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Found 226 results

  1. Working on a new dungeon crawler of my own, and I needed some grunt enemies. Grabbed some really old Skaven and repainted them, turned out really fun. I'm way better than I was when I last fielded my ratmen. Also had this Elf hero (is he wood elf? I dunno, maybe, don't follow too much GW stuff) sitting around from not too long ago when I decided I'd try a few Resin models. Skaven repaints: Elf: A little more intense with the lights here, I was going to just delete the pic, but I like the effect:
  2. This rhino tank conversion (Games Workshop 40K vehicle) was an exercise in making it look like it had fought the 10,000 year crusade to unseat the corpse-emperor without any trips to the maintenance depot. Painted it up for Nurgle's Death Guard (pestilence and decay) but refrained from mutating it much. I'm pretty pleased with the nastiness, though if I had an airbrush I probably could have done muuuuuch better.
  3. This is an unaligned 'Skaven Marine' Daemon Prince I did for a friend of mine several years ago. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I don't have the figure to take better quality. Mashup of the Vermin Lord with the Chaos Marine Prince. The back pack spikey balls are from Plague monks. The pet rat is a Barrow Rat (02544) from Reaper. I really love this model, probably more than my Death Guard Vermin Lord conversion that I kept.
  4. This is the first of my 40k Chaos Marine Daemon Prince conversions from a few years back, a Daemon Prince/Skaven Vermin Lord mashup for Nurgle. I'm still very pleased with the conversion and paint on this figure and probably wouldn't change anything if I did it now.
  5. Here is one of my earlier daemon prince conversions. The model is largely just repositioned with added detail scupted but the backpack heads are from Kroot Hounds, the head is from an old Epic titan, and the head piece is from an old Necromunda staff. I'm reasonably pleased with the paint job still, though I could do better now. Might eventually touch it up a bit.
  6. Here's an Illic Nightspear that I painted up to match a force of Exodites. Overall, I was rather happy with this mini- his pose is quite nice and the details came out well.
  7. Converted Ogre Hunter for Warhammer Fantasy. I tried to give his pants and leather boots/straps some texture to look like linen and worn leather. -Melissa
  8. My client is responsible for most of the conversion here- I did a little bit of sculpting, but mostly I just painted this. Anyway, here you go. Feral Eldar just might be the best Eldar out there.
  9. Ok here is a GW goblin skulker I recently painted up. It is still has a bit more gloss than I wanted. Even after 2 coats of RMS matt sealer, oh well. I really like the blending I achieved in the back dagger, the front not so much. The blue-gray black on the pants and mask came out better than I expected as well. Thought I'd experiment with the base by add bushes lined with static grass. Thanks for viewing.
  10. Here are some pictures of a minotaur I made for one of my Blood Bowl teams. He's pretty big for the game, but reposing the plastic minotaur was a whole lot of fun. The colors match the other minis on the team. Here he is:
  11. Due to overwhelming demand (smoking wreckage asked once), I'm posting a couple of pics of my recently-ish-finished Fenrisian Wolf Pack models. While obviously designed by GW for 40k and their Space Wolves, I liked them since they're simply some nice wolf models with dynamic poses. I picked these up from the eBay, so they were already assembled and sprayed black. Actually, I picked up 3 sets, but I plan to do the other 2 sets of five as Black and White wolves, respectively - and that hasn't happened yet. I decided to use them as my first foray into oil paint washes, so with from Chung / Wargames Consortium as my guide, and a trip to the local art supply store under my belt, off I went. These were the results: I intend to use these wolves (and the other 10, plus all those older-school ones I still need to paint) across several systems. 40k (if I ever paint up some of those Space Wolves thingies), LotR SBG/WotR, Kings of War, even (maybe) DeadZone if I ever play it (replacing those awful Mawbeasts). I found these wolves to be pretty good, but not quite as nice as I’d hoped. What I’m not so keen on however is the fur on the side of their torsos and upper legs. Clearly a result of digital sculpting rather than more traditional methods, they've overlaid a “leaf” pattern of fur (more visible in my first and third photos) rather than sculpting the whole of the bodies in a more traditional manner, as they have for the manes. So that was a little disappointing, but I guess it's not like you can easily spot it unless you're looking for it. Overall, though. I’m happy with the models and the way they turned out. I don’t think the Black Wolves will need an Oil Wash, so they’re just needing to sneak into the paint queue past the Ogres and Elves. The white ones need a bit more than that however. Once they’re all painted, I’ll do some more-better nice shots of the entire pack. A couple more pics on the blog for those interested with WIP. I don't want to spam too much here. :)
