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Found 14 results

  1. As some of you know, @buglips*the*goblin and I paint some German Infantry of WWII for Warlord Games tabletop game Bolt Action - or another similar set of rules. You can find our WIP thread ->here<- But though the key to success is hard work, all good projects some when end somewhere. To celebrate this, we decided to set up a Show Off thread. So ... enjoy what we come up with until all of our Germans are painted ... (which will be in ten years or so) First off - the first 5 men of my winter unit. Enjoy More to come! @buglips*the*goblin You're next.
  2. Hey everybody! Tried to get the word out by word of mouth, and decided on here might be a good way to go about it as well. The tables for gaming had to be altered from what was on the printed schedule due to some logistics issues. (Logic?! At a con?! Say it isn't so.) Games on GrowTix should reflect accurate locations (and hopefully always reflected accurate times). Also, there are printed schedules available on the table just beside registration. ALSO, ALSO, I attached the Xcel spreadsheet of the schedule if anyone wants to peruse. Joseph Wolf's Dreadmere games are still at Table 1 - under the big Dredmere banner. Tables 2 ,3, and 10 are various Roleplaying games, as per the schedule Table 4 is an all-day, every-day Freeblades demo - drop by and check it out! Tables 6 thru 9 are for Gamers looking for Pathfinder/Starfinder D&D Adventure League is now tables 11 thru 23, but Gamers taking part in DDAL are encouraged to head to Table 18, where Colby (and crew) will be marshaling GMs, getting players into games, and generally just controlling the madness of League events. Tables 24 thru 28 are going to host Frog God Games (in the Arabian rooms) ReaperCon 2019 Gaming.xlsx
  3. https://wizkids.com/...games-workshop/ Pretty much what it says on the tin. I'd be pretty shocked to see GW allow Wizkids to produce miniatures, unless they're way out of scale with GW's stuff, but it'll be interesting to see what kind of board games they come up with. I'm also wondering if they're not looking for someone to take the place of the recently expired partnership with Fantasy Flight Games.
  4. I searched through the forum to see if it already had a game review thread, but if it does it's not coming up on my search. For some reason I thought there was one, but my memories of days long past must be faulty. Thus I'm creating one for video games. A few years back my game playing slowed way down, but I've put away some of those distractions and have decided to work through my backlog of games. Obviously these will have some age on them, but they'll be new to me! Note: "Finished" is a relative term. If you've played for three hours and decided the game is horrible and you'll never play it again, then it is finished for you. Feel free to post and save others from the horror. God of War: Ascension (PS3) The God of War franchise was a big money-maker and Sony wanted to see that money keep rolling in. But the trilogy had already been completed, so what do you do? Create a prequel! Easy right? Well if they had made Ascension before GoWII it would have been fine. Unfortunately they made it after GoWIII which is the best game in the series IMO. The graphics were great and the gaemplay was everything you could want out the genre. The second problem the game has is that it came out after GoWIII finished its story. Seriously, in GoWIII Kratos scaled Olympus to do battle with the gods. How do you get more epic than that? Sadly you don't. He can't actually fight any of the gods in Ascension because he'll be fighting them later (chronologically) in the other games. That leaves us with a short list of Greek mythological figures to play the role of bad guys, and none of them can be as awesome as the gods. So to start the game already has a mark against it with the concept, but what about the gameplay? In that area at least GoW:A does fine. It's pretty much a formula by now; combat mixed with puzzle solving mixed with a bit of exploration and a few “interactive”action sequences. If you like the other GoWs I think you'll like this aspect of the game. They have made a few tweaks to make it different, such as removing the various godly weapons and replacing them with elemental enhancements, but overall the game remains mostly the same. It does have some death by camera angle that most consoles action games seem to have. It is a short game. I finished single player in 10 hours and could have shaved an hour off of that if I wasn't so rusty. Fortunately by the time I picked this game up it already had some age on it and had gone through the price reduction sequence. If you pick it up cheap the dollar per hour still isn't bad. Recommendation: Play, but pick it up cheap.
