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  1. Also painted up for the little people challenge:
  2. For my character, Kadu Valasdottir Ashfist in the the Shadows of Eldolan RP thread over here. Clan Ashfist is a mining clan whose lower reaches were home to an entity known as Umugar’abiuzzum, or “the Death in the Deepnessâ€. Many decades ago, the clan began offering minor prayers and eventually sacrifices to this being to ward off it’s evil influence, a practice that eventually became twisted into outright worship. It was into this environment that Kadu was born, never thinking twice about the religious practices she was raised with. Lord Reward Barning, a paladin of some note,
  3. Elliwyn is my entry into the "Little People" Bones Beauty Pagent. I started her at the January meeting of NEMPA and finished her today. (I spent far too long on her for such a silly paint job.) I originally picked the colors to torment Qwyksilver, who was waxing poetic about color wheels at the time. I also originally tried to give her blue skin by mixing the hair color with a skin color, but it just looked too weird, so I painted over it - but not fully, as you can see - for an interesting effect. I mostly dug around in my paint collection for the brightest colors I had. The hair is Sur
  4. Too bad she wasnt included in the beauty pageant. Maybe she'll be in the Bones 2 one.
  5. It's been an age since I've had time to post anything as I'm again participating in a 3 month Winter Painting Challenge. This year we have 70 painters from 14 different countries, so we will raise a substantial sum for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Since December 5th I've painted 40 figures which puts me in 50th place. The top painter has done over 1,000 figures. I am rather a small fry, but I do have loads of fun being a part of it all. Recently I painted this female. She is a Lady in Waiting and was sculpted by Tom Meier. It's unlikely that I'l
  6. So this is Pennies a gnome bard ( I still need to finish her character sheet before I can play her) my fourth mini painted in my first month of painting, I finished her on Wednesday night and she's also over in the little people beauty pageant. I think she's my favourite so far. Again her photo is a bit blurry (I used my iPhone to do them just to get them posted, generally I'm quite impatient). Any advice or points are welcome.
  7. This is my third mini, Niente a wood elf druid. She has an amazing amount of detail which I was frustrated with by he time I decided she was finished. I did attempt OSL on the fairy fire which you can't really see in the photos. I'm going to paint a bear, a wolf, a big cat (not sure which one yet) and an eagle for her. I need to re photograph her because I added snow to the base and she's blurry. Any advice or points are welcome.
  8. Hi I'm new here. I started painting about a month ago at a painting group with a guy I play D&D with. I just wanted to paint a couple of table top minis for my characters (my friend thinks this is hilarious). Anyway this was my first effort Tea, she's a half Orc barbarian with daddy issues. I know my photos are a little blurry, I may get that sorted at a later time. Any advice or points are welcome.
  9. This is my second mini Ester, she's the first D&D character I played with (am still playing with). She's a rogue (ed) so I wanted it to look like she was lit by moonlight and I found the face to be a nightmare particularly the eyes that are half obscured by the hood. I had so much trouble with this that I started to lose detail in the face so I've been working on trying to apply thinner layers. I do love the monochrome look and may attempt her again at a later date to get the face right. I know my photos are a little blurry, I may get that sorted at a later time. Any advice or points are
  10. Tabletop jobbie on the Bones version. I painted the metal a few years back for my elf army and liked the detail much better. The metal version has beautiful hair. The Bones version is just a blob.
  11. Here's my recently finished Survivor pin-up from Kingdom Death, along with my Forsaker and Twilight Knight pin-ups who I painted a while ago but never made a Show-off thread for (at least I think I didn't). Survivor:- I could've been a bit neater painting her bikini (stupid shaky hands!), but overall I'm pleased with how she turned out. (WIP thread available here Forsaker:- That basing idea worked so much better in my head! Her hair and cape could've used stronger highlights, but again, I'm pleased with how she looks. Twilight Knight:- Could've pu
  12. Just had a few points left to finish on her, so I finished her up and here she is. Aria, Elven Shadow: As always, C & C welcome!
  13. I finished up Amelial from Relic Knights yesterday. The sculpt has some weirdness, but was enjoyable to paint. Some parts are fine, but some parts lack detail (the face in particular has none). Out of the package she has a flying base that attaches to both of her feet and perches her on some cloud thing. I was not a fan, plus I have been using the bases to distinguish factions - Amelial is "Void," so I wanted a base that seems dead or dying. I used a lot of desaturated colors on her, in order to make the saturated parts pop out more - also, again with the "void" aspect, she kind of sucks
  14. Enora told me "Paint me NOW!", so I happily obliged, even thought my pile of partially painted is approaching 20. She is so cute!
  15. Continuing with my twin philosophies of "starting lots of miniatures results in finishing lots of miniatures" and "paint whatever you feel like," I have decided to start on a Hasslefree mini I picked up at ReaperCon last year. I like the HF sculpts, but they are fairly expensive so I've only acquired the one. Apologies for the small picture, but there's not a whole lot to see yet. I've lined the eyes with P3 Coal Black, RMS Fair Skin on the face, arms and midriff, Linen White for the shirt and P3 Wurm Green for the hair. I'm hoping to get some color suggestions from the forum.
  16. I painted this for a friend to use as her half-orc barbarian in a D&D game. I ended up going more human then orc so she can use it for other characters later.
  17. Traxxis from Hasslefree Miniatures. I really (really, really) struggled to assemble this miniature. When I finally managed to do so the handle of the axe is rather bent. On the bright side the miniature is finished, and that's mostly all that counts :) Other pictures linked for nudity: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3
  18. This was a quick table top job done as a Christmas present for a friend.
  19. This is the dynamic version of Kalee from Hasslefree Miniatures. The miniature comes with a axe which I'm not that fond of, so I cut it off and replaced it with a sword from Tre Manor's Red Box Games (one of the helsvakt weapon sprues).
  20. Arwen, from Games Workshop. I picked this miniature to finish off 2014 (to get my 2014 total to an even nice and even number) because it probably paint fast. I was somewhat surprised of the result. I'm quite pleased, especially since it didn't require at much of an effort.
  21. Luna from Hasslefree Miniatures. Not much more to say.
  22. Hasslefree's Gwen (HFH074) for your enjoyment: As always, C & C welcome!
  23. This one is for a friend to use as a PC in a 5e D&D game. She is playing a half-orc barbarian, so I found a couple a for her to choose from and she selected 03019: Lathula, Female Barbarian. I have attached the arms and cleaned up some mold lines. I should be able to get her primed tomorrow.
  24. Here are yesterday's efforts, the Bones version of Freja Fangbreaker. To be honest, I wasn't really sold on this sculpt until I started painting it, but now I am a believer. She has a lot of haughty, kick-elf attitude. I decided to keep the base simple as she has a lot of little details that I didn't want to be overwhelmed by an ornate base. Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  25. This one came out a little rough, but I like the colors.
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