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Found 6 results

  1. Having been away from the painting desk for some time combined with that fact that I still haven't finished painting my hoard of board game miniatures I really don't need another project. That being said I could really use a simple breather project and luckily I recently came across the perfect one. For awhile now I've wanted to paint some Space Marine Scouts in the typical Cadian colors. Though Space Marines aren't my thing I really like the look of their old Scouts. I can't quite put my finger on what it is but I knew sooner or later I'd paint some. Having recently found a squad at my local shop now seems like the perfect time to complete a project I've been thinking about for a couple of years. Now in hindsight I really should have just bought a new box as the discount wasn't great, the poses were lacking, and being already assembled meant the cleanup would be a pain. Looking them over though I mistakenly thought they'd been assembled with superglue however so I figured a quick trip through my sonic cleaner would solve all of that. Unfortunately I was wrong and having been built using plastic glue meant extra work. In the end I did what I could cutting arms off, repositioning heads, and trying to clean the remaining mold lines. They're still a bit rough but I thought they were passable so I forged ahead adding grit to their bases and priming them. Which of course brings us to tonight when I "truly" started the project. Armed with my recipe card and a couple of reference models from my army I started painting. I only managed to basecoat their fatigues and armor but already they're looking pretty good. Looks like the Cadian color scheme really agrees with them too.
  2. Here's a model I had had in my bits box forever! It's the old metal model from the 40k command boxed set. Anyway, I finally put some paint on this classic sculpt from GW. SK
  3. This is the last model three captains I completed in December. I mixed and matched parts with two other LE mail order models to produce this final one in the set. However, I realized I had forgotten to take pics of him prior to taking him down to my FLGS for display. Anyway, here he is... This will be it for me gang until this fall. 17 models painted this winter. Didn't get close to my paint list goal (again). Happy painting gang. Keep up all the good work. SK, headed back to lurk mode.
  4. Finally managed to get some paint on this model! This is the metal version of this sweet sculpt. Very HEAVY and covered with cool details. What a great sculpt! Used mostly Citadel and Reaper paints on this guy. Again, no metallics paints were ever in danger during the production of this kit. SK
  5. Turned off the Super Bowl in frustration and decided to post a few images of my latest project. This took me nearly a month from start to finish. I was humbled and my patience was tested. These models were very detailed and packed with fiddely bits. I spent almost a week on the Chapter banner alone. I used both Reaper paints and Citadel paints for these five models. The dio base is a painted pine wooden base and about half a box of milliputty. NMM of course and an Ultramarine paint scheme was the obvious choice. Bottomline: This project kicked my arse. I only took a few basic pics tonight. I might try and get a few close ups and some details shots on some of the Honor Guard as well. SK
  6. Knocked this one out over the weekend. Another model I found buried in my bitz box, the original sword blade was lost, but I managed to find the hands portion w/ pommel and just added another blade and built a hilt with some extra bitz. Added an Ultramarines icon piece to the backpack and pinned the whole thing to a custom resin base I got from a guy in Germany several years ago. This model was issued in 2000-2001 as a limited edition, I've always loved this sculpt, the proportions are a little off in places, but still a great model. Pretty straight forward to paint as well. I think it turned out okay. Here's a few shots the Titus himself. THERE IS ONLY THE EMPEROR! SK
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