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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, Some super cool minis, that are fairly weird but give ideas for adventures as well Animated marginal figures either protecting mage's tome or one's that escaped and need to be caught https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2004599158/medieval-marginalia-miniatures-2 <this time link should be correct 🙄> For me a bit too expensive and only physical, but love the idea
  2. Hi guys, Iain Lovecraft has started another campaign on Kickstarter. This time updating and expanding on the Viking theme. As usually top quality miniatures, buildings and vehicles (obviously ships this time round) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iain-lovecraft/viking-saga Some screenshot teases:
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1662635043/the-thing-with-the-ring/description Robbits (the nickname for Urban Halflings) are a small mischievous folk with an uncanny habit of ‘finding’ ancient relics of vast and horrifying power. In this case, a troublesome Ring, belonging to an evil wizard called Nörmün. Nörmün has sent his Goblins to retrieve the Ring, even as the Wizard Gudgrief tries to form a Party of Dwarves, Elves and Robbits to take the Ring away on a Quest. But the reluctant Robbits know that nobody ever comes back from Gudgrief’s Quests, so the Dwarves are forced to Press-Gang and the Elves to Enchant them out of their Pits to join the Party. However, Robbits are innately ‘Tricksy’ and will use Magic and Excuses to avoid going on the Quest. Only one Robbit will live to tell the epic tale of... Our card game is a parody of Epic Quests in roleplaying and fantasy fiction, where brave heroes would normally gather together to find, destroy, or hide the 'McGuffin'. Robbits however, want nothing to do with it, and must use Magic and Excuses to avoid going on the Quest, all the time dealing with troublesome Dwarves, Elves and Goblins. This game contains, 100 fabulously illustrated cards, a rulebook and a die. The card game is for 1-6 people (and is also a solid two player game) and games are incredibly varied. It is ideal as a warm-up or filler for game evenings or just some interactive fun with friends. It is a fast-paced game, typically taking 30 minutes or so. Once again we have a beautiful die produced by Q-Workshop for the Battle Die. The Battle Die is used to resolve Battles in the game, the outcome of some events and Enchanting Elves. The Robbits are also available as minis, in Midlams classic style, and they're also adding in 'The Book of the Dead' a 9minute card game in some of the pledge levels. They're only at 70 backers and 400% yet, so there's still room for a few more backers...
  4. Welcome to Thrym's Show Off List Listed by Reaper Miniature Line with SKUs. Original Index Dark Heaven Legends 02828: Thornback Troll (as Fell Ogre) 03270: Stone Giant Warrior 03493: Rumscratch, Dwarf Wereshark (Secret Sophie '14 Present to MatrissaTheEnchantress) 02770: Lunkh, The Hill Giant and the Silver Dragon Egg 02127: Giant Mountain Troll (The Old Troll and the Boar) 02622: Frulla Krung (The Frost Giantess) 03430: Young Swamp Dragon (Copper Dragon on Marbled Tiled Hex Base) Warlord 14077: Griffon 03407: Hellborn Troll 14012: Gauntfield, Necropolis Hero (as Harrow, Reidlar of Terror) 02877: Mountain Troll (The Skull Collector) Bones 77009: Werewolf (with Tombstone) 77105: Kagunk, Ogre Chieftain (Son of the Magi) 77013: Minotaur (with weapon conversion to two-handed maul) 77120: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin (Reaper Winter Exchange '14 for RobinH) 77156: Owlbear (Secret Sophie'14 Present to Kay13) 77171: Stone Golems: inspired by Marvel's The Thing inspired by Marvel's Juggernaut inspired by Marvel's Hulk inspired by Marvel's Doctor Doom inspired by Marvel's Colossus inspired by Marvel's Thanos 77185: Large Earth Elemental (inspired by Marvel's Hulkbuster Iron Man) 77195: Mr. Bones (Kickstarter II Conversion) 77230: Ankheg (with Metallic Chitin) 89026: Eando Kline Chronoscope 50082: Cobra, Modern Ninja P-65 Heavy Metal 65140 :: Ogre Mage WOOT! Finished Minis! Hit the "Follow this Topic" to wait for me to finish another ... in the FUTURE!!. LOL
  5. Finished this little guy this last week. I love all the Townsfolk. I wish there were more:).
  6. Heya folks been busy painting away, but keep forgetting to post on here. This one is one of the Halfling Farmers by Jason Wiebe. I also started an instagram @starscolorbox, there are more photos on there :). Enjoy https://www.instagram.com/p/CDQ_EjeB-19/?igshid=14i9amibmp0zl
  7. I'm happy with my progress. It's the best face i've done, and the highlighting and the blending. Still getting tryign to get better, but blending techniques that used to scare me, are a little less daunting now.
