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Found 11 results

  1. Presenting Siobhan Adhair, a Sprite Knight who fights with an enchanted needle and thread, a character from the game Household published by 2 Little Mice. Not one of my best, I tried lining her thread to make it stand out more but not only did it look terrible, I could never fully cover it up when I tried to undo it. She looks pretty good from the neck up though! As always any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  2. He of the Gurgling Belly! The Famished Giant! The Gluttonous Prince! He of the Single Eye! The Horned Trampler! Monstrum horrendum, informe, ingens! He is a big beefy boy. It's difficult to get him all in one shot! Here are a few representative close-ups, and a couple of full shots, ish. More partials: I tried something new and basecoated him in a GW green contrast (much of which is still the hair and beard) and painted Caucasian flesh tones over that. Ultimately didn't give the Frazetta look I was hoping for, but definitely worked better than my usual straight-out-of-the-bottle approach. The little (regular-sized?) fellows dancing around his big stompy feet are some Eureka fauns I've posted earlier, and an older, metal version of S'kara the Skoli (99869). I love the detail on this pointy lady. I gather the skoli are a Hellborn/Tiefling alternative, but all those extra knee- and elbow-spikes got me thinking a Fey Lady of Thorns would be a good scheme. That's why her glaive and armor are bronze rather than iron. Genuinely forget if I've posted this paint-job on her before, but a quick search didn't bring her up. So here she is now, perhaps again.
  3. Hello everyone, here are pictures of a lovely nymph I just completed. I started the skin with a beige base coat and green shadows. Then glazed successive layers of green and beige. This Dark Heaven Legends model 02741, Nymph sculpted by Werner Klocke and I painted it with Reaper MSP paint.
  4. Any Brownie or Brownie-like minis out there? My Google-Fu is failing me right now. thanks
  5. A few of the Fair Folk and their followers. I was inspired to paint them up by a friend's mini-campaign where everyone played as Forest Gnomes. Thopas, the Lesser Gnome mascot. This is the second version of him I've painted, for the DM of the before-mentioned game. "Lord, I was born a Smambling Mound! Tryin' to kill adventurers with two attacks per round..." (minis are actually from the Magic the Gathering board game) A Pixie Messenger from Stonehaven Miniatures recent "Giants" Kickstarter. An Evil Fairy from Reaper's familiar packs. Some sprites or such from "Foundry Miniatures" now under their "Warmonger Miniatures" branch. They used to come as random extras in the Elf packs. And I saved the best for last. Some tasteful gnudes.
  6. I'm working on 60067 Nyrissa. She's a major NPC in the Kingmaker adventure path from Paizo. I'm trying to follow the reference art from the cover of the AP pretty closely, though I've checked other threads on the forums for inspiration too. So far I've got a base: The base is from Micro Arts Studio. I gouged a slot in it for the tab at the base of her wings. It's coming along okay, but it's awfully muted. It needs more contrast -- particularly brighter highlights. I've base coated her wings. The wings are 3:3:1 Pine Green/Linen White/Pale Saffron. The vines are in Formula P3 Wurm Green, and the interior petals are your basic Fire Orange. It doesn't come through in the photography very well, but in person the blue in the main wings is a LOT more noticeable. I need to push it more towards the yellow end of the spectrum -- I want them to be the pale, nearly yellow green of fresh leaf growth, before it's had time to mature and darken. I don't quite know what I'm going to do about that. I don't really have any pale green paints -- I generally like dark greens, and have a wide selection of those. I may need to mix something custom. The interior petals are off to a good start, but need to shift red in the deepest parts, and yellow at the edges. I'm less worried about those. I haven't even primed her body yet. I'm not quite sure how to handle it, frankly. It's a lovely sculpt, but difficult to work with. She has a little nubbin between her shoulder blades that fits into the hole you can see in her wings up above, leaving her hovering mid-air. Literally every other part of the mini needs to be painted -- there's no place to hold the part while I'm working. Ordinarily I stick the figures to bottle caps with poster putty (as with the base, above), and I just got that fancy Rathcore mini holder thing that I'm using for her wings. But neither of those will work, because any part of the mini I stick in putty isn't available for painting, and if I stick the nubbin into the cork, that leaves her back inaccessible. Plus I worry that the pressure of the cork might deform the nubbin and cause it not to fit its matching hole properly. So I may need to paint her body in two different phases, first her torso/arms/head, and then her legs. I'll take notes on painting procedures as I go so I can match them on the second half.
