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Found 161 results

  1. I couldn't find the model number for this Frost Giant. I like doing snowy bases, and I tried to make his weapons look like they were hewn out of ice. I could have highlighted his skin better, looking at it now, but I think it serves well enough.
  2. He was fun to paint. Can't wait for Bones 3 when my giant count will double.
  3. Last Blood Rage Giant. I love the savageness of these giants. He reminds me of Mumm-Ra a little.
  4. I have painted on this guy for almost 2 years, since I started him in the beginning of 2014 for that year's paint a large mini contest. At least I finished in time for the 2015 contest....
  5. I have yet to actually play this game, but I'm digging the miniatures.
  6. MOLOCH - THE MOUNTAIN GIANT After Rocco, Jérémie Bonamant Teboul and Allan Carrasco, two stars of the miniatures scene, are teaming up again to produce Moloch, the tallest Figone miniature ever! This is your chance to help bring this ambitious project to life. As aficionados of his work can attest, monsters and orcs are Allan’s specialties. He first gave our brushes a massive mounted orc. Giants, by their proportions, are monsters which allows him to show his ability to give life to impressive miniatures. FIGONE is a French miniatures company founded by Jérémie in 2009 and dedicated to producing and selling high quality figures for collectors, sculptors and painters. FIGONE has what it takes to make a finished sculpt commercially available. With Indiegogo and your help to fund this huge, highly anticipated project, Rocco was born. Moloch will be the tallest miniature ever produced by FIGONE and the one of the largest ever sculpted by Allan Carrasco. Moloch will be a large 54mm scale miniature cast in high quality resin, the tallest ever in Figone 170mm!!!! Here you'll see the final miniature, along with the final concept by artist Bertrand Benoit. Don’t forget that Allan is an artist and these drawings have served as inspiration rather than a concrete blueprint. He followed them closely but added more details here and there, e.g. a larger claymore, various ornaments, slight changes on the position (back for instance). As part of this campaign, Romain Van den Bogaert sculpted a new funny bust: Flap. Straight from Jérémie and Romain's imagination, this bucolic character opens a very wide interpretation panel which should appeal to artists and collectors. "It is said that Trollus vulgaris, in order to fertilise their mushrooms, splash living beings on their heads. What's more, if they can not find something, they bludgeon themselves to bleed. - Woaw...THAT explains a lot of things." The IndiGoGo campaign will finish on beginning of November. Allan Carrasco has started sculpting the miniature, so that we'll be able to start casting minis as soon as the main goal is reached. The resin miniature will normally be available in December Regular updates with WIP shots to all contributors … The creation of a miniature of this scale requires a lot of investment in terms of time and resources. The team members make their living from painting and sculpting so a certain degree of profitability needs to be assured before they can commit to the project. The funding we hope to gain will cover the sculpting, molding, casting, packaging and release of Moloch, Flap as well as future stretch goals and as a thank you for your support, offer the model at a discount price for contributors. So if you want to have your own copy of this marvelous miniature or if you just want to help Moloch see the light of day, now is the time to contribute. A range of perks are proposed below to encourage those who would like to help make this project a success. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have a few black shirt left of Figopedia's campaign. For this campaign, we have decided to print a white shirt. If you prefer a black version, please send us an email as soon as you have ordered your perk, we'll tell you if there are left in your size. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING WORLDWIDE IS INCLUDED IN FOR ALL THE PERKS! We have planned a couple of stretch goals if the funding is far above the objective. A new Queen is planned, as well as news stickers, bigger than Figopedia's (9cm diameter) and various mushrooms to help you enhance your display bases :)
  7. On one of my trips over the border to the lovely "Atomic Empire", I found a piece that will probably be announced for Bones IV now that I've bought it, "Skadi, Dwarf Goddess". At least she was discounted! She struck me as the perfect Giant rather than a Dwarf Goddess I may never use in an RPG encounter. I already had several female Frost Giants, and her whole forge theme seemed to strike me as more of a Fire Giant thing. So, here we have, Skadi, Fire Giant Priestess of the Forge!
  8. Finished this guy up over the weekend. Fairly happy with him. I really like how his base turned out. *Sigh* After taking the photos though I am displeased with how I can;t keep paint on the fringes of his loincloth. Nothing even touched that spot and still paint has disappeared. At any rate, the base is supposed to look like cracked stone with grass or moss in it.
  9. Got this guy from the by the ounce boxes at the ironwind booth at Gencon a few years ago. Just got him together and started just before this past gencon. He's my first attempt at greenstuffing a min to make it fir smoothly together. I don't think I did so hot on that. I tried to make it look like pieces of leather that were part of his loin cloth. Other than that I like how he turned out. Comments and critiques welcome. I'm fairly pleased with his face. Sorry about the mostly similar pictures. The Ipad and my lighting were being finicky together.
