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Found 211 results

  1. JackMann

    French Greatswords

    Painted these up for my FLGS's monthly contest. This month's theme was "brotherhood." My mind immediately went to the French Revolution, and its motto of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Only got the one picture before I tossed it to the game store and went to drive to spend Thanksgiving with my folks. I might toss some more up when I get them back.
  2. JackMann

    Santa Klawz (GW+Reaper Diorama)

    My entry for this year's Christmas contest at one of the FLGS's. 'E's makin' a list, e's checkin' it twice. 'E's gonna find out who's orky or nice, Santa Klawz is comin' to town. 'E knows just when yer lootin'. 'E knows when you're a flake. 'E knows if you follow gork or mork, So be brutal for cunning's sake. Oh, you better watch out, you better not whine, 'E'll punch out yer snout, he'll rip out yer spine. Santa Klawz is comin' to town! Santa is played by an Ork Painboy, with a hat sculpted by the same buddy who did the bag for Commissar Kringle. The base is a Secret Weapon Miniatures base. I got the furniture (table, wall) from a couple of different places. The bear and the jack-in-the-box are both from Reaper's Evil Toys set. The tree is from a model railway set, with random bits taken from Games Workshop stuff. Finally, the little goblin standing on the crates is from a different painboy set, the painboy from which was used as payment for the hat. EDIT: Fixed the images to lose the Photobucket shenanigans.
  3. Jaws

    GW, Daemonette

    I was fairly happy with this one until I took photos. See that I have managed to clot the paint a little much. Don't want to fiddle with her anymore though. The little tree is made from a dried grape-wine. :/
  4. aku-chan

    Mounted Lord-Celestant

    Been digging through my Age of Sigmar starter box again, I present the leader of the good guys, the Lord-Celestant on his faithful Battle Lizard (they both have names, but I can't find the book to look them up at the moment). Really happy with how he ended up. Wasn't sure if going with a blue Battle Lizard was the best idea with all the other blue bits on the mini, but I think it helps balance out all the gold bits. Any comments and criticisms are, as always, greatly appreciated.
  5. Here's a force I've worked on in a few batches. The concept for the force is that the Wraithguard are all ancient machines that the Exodites maintain, while riding dinosaurs into battle. Here's the force's farseer, and three Wraithguard that I added recently.
  6. Inarah

    LotR, various

    I have a small collection of these figures that have come my way rather randomly. Here are the latest: Bilbo admiring his Ring. Sam, waving a frying pan. Finally, Boromir in combat. I may have taken some liberties with the color scheme in places. I had trouble finding good reference photos for everything.
  7. Inarah

    just a little skink

    For some reason I've always thought these little guys were cute, so when one showed up in the Box 'o Goodwill I had to take him and paint him. This was a quick job, I think he took about 90 minutes last night while I was listening to the Royals beat the elf out of the Astros.
  8. Tosek

    D&D NPC: Orks (non-reaper)

    I got these GW savage orks as a present (unpainted ;)). Since I don't play Warhammer they're now serving as D&D non-players. The color scheme is kept pretty close to the box-art (eye-translated to Vallejo range though):
  9. Hi! I'm feeling a little bit guilty as I haven't posted anything in the "show off" board for a while because I am putting all my energies into my current WIP. So, today I was looking at some mini projects that I painted a while ago & I thought that you might like a look at one of them here. This Lord Of The Rings themed diorama is something I did about 10 years ago when the films were first released & GW were producing the minis. The diorama depicts the moment just before......... well, I'm sure you all know what happens next? I won't spoil it if you haven't seen the films yet. I'm not good at sculpting so I kept it pretty simple. Before painting, it's just air drying clay for the ground, the rocks are actual stones & pebbles, the big rock (I think) was a lump of broken brick & there's a sprinkling of sand for some extra texture. An eagle's eye view: Finally, some close ups: Thanks for looking - please feel free to leave comments, I'm always happy to hear them.
  10. odinsgrandson

    Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar

    I painted up this Logan Grimnar a little while ago. He's the old metal version- from before he was moved to Resin, then later re-sculpted and put on a flying wolf drawn chariot. I'm still fond of him on foot, and the dynamic pose this mini has really works for him. Ultimately, the challenge on this mini was helping all of the various tiny details to pop, and still keep his face a strong center of interest. I think I accomplished this through my use of color (the warmest spots are on his face). I believe that my only regret here is that we didn't get a photo of the freehand on his shoulder before we mailed him off. Anyway, here he is.
  11. The first mini I posted in show off was a conversion, using a whole plethora of parts, including a Reaper Aries. Now, most unexpectedly, I managed to rescue the other half of that mini, and I've just gotten her back from Drifter (along with a bunch of others, as I had nothing to transport them home safely in last time I visited him), so having just got home from an event which has left me with a delightful case of the snuffles, I decided to paint her up. Pre-paint photo - https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/12004064_10153319519548451_4452142472692741466_n.jpg?oh=7644bc61478c65c31192f385c917f662&oe=56789FF9(much underboob!) Her body was too short, so I did have to sculpt her a new stomach... This was one of the first things I did, sculpting wise, so it's not incredible, but what do. The big chunky legs she's been given are, unless I'm remembering wrong, from Games Workshop, but yeah... Bit of milliput, bit of poking with a pencil, and there she is. She may not be the most seamless of things, but I was super happy to get her back, and finally slop some paint on. Front view linked for underboob - https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/12003159_10153320842503451_2531991186193805901_n.jpg?oh=193ab5f72eb95e376c0d82fb02c30576&oe=56720FDA Slightly different angle, linked for underboob - https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xlf1/v/t1.0-9/11988588_10153320842553451_7522507180659653723_n.jpg?oh=3bd60913f4344acd3db0cbea16a15b8c&oe=567474E1 So this one's a bit of a bonus mini, really =] as I wasn't expecting to be able to find a use for that top half of Aries when I originally started planning my conversions. Paints used... Oh lawdy. GW Citadel: -Flayed One Flesh -Screaming Bell -Seraphim Sepia -Nuln Oil -Auric Armour -Runelord Brass -Temple Guard Blue -Druchii Violet -Abaddon Black -Khorne Red P3: -Menoth White Highlight -Thamar Black -Bloodtracker Brown
  12. I painted this Games Workshop Hurricanum a couple of months ago and the orrery that goes with it separately, but I had not gotten around to posting the Hurricanum on Show Off because I was waiting until I finished painting all the miniatures that go with it. Since that is taking a bit longer to get to as I've been painting other stuff, I figured I can at least post this now. I also painted this medieval cart from Fenryll recently. I was inspired to paint both of these in order to populate the town streets I hope to build when I get my Dwarven Forge City Builder Kickstarter stuff in January.
  13. JackMann

    Greater Demon of Tzeentch

    A while back, a buddy of mine asked me to paint up a Warhammer figure for him. This took me a while, but I'm finally finished just as he's coming back from deployment. This guy was a pain, but also taught me a lot. Based his coloration partially on the Bearded Vulture, a pretty cool bird. Gave me the idea of orange skin and blue-black feathers. Here's where the pain came from. The model is top-heavy as heck with those wings, bue he has a single point of contact with the base. To make matters worse, the foot is a separate piece from the leg. I had to drill, pin, glue, and greenstuff it so many times, the foot ended up an elephantine cancerous mass. Still, he's a demon of change and mutation, so it kind of fits. The base is micro-arts. Tomorrow, right before I seal the model, I'll clean up around the edges on it. Maybe give it a blue or yellow rim. This is probably my best attempt at white so far. Went from a bone-color up on the bottom and a light blue up on the top to reflect the ground and sky respecively. Mousling tax! While waiting for the basecoat on the base to dry, I went ahead and painted this guy. Took me about fifteen minutes, which makes him my fastest paintjob ever. He's not a great paintjob, but it was a lot of fun, and if I ever decide to clean him up further, I can.
  14. odinsgrandson

    A Legion of Praetorians (pic heavy)

    When I first started painting armies some years back, I was contacted to paint up a few old-school Praetorian Imperial Guard. I played Imperial guard back when the Praetorians were first released (originally meant in the limited edition box set). I'm also a big fan of the film Zulu! that inspired them (Michael Caine is always good). So I was excited. I figured I wouldn't get a lot of chances to paint Praetorians again, since they were no longer being made, and they weren't ever produced as a regular line of imperial guardsmen. Somehow, I was very wrong. He has expanded his force many times, with more classic out-of-print minis than I thought I'd ever end up seeing. Now, I like me some close ups, and I did put a warning about this thread being pic heavy, so:
  15. JackMann

    Desert Troll

    Crappy conversion time! So, my FLGS has a contest this month with the theme of "desert." I wasn't sure what I wanted to do until I saw the GW River Trolls package. They normally look like this: Decided I would convert them into horned toads. One of these beauties: Oh, the folly of man. It took way longer than it should have, and I was only able to finish one. Note the blood squirting from his eye. I snipped a bit off of the fish vomit that comes in the kit and glued it into the eye. If you're familiar with the trolls, you may notice a few extra spikes on the head. That was most of my conversion work right there, making spikes out of greenstuff and gluing them on. Cow skull is from the Malifaux ghost town basing accessories. It's really not the greatest shading/highlighting job ever, but for the first half of the paint job, I was convinced I had utterly wrecked it and would need to strip and start over. I could not get the brown and the tan to blend neatly, until I kept going with different mixes and eventually got to the point where it blended smoothly. So, not the greatest spikes in the world. I tried, guys, but I don't work with greenstuff very often. The cactus is from the same kit as the skull. You can't really see it here, but there are bits of orange tinting on some of his back scales. Base was basically just a thin layer of greenstuff so it wouldn't be flat, painted with a dark tan, and then with sand glued to it. As an aside, I'm not sure why he's so greenish in the pictures. In real life, he's varying shades of brown and tan.
  16. SparksMurphey

