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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone, here's something a little more colorful for today. This 02630, Frogmen Shaman was sculpted by Geoff Valley. I really enjoyed painting that model, I like the idea of a dragonfly familiar. I'll be painting the other two of the set as well as the metal version of the Squog Warriors by Jason Wiebe.
  2. Hey everyone! Here's the 02630, Frogmen Champion sculpted by Geoff Valley. These colorful Frogmen were a lot of fun to paint. Peace. ✌️
  3. Hey everyone, here's the second 02630, Frogman sculpted by Geoff Valley.
  4. Hey everyone, here's my latest. This is a 77341, lioness painted as a celestial tiger. This model was sculpted by Geoff Valley. I used the 77704, Cave Troll base for this one since I had printed another base for my Troll.
  5. Hello everyone, here are pictures of a 77341 Lioness. This Bones model was sculpted by Geoff Valley. I painted it as a Black (Blue) Panther. I kept the original base and sculpted additional high grass around to incorporate it to a larger 2 inches square base. The trees are dried roots.
  6. Hi everyone, it's been some time. It's been hard for me to find some time to paint lately. I'm working on my Cat Critter display base as much as I can, a little every night. So, I thought some of you might like to see part of my progress. Here are part of the statues and "collapsed" pillars that will be decorating the display diorama. The lions are Reaper Miniatures 77341, sculpted by Geoff Valley. The collapsed pillars are 72591, Wizkids. I cut them to separate the blocs and painted them in white marble colors. There are veins of quartz and gold in the marble. As you can see, I glued the lions tail on their back to make them look more like statues. The lions are mounted on 74012, 25 x 50mm cavalry base.
  7. These are Reaper's 02830: Wolf Pack, sculpted by Geoff Valley. They are mounted on one-inch fender washers. I painted them for versatility, which is why there is a variety of color and base types. Detailed WIP thread here.
  8. In an effort to turn my dusty shelf of unpainted models, into a colorful shelf of "I've done it", here is the first one I completed for 2018. 02806, Badger-Wolf sculpted by Geoff Valley. Also known as Leucrotta, Badger-Wolves are magical beasts hated by all. They hunt with their ability to imitate a variety of noises, the most common ones being a woman, child, or domestic animal in distress. In ambush, they prey on foolhardy heroes that hear their sounds and come to investigate unaware of the impending danger.
  9. A pair of big cats from the second Bones Kickstarter campaign Expansion set #1. That expansion was a seemingly random collection of different minis, these were the only “natural” creatures it it. The camera washes out the colours even though I have reduced the wossitsname that makes it less washed out as much as possible. I think the female turned out better. There is something wonky about the face of the male. They are based on my 50x25mm 3D printed oval bases. I put the stl on thingiverse where it can be downloaded for free. and now I have a hankering for *that* candy bar. You know which one.
  10. Most of the minis I paint are for a D&D game I DM for my nephew. The players like having a load of physical NPCs and monsters to deal with, and I like painting them. :) I used this mini for an NPC named Argo Stonehelm, leader of a group of dwarf mercenaries.
  11. At long last got my sweet, sweet phase cat. Long had been lusting for one. I had a ton of fun painting it--and assembling it, even. Getting its tentacles free of their tabs I finally started figuring out how to cut my way through metal without so much trouble. Anyway, basically did him with washes. Wish I'd taken better pictures; I was really happy with how he turned out. Thanks for looking!
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