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Found 161 results

  1. This is Reaper's other frost giant, the one who isn't in Bones. My husband was running a giant-intensive campaign and I thought he would be fun. I painted him in a raking northern light, with pale ivory light on one side and deep blue shadows on the other, with an attempt to show the reflectiveness of sky and snow. His clothing is patched and impromptu, his weaponry a little battered. I painted the metals with metallic paint but also painted reflections and shadows on them. There's a WIP thread here. Some of the pictures are taken from a low angle because it seemed right for a giant. Also, Frorigh is hunched forward and a little difficult to see from straight on (indeed, he is a little front-heavy and needed some counterweight to keep him from toppling forward -- you can see at the front of the base edge where I used epoxy to tilt up the front of the base about 2 mm). ETA: I have submitted him to the Inspiration Gallery.
  2. Took a lot longer than I expected, but here are my giants. I learned a heck of a lot painting these guys, and only hope that I can apply it to smaller models. My only real problem is that I don't think that I boiled the smaller giant enough. He leans forward a lot, which makes him both a real pain to photograph and makes him quite tippy. He can stay upright on level terrain, but if there are any bumps he falls over. I'l probably be practicing molding a heavy boulder to attach behind him in the near future.
  3. Here are some of the frost giants I've painted through the years. The first one is from Grenadier, painted in the 80's. I've had something of a love/hate relationship with this mini; the axe keeps falling off. I think I've got it secured now... Here is the Ral Partha AD&D version, painted sometime in the 90's: And the Reaper version, painted in a hurry for a D&D session. I never seem to plan out getting my models assembled and painted very far in advance of needing them... . I was going for a tundra camo look, basing it on one of the published adventures that had frost giants being ambush predators. Kinda ended up mono-chromatic. And a shot for comparison. The first two were about the right size for earlier editions, but the Reaper fig is closer to the correct size for more recent publications. I hope to add the female frost giant soon; she's in my queue.
  4. This is Otherworld's frost giant, a companion piece to the somewhat larger Reaper's Frorigh: Frost Giant. I painted a whole batch of frost giants, WIP here. As with Frorigh, I was trying for a raking, low arctic light effect. The lights are pale yellow, the shadows deep blue and violet. The figure has some fun details. He had a number of ovoid knobs on his tunic which I decided to paint up like red gemstones, garnets or rubies. The shadows are all painted on. I used metallic paints on the metals but also added lights, reflections, and colors.
  5. And here is the Cyclops belonging to the same Swamp Based Undead Army. I will not post all minis at once. Since I got accidently banned I'll have to repost all I painted.. Oh well.
  6. Those big guys are the first ones I`m painting from the Bones 2 Kickstarter. (I had just received my Parcel after being stuck in customs for a while). I decided to integrate each one in an army (and display shelf) I already painted. So each one has a slightly different skin tone and base. Introducing the Celt/Albion Giant: And the Winter Ogres Giant: I really love the sculpts and they were fun to paint. Also it is nice to have some very big humanoid miniature to paint for a change. I didn't need my detail brush that much
  7. I thought I should get off my butt on this one and get it done before my box of KS2 shows up. I know that once that box shows up that I will be really busy. Hope you all like. Here is the start of the base.
  8. So...I finally got around to painting one of my bones figs. Picked the giant skelleton as it is just such an awesome mini. Hope ya like.
  9. I hope I got her name right. Sorry I could not include her number, but this is the giantess from the first Kickstarter. My mom asked me to do more of an ice theme with her. I am missing my camera so I apologize for the low quality pictures. I am working on how to clean them up to make her look better. For now only one has been done and not very well. Got a camera here are better pictures This was also my first attempt at a marble effect. Not the greatest look, but I feel it looks decent for a first attempt ever at more than just plain stone.