    Custom Land Raider Doors

    Not quite sure where to put this, but I wanna show them off, and sculpting seems most appropriate. Here's a set of Land Raider doors I've sculpted (virtually, at least) and sent to Shapeways to have 3D printed in ultra fine detail plastic. Some day, I'll even finish painting the Land Raider itself. It's only taken me eleven years to get this far. As they arrived: With base coat and in place on the original model as proof of fitting: With final paint:
  17. canuckotter

    GW - Black Ark Corsairs

    I'm waiting as patiently as I can for my Bones order to get here... In the meantime, I'm practising with a bunch of minis I have kicking around from a brief (and very ungood) attempt at painting minis back in 2009/2010. I was digging around in my stash last night and found some barely-started Black Ark Corsairs. I've included two of them. The one on the right of the picture is untouched, exactly as I left it 5.5 years ago. (By my standards of the day, the bits that are painted are actually very well done....) The one on the left of the picture has seen a bit of a touch-up. I put a basic grey gradient on the sword, as the first step towards attempting NMM. I also changed the hair. Instead of just painting it all flat white, like the guy on the right, I re-based it with a grey, then added a couple layers of highlights to bring it back up to white. Now I should probably basecoat the rest of the mini and start doing it properly, but mostly tonight I wanted to experiment with adding some layers to the hair, to see if I could do it. I'm sure it could be better, but I'm happy with it.
  18. I painted up some of those Bretonnians I mentioned in an earlier topic, to be GOT themed. I've done a Baratheon knight and a Targaryen knight, and hopefully can paint up more knights from the great houses.
  19. Having fun painting my Age of Sigmar set, wasn't sure if there would be any interest in me WIPing the whole thing, so I thought I'd just do ones for the characters, in this case the Lord-Celestant from the Stormcast Eternal faction:- I've kept the Lord separate from his ride for ease of painting, and the lizard is what I'm working on first:- After undercoating (I've started mixing my Vallejo Black and White primers together to make a Grey primer that, so far, doesn't have any of their downsides), I started on the skin with a coat of Vallejo Royal Blue. Needs another coat or two, but I had a basing disaster with my Liberator and fixing that has been using up all my painting time
  20. I'd posted about this a few days ago, so I thought I'd follow up here. Once a year, I spend a month attempting to complete (at least) one miniature a day. This usually happens in May, but I had to postpone it for school this year. I say complete, because most of the minis have already been started, but due to other projects, life, or being distracted by shiny objects, they were left incomplete. This year I'm also doing all GW minis, but I'll probably be throwing in a few Reaper guys in here, since I'm painting up my D&D party as well. This is the update calendar. It'll (ideally) have something new each day. * asterisks note miniature that were not completed before the end of the challenge. Here's my first miniature, a Blood Bowl Kroxigor I received almost a decade ago and never had an excuse to paint. You might notice I gave him a Seahawks inspired scheme (can't help it, I'm from the Northwest), I think it fits. Hope you enjoy. ~Muninn
  21. aku-chan

    Nagash Rises! WIP

    For Christmas I received the new revamped plastic Nagash kit! Originally, the plan was to assemble him and then finish off a few outstanding projects (like my poor forgotten Storm Knight) before I started painting him, unfortunately:- He was a lot bigger than I expected, and there's nowhere I can safely store his parts, so he has bullied his way to the front of my painting queue. A couple of days work and:- His fancy cape thingy is finally undercoated. Not using my my usual White Primer because it doesn't like hard plastic too much and there is a lot of hard plastic to cover here. A couple more days and:- I'm making progress on the basecoats. The Hexed Lichen section is done, but I think the Royal Blue section needs another coat. I still have the Andrea Blue and Pure White sections to good though and then (hopefully) the sections can be blended together.
  22. aku-chan

    A Bloodreaver

    AKA a Chaos Marauder, (everything needs a new name apparently):- Was figuring out the colour scheme for the Chaos half of my Age of Sigmar set, ended up so pleased with the final result I thought he deserved showing-off! (IMO I think I did a really good job on his muscles) Will have to paint more bare-chested dudes in future. Any comments and criticisms are, as always, most appreciated.
  23. aku-chan

    A Liberator

    To mirror the Bloodreaver I posted a little while ago, here's my test Liberator for the Stormcast Eternal half of my Age of Sigmar boxset:- Don't think he's as good as my Chaos dude, but then I'm not a big fan of the basic Stormcast troopers. I am pleased with how his armour turned out though (I was determined not to go with the official scheme of metallic gold armour, it would've made me lazy), even if it is pretty time consuming. As always, any comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated.
  24. odinsgrandson

    Nurgle Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount

    Here's a mini that I got to paint up for Warhammer Fantasy (or Age of Sigmar as it is now). I must say, I really like painting up rotting flesh and pustules. The biggest challenge for Nurgle minis is finding a strong composition that doesn't end up with everything just being brown. I feel I pulled this off on this mini:
  25. Patrik Strom

    Boromir, Games Workshop

    Last year I went on a bit of a ebay bender and bought a few of the games workshop LotR-miniatures. Now I only have to get them painted. Here is one of them: Boromir! I can't shake the feeling that my paintjob kind of make him look like a toy. Dunno why.