  5. About In 2011 the original Gameduino brought vintage gaming to the Arduino. In 2013 Gameduino 2 set a new standard in hand-held open-source gaming. Now Gameduino 3 raises the bar again. Even more processing power for your games and applications - plus real video playback, all using a regular Arduino. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Play Replay with sound Play with sound 00:00 0:23 It's completely compatible with the Gameduino 2, but adds even more graphics power, smooth video playback, and dozens of new features. Together with microSD storage for game assets, headphone audio output, and a top quality full-color 4.3 inch touch screen. Gameduino 3 is designed, tested, documented and the prototypes are built. The videos were all taken from the real hardware - everything you see is running on a stock Arduino with the prototypes. What needs to happen next is a manufacturing run. Your pledge gets you a Gameduino 3 from this first run. The Gameduino 3 uses an FT810 EVE, an integrated graphics processor that is backwards compatible with the FT800 in Gameduino 2, and has about 4X more power: video decompressor for full-screen 30 fps video 1 megabyte of onboard RAM, 1 gigapixel per second fill rate microSD card and audio output with sample playback high contrast 4.3" 480x272 LCD panel with resistive touch screen support for maps created with the Tiled Map Editor PNG image loading from microSD accelerated JPEG loader hardware portrait/landscape orientation switching Full support for Arduino, ESP8266 and Teensy 3.2 online tools for graphics, audio, font and video preparation All these features are available from the GD library for Arduino, which now includes full support for both GD2 and GD3. The Gameduino 2 Cookbook will gain an extra chapter on the Gameduino 3's extra features. There are examples and code on the project page at http://excamera.com/sphinx/gameduino3/. The Gameduino 3 hardware, software and documentation is open-source (BSD license). Graphics used in the demos are by Kenney, and videos are from pixabay and the internet archive. The music is High School Snaps by Broke for Free.
  6. Hey all, A friend of mine just opened a comic/MtG/vintage video game store. The main focus is on comics but he would like to have some games available for customers to purchase. He was looking at games that were less than $30, and I feel that as it's not his core business that he should stick to party games and games that have a comics related tie in. My suggestions were: Card Against Humanity (plenty of expansions) Red Flags Legendary: Marvel Deck building and expansions Munchkin (any super hero related version) I know that there are a lot of people that play more board and party games than I do (most of what I listed I learned about at either RCon or NEMPA paint days), so I figured I would mine the experience of the Forum. Any suggestions? Feel free to give a brief description; I'm lazy and BGG is blocked from work anyways.
  7. Do you want to Run a Game? By Game, we mean Any RPG, any board game, card game, or miniatures game for which you need table space and up to 6 chairs. We are making a few changes to how we register games you'd like to run. This year we have a link on the Reapercon.com website for events to be submitted. It will reduce the amount of time I'll need to spend on follow up and provide all the information Bryan needs to get your items listed on the Con Site. https://reapercon.com/submit_games Until we approve your completed form, please do not solicit for players as your event is not confirmed. With the venue change, tables are fewer and your event is not a sure thing until we get back to you. I won't be accepting requests via comments in thread or via PM. If and only if you have questions about the form, please email me: [email protected] Please use a clear subject line so my filters don't move you to Spam folders. Thanks, Cheryl
  8. I needed to post one of these. It's the first of 20. And I'll have to paint 20 more. Soon they'll just be a blob of brown and red. It's a pain..
  9. So I landed a pretty good deal not all that long ago. I teach special ed, specializing in behavior theory and behaviorism, and my main area of expertise is in emotionally disturbed and behavior disordered children. I have considerable experience in the field, and this one school snapped me up when I put in. And I've been working ever since to earn it. There is a child. For legal reasons, I'll call him Alpha. Alpha's a bit of an emotional mess, due to the influence of caregivers no longer in the picture who ain't worth what you scrape off your shoes after a hike through the pasture. Alpha's capable of doing grade level work, but has self-confidence issues that I had to figure out how to address. He needed more than just confidence building exercises out of a book. ...so a while back, when weather required an indoor recess... I taught him miniatures. I had a bunch of HeroClix handy. I use them for parts and conversions and such; haven't played in years, but I still had the parts and rules and stuff handy. It SEEMED like a no brainer. What elementary school kid doesn't like superheroes? What kid wouldn't want to BE a superhero? So I showed him the minis that one particular day, and we played a short game. The old rules, before they got all complicated, are easy enough, and he took to it. I learned something: he was willing enough to get stuck in, but whenever he took damage, he'd flee to the furthest corner of the map and do