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Found 209 results

  1. Since I need a new wizard and apprentice for Frostgrave, I decided to tackle these two young elementalists this weekend. Not sure I'll use them, but they're simple enough to paint up. My inspiration pic for the elementalists. Still a lot of work to do, detail-wise, but not bad so far. Sticking pretty close to their movie colors. And yes, that's a converted Drago Voss. I really hated the burlap sack head he had, so I replaced it with a GW skull. It's a little bigger than I'd like, but I think he'll fit right in with the Barrow Wardens anyway. I'll take better pictures later. For now, crappy cellphone pics at night.
  2. Another batch of Undead, this time from Mantic's "Kings of War" line, though intended to hit the mean streets of Frostgrave (heck, they even market them as such in cross-promotions) The horde: The elites (Mummy Warriors, though great Barrow Dweller/Armored Skeleton types) The schlubs:
  3. Hi, long time no show off, and as I fell in love with Frostgrave lately, I have decided I will paint my own dwarven warband. And because it's in the frozen city, I decided for light blue/light grey scheme.....and blue(ish) beards :) Apprentice - still a bit of WIP, as I want to improve the cape Knight (pink blanket was my wife's idea) Knightes :) Templar Tresure hunter Cross-bow"man" And the Inn mascot, as you probably shouldn't hire the bear riders in Frostgrave I have 10 more unpainted dwarfs that will join the warband in the near future, and I cant wait for the Bones 3 dwarfs(PUGS!!). Your suggestions for improvement and C&C are more than welcome. Thank you for watching :) Pampala PS: I am a dwarf and I'm digging the hole, diggy diggy hole.......
  4. I recently posted over on the Conversions sub-forum about how I converted the Olivia, Female Cleric, figure into a Sigilist wizard for a new Frostgrave warband I am working on: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69559-olivia-cleric-bones-jolie-scribe-to-sigilist-apprentice-conversion/ A Sigilist derives their magical power from words and languages, so I wanted her to be very "word" oriented. Besides her two books and inkwell, I wanted to paint her cloak to look like it had magical words floating all over it that appeared to floating to the surface and then receding back down again. I asked on the Works in Progress sub-forum for some help on how to achieve this and got some great advice: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69652-advice-wanted-on-word-covered-wizard-robes/ I put that advice to use, and am pleased with the results:
  5. I'm starting to work on a Sigilist warband for Frostgrave, and I needed to come up with a wizard and apprentice figures. For those unfamiliar with Frostgrave, Sigilists are a wizard type that are experts in magic dealing with words, writing, and languages. So I definitely wanted figures who had some visual connection to that aspect of the wizard type. Also, since Frostgrave is set in a frozen city, I wanted figures that were dressed in warmer clothes. For the Wizard, I first looked at the Olivia, Female Cleric, figure that I had got in the Bones II Kickstarter; and while perfectly dressed, she really didn't look predominantly "word-y" enough for me. Then, I saw a spare Leisynn, Mercenary Mage,figure I had, holding his big book, and a thought struck; perhaps I could cut off his book and forearm, and attach it to Olivia. So, I did that, and it looked great. It amazed me how well the book fit up against her, and the tilt of her head made it look exactly as if she was reading from the book. I then considered what to do with her other hand. I didn't know what I could put in it, or whether i should leave the jar; but I thought, why would she be holding a jar? Then it hit me how similar the jar looked to an ink bottle. All I needed was a feather to be a quill, and it would work. So I rummaged around in my spare plastic sprues, and found one that had some English Civil War figures. Luckily there's was a little pair of feathers for attaching to a hat as a plume; they would be perfect. I slice the stopper off the bottle, and drilled a tiny hole in the bottle's top. Then I pre-sprayed the feather bit with some flat white primer; and when dry I superglued it into the bottle. I am really pleased with the end result: Next, I worked on the Apprentice figure. I selected a figure of Jolie, Female Scribe, that I had got last year from the Box of Goodwill. She was perfect as is with her big book, but she looked a little lightly dressed for the frozen city of Frostrgrave. So, I thought I would do a quick fix for that and simply add an old GW cape I had in my bits box to the figure. Luckily, it fit perfectly on her shoulders. It sticks out a little in the back, but I don't think it looks too bad I'm really happy with how the pair turned out. They're in the painting queue now, so if all goes well look for the Show Off three in a few weeks. :)
  6. A few days ago I started a thread over on the Conversions sub-forum showing how I had converted an Olivia, Female Cleric figure into a Sigilist type wizard for a new Forstgrave Warband. For those not familiar with Frostgrave, a Sigilist type wizard is all about the power of words and languages, scrolls and books. I've got about half way through painting, and need some advice. I had painted her robes like parchment, because I had envisioned making them appear swirling with words themselves; with the words fading in and and out like objects floating to the surface of a lake and then sinking again, as they moved across the surface of the robes. I now find I'm not really sure how to execute that, or if I should even try; I'm actually quite happy with how she looks as she is (other than finishing with shading, highlighting etc.) I was kind go going for a very plain librarian look about her, and i think that works as it is. Also, if I do do this, how do I write the words so they don't look like a 5-year-old scrawled them? And, should I use English, or a made-up Fantasy script? Another option I was considering was just doing it on the hem at the bottom of the robe and the cuffs of her sleeves; would that be better and simpler? Or should I just leave well enough alone and not mess with things beyond my power? :) Any advice appreciated...