  8. And here it is! It's finally finished and with a good picture (the camera peeps up a RCon took excellent pictures). I won a bronze on it at RCon, and this was my first year in the adult category. When I got the scores one of the judges wanted to give me a silver, one of the others wanted to give me a COM, and the last one wanted to give me a bronze it averaged out to a bronze, I'm so happy! C&C welcome and very much appreciated!
  9. So here's what I finished this year, most of it from Reaper: A whole bunch of halflings and gnomes. A couple of frost giants: Reaper's Frorigh and Otherworld Miniatures' nameless giant. Dragons (and one ice wyrm). I actually made bases for the dragons (no, really!), so I should try to find later photos of them as well, and do Show-Off threads for their finished forms. Terrain pieces from Itar's Workshop, some sci fi, and lots of aquatic creatures. Standing stones both sinister and benevolent from Naloomi's Workshop (Hijad the Pirate amongst the standing stones is only there for scale). Lots of Mouslings and more aquatic critters. The kraken is done but I haven't made a Show-Off thread for it either, which is why the casual garden photography. And two Discworld characters, Granny Weatherwax and Samuel Vimes, from Micro Art Studio.
  10. hi people just thought i would up load all my work done in the last three months as i have been learning to paint. i know my flames are wrong but other then that any other critique and comments or tips will be greatly accepted this was my first as linked in my original post and now i shall post them in order of when i did them this one is gonna be used in a monstrous campaign i am playing in this next one still needs work painted for freind under work atm painted for a freind and my latest completed work :) now i'm just trying to decide which piece i should finish next after i complete my alchemist and orc warboss
  11. Here is an index to all my completed minis. If there is no link, that means I haven't started painting. A link to a WIP thread will appear if I'm working on it currently. *WIP(start) means it's the first post for a particular project in my defunct consolidated WIP thread. Reaper: 08901-LTPK1 (Anhurian, Rat) 08903-LTPK3 -WIP 08904-LTPK4 - WIP(start) 08905-LTPK5 -WIP 77098-Spirit: attempt 1, attempt 2 77009-Werewolf: attempt 1, attempt 2, WIP2(start) 02303-Mason Rowan 50042-Townsfolk: Modern Children -WIP 50051-Max Decker, Private Eye -WIP 03721-Vonsalay -WIP 77007-Ghost-WIP(start) 03248-Classic Horror: Dracula -WIP 77176-Familiars [i already lost 2 down the drain :'( ] -WIP P02198B-Ferocious Felines Small -WIP1, WIP2 WIP 3 77117-Vandorendra, Snake Demon -WIP 77067-Virina, Female Demon -WIP 77028-Mortar, Gargoyle -WIP 80024-Deputy Wayne Tisdale -WIP 77045-Orc Hunter (Spear) -WIP(start), and 77051-Orc Stalker -WIP(start), and 77059-Orc Beserker - WIP 77193-Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage -WIP 02509-Mother Superior -WIP 03435-Dire Boar -WIP 77169-Flesh Golem -WIP(start) 77186-Tiik Warrior - WIP 77022-Michelle Ranger - WIP1, WIP2 77114-Faceless Horror - #1, #2, WIP1, WIP2. 