  7. So, Volo's Guide to Monsters has resparked my interest in Redcaps. I've used them a few times before in Feywild encounters in D&D, but always just used Gnomes as proxies. Does anyone have any good suggestions for Redcaps? I'm looking for the sort like they have in 5E and PF: evil twisted small folk, with iron shoes, blood-stained hats, and wicked scythes, sickles, and axes as weapons (though weapons are easy enough to convert)
  8. anyone want to play Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale B: Jason Bulmahn Nestled between lofty peaks of the Mindspin Mountains, the Bloodsworn Vale has been forgotten by civilization for decades. Once a well-worn path connecting the heartland of the empire with its more remote colonies, it now exists as an unclaimed and unspoiled woodland. The years have erased the road and various monsters, once held in check by the Empire’s soldiers, have all but over- run the valley. Today, the vale is a dangerous place, thick with tenacious plants, cruel monsters, and hungry predators. Four months ago, King Arabasti, the aging lord of Korvosa, decided to reclaim the vale for his crown, planning to tame it and reopen the important trade route with the south. He charged Sir Tolgrith, one of his more trusted vassals, with this task. Soon aft erward, the loyal knight and his band of hearty soldiers set off into the vale, reopening the northern mountain pass and establishing Fort Thorn in the heart of the valley. Over the past three months, Sir Tolgrith and his men have worked hard to reopen the old trade route. While they met with some success, the magnitude of the challenges that lie in their path have put them behind schedule. Monsters constantly attack workers and caravans bound for the fort, the water supply fouls once per month, and the ever-present rose bushes make sur- veying and exploring the region painfully slow. In hopes of putting progress back on track, Sir Tolgrith sent out a call for adventurers, promising gold, land, and titles to those willing to help solve his problems. We will use: Core Rulebook Advanced Players Guide Ultimate Magic Classes: Any Alignment: no evil Level: 6th Race: Standard races uncommon races please post characters here to play positions filled 5/5 slots closed
  9. Some of you may know that I love interference colors. Obviously, something as magical and ethereal as a fairy demands that I use all of them. It really is quite a treat rolling her in the light and watching it play off her wings and dress. Also interference colors work well for sheer, gauzy cloth dresses. A thin coat over a flesh-colored base, and painting in the skin highlights where it hugs her body. Also, it appears that the Bones version of this sculpt at least molds both wings as one sprue, so there was a pretty ugly slot where the wings joined. A bit of GS to cover it up and resculpt the hair and I think it looks fine now.
  10. I'm wanting to do a Bones conversion and was hoping to get some advise here. In my world there's four main camps of "Outsiders". Angels/Archons (lg), Azata/Eladrin/Fey (cg), Demons (ce), and Devils (le). Once Bone 3 is released three of the four camps will have a top end representation (CR 20+). So with that in mind what I want to do is convert a mini to be a Azata/Eladrin/Fey counterpart to the Balor, Pit Fiend, and Solar Angel. All three existing "outer lords" are large sized and winged. So I want something along those lines. As all the existing lords are male I'd like this conversion to be a female. The only female Bones mini of comparable size seems to be the Cloud Giant (77162)? So how would one go about making her into a Queen of the Fey? Are there any other large Bones females that I'm missing? The first problem I see is were to get wings and how to attach them. So that she has her own style I'd like to give her large butterfly wings (Angels = avian wings, Devils = bat-like wings, Demons = a mix of styles, Fey = insectile wings). I'm not sure what to use though. Assuming I find something fitting how should I then attach them? The Cloud Giant has a lot of hair down her back that would get in the way. If I use the Cloud Giant, the next problem I see is her weapon. A big club doesn't really seem fitting. What could I use to replace the club and how would I go about that? Lastly she's a bit more scantily clad then what I feel is fitting for this concept. How hard would it be to sculpt a skirt around her legs with "green stuff"? Would "green stuff" even be the appropriate thing to use for something like that? I know this is a lot of trouble to go through but I don't see any other way of getting what I "need". As there is no particularly well known large Azata/Eladrin/Fey lord type in D&D or Pathfinder it's unlikely Reaper will ever make this sort of model. Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated. :)
  11. Oh my god! This thread is crawling with brownies!! Willow, anyone? Anyway, I grabbed a couple of 15mm Aztecs from the last round of the Box of Good Will with the intent of using them as fey-folk, and here they are. I painted them during Inarah's paint binge last weekend. I wasn't too sure what to do about the shields, so I painted the shields as buttons. I know that at this scale they'd have had to get them off of a Titan or something, but rule of cool. With a Bones goblin lurking behind them to give a sense of scale.
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