  7. FGVP01: Frostgrave Soliders Box Set This is only 5 of them. I'm painting them as a commission piece for a friend. There is a trick to this one though. He Wants me to paint the figures and not the bases. He is going to base them... So there's that... He has someone else doing the other 5. I am to make these guys all "Thugs" which in the Frostgrave book means, "Hand Weapons" only. I have a month to do these but I plan on getting them done in about a week or two. I started painting all of them - you can see the others in the backgrounded(unfocused) - but this guy is the one I put most of my attention on. I'll get better pictures later. I like this guy cause I positioned his head slightly to the side. It gave it more personality. Pictures later on, you'll see. I need to make the red pop some more. Trying a trick Ub3r told me about using Orange to brighten red. It's not show here but it worked!
  8. This weekend I finished up my Chronomancer warband for Frostgrave. I've been working on this off and on since last October, and finally finished painting the last figure on Friday. I wanted to assemble a band that looked like they had been brought together from throughout time; or had been to different time periods, and brought back souvenirs. I did some customization to a few of the figures to get that Frostgrave-meets-other-time periods look I wanted. I'm very happy with how this group turned out, and I'm looking forward to get a chance to use them in a game! First up is the Chronomancer and Apprentice. These are both modified Reaper Bones figures. Next is the party's Templar, "Crossbowman", and Man-at-Arms. The Templar is made up mainly of GW Space Marine parts, the "Crossbowman" is a plastic French soldier (unsure of manufacturer), and the Roman is from Foundry. Note, that the Foundry figure was so short compared to the other figures in the warband, I had to base him up on a sheet of cork to make the size difference less noticeable. We then have a Thief, and two Thugs. The Thief is a Reaper metal Ninja figure, and the two Thugs are from the North Star plastic Frostgrave soldier set with the additions of different heads. Lastly, we have the group's War-Hound. This figure is from Eureka, and is just filling in as a proxy (probably; unless I end up liking him as part of the group too much ) until I get the guard dog figure from the Reaper Bones III Kickstarter this Fall. And here's a look at the whole gang together:
  9. This is from the last game that I played against my son. Both of us are sporting lvl 7 wizards, he an Elementalist, I an Illusionist. We rolled randomly for a scenario and got The Mausoleum. Set up terrain, placed treasure tokens, rolled for sides. Pics of the terrain layout. My side. His side. His left flank, A large construct, a halfling thief and his apprentice and a thief. His center, an elf archer on the ruins, a hyena, a medium construct, an orc barbarian named "pokey", his wizard, a thief and a goblin thug(which has gained quite a reputation for being a badass). My left flank, a trained attack lizard, a marksman, my apprentice and a pirate thug just hired on before this trek into the city. My center, my Illusionist, a thief and a barbarian. My right flank, a marksman inside the ruined house on the second floor, an infantryman, my captain and a thug. My son wins initiative, we go through most of our phases with nothing really that important or exciting happening. People getting into position, taking up firing spots, moving closer to treasue....oh, your elven thief is going to pick up a treasure already, okay....cool. ...you rolled an 18 for the monster roll, oh cool monsters! Let's see what you get(son rolls dice...), looks up result...A SNOW TROLL!!!...rolls for side and plonks it down.... ...on my right flank....okay....cool. Still his turn, he has his elven archer that moves up the steps on the ruin in his center and finds a window to shoot from. I can see the snow troll from here, I am going to shoot it....okay(checks line of sight)... ...yes you can, go for it. My son picks up his "lucky" blue d20 and rolls it, I throw a random die into the box, My son yells "CRIT!" before my die even stops rolling. One dead snow troll. SWEET! At this point my phone died so my son took pics...umm, well he did but every single one of them was so blurry that you couldn't even tell what was in them.(Later on we looked at his camera lens and there was a nice greasy smeared fingerprint right on the lens. ) So, a quick summary of the rest of the game... Our warbands take care of the skeletons that are wandering the table and make for the "special" treasure tokens, I grab three, my son gets the other one. All of these eventually get off the table in the hands of those that grabbed them, even though my son used leap on my thug to pull him back into the center of the table once.(See my post in the Frostgrave thread for a discussion on that topic. ) My son used leap to kill a few of my people and to get his treasure tokens off the board pretty quickly. My sons goblin thug managed to swing all the way over to my side of the board, killed my warlizard and my marksman before scurrying back into safety on his side of the table! WTF!?! That little guy is dangerous and someone needs to take him out! My captain was struck down by a skeleton that somehow managed to get the jump on him from behind(I think I forgot to move him the previous turn), my son rolled his "lucky" die again... In the end I managed to get four treasure tokens off the board, my son got two. It was a good game but by the end I was almost to the point of rage quitting because of the leap spell that was being used incorrectly(we did not know this at the time). My treasures turned out to be mostly mundane with the exception of a grimoire, my son got scrolls and a grimoire. No one died in my warband but a few are missing the next game, my captain being one of them. My son lost no one either but his hyena will miss the next game, just going to get a new one he said. That's it folks, just a little short one. All in all a good game.
