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Found 56 results

  1. nakos

    Nakos' 77171: Stone Golem

    One of a dozen bones I'm working on at the moment. For this stone golem I decided to try a semi precious stone look, rose quartz. The helmet, bracers, and skirt I tried for a dark granite/slate color. All of the bones I paint right now I just go for table top quality and try to hit the right look from a few feet away rather then a few inches. Edited: Cropped to get the pics rotated right.
  2. Some quick tabletop paint jobs: Bones coffin (77137) in bronze: We sprayed this golem (77168) with silver spray paint when we got our bones, and it was a disaster, very tacky to the touch. I stuck him on a shelf. 6 months later he was no longer tacky so I gave him a quick wash and highlighted some details: And Vulture's paint job inspired mine for the stone golem (77171): Edited to add SKU's to test and title.
  3. Dai-Mongar

    Flesh Golem (77169

    Finished just in time for Halloween! This fella was painted in a similar manner to the Bones zombie I did earlier, drybrushing and inks/glazes for the most part. Adding a red glaze to the stitches was something of a last minute idea, but I like what it added to the figure. Also, more people should paint this guy up and post in the inspiration gallery. There's no pics of him! I got an extra set of golems in the KS, so I think I might convert the other one into some kind of sci-fi atomic monster, an atomic superman with an octagonal shaped body that sucks blood... Ahem. C&C welcome.
  4. Arutema

    77168: Bones Iron Golem

    Got my Kickstarter reward and decided to have some fun with metallics. A 3-color speed-paint in brass, gunmetal gray and red.
  5. hi all, i have some downtime between rounds of GSing my froghemoth, so i figured i should start chipping away at my recently (Tuesday) acquired bones. behold, the stone golem: i painted him as though he were constructed of marble and silver. as with all of my minis, i like to use the base to convey a narrative. kudos to the viewer who can figure this one out. this was just a quick PJ but comments are always appreciated.
  6. Besides my son hogging the computer to play Runescape all week, this was the other reason I have not joined the forum much over the last week. I have entered him in the Halloween contest. I really like the sculpt and painting pumpkins is really fun too. I added a few Jack O'Lanterns from the 02992 pack which includes the pumpkins and Jack O'Lanterns. I guess my only beef with the Pumpkin pack is that the Jack O'Lanterns are too big to realistically include with normal figures. Rotpatch is big enough though, so they do not look to out of proportion. C&C welcome.