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Found 82 results

  1. Cranky Dog

    Flame reference

    Recently caught this on TV, the Slow Mo Guys filmed a home made fire tornado in 4K. It's quite hypnotic. Seeing a few of the screen captures going around, in my mind it became *the* flame reference for so many subjects. It also made me realize something that's been bugging me about the clear plastic fire elementals. They should be a far lighter orange, near yellow even instead of that dark reddish orange.
  2. knarthex

    A Hell Hound (03609) Revisited

    I finished the Blue Flamed Hell Hound. Not happy with the blue flames, I may have to revisit it at a later date... I do like the way his skin came out with the wet blend / layering... The other 20 miniatures are clamoring for paint.... (WiP) So here it is (for now anyways!) (I have never been good a painting regular flames either....) Comments welcome! 8) George
  3. djizomdjinn

    92835?: Demi-lich

    Been painting a lot of my sculpts and not paying enough attention to the piles of albino Bones still waiting for paint. So I guess it's time to change that. Tried to make the base look somewhat like fresh ash; not sure if I succeeded. Painting magical fire was a lot of fun; getting rid of mold lines not as fun. All in all, I think it went decent for a tabletop level job. PS: Also, I read somewhere that the unofficial Bones II SKUs are not accurate. Is there an official policy for how to tag unreleased Bones? I could have sworn I saw it somewhere on the forums, but I don't recall where.
  4. First time posting here, but not technically my first mini, I think i threw some paint on half a dozen space marines about 12 years ago, not touched a brush since then. Decided to get back into the hobby with the most recent bones kickstarter, as we play alot of D&D, and thought I'd best have a practice before then. So here is my paladin of St Cuthbert for a friends D&D shackled city campaign, and given the volcanic, dungeon-crawly setting, I wanted to try and go for a darker look for the mini, rather than traditional blingy shining look. I didn't feel confident with my skill trying to paint the glow from the sword on the armor, I was afraid I'd mess it up and ruin the whole mini, so I didn't attempt it. Any tips and advice are more than welcome, I want to try and improve as best I can before this time next year when the bones cometh.
  5. Auberon

    77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    Vanja was supposed to be a quick tabletop mini to relax with after I finished up my exchange piece. As sometimes happens when painting Bones, she turned into an experiment along the way. Some parts were in fact done in a quick tabletop manner, namely the metals and gems, but for the rest of her: Since she's a fire giant I decided to try and use the Scalecolor Indian Shadow to make her skin inhumanly red. In order to make her skin believable though, I followed Jen Haley's advice to highlight to a normal human color. In doing so I think I turned it into a quite human dark skintone. Ah well. After that I decided that since she was a fire giant I should play around with fiery hair. This of course took some time just because of the sheer amount of colors that I broke out in order to paint fire. With the hair out of the way it was time to decide on what creature furnished her cape. I was thinking dragon but I discarded red and green just because of her existing colors. After some thought it became obvious that as a fire giant she probably killed a few of those pesky white dragons that like to settle in the snowy peaks of a dormant volcano. Even though I figured it wouldn't work too well, I made an attempt at drybrushing with Scalecolor white. It didn't drybrush well. Lastly for the base I thought about keeping a snowy scheme but decided to take a stab at obsidian. While in reality obsidian is not necessarily totally black, I decided to keep the rocks mostly black just so it would "read" properly at scale. After my experience with Johnny last week I decided to take some pre-sealing pics this time around. Her hair is VGC and thus a bit glossy compared to her skin, but the dullcote should even that all out. I also tried a "tabletop" angle, which should show off the top of her head a bit better. And lastly a closer shot of how the skin worked. I liked this model quite a bit, but there were some areas that were obviously soft on the detail. I may have to pick her up in metal eventually and aim a bit higher with my painting.
  6. I'm painting up 14267: General Matisse as a PC for a guy in our campaign. He's specified that the PC -- an aasimar -- has hair made of bright blue fire, like Hades from the Disney Hercules. It's going to be challenging, and I'm not entirely sure how to approach it. My initial thought is to base coat it in pure white, then successive layers of blue, shifting from more white in the mix to more blue with each new layer, and starting each pass closer to the end of the hairs to get a gradation from hottest (white) near the roots, to coolest (blue) near the ends. Does that sound reasonable, or is there another approach I should consider? Hair is hard enough when it isn't made of fire!
  7. Limey72

