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Found 9 results

  1. Terrain and minis. List to come Starting with soapstone statue of Dagon
  2. So... I got into D&D last year because of my husband. I liked it, but I really like painting the minis for our campaign. I used to paint as a kid; I'd go every weekend with my grandmother and we'd paint ceramic figures (think lawn gnomes) while my mom worked. So when I got into dnd and started painting, I had fun and have since painted a ton of stuff. Now I've got some skills but one of the new things I wanted to try was blending. I've never done anything like it, and when my husband got me a Goroloth I decided he would be my experiment piece. I'm not good at choosing my own color schemes, so I looked up some stock images and found this: And that's where I decided to start from. I based him in a darker purple and blue And then things went downhill I added a light mix of pink and purple, but even though I don't want there to be too much dark purple left - mostly around the edges - the lines look too solid to me. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong. Did I not thin it enough? I tried to go back and wet blend in some of the original purple base to soften the edges but mostly I don't think it worked. I do like his tentacles though. Those mostly worked If anyone has any idea how to salvage him please let me know, otherwise I'm wondering if it wouldn't be too much to repaint him in the base purple and start over or if I should just put him on the shame shelf and buy a new one to try again Edit: Sorry I have no idea how pictures work either.
  3. Had this one done for a while, just too lazy to get out the photo booth. I was inspired by the old Disney 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus. The last thing some adventurers ever see...
  4. I just started painting miniatures and am really excited how this one came out. I spent quite a while(maybe 40 hours or so) painting this while watching my hubby play Witcher 3. Any suggestions or tips for a new painter? I still need to find a base for this guy! Materials: 77343: Goroloth Army Painter Primer Vallejo Game Paints
  5. Love this mini, still considering basing it somehow, but for now the flying base will have to do. Rather quick job I did while visiting out cabin almost a year back. Very limited paint selection, brush selection and working space, but I think it worked out rather OK even if the blending leaves a lot to be desired.
  6. Ok, I have these two minis that I have 2 weeks to finish and get based. These are going on display bases and I will consider any suggestions you all have. This one: Has been finished for several months and I just can't decide what to do with it. This one: is not quite done yet, but he also needs a nice base. I don't know what is wrong with these two, but nothing I have come up with seems quite right. I appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Feel free to post pieces of ideas as well. I don't know what will provide the inspiration I am looking for. Thank you for your help.
  7. Goroloth painted, with authentic Siri battle damage. It came without a right side pectoral fin so i hand sculptd one for it, giving it a frayed and damaged look. Then i added scars and missing chunks as well, as a old warrior should have was going to try OSL for bio luminescent side spots, however i don't think i succeeded
  8. My Fire Demon was missing his lower jaw so I liberated Goroloth's head to replace it. At that point his wings weren't impressive enough and he some new ones from Rauthuros. The whole conversion took an hour and a half. Due to the nature of the wing conversion and needing everything stable while I figured out how to attach them I had to glue everything but the shoulder pads, hands, and base together. Those pieces will not be glued till at least base coating. Also have to do some minor greenstuff blending around the wing joins and between the head and neck. I may potentially swap out the sword for something else, trident maybe. At any rate, here's the pictures!
  9. I too have purchased the GlazingStyle painting guide from Eric Louchard and decided to try learning this style of painiting. For my victim subject, I decided to use Goroloth from bones II, He is large enough to give me practice as well as a challenge. I started with a primer coat of MSP Pure white mixed in with Glaze Medium and Paint thinner , mixed about 3:3:1 (white:medium:thinner) After letting that dry over night I have started to add the base coat washes as per the guidlines (1:1 Paint:water). They are HD Rich Indigo, Lemon Yellow and Lava Orange! (Yes Jay I used Orange ) This is where I have left it tonight and have yet to decide on how to base the tail and fins... Suggestions would be appreciated as I have no clue what I am doing... so far just going with the flow!
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