  10. Did these for my Wyrd Iron Painter Elim entry (round 5 final one!) - our theme was Critters! Linked as it's rather large: http://www.forgottenplanet.com/guildenstern/WIPRoundFiveFinal.png
  11. Over the past few months I have been slowly working on assembling a Santa-themed warband for Frostgrave that is headed by an Enchanter and his apprentice. This week I finally finished the last figure for it, and while I have shown a few figures here individually in the past, I thought I would present the whole complete group today. First up is the Enchanter wizard himself and his Apprentice, in the form of Santa and Mrs Claus. Both are Reaper figures: Next, up is the Treasure Hunter, and Marksman. These rolls are filled by Yukon Cornelius (From the 60's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV special), and Black-Powder Peter (from the Dutch Christmas folklore). Both are conversions of North Star's Frostgrave plastic figures. Following up is four Thieves, in the form of four of Santa's Elves from the North Pole's Gift Repossession Department. These are Reaper figures. Lastly, we have a pair of Thugs named Blitzen and Donner. Santa's reindeer need something to occupy themselves with when not flying the sled around. :) These are metal figures from North Star in their Frostgrave line. And here's the whole gang in one picture. I'm really pleased with how this band came together, and look forward to getting a chance to try them out on the table.
  12. I tried posting these images in Dilvishes' thread, but the links don't necessarily work. Therefore, try, try again. There is this material called "Cracked Ice". It is not ice at all. It is plastic. It is meant for use in 2x4 foot flourescent recessed light fixtures. It is the diffuser panel. But, some blue and white craft paint + a little re-imagineeriing (aka Frogccidental thinking) and semi-frozen water hazards appeared: The material is only about 2mm thick. But it looks like it could be deeper when viewed from above. These were created before FrostgraveĀ® was written. But they could be useful as ponds for the setting.
  13. The Necromancer for the Frostgrave "evil" warband: Dark Lord Sepulchro Morbidius, Great and Terrible Master of Death Itself, (real name Mervyn). and Silly Simon, his apprentice. Who used to be a dwarven shoemaker before putting on the pointy hat of the dark arts. Fond of strap 'n' leather buttockless trousers and cream pies. 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock from Bones KS1 and 77295: Dwarf Slaver from Bones KS2 Reaper Miniatures Bones PVC 30mm bases. ...We call it Master and Servant...
  14. I started three thugs for my Frostgrave evil warband, but only managed to complete one of them before month's end. and here he is: So, the Brothers Grimm; Billy, Goat and Gruff. This is Goat, the middle one. The two youngest are naturally good at avoiding trolls. 77253: Beastman Warrior 2 Reaper Miniatures, Bones KS2 Bones PVC 30mm base.
  15. Some of you may remember that last week I posted the result of an experiment I did to see if I cold paint one of the Pathfinder Goblin Pyros to make it look like a convincing Christmas Elf, to go with my Santa-themed Enchanter warband for Frostgrave: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68561-pathfinder-goblin-pyro-as-santas-elf-89002-bones/ Well, I liked the results so much that this past week I was able to finish up the rest of the Elves I needed for my warband, and I'm happy with the results. They will represent four Thief-class soldiers Santa will use to help him gather treasure during his expeditions to the frozen city of Frostgrave. Note, that on one of them, I replaced his torch with a candy cane made from a bit of paperclip wire. (I love how easy it is to modify Bones!) As always, C & C welcome. And here's the whole group of them, with the Big Man, himself!