77083-Medium Fire Elemental 03027-Spectre - WIP 77056-Orc Sniper #1 #2 - WIP 77043-Orc Marauder #1 #2 - WIP 77002-Orc Archers - WIP 77003-Orc Spearmen - WIP 77108-Bones Shadow Dragon - WIP 77088 +77140 conversion - WIP1 - WIP 2 77057-Juliet-WIP 77097-Grave Wraith - WIP 77099-Night Spectre - WIP 77029 - Unicorn - WIP 77006 - Great Worm - WIP 77016 - Rats - WIP 89003 - Pathfinder Goblin Warriors - WIP 77024 - Goblins - WIP Bones 2: 77247-Pillar of Evil - WIP 77159-Ghast - WIP 77114-Mummy - WIP 77211-Gauntfield - WIP 77201-Dragoth - WIP 91007-Bone Fiend - WIP 77237-Skeleton Guardian Archer - WIP 77238-Skeleton Guardian 2H Sword - WIP 77239-Skeleton Guardian Spearman - WIP 77240-Skeleton Guardian Sword - WIP 77241-Skeleton Guardian Axeman - WIP 77242-Skeleton Warrior Sword - WIP 77243-Skeleton Warrior Axeman - WIP 77244-Skeleton Warrior Spearman - WIP 77245-Skeleton Warrior Archer - WIP 80035-Dumpster - WIP 77356-Anhurian Swordsman- WIP 77357-Anhurian Crossbowmen- WIP 77358-Anhurian Bowmen- WIP 77359-Anhurian Spearmen - WIP 77378-Caryatid Columns - WIP 77312-Ice Wall - WIP 77362-Angels of Sorrow - WIP 77306-Translucent Slimes - WIP 77276-Sea Hag - WIP 77369-Translucent Shadow - #1 - #2 - WIP 77224-Rogan - WIP 77202-Warg -WIP 77216-Companion Animals - #1 #2 WIP WIP bear(s) cougar(s) hawk(s) wolf(ves) wolverine(s) 80036-shipping container - WIP 77126- vermin /spiders(2) - WIP 77137-sarcophagus - WIP 77302-female paladin - WIP 89031-Whispering tyrant - WIP 89021- Mystic Theurge - WIP 77349 - Goblin Command - WIP Bones 3: Goblins 77444 - Goblin Warriors - WIP 77445 - Goblin Skirmishers - WIP Hobgoblins Orcs Ogre Command 77566 - Ogre Chieftain - WIP 77568 - Ogre Matriarch - WIP 77567 - Goblin Standard Bearer and Musicians - WIP Ogres Chill Out Lycanthropes 2 Goremaw Dagon Mythos Expansion Stoneskull Expansion Graveyard Expansion 77491 - Kickstarter Sophie - WIP Non Reaper: (so far these are only Mega Miniatures, but will eventually be a few boardgame minis). Mega Miniatures: (the first few were in one post) F-40 - Guard with spear raised DEAL-0145 - Guard with crossbow DEAL-0014 - Ghost DEAL-0169 - Thief throwing dagger DEAL-0501 - Bureau important person with dog DEAL-0225 - Amazon drawing sword DEAL-0494 - Bureau hands on waist DEAL-0172 - Aging Wizard DEAL-0336 - Thief thrusting Hearthstone: Redcaps -WIP1, WIP2 Chuppa Dark Sword: DSM2112 - Male Fighter with Spear -WIP - WIP 2 - DSM5073 - Arston Whitebeard -WIP Paymaster Games (Going Native): Hasslefree: Kev White does Matt Dixon: Harwood Hobbies: Hazmat Team (4) Flashlight, Geiger, Laptop, Clipboard RCMP Constable Lestrade Normal, Armed Cultists: The Duke - WIP Demon - WIP Mr Karswell - WIP Ritual Leader - WIP 3 Axe Cultists - #1 #2 #3 - WIP The Enforcer - WIP Red Box Games: Warbands of the Cold North II: Red Gunhildr Pretty Laerke Female berserker shaman Other: RAFM-Nightgaunt -WIP Grenadier-Halfling -WIP End of Times (Ian Mountain) Maximilian Eve Dr Prometheus Father Patrick Ripper Kobold Press Bestiary Paymaster Games Going Native: New World Monsters Crooked Dice Dark Age Outpost Dollar Store: Centipedes - WIP Spiders - WIP1 WIP2 Board Games: Talisman Folkore: The Affliction Zombicide: Walk of the Dead-WIP Murder of Crowz-WIP Very Infected People - WIP Black Plague Character pack - Hildir (WIP1, WIP 2) - Goat (WIP) - New completed minis will appear in posts below, and will be linked to in this top post. Running total: 2013: 17 2014: 3 2015: 20* (45) 2016: 20* (68) 39 (by March 19)+1 aug +7 sept +10 sept +1 oct +10 dec 2017: 20* (69/33)(july30) 2+2+3+2+2+1+1+23june+33july updated July 30, 2017 (new minis still to be added)
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