    First bones rauthuros

    So about 2 years or so ago I decided to get back into miniature painting after about 20 years. I had no idea how things had progressed so I went to the LFGS to look around. This is where I first discovered reaper miniaturesand as I looked at the awesome metal sculpts on display I noticed these white plastics called bones so I picked up one bones and a few metals and left. Now the bones stayed in its blister for several months and when I finally opened it I glued it then it sat on a shelf until now. Havin got into the KS 3 I figured I better paint my one Nd only bones so here goes ;) And sorry the pics are not great he was surprisingly difficult to frame.
  8. Quick painted bones fire elemental, mounted on a custom LED base. Been getting more and more into finding ways to add light to miniatures and the clear Bones minis are simple but the results are great. In a darker area the entire mini lights up well! IMG_0177.MOV
  9. Made this for someones' birthday. :)
  10. This two camp fire bits were part of the Tabletop Plus sample that I got in the ReaperCon 2015 swag bag. I left them as two pieces for versatility. I have never painted fire before. It was fun.
  11. I recently completed some 10mm fantasy figures for my "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" armies; which included a Lizardman Hero, a Cursed Knight Leader, and a Fire Elemental. I had a leftover Lizardman figure (I believe he was made by A.I.M.) and thought that he bared a striking resemblance to a certain purple TV Dinosaur, so couldn't help but paint him up as the great Lizardman Hero, B'uar-Nee! Recently I painted three 28mm Barrow Wardens from Reaper's Bones line, and was really pleased with the results (Which you can see here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62404-barrow-wardens-77346-thru-48-from-bones-ii/ ). So I thought I would experiment with a Warmaster Chaos Leader I had, to see if the rust effect I had used on the Barrow Wardens, would translate to 10mm. I'm very pleased with the results, and think I will now paint a unit of Chaos Knights I have as this sort of "Cursed Knight" look. lastly, I don't know who made this figure but I received it in a short-lived birthday figure exchange I was part of a few years ago, and since it was 15mm (I think) I never did anything with it. I came across it the other day; and not knowing what it was supposed to be, was struck by how the sculpted "fur" ? looked a lot like flames on it. So I decided to paint him up like a fire elemental. I think the result is pretty good.
  12. Jaws

    Prodos, Cardinal Dominic

    Painted for the tabletop, this will be the leader of my Redemtionists in Necromunda. For the uninitiated; They are basically religious fanatics, who believe all sinners must burn away their sins. And anyone who isn't a redemtionist is a sinner. They go around burning anything and anyone they think might be impure. And here is a closeup of his pretty face. I love this miniature. :D
  13. Werewolvians

    77315 Fire Demon

    He came out a little brighter than I intended, but I didn't want to just make him and his armor all black..so.
  14. So. I tried painting some minis without WIPs and found myself having a hard time keeping track of what and how much I had done. So I'm back, although these may be sporadic and really slow to update. We'll see. Anyhow, after painting a lot of tiny figures for the January Bones Beauty Pageant, I decided to move in the opposite direction and tackle some of the big figures from Bones I to clear out room for Bones II. So I am painting dragons. Five of them, if you count the Frost Wyrm. Each one gets its own thread, though, since I don't know how I'm going to progress through them. I didn't know the names of the dragons when I decided what colors to make them. Since I'm painting five, to keep up interest I'm using a slightly different approach to each one. This one, at least for the moment, I am imagining as something warm and desert-like, gold with red undertones. When I looked at it I thought of brass or gold dragons, although I don't know if I'm going to actually attempt metallics on it. As you might have gathered, I improvise a lot when I am painting. If I were a writer I would be what they call a pantser. Anyhow, to make sure I didn't get all those unglued wings mixed up, the first painting session I made sure to put a wash on each dragon and its wings of a major color element I had planned for it. So after I primed everything with Reaper's Brown Liner, this one got a terracotta red wash of pure thinned-down Iron Oxide Red. The other dragons I'm painting concurrently are Deathsleet, Ebonwrath, the Shadow Dragon, and the Frost Wyrm.
  15. So this is a mini that has been sitting on my half finished shelf for more than a year. She's an Endless Fantasy Tactics Summoner that I had gotten out of a miscast pile with a bunch of others at a con. The body of the mini was mostly fine, but she had a messed up hat. So somewhere along the way I decided that I would just put a warhammer torch bit on her head and make her a crazy fire witch. Then I base coated her, and promptly left her on a shelf collecting dust. Well I finally painted her.
  16. So I've been working on this guy for about two months now - I've bought a house and moved in there so that's why it has been taking so long. I tried doing a WIP on this fellow, but I lost so many of the "in progess" pictures there just wasn't any point. I'm going to set the circumstance before sharing the pictures. I'm playing a Goliath Monk in a 3.5 D&D game. I originally painted Uglunuk for my character - he's a poor match since he's clearly a fighter or barbarian, but he made a good substitute and I didn't feel like my customization skills were good enough. I did buy another one of the fig to customize at a later date. That later date came about last year. I did some pretty heavy customization - my Monk is armed with a kama (a 1 hand sickle, basically,) and has the "flaming fist" feat, so that led to what to do with the hands. I filed down some of the more conspicous armor, and customized the belt to look more like an ivory artifact belt my character wears. Here is the result: The first picture is before some touch-ups I did to the skin, but it shows off the kama nicer than the rest, so I decided to keep it. Anyway, this leads me to my question: I'm going to base him on a slotted circular base I got from Wyrd, it has a recessed area about 1" in diameter that you need to fill. How do you think I should base him? I'm not looking to do anything hugely complicated, but I'd be interested to see what people think. In particular, what sort of base do you think would provide a nice contrast or highlight to the colors of the figure? Right now we're doing a bunch of extra-planar elemental adventures, but I think more fire would be distracting. So I'd be interested in people's opinions. Also, I haven't seal-coated him yet, so if anyone has any comments please share... P.S. The pictures are friggin' huge, so feel free to click on them and see all the tiny flaws!
  17. Hi, all. Apologies for the crappy pics; I've had a total breakdown on that front. Apologies for the crappy painting, too; but it's at least been fun. I just feel better knowing someone's witnessed the fact that I did it. Cleaning up for December 2014. First up is Jim Johnson's Vaaron, Fire Sorcerer. Pretty awesome mini, IMO. He was fun to paint. His summoning cauldron is my first pass at painting fire. I kept it pretty simple but nonetheless was pretty pleased. Thanks for looking!
  18. I was photographing something else yesterday. The something else ended badly. I was documenting it. Anyway, the Fire Elemental was nearby and the lighting setup looked promising so I let the camera have a try even though the LFE is notoriously hard to photograph. The Raw Image My phone has a small app on it from Adobe, and it has a selection of preset "effects" filters it can apply. I tried several, saved a few that looked fiery. The Filter That Looked Like Lava A Kind of Spot Lighting? Similar to Above But Darker Hope these are at least fun to look at or maybe inspiration if someone is wanting to paint fire.
  19. Patrik Strom