  16. This week I worked some more on my Christmas-themed Enchanter warband for Frostgrave, by painting the Special Edition figure, "Christmas Eve" to be the warband's apprentice, Mrs Claus. This is the third figure I've completed for this warband. I've painted Santa as the Enchanter wizard, and Yukon Cornelius as the group's Treasure Hunter. Here's a portrait of the Santa and Mrs Claus side by side. I think they go together pretty well. I like that he's all fierce and disheveled looking, and she's all serene and tidy. :)
  17. Finished this up tonight as my first official Frostgrave figure.. now to work on more and some terrain
  18. Over the weekend I finished up Ingrid, Female Gnome from the Bones 1 Kickstarter's Half-Sized Heroes set. I pulled her out of the pile because I wanted to get another Thief figure painted up for Frostgrave. I didn't realize she was a Gnome when I selected her, so I painted her up as a Halfling. I thought the object in her hand, from the way she is holding it extended, looked like it was supposed to be some sort of magic light source; like the Phial of Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings. So, I had to have a nice debate with myself as to whether I was going to attempt serious Object Source Lighting for the first time, or skip the pressure and just paint her as if she was simply holding a snowball, or a rock. In the end I'm pleased. It's a little heavy handed; but I wanted it to look like a very stark unnatural lighting, and I think it does. I can also say there's lots of room for me to improve, but luckily its a skill I don't think I will have to call upon very often. C & C welcome, please. And with a little lighting effect...
  19. I painted up Mi-Sher this week. She is supposed to be wielding two swords, but I had borrowed her second sword a while back to use with my Chronomancer Apprentice, Sascha Dubois; and the figure had been sitting around my painting table off-handedly until I realized recently that with just one sword she would make a good Thug for Frostgrave. So, I found a suitable replacement hand from my bits box of hard plastic figure parts, and after prepping the figure, I super-glued the hand in place. I did a standard table-top job on her, and used a 10mm figure, painted up and mounted like a fallen and broken statue, to decorate the base. I'm generally happy with how the figure came out. The pose may be a little awkward without the second sword, but I like to think it looks like she is signaling to a compatriot as she runs along, or perhaps preparing to climb a ruin. As always, C & C welcome.
  20. The weekend I finished up Terezinya, Bonepander Wizard, the last of the Bones 1 Kickstarter Necromancer set that I had left to paint. Even though this figure is labeled as a wizard, I thought her lack of extensive armor, or anything particularly 'wizardy" looking about her outfit, and that fact that she is carrying just one weapon, made her a good candidate to be a Thug in my Necromancer warband for Frostgrave. Since she was just going to be a Thug (low-level fighter), I didn't do anything fancy with the paint job. Just a quick tabletop application. As always, C & C welcome.
  21. This week I finished up two of the Bones 2 Kickstarter dwarf cleric figures: Barden Barrelstrap from the Dragons Don't Share set, and Thain Grimthorn from the Original Core set. I paired them up as being ideal to fill the roles of a Thaumaturge wizard and his Apprentice for my Frostgrave collection. And, since I wanted them to be dressed similarly, I figured I would paint them both at the same time. I had the idea that they would be followers of the twin gods of metal: Argent and Aur. So, I decided to paint them in yellow and white as the symbolic colors of their gods. Nothing fancy, just tabletop paint jobs. As always, C & C welcome.
  22. Late last year, I decided I wanted to do a Santa themed Frostgrave warband after completing a vary Santa-like wizard figure, which you can see here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66121-darkrasp-evil-priest-77151-to-santa-claus-conversion/ While I have slowly been collecting the figures I wanted to use as the soldiers for this warband for a while now, I finally started painting them this past week. The first I painted up is Yukon Cornelius, Treasure Hunter. Yukon Cornelius is a character from the classic stop-motion children's Christmas TV special, Rudoph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Since the character is a prospector obsessed with finding silver and gold, I thought he would be an ideal candidate for a Treasure Hunter type soldier. I was able to make the character by using pieces from the Frostgrave Soldiers boxed set of multi-part plastic figures by North Star Figures. There was a wool-capped head perfect for Yukon Cornelius, but unfortunately that head didn't have a beard. So I ended up having to do head surgery; cutting the top off of the wool hat head, and gluing it onto a bearded head that I sliced the top off of. My next challenge was where to find a pickaxe. Then I remembered that I had a couple spare miner dwarves from the old GW "Skull Pass" boxed set, and they wielded pickaxes as weapons. So I removed the pickaxe from one of them, and re-glued it onto a Frostgrave solder's hand that had it's weapon removed. As always, C & C welcome.
  23. Northstar Miniatures Frostgrave: Ice Toad and Snow Leopard (SKU NORFGV301). Quick tabletop paint jobs. I have not decided if I am going to add snow to the bases yet.
  24. I speed painted some bears and the snow leopard from the Animal Companions set in Bones (SKU 77216), The darker brown bear is from the metal Animal Companions set (SKU 3456).
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