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  1. I started out with an Egyptian Undead faction in my Lost World but it didn't feel right. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/ After some good advice from @malefactus I decided to move the Eygptians to their own thread. The first one is my Mummy Captain. Now working on a Grenadier Undead Rhino Captive Carrier with a Bones Priestess as Crew
  2. This was kind of intimidating to start, but I enjoyed painting it once I started. I would like to try another one but using colored resins instead of paint. It's yet another one that is not available through retail.
  3. Reaper Bones - Graveyard Golem. SKU 77526 It's on a 50mm Wooden base Part of my Children of the Night Project. WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/page/29/#comments Hope you like it. I'm going to print some other Golems soon and create a unit of these for my Undead Legion. Let me know what you think! *************************** Saemus the gravedigger was almost finished, he had been digging a grave for old lady Biddington, he climbed out of it and stuck his spade in the ground. Hmmm, he thought almost nightfall, it's getting dark already, he looked around and noticed a visitor, kinda late for visiting the grave of a loved one, Saemus thought. The man was dressed in a brown robe, maybe a priest? Saemus walked to the stranger to ask him if he was going to stay for long, he wanted to close the gates to the cemetary and go home, but then he stopped. The stranger held a scroll and he was reading out loud in strange words, the symbols on the scroll seemed to glow in the dark. Feeling uneasy, Saemus took a step back, the stranger hadn't noticed him yet, what was he doing? Then it happened! The stranger spoke louder and louder, repeating words in a strange language and the very ground began to shake. A tombstone was lifted from the ground, a part of a bronze statue flew towards the tombstone, then rocks, stone, the bones of the buried all merged together and a large figure rose from the ground! The Graveyard itself came alive! Saemus had seen enough he turned around and ran! Behind him he could hear the evil laughter of the stranger. Saemus ran and ran, he would never dig a grave in his life again! *****************************
  4. This was a surprise Christmas present from very kind friends with a printer. The figure is amazing the level of detail and thought is incredible. Which is why it has taken me since Boxing Day to try and do it justice - painting the glyphs was something I could only do for a few minutes before my hands gave up . I've attempted variation of light and weathering and the colours are I hope as authentic as watching every single documentary on National Geographic, Discovery + and the BBC about Aztecs, Inca and Mayans can get me.. The figure is huge and I was lucky to have the chance to paint it
  5. Spent less time on this than I thought but I am very happy with the outcome. C&C welcome.
  6. I painted up this Bronze Golem from Bones 5. It's been on my desk for some time now, and I'm happy with how he turned out. Black base coat with a heavy drybrush of Army Painter "Evil Chrome" metallic, then drybrush again for highlights with Citadel "Retributor Armour", and finally given a Reikland Fleshshade wash. The Roman "mohawk" thing is Army Painter "D&D Dragonfire Red" highlighted with Reaper "09094 Clear Red". The leather skirt is Reaper "09653 Deadrose Red-HD", with a Citadel "Nuln Oil" wash, but the colour disappeared a bit in the photos.
  7. I got back into painting after a long hiatus (and long story) but the good news is 7-yr-old Reaper paint still works! So does Green Stuff, just barely. I thought I'd try shading metallics to reboot but then I wanted a crystal sword, so the sword is a start toward NMM and figuring out how the heck to make a sword look like Non-Crystalline Crystal heh. It looks better in person anyway. I did use a little Vallejo Chrome on the armor highs, but it's 98%(?) Reaper ❤️ I almost forgot to mention there's an actual quarter underneath all that globby green stuff weighing it down. Yeah next time I might go look for a washer. lol
  8. My stash will arrive today! I haven't done a WIP in a very long time , something I intend to remedy. I am extremely excited to get my hands on my contribution to Bones 5, the Whispering Ghoulsbane. Maybe more so than any prior piece I have made. Seeing as how I don't actually have the mini in had at this moment, Id thought I'd fill this space with some history about the concept. I like to watch reviews for feedback on pieces I've made (and learned a lot). A few review waffled on what the thing was, exactly. Part of me revels in this ambiguity -it is what you want it to be. That said it does have a mundane monster origin story.......wait, say, lets make a game of it! Which "old school" monster served as the primary inspiration for the Whispering Ghoulsbane? take a guess. Wait wait wait! it's here, at this very moment! Delivery! let the prepping begin. Step 1: Open the bag. That is all for now.