    Fire Elementals, Reaper Bones

    I speedpainted these but I was kind of happy with how the medium fire elemental came out so I thought I’d post them here as well. Flaming Sphere Large Fire Elemental Wall of Fire Medium Fire Elemental (linked for possible nudity): Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3
  20. odinsgrandson

    Cake Toppers with fantasy weapons

    Here is a group of cake toppers that I did. I think the theme this time is fantasy weaponry. None of these brides and grooms decided to use the standard Shotgun or Chainsaws that are so useful to zombie survivors, and instead favored magic bows, spells, bastard swords and shields.
  21. I rebased the lesser elementals (Reaper 2538) that I painted up several years ago. While doing so, I also gave them a touch-up paint job, the fire elemental got his flames reversed in several places for instance. Front picture linked due to nudity: http://www.coolminiornot.com/369633?browseid=10757476 Edited to add SKU in tags
  22. I bought Tamiya clear yellow, green and orange and played around with the female bones fire elemental (77083) and the bones grave wraith (77097). The yellow/orange hardly shows at all on the red bones, but the green Tamiya clear turned out ok on the green wraith. Fire Elemental linked due to nudity: http://www.coolminiornot.com/369634?browseid=10757476 Edited to add SKU to tags.
  23. http://wappellious.blogspot.com/2014/11/turning-water-into-fire.html
  24. Somewhere someone on this board used the clear tamiya paints on their translucent bones, I can't remember who it was offhand, and I tried it and have painted all of my translucent bones with this paint first. I though I'd show the difference that this paint makes on these figures by painting two fire elementals. I slathered Tamiya clear red onto both figures generously. Unlike most basecoats, a thick coat won't obscure details like regular paint would, it just take longer to dry. A word of warning, while this paint does clean up with water, it is still a solvent based paint and does have an odor, take precautions and use in a ventilated area, also don't use your good Kolinsky brushes as this paint WILL STAIN brushes (and Jeans). I used a synthetic flat bristle brush size 2 for the basecoating. So, on to the Pictoral commentary... This is the Medium Fire Elemental right out of the package. And this is the same elemental after being painted in Tamiya Clear red paint. Bear in mind that this paint is dried when the picture was taken. Here is a (Hopefully) better side by side comparison with the Large fire elemental. And here is just the large fire elemental after being painted. I will be adding other fire colors as I go, I've already started adding some yellow details to the large Elemental and I'll post and update as I get each color added. hopefully this helps some of you who are looking to intensify the coloring of your translucent bones. This also works with the Green translucents and tamiya clear green.
  25. Sirithiliel

    77109: Fire Dragon

    Red fire dragon painted up as my gluttonous, arrogant, fat Gorevander