  12. Back in 2011, I was running a D&D 3.5 campaign through D1-D3. For that campaign I needed Drow to be my bad guys. So I bought a box of Wood Elf Warriors from Games Workshop Lord of the Rings line. Now two years later, I finally finished the last five swordsmen that I never finished before the campaign ended. This is an army so the figures are done quickly with but a single layer of paint over the black primer. You can see the whole army along with Shaerlith, Spider Demoness from Reaper on my blog. Shaerlith stood in as Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders.
  13. Whilst I procrastiante over current painting, here's something I prepared earlier... About 2 years earlier but I've only just got around to photographing it. The Screaming Bell is probably my favourite warmachine from Warhammer. Pushed across the battlefield by a unit of Skaven, it's ringing driving all the Skaven around it into a frenzy building energy that can burn those in front of it, split the earth, collapse buildings, or ultimately break reality, destroying itself and hurting everything within 4D6 inches, which if you roll high is one hell of a way to go out. If damaged by something big it can even ring out in the opponents turn and get an additional move or allowing all Skaven units within 24" to re-roll leadership tests, and when you've got an army of cowards cunning survivalists, that's a real boon.
  14. Last night my D&D group went back to our Lord of the Rings campaign where I play a young Beastmaster from Rohan. (We're playing the Rolemaster rule set.) I had an Eowyn figure I wanted to mod a little (add fluffier hair and leaves, and a fur stole) to make into my character, you can see my initial playing around with green stuff here. I started painting this figure at 11am and it took me 6 hours from start-to-finish. (Had to leave at 5pm to get to our gaming session.) It was a fun challenge limiting myself to 6 hours. I wanted to paint something that was good enough for the table, but not my usual 'I'm going to spent days and days on this figure!' I know I could have sped my time up a little by using metal paint and washes on the chain mail, but I think everyone is aware by now of my weird animus towards metal paints.
  15. some new stuff Like me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theminiature.painter.1 check my Cmon Gallery HERE
  16. After spending far longer than I ever have on a single mini, Festus is finally finished:- (Unfortunately he's proving very difficult to photograph decently, hence only the two piccys.) He's the first mini that I've applied all the stuff I learnt from the first two L2PK's too, and while, in hindsight, I should probably have chosen a simpler figure, I think he turned out okay. Comments and criticisms are most welcome.
  17. Here is my first mini I have ever posted to these forums! I'm a big fan of Games Workshop's LOTR Strategy Battle Game and have a few painted minis. Hoping to bring this style to the Reaper Bones that will be coming next year!
  18. Hi guys. I recently got back into making mini's. My first one is making a Dwarf Fighter for my DnD RP Sessions. The problem I'm having is, I don't know where to start. I have a basic idea on what I want, but I just, can't push forward with it. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I should approach this and where I can start? I'll even take suggestions on what to do. I'm just to frustrated to think. Any help or tips you guys give me is much appreciated. Thank you. P.S. Here are a couple of photo's of what my mini looks like.
  19. So, I posted pictures of a lot of these miniatures a while ago, but I've taken better pictures since, and learned how to adjust the levels in photoshop as well. Also, there are pictures of three miniatures that have not been posted previously. As, I have the pictures uploaded in a gallery at an external site, I'll just link to that. http://trippdinger.yolasite.com/miniatures.php'>My miniatures.
