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  1. Last of the figures for March. 77660 Sir William - I should learn to paint metallics on a flat surface. There's some chunkiness on that shield. 30027 Anirion - digging the green and yellow, might need to do some more wizards in the same color scheme. 30025 Ingrid - I struggled on the eyes. Not showing the left one. Lol 30085 Rogan (what a weird half orc name) - I like how the blue came out on the cloak 20618 Brine Goblin - the limited palette painting challenge is fun. I like the combination of Coal Black and Golden Glow (olive skin).
  2. Another pair of convention speed paints repainted at home. I did not realize the guy on the left was a gnome, so he got painted as a goblin. Similarly, I painted the one on the right as a halfling paladin. When I think of gnomes I envision fat little guys in pointy red caps, according to traditional scandinavian lore.
  3. Hammering away at the goblin collection, thankful I gave dozens away to my newer painting friends in my dnd group.
  4. “I am Adam, Prince of Eternia—“
  5. Painted up for tabletop use! I’ll keep 6, and sell the other 9.
  6. Happy New years all you fine and funky friends of Reaper! So I painted these ones up quite a while back, but they only just recently were released on the Ral Partha Legacy web site, so I can finally show them off. Two goblins and two orcs, most of them with empty hands so you can put whatever type of weapons you'd like to arm them wit. So after years of being ready, please enjoy! I'm really not even sure when I painted all these, but it was definitely a few years ago already. I might have already shown off the last two, but honestly don't remember. In either case, please enjoy!
  7. I just finished the Bones V version of Narthalyssk (metal 02549, bones V 1120) as a gift for a member of my bowling team. My wife and I were randomly paired with him and his mom, and we hit it off great. After we noticed them wearing dragon-themed shirts for a few weeks, I asked, and it turns out that he's a big fantasy geek. He showed me a picture of a dragon that he had someone paint (some WizKid offering) that was, well, more tabletop in quality. We ended up naming our team "Dragon Balls", which 99% of the bowlers were clueless to, and 1% were almost ecstatic... Anyways, I wanted to give him something closer to a display quality, so I've been working on this. I'll be giving it to him tomorrow night! Narthalyssk was just about the right size, but the pose really seems to demand something down below. I figured a horribly dismembered goblin would be suitable. So, fair warning, the last few pictures feature close-up, full-on plastic goblin dismemberment... Comments, criticisms and complaints are welcome!
  8. Finished this Goblin Marauder bust from a company called Macaroni Miniatures. First bust I've actually finished! Had a lot of fun with him. All Pro Acryl paints over a Badger Green Stynelrez primer, with the exception of the armored shoulder which was done with various rust colored pencils by Mini Master Werx (whatever happened to them?), and the shiny metal was done with standard #2 pencil. If I do another, I'd do the chest straps in black to up the contrast value. Really reasonably priced for what you get.
  9. My night goblin shaman. Apologies for the overexposed pics.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen! It's a big game tonight and Motty the Goblin is now live right from the stadium! I found this guy in the box during the last round of the Box of Goodwill. As then kindly pointed out by @alchemist, he is Motty the Goblin Commentator by Impact Miniatures. He is a parody/tribute to a well known British football (soccer) commentator John Motson. As I didn't know who John Motson was and what he looked like, I decided to look him up online. Yup, the decision for color palette was obvious then 🙂 On a separate and final note, this was my first time painting metal. Prep was a little different. But other than that, I would say it's pretty much the same as painting plastic. And here is John Motson IRL 🙂
  11. I like to imagine that this goblin learned to read about 5 or 6 words, he decided that made him a scholar, and then he went into the book-selling business. In looking him over, it occurred to me that the torso and legs are exactly the same as the Halfling Necromancer I posted a while back. I was about to call shenanigans, but my research suggests that MZ4250 actually sculpted both minis.
  12. I thought I'd post some minis I painted a few years ago from Wildspire's "Heroic Townsfolk" set. I'm more proud of some than of others, of course. First up is this pair of goblins...obviously trying to sneak into an R-rated play.
