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Found 233 results

  1. So, I posted pictures of a lot of these miniatures a while ago, but I've taken better pictures since, and learned how to adjust the levels in photoshop as well. Also, there are pictures of three miniatures that have not been posted previously. As, I have the pictures uploaded in a gallery at an external site, I'll just link to that. http://trippdinger.yolasite.com/miniatures.php'>My miniatures.
  2. So I was wandering around on the Games Workshop site checking out the new Hobbit movie miniatures, and I couldn't seem to find where they would actually sell Bilbo and his dwarven buddies in anything smaller than in a set of $125.00. Am I missing something? I'm not too fond of GW's general stuff but I do really like their LOTR miniatures, but I don't want to buy a set of$125.00 or $745.00 just to get a dwarf or two. Did I maybe just not find the link that would get me over to Bilbo and his dwarf buddies withiout having to buy a bunch of other figures and mortgage my house to do so?
  3. Okay guys, one more for the day . I plan on revisiting this figure soon to add some body Tats. Probably pail and aged ones. . . . . . [edit]As with the one below I mention the eyes looking downward. . . I like this angle. I'm happy with the eyes and the way they appear to look down at what ever he's chasing. . . .
  4. I wish I had something Reaper-y to post which showed more painting skill than this - the Reaper figures on this aren't really "painted" so much as "stained" - but it is the only thing I have with painted Reaper figures which I have got a picture of. I'll have to take some pics of the other Reaper minis I have done. Anyway; this is a Warhammer Celestial Hurricanum for the Empire, extensively converted / scratchbuilt. You can see the process of same here. I expanded on the "orrery" theme of the model, adding a flat world and a support for same made of elephants and a turtle, and put statues representing the zodiac around the edge. And, of course, I got those models from Reaper! Click for larger images; Hope people like this, and I am just sorry I don't have anything else "Reapery" to post which is painted. I am currently assembling and converting up my latest purchases, and will be able to have a nice pic of my Greatswords and Swordsmen which will have a lot of Reaper figures in.
  5. This is my first attempt at painting miniatures. Worker at the FLGS (Hat's in Tucson) talked me into trying this paint set as something fairly simple, with lots of flat surface and not too many fiddly details or textures. I've definitely got a long way to go still, but I liked the way they came out, overall. I ended up painting three of the five. I was painting in the hobby shop, and, having just gotten back to the states, I didn't want to be too late getting home. The other two are in the background. I'll eventually get to them, hopefully after my skills have improved, and I can compare them with the first three. Here's a top view, giving a look at the box they came in, along with the two in the back. Here's a front view. The bit of muck on the Marine on the left's forehead is apparently supposed to be wreath-like, signifying he's in charge. Obviously, I did not do well on that detail. About face! I like the way the skulls came out. Face right! The sword-sigil things on their pauldrons had... mixed results. I need to work on thinning out the paint, and not picking up so much water on the brush. Face left! Those are supposed to be arrows. Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed from the paintwork either. Overall, better than I expected them to turn out, though I need to work a lot harder on the details.
  6. So I just got into painting minis, i don't even play any miniature games ... yet anyway, but i wanted to post a couple pics to show the first couple completed projects My first attempt, The emperor's champion Second go round, Not quite sure i like so much metallic in one place so i tried something different. Reaper's Torrent (i know its supposed to be water but i think the molten rock looks cool... maybe I'll take 50141: Inferno and try to pull off Ice or water Just started playing around with basing so im going to try to have a more finished looking end product moving forward. Any sort of constructive C/C is welcome... Next project is an Eldar Wraithlord (a buddy here plays 40k so he keeps giving me old minis to paint for him) I expect it to be a little easier since its almost double the size of these previous projects
  7. So this is my third project... my first two are here . I wanted to try to base projects moving forward in order to give everything a more finished appearance. So I spent this afternoon getting to this point... I was worried about the mini having the appearance of sinking into the surface so i took some bits of a cut up credit card and affixed them to the underside of the feet.... looking now its a bit high... i may build up the ground a bit or just chalk it up to lessons learned for next time... Please feel free to comment and such..
  8. Well, I took a few shots of my Ultras at my FLGS today. I ended up painting around 25 models this year. Enjoy. I'll see you all again this fall when I start painting again! SK, lurking mode on
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