  9. Hello All, I completed this "Gutrags", Stitch Golem miniature today. Made it a bit dirty and worn.
  10. Hello folks! I hope you're doing well. My latest painted mini : a golem of woes by Rocket Pig Games. I loved this mini as soon as I first saw it. I just HAD to paint it. It's a fun concept and the tormented faces were an absolute delight to paint. 🙂
  11. Hello All, I completed this Iron Golem a few weeks ago. Thank you for looking.
  12. These guys were among my first completed miniatures from Bones 5 because, well, they were easy. Not much too them, and a simple paint-job at that, but dang, they sure are fun! For whatever reason my metallic paints seem to go bad more quickly than everything else, so it ended up being more challenging than I expected to even get the paint on the model. It was a good opportunity to experiment with a tarnished and greasy brass look, so I made it work. The reaper bases were great here because I was able to nest the built-in bases inside and just match the texture with GS rather than go through the hassle of removing it. for quick sessions shortcuts like that are crucial or it bogs down the whole process.
  13. This is Biff. Hiram A. Biff - he's a Graveyard golem.
  14. Been staring at the Bones Stone Golems, 77171, and wondering what to do with them. Ran ideas around and round ... starting with the Jade Golem from vulture ... pulled some greens to consider as well as other alternate colors for golems. Onyx, Jade, Rudy, Topaz ... gem stones? Hmmm. Rock. Rock facets. So I start looking about the Interwebs for how to paint the worn rock edging. I pull up stone golem images and I run across: Ben Grimm, The Thing. And I recall how my group refers to miniatures. We always compare them to various media figures, so why not start there. I present to you, Three Marvel Golems: The Thing The Hulk TBD The last one ... I'm looking for a solid-colored, "massive" Marvel character. Colossus, perhaps? Or can I just represent Captain America? Or go with "strength" and make a "Thor" sans cape? Throw down your thoughts. I plan to start with The Thing. Suggestions on techniques to get the best version of Thing's orange rock feel are welcome. Thanks, T
  15. Presenting the Sewer Golem (and his fishing buddy Cuttleberry) a monster from the game Twisted by Demented Games. Took a surprisingly long time to paint considering it's all washes and drybrushing, but I had fun, that's the main thing. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  16. After assembling the Graveyard Golem I decided I wanted to adjust the warp of the gates on the golem's back. So using two copper staples, I shaped them to an arch and gouged a notch on each wing. Then cut the staple to leave a sharp point. After that, I insert the staple using pliers and force. Next I will secure the wire to the gate posts with superglue and then shape the wire and wing to the desired warp. Once setup I will glue the wire to the remaining gate bars. With the main new bars secured, I will intertwine some floral wire to dress up the bars and gate wings. Stay tuned and Enjoy. Please stay safe.
  17. Hello everyone, here are pictures of the 60142 Golden Guardian I painted for the Pathfinder painting contest. This model was sculpted by Tim Prow. It was the perfect miniature to practice my nmm.
  18. Got this guy in my Bones Paint & Take Home Survival Kit earlier this year. He was done with lots of sloppy washes and dry brushing. I put flock on its exposed twigs, for decency's sake.
  19. Greetings! Coral Golem from the "Titans Of The Tide" pack in Bones 3. It was quite tricky trying to determine many of the details on this mini but I got there in the end . Some of them, like the little fish & the sea cucumber were a pleasant surprise! There are areas of UV paint on this mini but I'm afraid I can't get very good pics showing it but the following will give some Idea. If anyone knows how to take a successful pic in low light using a UV lamp, pls let me know & I'll give it a go & post pics. Thanks for looking!
  20. Working my way through the backlog of minis I need to photograph and post. I was very intimidated by this guy at first, but it turned out to be lots of fun to paint. C&C welcome.
  21. Bob Ridolfi's Graveflesh Servant (aka Bride of Frankenstein) in Bones. I tried to get some different flesh tones on her various parts, do some bruising at the wounds, and not-exactly-sheer fabric effects. Spent far less time on it than I should have.
  22. I was inspired by limey72 work doing NMM Gold on the enlarged Dwarf over in Works in Progress. I wanted to do a brass like robot or construct, so I pulled out this Golem. I also wanted to try some AK weather effect acrylic pencils I have had for a time. I think it ended with too much brown and ended up wood looking. But it has grown on me, so I will finish up his base and call it done. Hope you like it.
  23. Howdy, Stoned... Kev!
  24. Greetings! I recently bought some Greenstuffworld colourshift paints & eagerly wanting to try them out, I searched through my (huge) Bones backlog for a suitably metallic mini. I grabbed the fantastically ominious Iron Golem from the Bones 4 Stoneskull Expansion & got to work. The blue areas are the colourshift paint, all the other areas are standard paints. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's not as easy to see the effect on these pics as it is with your own eyes but you can make it out. There's no shading or highlighting on these areas apart from some silver to pick out the rivets & sharp edges on the arm plates. Thanks for looking!
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