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Found 6 results

  1. TL;DR: I don't understand tightly linked figure and rules ranges. I was writing my Huzzah report for my blog this morning, and one thing led to another. My collaborator and I agreed at the convention that next year's game(s) was(were) going to be something using the combined resources of our 16th century home cast 40mm projects. So, yesterday I dug out my bags of castings to see what I should start working on, and, after blogging this morning I decided that the proper thing to do was to muster the troops on the table and see what I really had. (My last inventory is both hidden somewhere and probably suspect anyway.) So, there they are: 4 artillery pieces, 18 assorted cavalry stands, 10 stands of pikes and pike command, 5 stands of swordsmen, 4 stands of improvised converted crossbowmen, and 8 stands of musketeers. (Three need repairs, which I can do today now that I've had them laid out.) The story that goes with these figures is this: I have been interested in the 16th century, and the warfare of the 16th century, for longer than I can remember. It's probably a combination of being an early music enthusiast and being exposed to Sir Charles Oman's History of the Art of War in the Sixteenth Century at an impressionable age. In the early years of the current phase of my interest in the miniatures hobby (starting around 1987, say) I would play 16th century games at the conventions when I could, but never started my own project, being intimidate by painting all those Landsknechts. By the time our club, the HAWKs, had started in 1994, I was already casting some of my own figures from commercial molds. Chris Palmer, also a member of this board, and I both had fairly extensive mold collections, including two non-compatible 40mm 18th century sets. Mine were Prince August, and his Nuernberger Meisterzinn. He also had a Meisterzinn catalog. I don't know much about Meisterzinn, but they were already a zombie company (things kept in production but no new products) by 1994. They had a small range of 16th century molds, and I thought that it would be an interesting challenge to collect them, cast up some figures, and put a game together. A set of rules called Armati had just come out, with a Renaissance section and provision for playing with a single stand as a unit, so I used that as the basis for my casting. It took, as these things do, a couple of years to get things done to the point of playing games with them. Not long after that, Chris decided to build some 40mm Leonardo da Vinci machines to go with them, inspired by a number of games of Leonardo Plus which were run at the cons for a few years. Those rules didn't suit our collections, though, so we ended up staging a game using home rules at Cold Wars in 1999. After that, the figures got put away for a while, until Ross and I ended up in discussions about how difficult it would be to convert enough of the figures to form the basis of a 16th century English army (still using the longbow). From there, we ended up deciding to put on a game in 2004 using a scenario from the Anglo-Scots Wars of the 1540s. The siege of Haddington in 1548 was nearly a perfect match for our hodgepodge collections, with mercenaries from all over Europe participating on one side or the other. Once again, we had to write rules to suit our collection of miniatures. My pictures of that game are unfortunately pre-digital, and buried somewhere. We even got an award from the convention for that one, because it was unusual and eye-catching. Since then, we dust them off every few years, revise the rules again to taste, and set to. If I'm at home, I'm somewhat limited by my collection, but I can still put on a decent two player game: I still haven't managed to get to the Siege of Malta in 1565, but Ross wants to do Turks this next year, so we'll see what happens. Anyway, after all of that, my point and question is this: With my DIY background, I have a hard time understanding what seems to me to be the ever increasing trend of players buying into tightly linked figure and rules lines. I see posts/listen to podcasts/conversations/etc. in which people grouse about the speed with which games come out and die, and how that renders their miniatures useless. I may be a little odd, but it's not that unusual in the historical community to accept that the figures you buy are going to end up being used with many sets of rules, that you may need to write a set to match the size of your collection, and that you might want to work on something that you like the look of, because the figures are forever, but the rules are ephemeral. Thoughts? Are you a new person? Another grognard like me?
  2. So someone tipped me off about 32mm Harry Potter figures at Wal Mart. For about a buck each. They're a bit big and not as detailed as I would like, but DM Scotty's Facebook group has noted that when you strip that enamel off, the detail improves. Pictured here, we have the Harry Potter line, but they also have Street Fighter, WWF, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel, and DC figures, as well as these display/playset things. It ain't easy to find metal figures for a buck a pop these days, so I figured I'd say something; my students will be earning some of these in the weeks to come... and I'll be "improving" the spares I bought...