  20. So I was wandering around on the Games Workshop site checking out the new Hobbit movie miniatures, and I couldn't seem to find where they would actually sell Bilbo and his dwarven buddies in anything smaller than in a set of $125.00. Am I missing something? I'm not too fond of GW's general stuff but I do really like their LOTR miniatures, but I don't want to buy a set of$125.00 or $745.00 just to get a dwarf or two. Did I maybe just not find the link that would get me over to Bilbo and his dwarf buddies withiout having to buy a bunch of other figures and mortgage my house to do so?
  21. Okay guys, one more for the day . I plan on revisiting this figure soon to add some body Tats. Probably pail and aged ones. . . . . . [edit]As with the one below I mention the eyes looking downward. . . I like this angle. I'm happy with the eyes and the way they appear to look down at what ever he's chasing. . . .
  22. I wish I had something Reaper-y to post which showed more painting skill than this - the Reaper figures on this aren't really "painted" so much as "stained" - but it is the only thing I have with painted Reaper figures which I have got a picture of. I'll have to take some pics of the other Reaper minis I have done. Anyway; this is a Warhammer Celestial Hurricanum for the Empire, extensively converted / scratchbuilt. You can see the process of same here. I expanded on the "orrery" theme of the model, adding a flat world and a support for same made of elephants and a turtle, and put statues representing the zodiac around the edge. And, of course, I got those models from Reaper! Click for larger images; Hope people like this, and I am just sorry I don't have anything else "Reapery" to post which is painted. I am currently assembling and converting up my latest purchases, and will be able to have a nice pic of my Greatswords and Swordsmen which will have a lot of Reaper figures in.
  23. This is my first attempt at painting miniatures. Worker at the FLGS (Hat's in Tucson) talked me into trying this paint set as something fairly simple, with lots of flat surface and not too many fiddly details or textures. I've definitely got a long way to go still, but I liked the way they came out, overall. I ended up painting three of the five. I was painting in the hobby shop, and, having just gotten back to the states, I didn't want to be too late getting home. The other two are in the background. I'll eventually get to them, hopefully after my skills have improved, and I can compare them with the first three. Here's a top view, giving a look at the box they came in, along with the two in the back. Here's a front view. The bit of muck on the Marine on the left's forehead is apparently supposed to be wreath-like, signifying he's in charge. Obviously, I did not do well on that detail. About face! I like the way the skulls came out. Face right! The sword-sigil things on their pauldrons had... mixed results. I need to work on thinning out the paint, and not picking up so much water on the brush. Face left! Those are supposed to be arrows. Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed from the paintwork either. Overall, better than I expected them to turn out, though I need to work a lot harder on the details.
  24. So I just got into painting minis, i don't even play any miniature games ... yet anyway, but i wanted to post a couple pics to show the first couple completed projects My first attempt, The emperor's champion Second go round, Not quite sure i like so much metallic in one place so i tried something different. Reaper's Torrent (i know its supposed to be water but i think the molten rock looks cool... maybe I'll take 50141: Inferno and try to pull off Ice or water Just started playing around with basing so im going to try to have a more finished looking end product moving forward. Any sort of constructive C/C is welcome... Next project is an Eldar Wraithlord (a buddy here plays 40k so he keeps giving me old minis to paint for him) I expect it to be a little easier since its almost double the size of these previous projects
  25. So this is my third project... my first two are here . I wanted to try to base projects moving forward in order to give everything a more finished appearance. So I spent this afternoon getting to this point... I was worried about the mini having the appearance of sinking into the surface so i took some bits of a cut up credit card and affixed them to the underside of the feet.... looking now its a bit high... i may build up the ground a bit or just chalk it up to lessons learned for next time... Please feel free to comment and such..
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