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Found 11 results

  1. It's done. Here's my completed model on its base. I was going for a wintery, glacier, frozen lake look. Did it translate as that? Always love the feedback.
  2. This is a model I'm nearly done with. I said I was finished two times and I keep dialing in details. This is my most-read character from my childhood. I saw someone else paint this, much better than I could, but it inspired me to try myself. I am happy with the outcome so far. I have to make the base still, but what I have in mind will be fun when it's all done. More to come.
  3. So things were a little rushed in getting this finished a week ago, and I never did have the time to do a proper show off... And as final assembly didn't happen until Thursday afternoon..... and the results.... Thanks for all the fun, comments and following along with this!!!!!! George Forgot to link the WiP.....
  4. Got in the Colossal Red dragon so I did a set up for fun. Our minis from our adventuring party "negotiating" with them, The female leader has her faerie dragon talking to the red. Fun!!!
  5. So after seeing people posting more old school minis, I broke out my PC case and started taking some pics, and thought these would be a good place to start! I painted these the year they came out (88, 89, 90?) when the price was using Polly S and Ral Partha paints when I was in college.... I tried to stay as true to the cover art of all the books / box sets / Accesories that had the picture of the figure(s). For some reason, I never painted the Elminster figure, he is still kicking around in the pile of unpainted stuff, along with about 10 more FR minis... Someday, I'll paint them too... We don't play in the Realms anymore... so no hurry to paint the others up.... Thnderstorm, From the cover of the FR box sets: I thought the spear shaft he had was to thick, so it got replaced with a wire shaft from a different 'Partha' mini Always wanted a mounted version of this guy, surprised they never made one... The Magister, From the cover of The Magister: Tristan, From the cover of Black Wizards: The figure comes with a bow in his left hand, and I thought, and still do, that the bow needs to go away if you are sword fighting, so he got a hand axe instead. I have another lead copy of him, as well as a Partha Pewter of him as well... The cut off bow got attached to his back under his cloak by the quiver... Robyn, also from Black Wizards: Alias, From the Cover of Azure Bonds: Didn't have the confidence to try and paint the tats... Dragonbait, also from Azure Bonds: Bruenor Battlehammer, From the Crystal Shard, Wulfgar, also from Crystal Shard: Drzzt Do'Urden, also from Crystal Shard: Shaerl Rowenmantle Amcathra: (11-056) Fzoul Chembryl: (11-050) Always liked this mini, might have to re do him someday... Szass Tam, Zulkir of Necromancy, Red Wizard of Thay: (11-051) Another someday re do.... I was SO proud of the paint jobs back then..... Thanks for looking! George
  6. Here is a Robyn from the Forgotten Realms set. I added to her base the fairy dragon familiar too match her little one on her wrist. Thanks for viewing. C&C welcome.
  7. Hi All! so I finished this one's paint job last week, but went on vacation and came back to finish up the base last night. I painted this one as a gift for somebody I'm going to be seeing next month, which hopefully he likes. Don't know if he ever checks this forum out or not, and even if he does I'm pretty sure he has no idea who I am on it so probably not revealing any surprises. I kind of like how this one came out, even though the metal seems to look better in real life. I'm a bit disappointed that inside his helm I couldn't get his eyes to stick out much. They are painted red but it's either not red enough or the shadows are too deep so you really can't see them. Anyway, enjoy!
  8. Here is Tristan from the Forgotten Realms Miniature Set. The lighting is a bit shiny on this figure from the sealer. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Well, here we go with another installment in my Ral Partha Forgotten Realms Miniature Set, Wulfgar son of Beornegar. For the Icewind Dale fans out there, I realize now I could have gone with my same basing method but changed the color to white. Here are some links to previous characters I've finished from the set [Bruenor] [Alias] [Elminster] Thanks for viewing.
  10. Here we go with another installment of my Classic Forgotten Realms Characters from the Ral Partha Set. I painted him sometime last year, not sure when. I didn't keep with the color scheme from the book cover. Enjoy you viewing. Here are some links to previous characters I've finished from the set. [Alais] [Elminster]
  11. Here is another of my finished mini's. Alias from the Ral Partha Forgotten Realms D&D Set. I though the hair came out rather nicely. I changed the cloak from red to blue so she could match my guardsman. I read on another thread the preference is for separate thread for mini's to make for easier searching. I guess my question is since these aren't Reaper mini's would it be better to make a separate thread for each. Or one thread for the group? Comments welcome on either this question or my mini.
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