  13. S, since I nly have 4 Orc archers, 1 Xvart wizard, and 1 Duskwarden and here dog going into prep, I needed to add this too....😵 Anyone have a good name for him? and mybe some color ideas?, remembering his skin will be orange.... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  14. Goblins! So awhile back I was horrified to discover that some old un-finished minis had sprouted a strange orange mold. I gave them a deep clean and seemed to have solved the issue (spoiler: I did not and it's affecting nearly all my minis... but that's a problem for another time). As a reward for enduring the cleaning, these goblins deserved to finally get painted. Goblin Command (77349) First up are these two baddies from one of the Bones 2 expansion sets. These guys, being earlier bones, are a bit on the rough side, and definitely out-of-scale with the others. But that does help them stand out a bit. More Photos Below the Spoiler: Goblin Warriors (77444) Next up, we have our "heavy hitters" from Bones 3. I like these sculpts a lot better. There's a uniformity in the face structure, while still having individuality between models. More Photos Below Spoiler: Goblin Skirmishers (77445) The final batch of wimpier goblins from Bones 3. These guys are the mookiest of mooks. Poorly armed, and poorly armored. These are the guys that get sent in first to soak up some arrows. More Photos Below Spoiler: It's nice to finally have some painted goblins. Though my bag full of 50+ more unpainted goblins still taunts me. I have plans to paint them in a few different shades from the yellow-green used here, to a fleshy yellow-tan, to a pale fleshy-grey. Hopefully that'll break up the duplicates and add some variety. But that's a future project. After painting all these guys up I am tempted to finish the set with the Goblin Honor Guard. They're the only ones I don't have. I can't see myself getting much use out of them, as they're a bit more situational or decorative than practical. But my completionist brain says I need them. Reaper has so many incredible and different goblin sculpts. Which ones are your favorites?
  15. I backed their previous Halfling Yeoman riding chickens 😁 so figured I'd give them a shoutout! TAG - Gobudai, Riders of the Shimmering Horde. 28mm Old School Goblin Warg rider miniatures. Metal. "Pledges at £85, and over will be upgraded to our, FREE WORLDWIDE shipping service." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chickstaterii/tag-gobudai-riders-of-the-shimmering-horde
  16. Painted this one for a friends army. It is the Pathfinder Goblin Warchanter (sku: 89004). ..she is really tiny for my old eyes! :o)
  17. Goblin Agent 1 Goblin Agent 2 Dwarf Agent 1 Dwarf Agent 2 Orc Agent 1 Orc Agent 2 WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76692-massive-darkness-agents/
  18. Presenting the Brewmistress, a Goblin Mage from Games Workshop, this diminutive herbalist can be found plying her trade along the winding road between Veilmouth and Silverton. For two coppers she'll let you take a swig of whatever she's brewing at the time, while her potions are always beneficial, it's probably best not to consider what's in it. Despite getting a little lazy with the ingredients rack towards the end, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  19. It's the weekend and you know what that means - lots of painting. Got two little baddies here that are a nice departure from my Goblin Menace group I've been invested into. I'm sure one of these green baddies is yelling out a command to go attack something, but how fitting to say, "Pull my finger." Goblins humor. Battle report! Wins: * Tried priming this time with an all metallic spray. This was the Army Painter's Plate Mail primer. Worked pretty well considering how much ground I needed to cover with the metallic. Note that this did not have a tackiness to it like my little crab did with the Vallejo Leather primer. Strange? * Taking a first run over the armor with Nuln Oil helped save a lot of time. I then went over some of the other areas of the plate with Vallejo Metal Gun Metal. Win! * Tried doing a rusting look over the plate with Agrax Earthshade - win. Looked nice and grimey. * Since these were already dirty, I figured why not add some damage to the plate and weapons. Added rust and blood effects to the weapons and it came out pretty good I think. Added some needed character. Misses: * The "Pull my finger" goblin doesn't have really good clarity in the sculpt to get two eyes definined. It wasn't bad to only have the one, but would have preferred two eyes. * The teeth look pretty bland. Used a white and yellow color mixed but it looked muddled. Tried to show separation with black line. Meh. * Originally had their lower cloth as warlord purple, but it just didn't fit. Covered it with Gnoll Hide MSP, but even that looks kind of drab. I feel that was a good chance to pop up the colors, but fell flat. * Used the Breast Cancer Pink again for the mouths. Still works well, but needed better definition for the rest of the mouth. These look pretty decent. I'll have to come up with a fun base or story for these two. I also snagged the regular goblins, so coming up with something cool for all of them may be a good challenge to come. As always - any areas you see for improvement?
