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Found 209 results

  1. This week I completed the Warg figure from the Bones II original figures set. I didn't realize he was a Warg when I started painting him; I just assumed he was a large wolf. So, I decided to paint him as an Arctic Wolf because, as with the rest of the animals I've been doing recently, I was painting him up for Frostgrave. A always, C and C welcome.
  2. So, for my Frostgrave chronomancer warband (which I featured in the WIP thread), I decided I wanted an Egyptian warrior and a Mongolian warrior. However, I couldn't find such figures just readily available and didn't want to wait for shipping. Instead, I got a 3 pack of Reaper Bones skeletal spearmen and made one into the Egyptian. For the Mongolian archer, I used a mini I have had for years that I don't think is actually supposed to be Legolas, but really looks like that sort of elven idea. A decent amount of Green Stuff and paint were involved :=) C&C always welcome!
  3. So, my daughter and I finally got in our first game of Frostgrave. Well, her first game. I've played a few times. I used my chronomancer warband and she went with a necromancer. I went easy on her. Big mistake! My apprentice is hidden behind Rolf Ulgar, the wannabe barbarian. The first fatality was my archer, Moyu Khan. Her wizard took him down. Her basic approach with the casters was for them to hang back and just snipe at me as I moved forward. My casters came forward behind their meat shields...I mean...more warlike companions. My favorite move she did was using her warhounds as a flesh wall to obscure line of sight to her wizard. We started referring to it as the "dog wall." Her thief grabbed a treasure and my Viking infantryman, Helga, stepped up to challenge him. I lost the initiative roll and the thief fled (at half speed). I decided not to have Helga willingly head off towards the thief knowing both casters were hanging back just waiting to take her out. An infantryman for the necro band is confronted by a skeleton when she tries to grab a treasure. The skeleton was quickly dispatched. However, my man-at-arms who was waiting at the bottom of the ladder was not so easily handled. Treasure stealing happened. While I have no pictures for it, my wizard took a treasure off the bridge (by the fallen archer) and my apprentice got one off the hill. They both chose to take falling damage to get down from those locations and have line of sight completely broken. The apprentice ended up escaping without difficulty. My wizard was taken down by a combination of a war hound and an archer. The man-at-arms escaped with a treasure. In the end, we each had three treasures. My gold total was higher, but my wizard actually died! Yep. I rolled a 1 on the death and damage chart. Therefore, I conceded that she had actually won. Here's a shot of the winning side with their loot (1 treasure chest and 2 stacks of books).
  4. So, I've got my thaumaturge warband that I'm completely sculpting, but that's going to take a while, so I assembled a second warband to start playing sooner. I decided to go chronomancer with the idea that he and his apprentice travel through time and space recruiting members for the band. I went with the Bones versions of Andre Durand and Nightslip for the wizard and apprentice. I'll be removing his gun hand and making it something different, though I'm still a bit up in the air as to what. For her, I'll be making one of her holsters a belt pouch and the other a sheathed dagger. Her guns hands will be replaced by one hand posed as if casting a spell and the other holding an hourglass (because it's a chronomancer symbol, so I figure it works as her casting focus and he is sculpted with a pocket watch). I have started the painting on the knight and treasure hunter. The blue toned outfits will be a unifying theme for the band. I'm hoping to get some painting time in this weekend. If not, we have spring break coming up week after next, so I should have plenty of time then. As a side note, big thanks to Chris for spending time chatting about Frostgrave and warbands to help me get ideas going and fleshing out concepts. It's a big help to have a "voice of experience" to help guide me through my gaming/terrain/etc. questions :=) Comments, critiques, suggestions, thoughts, etc. always welcome.
  5. This week I finished up the Canine figure from the "Bones 2" KS Original Figures set. He is part of the Animal Companion set in Reaper's online store. I chose to paint it up like a Wild Dog, one of the Creatures encountered in Frostgrave. Nothing fancy, just a tabletop paint job. C and C welcome.
  6. I decided that a wall would be a quick and easy way to break up some line of sight and make for a more interesting table for gaming (such as Frostgrave which my daughter and I are gearing up to play). Therefore, I took some Sculpey and worked the basic wall shape, then I put in rocks that were used decoratively on a potted plant and set them in as if they were the rocks from which the wall was made. The first picture shows my first cast of it next to the original piece. I have done 2 so far and got them painted today. I'll probably add an additional wash to the lighter areas as I only put a wash of black on the stones, but thought it would be too dark for the "mortar" areas. Hope you enjoy the wall!
