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Found 2 results

  1. BEASTS! Who doesn't love them? Isn't a shame we've only got the ones we have? Let's make some ALIEN SPACE BEASTS for planetary encounters and/or arena fights! We'll need some cheap rubber toys from the getting store, a good craft knife, and some Green Stuff. Maybe some bits from the bits box. ' I only steal from the best! Let's make a Mugato! Tail and horn on: I thought of putting the plates on in one step but that proved unwieldy. Instead I cut them off and affixed them individually. Good thing shaggy fur is easy to simulate with Green Stuff! I finished it up with some additional spikes taken from a Nolzur's manticore. Now THAT'S a Space Beast! I also wanted to make something like that hammerhead/rhino thing from Avatar. By this point in the night I was in the crafting zone, so there are fewer pix of the progress. I threw in the sail fin from a Dimetrodon for good measure. More razzamatazz. Had to dip it in boiling water and reshape it to get it to fit the creature's spine properly. Forgot to take pix of putting some jowls and fins on and also the shark tail. This leaves me with a leftover rhino snout, some stegosaur legs, and most of a pre-therapsid reptile. I'll find a use for them someday. I'll post more pix in the Show-Off forum, but here's a sneak preview of the Venerian Blunderbore: And the Resplendent Mugato: Hope you enjoy! Drop your own FrankenBeasts in the comments!
  2. The retro-Venus of my spacefuture setting is full of beasts, plants, and fungi in a bewildering tropical trophic tangle of symbioses and Red Queen arms races. I've posted a few of these plants and beasts before, but all of those were pre-made models recontextualized. Here are some SPACE BEASTS cobbled together of rubber toys and Green Stuff, ready to wreck a brick-jawed galacteer's day! Less well-known than its smaller, leucistic relative made popular by documentaries, the Resplendent Mugato (Gumatus mugatus gogmagog) is king of the Venerian Highlands. Only the most skilled of BeastMasters can even hope to master this Beast. And in the lowlands, the titanic Venerian Blunderbore (Brontopodus ptericeps) tramples over all obstacles, using its bulldozer crest to raze the undergrowth, bringing tender leaves down to grazing height. A voracious Flaming Scamander (Scamander maculatus) might be capable of taking one in combat, but it would be quite the battle! A rare sight, the two great beasts together. Keep watching the skies, cadets! Post your own frankensteined Space Beasts in the comments!
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