  20. More to come for this little dude. Tried doing a couple things people suggested in my other projects. Mixed inks into paints, went thinner on paint and more layers, focused on less colors and more mixing. Pretty happy so far. Will be following up with damage report, but had to post. Always good to have feedback if you see improvements.
  21. Goblin Menace indeed! I was doing fine with the other group of goblins I did 2 weeks ago, but these little green bast...guys were not as fun. Wins: * Found an EXCELLENT new paintbrush - Master's Touch from Hobby Lobby. Dang! I've been missing this level of spring in the bristles and fine edge with them. Love it. * Tried diluting steel color with black ink to help with application. Worked great! Will do again. * Switched the Sta-Wet Palette paper that came with it to just simple parchment paper. I don't know who uses the actual paper in the Sta-Wet Palette, but that stuff is terrible! * Still using as much breast cancer awareness color pink (got like 4 bottles...need to use!) * dry brushing the hair came out much better this time. Lighter touch and more layers - worked better. Misses: * Eyes this time were more difficult. Tried doing those chibi eyes, but it wasn't as expressive this time. * Tried a base color of off-white in the eye - also didn't seem to give as much character to them. * Washed with Agrax Earthshade around the major bends and muscles. Didn't seem to work as well this time. I think it's time to try that black lining on the next goblin and see if Iike that instead. * using the new brushes have a bit of a learning curve to them. Much more springy and reduced my need for pressure, however this caused some interesting streaks when I didn't mean to. * I did it again! I tried using my finger to dab off an excess streak and ended up taking off some of the baselayer AND primer. With that being the second time it's happened - the best way I can describe what I did was the scene in Top Gun where the flight tower Captain gets a second fly-by. Overall the color of Goblin skin still works great, but basecoat of VCG Flat Green may not have been best. May just add black to Goblin Skin and then lighten it up as I go next time. Attempted different primers on them: Girl with spear - primed in black with Vallejo Black spray primer Chainmail goblin - primed in Vallejo Leather Brown spray primer (didn't like that as much...) Stone chuckers - both of them were done in paint-on Vallejo grey primer. (worked best) Overall, they aren't bad, but they aren't my best. Once I base them I'll feel better. Might even go back after a few days to touch them up to see if I can straighten out the things I missed. As always - open to feedback. Thanks for the tips on the Metallics thread. I put it to use, but still learning.
  22. I painted up another ogre matriarch. she is so fun! This is Daisy, aka the Blonde Bombshell!
  23. Hello everyone, here are pictures of a cute but deadly little lady goblin. 14178, Skralla the Reven Hero was sculpted by Jason Wiebe. I painted her with Reaper MSP paint. According to the rumours; Skralla grew up near the Shores of the Sea of Stars, far from Monglash. She heard the tales of Razig and his undead crew, and has always wanted to join them. Knowing that Razig would never accept her unless she proved herself a true pirate, she raided Aizen Krahl one night and emerged with one of the dwarves' coveted guns and a trail of bearded corpses behind her. Now that she has the guns, the murder, the pillaging, and the rumming down, she has thrown in her lot with Varaug in hopes of meeting Razig one day and joining him. If only she had stolen ammunition, or knew how to load the wretched thing. Still, it serves her well with a blade tied on, and maybe Razig can teach her shooting.
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