  7. This week I painted the "Drowned Spirit" figure to use as a wraith in my Frostgrave games. This figure was newly released when I was planning my Frostgrave harbor terrain build, and something about it just made it seem like the perfect fit to be a ghost to haunt the old harbor. So, I ordered it during the12 Days of Reaper promotion, and just now got around to painting it. To help convey the frigid Frostgrave look, I added a Water Effects icicle under the rocky outcropping and used snow flocking n the base. Also, I went with a glossy finish, instead of my usual matte, to help bring across the wet look. It is just intended for game use, so I probably didn't devote enough time as the figure deserves, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out nonetheless. As always, C & C welcome.
  8. So, I recently got the Frostgrave rulebook and that got me inspired to create warbands. Of course, I couldn't just settle with the minis I already had, so I had to get more Bones...and then I needed to start sculpting. I decided I'd speed up the process somewhat by using Sculpey to do the basic frame of the figures and then get some actual sculpting of the feet and legs. Beyond about that much, using Sculpey can lead to too much mess, so I cooked them at that point and got started on adding Green Stuff. The thaumaturge, as described in the Frostgrave book, lean away from opulent clothing and embellishments and weaponry, so I thought it would be a nice twist to have the wizard and apprentice be a pair of twins. The wizard is the responsible sister who adheres to the ways of thaumaturges and the cultural traditions of their people (I was going for something vaguely Middle Eastern looking) while her less focused brother tends towards more flamboyance and weaponry. She has attire more based on culture and functionality, so she has a harness on which there will be pouches and such. She also wields a thin staff as a focus for her magic. I'm thinking I'll do a head wrap on her, but I may just go with a hood. He is wearing a medieval English looking style rather than cultural attire, though I will be adding a sash so it's still some element of a Middle Eastern look. Maybe a falchion hanging sheathed at his hip as well. (The pictures were taken on the interior of the tavern I'm creating for my terrain pieces)
  9. I had some bits left over after the CMON Not-Conan mini, and decided to use them on a Chaos Marauder. The Axe, head and uh, lobbed-off head are the bits that was left.:
  10. This week I painted up the big cat figure that came with the Bones II KS original set of figures. He belongs to the Animal Companions pack in the online store. I chose to paint him as a Snow Leopard to use in my Frostgrave games. I just did a quickie tabletop paint job on it, but am pleased with the results. As always, C & C welcome.
  11. Had this guy around for a while. Painted him at a local store gathering today: https://youtu.be/lSyov5YTpKo?t=46s
  12. I'm trying to find a good mousling for the Apprentice for my Frostgrave band - actually will need two since I still need to do the kids' band - but I'm not really seeing one that fits :( I might pick up something from darksword - but I do worry their size isn't in line with reaper mouslings. I could do a second band in their stuff, np, but still leaves me in a bit of a hole for the first. I don't want to just do another wizard mouse :( Someone on FB group suggested the priest/monk guy but... he kinda doesn't fit, to me. Too much like a cleric. Anyway have any thoughts? I guess I could try to convert one but that's not my strong point. my current band's here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66730-10033-mousling-heroes-completed-rpchallenge/ (still working on the archer and I think another mousling)
  13. Some washed out photos, mostly of the new soldier types introduced in "Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord" I blame Jonas for my inability to get good shots this time around:
  14. Again, some washed out photos due to the lack of lighting during the winter storm, but I recently finished a bunch of Cultists. I built them with the idea of using them in both Frostgrave as random encounters or a warband, and as Cult of the Possessed in Mordheim. First we have some character types: The Magister/Wizard: The Apprentice: The Mutants: Darksouls/Barbarians: And the group:
  15. just a quick wip - still doing basecoating. Working out my colour scheme. I'm going to try to do the wizard's staff more like an icicle, we'll see how that goes lol
  16. My Babau Demon, painted up to use as a minor demon in Frostgrave. It was a pretty quick paint job, what with it being only one colour and all. I think I achieved a bloody, meaty red look. Now I need a foolish wizard to summon him...
  17. I'd been working on this guy on and off for a month or two to use in Frostgrave, but finished him in a final push a couple of weeks ago. Awesome sculpt, full of character. Had a real go at putting lessons from Clever Crow's shaded metallics class at ReaperCon into practice with his sword, and I'm confident in saying it's the best damn sword that I've ever painted. Perhaps I may finally answer the Riddle of Steel... I'm also quite happy with how is hair turned out, though I think it may still be reading as grey rather than black, particularly from the front. There are a few spots on the shading and highlighting of his musculature that I could touch up looking back at the photos, but overall I'm pleased. Time to go break some skulls in the snow!