his damndest to stay out of range. Teleport and Stealth were his powers of choice -- that, and ranged attacks. HeroClix actually helped with the kid's diagnosis: he wanted to be a superhero, sure... but he automatically assumed that in a sustained battle, he'd lose. Hit and run was his preferred tactic, regardless of what superhero he chose to play. He was literally playing the game the same way he lived his life: avoidant behavior strategy, because confrontation led to pain and loss. You can't win against the Big People, and at best, you hide and hope to be ignored... ...so one day, I set up a map, and played "booster draft" style: random figures and matching point values. And I cheated, of course. I got 200 points worth of ninjas, which made him frightened. ... until he opened his own box. ONE figure. The Incredible Hulk, the version from the Avengers movie, possibly the most powerful Hulk the game ever produced. This led to a bizarre opening game, in which the Hulk frantically tried to escape from the ninja horde... and was finally cornered. In desperation, he smacked a ninja. Ninjas only have three or four clicks of life, and the ninja promptly died. This did not slow the horde, and they swarmed the poor Hulk... and one drew his sword and slashed the green monster. "Roll vs. Impervious," I said. Alpha rolled a six. "No damage," I said. "What? NO damage?" "Impervious means that if you roll a five or a six, you take NO damage, regardless of how much he dished out," I replied. "On a 1-4, you take damage, but not the first two clicks. 'Cause you so tough." His face lit up. He immediately got serious, and began to study the map. Coincidentally, all the ninjas had a token, and they all chose to pass the following turn, rather than push and take damage. Alpha asked, "How many clicks does the sword ninja have? Can I kill him in one swat?" "No clicking the figures in play," I replied loftily. "You'll have to try it and see." I couldn't have planned it better. He rolled boxcars, which not only did an extra click of damage, but the knockback knocked the ninja into a tree, which did yet another click. "Oh, dear, he's ninja pudding now," I said. Alpha actually laughed. He doesn't do that often. For the rest of the game, Alpha did not run. The next few turns played out like a game of Whack-A-Mole, until he realized he could pick things up and swat ninjas with them, or THROW them at ninjas... and even when they connected with him, they did little damage, if any. The Foot Clan suffered a grave defeat that day. That was a while back. Alpha doesn't melt down as often... his emotional incident charts are WAY down. His academics are up. And he's more willing to try new things. And in the game... he doesn't tend to run away as much. He's willing to stand up for himself... and out of game, his other teachers and therapists have noted that he'll speak up when something isn't right, instead of simply hunkering down or shutting down. I can't take all the credit for this; I'm not his therapist, or his only teacher. But his therapist has asked if I can spare any HeroClix... A game of Taco Football in progress. At center, the Hulk battles the Amazing Mr. M for control of the Taco Truck, which can bring victory if you take it to your starting area. Mr. M is taking a beating, while a Paramedic heals the Hulk. At foreground, a Mandroid rushes to engage the enemy, while in the background, the Black Panther merrily drives the taco truck to victory... a game takes about twenty minutes, and is ostensibly a reward for good behavior or academic achievement. In practice, it's much more than that, and my department has begun to realize that... my initial evaluation for the year is looking VERY shiny. Hee, hee.
  10. A conference will be taking me to Las Vegas next month. Does anyone know of any good games stores or comic book shops I should visit while there?
  11. So, I'm heading to Connecticon next month; a multi-genre convention about 30 minutes from home. While there I plan on getting some gaming in, most likely some Pathfinder Society and some of the 5th edition Adventure League. I have never actually played either one of these games in a con setting. I've downloaded and read the player guides for each and have a general grasp of the rules: Make a character, join a level appropriate game and have fun. Beyond that I'm not sure. Does anyone have any advice for a first timer? Anything in particular to avoid? Recommended classes, factions, and so forth?
  12. We've got a few pictures from last night's playtest of Hostile Takeover. If you enjoyed last year's game, How the West Was Eaten, then Hostile Takeover will be right up your alley. Sorry, there's no church to burn down this time… There's another playtest on Sunday, should be some more fun pics shortly thereafter.
  13. Hello All, Once again we are ready to run Pathfinder Society events all Con long. We have been doing this for the past few years and enjoy it. I hope you all come play and if you have any questions about how to get started or wanna help, or just have general questions feel free to contact me. I will do all I can to help you.
  14. Hello. Anyone heard of or already playing Monster MMORPG ? It is a virtual pet mmorpg game like Pokemon. http://www.monstermmorpg.com If you wanna register use this link please :d http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Register?RefId=92153 Game video can be seen here And one of my favorite monster
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