  10. I just completed the Stone Giant from the Bones II Expansion Pack 1. I couldn't find his catalog number, so sorry for not including it in the title. Didn't there used to be a pinned topic here with a link to the item numbers for Bones II figures that hadn't entered the official catalog yet? In thinking about what color to paint him, I decided I didn't want to do him just purely stone grey, but wanted to give him a a slight hint of pinkish flesh-like skin tone to help differentiate that he isn't just another grey troll. For the complete write-up on how I painted him, please see my blog: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2015/09/stone-giant-bones-ii-figure.html
  11. Vanja was supposed to be a quick tabletop mini to relax with after I finished up my exchange piece. As sometimes happens when painting Bones, she turned into an experiment along the way. Some parts were in fact done in a quick tabletop manner, namely the metals and gems, but for the rest of her: Since she's a fire giant I decided to try and use the Scalecolor Indian Shadow to make her skin inhumanly red. In order to make her skin believable though, I followed Jen Haley's advice to highlight to a normal human color. In doing so I think I turned it into a quite human dark skintone. Ah well. After that I decided that since she was a fire giant I should play around with fiery hair. This of course took some time just because of the sheer amount of colors that I broke out in order to paint fire. With the hair out of the way it was time to decide on what creature furnished her cape. I was thinking dragon but I discarded red and green just because of her existing colors. After some thought it became obvious that as a fire giant she probably killed a few of those pesky white dragons that like to settle in the snowy peaks of a dormant volcano. Even though I figured it wouldn't work too well, I made an attempt at drybrushing with Scalecolor white. It didn't drybrush well. Lastly for the base I thought about keeping a snowy scheme but decided to take a stab at obsidian. While in reality obsidian is not necessarily totally black, I decided to keep the rocks mostly black just so it would "read" properly at scale. After my experience with Johnny last week I decided to take some pre-sealing pics this time around. Her hair is VGC and thus a bit glossy compared to her skin, but the dullcote should even that all out. I also tried a "tabletop" angle, which should show off the top of her head a bit better. And lastly a closer shot of how the skin worked. I liked this model quite a bit, but there were some areas that were obviously soft on the detail. I may have to pick her up in metal eventually and aim a bit higher with my painting.
  12. Recently got painted what may've been my favorite mini from Bones 2, the adaptation of Tre Manor's Krug, Hill Giant Chiefton. Great model, my first giant, and a fun one to paint, turned out. Just tried to keep it pretty simple, I guess. Tried for white wood with the club, in my ongoing quest to get wood right/not awful. Thought the goldish metal went well on it, too. I'm always silver. Wanted a wasteland-stones-something kind of something I don't know with the base. Thanks for looking!
  13. I realize, in my last few mega-posts of Fungi and Frogfolk, I forgot this Cyclops I did at the same time. He was made in sympathy...I was really hoping we'd see a new Cyclops in Bones III. He's converted from an Ogre from the short-lived World of Warcraft miniatures line. It's too bad they went against God's Own Scale; the sculpts were pretty good, but the fact they didn't blend with anything else led to the early demise, IMO. His club is from the Bones Marsh Troll, the sack from the 6th Edition Warhammer Giant, and the skull from a Goblin banner (maybe).
  14. What a Stone Giant should look like. I'm looking at you "The Hobbit"....
  15. Couple of bones. I tried to make the freehand on the death knight's cloak match his shield. I imagined him as a paladin in magic armor that still held it's shine. The Cloud Giant was my first attempt at tartan. Also, i thought his base looked cool (and it was easy!) Both are shaded metallics (still working on improving that) Hope you like.
  16. Way back in February of 2014 I did a conversion on one of the Yephima, Female Cloud Giant, figures that I had received in a trade. If you want to check it out, you can see my original post here: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2014/02/converting-yephemia-cloud-giant-to-use.html; but to summarize, I removed the legs, and re-positioned the club, on the figure in order to make it suitable to use with my "Uncharted Seas" fantasy naval warfare collection. This figure had been knocking about my painting table for well over a year now, and I thought it was high time to get some paint on it. Here is the result, shown with an "Uncharted Seas" Orc Battleship And here is another shot of it shown next to the Giant that Spartan Games sold specifically for "Uncharted Seas". For the full painting article for this figure , please see my blog: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2015/07/yephima-female-cloud-giant-to-uncharted.html
  17. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/giant/sku-down/03519 I feel confident I recently saw the above miniature or one like it with a whiteish resin body in a shop. Is that possible? At the same time I saw this guy with a grey resin body: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/resin/sku-down/03625 Help me please, or I won't be able to sleep. EDIT: it was 14599 Boerogg Blackrime. Saw one on ebay.
  18. Painted this guy up. Tried to make him a little different with blonde hair and blue eyes (maybe half frost giant?)
  19. Friendly giant Blurrrrr. Marauding the land, looking for some hugs.
  20. Hill Giants for my game. Here are the first 2.
  21. Hello everybody. I was wondering if anyone might happen to have any pictures of the new hill giants side by side with any of the frost or fire giants? I was kind of hopping that they'd all be pretty much the same size. Then I could paint them up to be different classes of the same giant race (i.e. fire giants = fighter, frost giants = rangers, hill giants = barbarians). I've heard however that the hill giants are noticeably larger in scale? :/
  22. I finished painting the Mercurian Maculator I got from Jasper the second. He's certainly a giant hunk of metal, with a really awkward seem right at the belt line. I think the official colors was more of a green orc like thing, but I like the idea of a giant red space ape better. Max Steiner is in the first picture just for a scale reference, he's not quite done.
  23. Next two giants. Cant have too many of these!
  24. So I finished the Bones version of Vanja. I also tried a few backdrops ( just printouts from the internet). Hope you like her. EDIT: forgot to mention this earlier, don't know if it shows well in the pics. The armor is red mixed with silver to get a metallic look, later i added more silver for the highlight parts. And with a more neutral back drop. I'm new to this...must make a lightbox soon. These were made in the garden.
  25. It took forever, but I'm finally ready to call this guy done! Originally my plan had been to finish him in time for last year's Giants contest, but well, he sat neglected for a month or two as the holidays were super busy. This was the largest most involved figure I've ever painted. He was a real challenge, in many different ways. From the endless teeth and bones to paint, to fighting with the snow to get it looking how I wanted, to even photographing him at the end. A big thanks to Michael Proctor for his painted versions, as they were a huge inspiration and helped me sort through all of the details on this guy. If you're curious, I did do a sporatic WIP for this figure here. I wasn't very good at keeping it updated though. I did take notes on the colors I used, so if you're curious about anything, feel free to ask!
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