  18. Just a couple of speed-painted zombies. I think the second zombie's shirt probably should have been highlighted, but I didn't really feel like putting in more than a minimal effort into a couple of zombies. One thing that is kind of cool, is that the snow picked up some of the colour from the wash that I used on the leaf litter, so it's got a sort of muddy, dirty snow thing going on. Which for a couple of walking corpses is pretty neat.
  19. This week I found time to start the Bedeviled Set from the Bones I Kickstarter, and completed a nice tabletop paint job on Sinessa, Hellborn Sorceress. When I was looking at the figure and considering how I wanted to paint her, I thought she might work good as some kind of ice demon for my Frostgrave games, so I decided to paint her in a more wintery paint scheme. I also thought I would experiment with the techniques presented in MonkeySloth's Ice Base tutorial http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/43463-tutorial-creating-ice-bases/?p=605514 As always, C & C are welcome. I'm very pleased with how she turned out, and think she looks suitable frosty. :)
  20. Well after playing a few games of Frostgrave I need to get some more bands setup and so I have gone through my vast horde of unpainted Bones models. Here is a selection of the fourty I based an undercoated. Some have been undercoated black and others white or cream. One I did finish was the following half clothed barbarian. I took a quick photo of the back to show the paint scheme. I now need to add snow etc to the base.
  21. A thousand years ago, before the Time of Ice, in the city of Felstad, there stood a most unusual statue. Bein' as it was built a millenium ago, no one today is sure what it was used for. Some say it was a place for dark and evil sacrifices. Some say it was a place where prophets and evil counsellors held court. Some say it was a place where the wizard kings, bloated in their self importance, sent their heralds to issue forth the day's commands. At least one thinks it was a thing for displaying rather large tea lights, larger than manhole covers and thicker than Italian wedding cakes. No one knows for sure. But today, it is called by those who have seen it, the DRAGON PULPIT (or so it is called by the men of today) stands brooding over the Square of Long Sorrows... and while none have ever successfully drawn forth its jeweled eyes (each the size of a man's head!), more than a few battles have been fought in its shadow... It began with a gift from a coworker. A gag gift, at that. A dollar store find, a sort of heavy metal tea light holder. But it was a dragon, and she knew I liked dragons, and she flat out said, "Maybe you can make something out of it." Well, that was a challenge. But, then, I've made things out of weirder things. What COULD I do with this bizarre dorm room decoration thing? I inquired of the wise and the learned at the Forums of Reaper, and durned if I didn't get some ideas. It also helped that I've developed an interest in the Frostgrave minis game, a thing I didn't know existed when I first got the candleholder. Hm. Ancient city of wizards and magic, now a frozen ruin of bizarre buildings and ruin and statuary that would confuse Cthulhu. Surely, this would not be that out of place in Frostgrave... I set to work. First, a coat of black primer. For the life of me, I don't know why they painted the thing silver, but that shiny patina was going to have to go. A simple stony grey would better suit me, and would be simple enough to do quickly and easily -- just go with black, and then drybrush in progressively lighter shades of gray, maybe with some blue here and there, and a touch of white on the corners. The barbecue gargoyle observed impassively as I worked... TO BE CONTINUED!
  22. I've been working on some conversions for the new Cultists from Frostgrave. I tried to set them up to pull double-duty as Cult of the Possessed for Mordheim. I really enjoy this kit, I'm going to have to get a second one just for sci-fi conversions...I've used up almost all the parts already.
  23. This week I finished a quick tabletop job on the Female Elf Rogue from the Dragons Don't Share Set (Does she have a name?) I plan to use her in one of my Frostgrave Warbands. C and C welcome.
  24. I recently completed painting the Elquin, High Elf Adventurer figure from the Bones I Kickstarter. I wanted to use him as my Chronomancer wizard for my Frostgrave games, as I felt his outfit was vaguely reminiscent of a French Napoleonic uniform, and would be fitting for a time-traveling wizard. Some of you may remember I recently posted my Sascha Dubois figure, which I had painted as the Chronomancer's Apprentice http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65273-sascha-dubois-chronomancers-apprentice-conversion-80004/?hl=%2Bsascha+%2Bdubois because of her vaguely 18th century looking outfit. I modified the figure, to help bring across the Chronomancer look, by adding a small disc punched from thin cardboard to the top of his staff to make it resemble a sundial. IMG_5674 by cnjpalmer I painted him for tabletop use, so took some shortcuts. I'm pleased with the results, though I wish I had taken the time to get his eyes focused where his hand is pointing, and not glancing off to the side. I was just so thrilled to get them relatively level and even, and both looking in he same direction, that I didn't want to mess with them further. Here's the finished result: IMG_5887 by cnjpalmer And here is the Chronomancer and his Apprentice: IMG_5900 by cnjpalmer
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