to topless nudity! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505463319137&l=e277fa4804 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505159985834&l=cc98f4c363 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505593319124&l=90a1a2372e https
  14. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02329 = SIOBHANA VAMPIRE QUEEN)... TITLE...Vampire Countess Gabriel Cane getting ready to drink a goblet of blood... ENTRY...This will be my 2nd entry in the (Painting Excuses/Jan-Feb 2014...Challenge Contest)... Hope that you like it. Paul (Catdancer)...
  15. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion (removed sword and added chain mace hand)... NOTES IN REGARD TO FIGURE...I executed my figure in my standard way (as other black orcs I have posted on this forum), but made the following changes/alterations as suggested by a couple of Reaper members. 1. I placed this orc on a darker base setting which is less pristine (Ying-Yang) and more as part of a flowing/belonging into the scene. 2. I dulled down the flesh skin tone and flesh coarseness on the creature. 3. I dulled down the shiny aspect of the weapons and added a slight ru
  16. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FINISHED...This is the finished and mounted figure from my (WIP) posting of step-by-step painting of same said figure. I hope that you like it,,,and my style presentation of the Black Orc. Paul (Cardancer)
  17. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FOLLOWUP...This is a followup posting to my (WIP) dated 2-7-2014 and a reply to a (PM) that requested how I paint my black orcs and materials I use. STEP-BY-STEP...This is a brief basic step-by-step process that shows how I paint (my) black orcs. PHOTO 1...My figure is primed with Krylon flat white...first basic body/skin cover is a mixture of (midnight black/espresso/hauser dark green). PHOTO 2...Body/skin highlight is done with a mixture of (dark flesh/medium pink flesh/ac flesh/sable
  18. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02663) TITLE...Kalebb Summit NOTE...This figure is an entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Single Entry Thread)
  19. FIGURES...REAPER (# 02333/# 02394/# 02073) TITLE...Viking Spring NOTE...This piece is an entry in the (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Theme Entry Thread),,,(Vikings & Norse)
  20. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc) TITLE...Uruk-Hai with battle staff!...I removed the axe and replaced it with an orc battle staff from my parts box...The figure has the first body color base coat which is a mixture of (black/espresso/hauser dark green)...as shown in Photos # 1 & # 2. NOTE...This figure will be my 3rd contest entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Single Entry Thread) ADDITIONAL PHOTOS...Are a reply to a PM I received from a member who was interested and asked about the paints, brushes, glues, etc. that I used in my work on figure, vignettes and dioramas..
  21. I've had a wonderfully productive basing/painting weekend. Tonight I got a start on my DHL Classics skellies, which will be used in an upcoming D&D adventure. I'd wanted to wait for more tips from Buglip's dry/wetbrushing how-to thread, but ultimately, I was just too excited to get started, and I think I know all that I need in order to get a start on my own. Drybrushing generally freaks me out. It's messy, and often used for putting finishing highlights on a mini. With my heavy hand, I'm likely to get paint all over the place using this technique for highlights, and so I've refrai
  22. FIGURE...REAPER #03303 (Amazon with spear) COLLECTION...Amazon # 8...in my private amazon army collection Hope you like it...
  23. I grew tired waiting for news of my kickstarter shipment, so I went a bought some Bones from a third party to practice on. I don't have many colours to choose from (since my Reaper paints haven't arrived) and most of what I do have is cheap artist's acrylic, so I decided to start with a fairly simple figure. I present Barnabas, the rusty warrior: Just by looking at the photos I'm seeing details I missed or screwed up, but I need broader feedback than just "You suck, give up now!". Please, critique away!
  24. This falls under the "How come I didn't know about his until now" heading. I was listening to the latest Game Classy podcast and found out we have fantasy and gaming based bar here in Vancouver B.C. called The Storm Crow Tavern. I had no idea. http://www.stormcrowtavern.com/ Probably wont be able to check it out until after the holidays, but it does sound interesting. For example their "Roll a Shot" menu. Just curious how many other cities have bars like this.
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