  10. Figured he could have his own thread Painting him up like a Gaboon Viper. Not sure what to do for terrain yet. Would be neat to have those fake dead leaf litter stuff to properly make him look at home but i don't have any of that Going to focus on making his markings crisper now that i have them marked out
  11. 77107- Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess I painted her entirely with two colors, plus white. I found a long time ago that one could get a broad range of colors, from brilliant blues and firey oranges to soft greys and a deep violet near-black simply by mixing different proportions of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna with white. So she's not quite a monochrome, more of a duochrome. It was a fun exercise. The pictures are mostly taken from a low point of view to give a human's-eye look up at the giant. There is a companion to this figure, 77106- Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl
  12. 77106- Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl I painted him entirely with two colors, plus white. I found a long time ago that one could get a broad range of colors, from brilliant blues and firey oranges to soft greys and a deep violet near-black simply by mixing different proportions of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna with white. So he's not quite a monochrome, more of a duochrome. It was a fun exercise. The pictures are mostly taken from a low point of view to give a human's-eye look up at the giant. I painted the frost giant princess similarly. I'll be posting her soon. Edit: She's here.
  13. Loved painting this one up. Super fun. That's why we paint right? Thanks for looking!
  14. So here it is! Pics of all the conversions my husband and I did this weekend! This will be my WIP for painting them all! Some of the pictures are truly terrible and I will take better ones tomorrow to replace them. But this is a teaser for now. In a later post i will try to break down what is in each conversion =P In order of the pics below: First and second area goblin archer riding a spider and a mage that I went all out to convert and modify. She's got so many different parts! Third picture is a hybird of two different lizard men, and the barbarian that was on the goblin archer's new base that I decided looked really good on the treasure chest Fourth is my husband's three conversions [he was very excited to finally get a mini dual wielding tridents] Fifth is our Bones giants from the converting the undead bones giant. Mine is the one on the left [with Spirit of hte Forest branches growing out of his shoulders and two heads!] Sixth is one I'm proud of, done this morning while sleep deprived and feeling nasty....a unholy mash up of Nethyrmaul and Cthulhu! I went a step past what was asked of us and did a head and arm transplant as well as wing transplant [since no one was using their arms...and they're both right arms BTW! and there was ONE spare head laying around]
  15. Continuing to post from my latest latest photo session, here's the unnamed male storm giant and Yephima. Both loaded up on NMM, and a fun attempt at an aqua glassy armor on Yephima. The storm giant's face has a wicked moldline I don't think I've ever seen before until I got this picture linked up and previewed. I didn't notice it while painting, nor have I noticed it when handling it later... oh well. Next time I'll get them all. I promise. Maybe.
  16. Hi there, Just ordered the 3 D&D 5th edition corebooks and notice something in the free basic rules: Fire Giant, Frost Giant and Hill Giant are now "Huge" monsters instead of large. So, do you guys know any nice miniature of these three giant types that fits the 28mm scale? DDM has nice frost and fire giants (including one really similar to PHB's cover) but they are all large size. It doesn't matter if it's plastic, metal or resin. Thanks!
  17. Yephima was one giant experiment for me. Not only did I have a new skin recipe to try out, I ended up with a new hair recipe, blued TMM steel, learned a bit about TMM gold, practiced blending, frosted her then damaged the varnish on her arm and got to practice defrosting and repair all at the same time. Oh, and I decided to see if cotton would sell as clouds. For the curious, most of these trials can be found right here, in our own WIP section. To start, the full rotation: Just in case the clouds didn't work, I took a shot before I started to make them. And finally, the action shot. Defeat those pesky invaders Yephima! ...and, uhm, ignore the camera flash.