  3. Hi there everyone! Oakydeer here, and I'm a very very new to the world of tabletop RPGS. I'd always heard of the magical game dungeons and dragons but was always intimidated by it and didn't know when or how to start. But a month ago, I decided to take the plunge and gather my friends for our first DnD session, with me as the DM. And... we all became obsessed. So now, here I am, completelly engrossed in the world of tabletop RPGs and eager to start sculpting and painting my own figures! I'm open to any advice from any of you wonderful veterans regarding anything, be it painting and sculpting, to game tips, to a simple friendly hello. Let's be friends! :>
  4. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/shadow%20dragon/sku-down/77108#detail/IG_4357_1 This is my first figure to show up in the Reaper store. I'd been kind of hoping this might happen some day, and I find myself surprisingly tickled and honored. It's my take on the Bones Shadow Dragon, 77108, which I painted up with an electrical motif (Show Off thread here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61271-dragon-of-lightning-and-storm-from-77108-shadow-dragon/). Note also Siri's brilliant version of the same figure, also in the store (Show Off thread here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56435-77108-space-shadow-dragon/ ). Thanks to Morihalda for spotting it and alerting me!
  5. This posting (question) on this thread came about due to a (PM) message that I replied to a little while back!...I was wondering if there are other members/modelers out there who might suffer from this same malady (problem)...if so; how do/did you handle it? Miniature figures...Over my many long years, I have seen a given miniature figure and loved it...the moment I saw it...had many visions/ideas as to a single figure, vignette or diorama usage and purchased it...placing it into my figure holding drawer (thus forgetting about it due to other current projects that I was involved in at the time)!...The months pass and when do my figure holding drawer survey (about once every 3 or 4 months)...I find the given figure!...I look at it, study it (but all the original love and enthusiasm are completely gone...as are the great visions/ideas of a single figure, vignette or diorama piece usage!...I just sit there with a stupid look on my face and ask myself..." why the h**l did I buy this piece "??? The figure is thrown into what I call my scrap box!...Over the years; I estimate that I have given away over 1000+ figures from this scrap box (people, creatures, dragons, etc...of all scales from 6mm to 54mm)!...I noted members talking about their backed up " work bench and/or their shelve of shame "...in regard to pieces that they have started and not yet finished...I also have such a backed up " work box "...but I limit it to (6) projects maximum...that I intend to finish!...If over months, these do not get my attention...they go straight into the scrap box (awaiting their final end/demise)! I fear that I differ from many of the members on this great site and their love for painting miniature figures...in the sense that I love painting a miniature figure...only if it has a purpose!...For me to just sit down and paint a figure (with no given reason or purpose) gives me no pleasure, enjoyment and/or satisfaction!...It just seems to be a robotic exercise of splashing color on to a piece of metal!...The (purpose) of a figure and the painting of it is what gives me the pleasure, enjoyment and/or satisfaction...it is the story...the mystic...the visions...of that given piece that drive and motivate me! Miniature buildings/terrain...Over the years...I have also built over a 100 pieces of buildings and terrain...with the intent of using them on the table top for gaming but about 90%+ have never once seen a gaming table...again winding up in another scrap box...Understand that these are not detailed vignette or diorama pieces; but quickly built table top game play items!...I usually wind up giving them to local shops, clubs or individuals...or just throwing them in the trash! So I am asking the members...how many of you out there suffer from this same type of malady and how do/did you cope with the matter? Paul (Catdancer)
  6. Antenociti's Workshop have announced on their Facebook page that they are planning to launch a kickstarter in early 2014 for 28mm scifi resin scenery, mdf structures, vehicles, and figures. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=592884427415869&id=153539898016993 The sweet spot is expected to be £100 and represent about a 50% saving off retail to start. I don't own any of Antenociti's stuff... Yet, but I am waiting on pieces that they contributed to Mantics Deadzone and Mars Attacks kickstarters. The photos I've seen of their previous offerings looks great and all reviews I've read and watched on their products have been very positive. I believe this is going to be one of those "can't afford to miss" kickstarters. There have been requests for them to include fantasy and modern day lines, but so far Antenociti has stated scifi only. EDIT: link added.
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