  18. Painted up the Bones Giant Spider. One of his eyes was missing and i tried rather poorly to put it in
  19. This was a bit of an ambitious project for me. I think it came out reasonably close to what my original plan was. Other than the base, which I have wussed out on for the moment. I may revisit it sometime later when I feel more like sculpting. The Twilight Goddess. No, not that one. Her clothes bring the colors of the twilight sky, while her hair brings the colors of the sun as it moves across the boundary of the horizon. Could be sunset, could be sunrise. Either way, she watches from the clouds to ensure the transition goes smoothly. 77162 Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (WIP)
  20. Here, for your amusement is my very first WIP thread. The plan here is to show 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant having just put down a dwarf intruder. I figure she needs something to justify that smug look on her face. I plan to pose her with her victim (Stonehaven's Unconscious Dwarf SHD20) underneath that massive club of hers. In order to do this, I will need to cut her club away from the rest of the model. The leaves me with two surfaces (one on the club and one on the loincloth) with no detail. The loincloth surface isn't a big deal; I'll simply remove a small protrusion where the club attached, smooth it out and it will look like part of the garment. The club surface on the other hand will be a bit trickier since it's very detailed. After a bit of brainstorming with Minicannuck, I've come up with a solution. Using some Instamold, I created a mold of the good side of the club's head and made a replica using green stuff. This was my first attempt at using instamold and it didn't work out quite the way I'd hoped. It seems that the mold warped a bit while it cooled resulting in a fairly odd-looking club head. My second attempt worked out much better. This time, I left the club in the mold until it had completely cooled. As you can see, the replica on the left looks much better than the original (pictured again on the right) The next step will be to cut away part of the club head and replace it with part of the green stuff replica. More to come as progress is made. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.
  21. Freshly back from TotalCon, I can happily report that the Ettin I've been working on in my WIP thread is done, and delivered to its owner. He seemed quite happy with it, and I enjoyed the project. (For those who haven't read up on it, one of our local PFS Venture Lieutenants asked me to paint up 77103, Nor'Okk as a "stuffed" version of Vroth the Crusher from a certain PFS scenario as a gift for his teenaged son.) I mostly painted the model normally, but I tried to base him as if on display in a home or museum, and I added a few stitched up scars, where a grievous wound might have been repaired post-mortem. This is the third large Bones model I have worked on. I'd say the model paints up quite well. The only place where the detail really seemed to fall down was on the rear-most of the skulls hanging from his right hip. It's shape is soft enough that it stops looking fully skull-like. Does anybody have a good picture of the metal version to compare it to? As always, your comments are welcome.
  22. Sculpted by Shawn Lux from a design by Matt Beaumont. I assembled and painted this as a 21st wedding anniversary gift for my husband. Here's a scale shot with Reaper's 03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate. It's pretty big. It came with a resin head and body, separate hands, a puff of "steam" (which I left out as too difficult for me to pin), and the large smokestack; and metal ears, the small smokestack, and the whistle. This graffiti says "Om mani padme hum" in Sanskrit: I used just two metallic colors, a pure silver and a pure gold, layered with a lot of colors to suggest reflections, grime, rust, and patinas. The base is painted a sort of orchid purple, and those are reflections of it painted on the hands. There is a deluxe version of this figure with a steampunk yin-yang "lotus", but I got the basic version and made my own base from a sort of wooden doily from the craft store which resembled both a lotus and a gear. Comments are appreciated.
  23. Tsathoggua (Grenadier # 215). This is a gaming piece and depicts the creature on his rock bluff...the open area on the right is a space that allows a reclining semi-nude female figure (can not show due to being topless)...or...the placement of an adventure character that the creature might be talking with during game play. The concept/idea of this piece is based on Star Wars with Jubba the Hut & The Princess dressed as a harem girl laying in chains. This is another of my first few painting attempts at the start of my paint miniature figures career.
  24. This is another one of my older fantasy figures that I just finished. I tried to keep the look of both the figure and the base very bland, barren & bleached. I executed the skin color of the mummy (the way I would envision it)...a grayish rotting green flesh with corpse maggots in the eye & mouth (but executed in a dull dark aged feel, look and manner)...did the same with the cloth wrap...I hope that you feel I succeeded in my attempt. FIGURE...Grenadier (Mummy Lord) # 512...circa 1986...
  25. Since I am currently busy painting some older miniature (vintage, if you will) figures; I decided to take a piece from my private collection showcase and post it. This is the male Frost Giant by Grenadier (circa 1985). When I started painting miniature figures about 18 months ago; this was the 2nd figure that I selected to paint. I think this is one of the most beautiful fantasy figures (castings) that I have ever come across and I still love it today.
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