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Found 89 results

  1. The bones version of Hellakin painted up for the little people challenge.
  2. Citrine

    Enora, Iconic Arcanist (60178)

    Enora told me "Paint me NOW!", so I happily obliged, even thought my pile of partially painted is approaching 20. She is so cute!
  3. MamaGeek

    Cecilia, the Hefty Halfling

    Cecilia, the Hefty Halfling is a D&D bard/fighter character I am currently playing. She once got the party into a fight with killer mushrooms when she tried to collect them for a stew. And when the battle was over, she still made her stew. This is a Bones figure, with minimal prep. I didn't use any primer, but I did glue her to a gaming base, and extended the base she came with into more rock and dirt using green stuff. I missed a mold line or two, but otherwise, she's not too bad. The surface was not as smooth as polished and primed metal, but for a tabletop mini, that's ok. My friend bought the Vampire Level Bones Kickstarter set, and I'm on deck to paint all the minis for our PCs, so I'm not putting in a lot of time on each one. This one took me 4 hours, including prep. I was lazy about planning a palette, and stole it from a Reaper Paint Crew paint job of another figure. Bonus points if you can identify which one! (The Paint Crew job is much better than mine, especially since this is speed paint.)
  4. Been on the boards for a while, but I am officially taking the plunge and doing my first Show Off. 3584 - Dar Dimplefoot, Halfling Thief Base made with Magic Sculp and Happy Seppeku basing stamps. Comments appreciated!
  5. Mutilatedlips

    Lem, Iconic Halfling Bard

    Lem! My eyes hurt, I don't think I will be painting another halfling anytime soon. Good thing I think I got one of the nicest sculpts done. Static grass is not my friend right now, might have sprinkled a bit too much.
  6. Hi, in the moment I have the problem that most 28-32mm Halfling minis do not satisfy me. 1. I don't want them to have tall. Most have sizes like Dwarves. Even the new Arcworlde Halfling minis I will get soon. I want only half the size of a human +/- few inches (not +/- whole feets!!!) 2. I do not want them thinny. No thinny Halflings. More like Tolkien made them in his mind. 3. No shoes! Only shoes for one or two special characters... Does anyone know a producer of such Halflings to get together a skirmish group (even a bigger group)?
  7. Well, I finally managed to get some painting done and some pics taken. Only 1 dwarf, 1 halfling, a dragon, and a couple of sci fi models... Still a load more stuff to paint, but it's a start! cheers, Michael
  8. The Inner Geek

    Halfling for RPG Character

    So I start a new adventure next week... literally. It's going to be my first time playing a halfling, a rogue, and Pathfinder all at once. So I though I'd put some effort into a mini... though this may guarantee character death before level 2. Here is what I have so far, and I need HELP. And a shot with a less harsh light because in real life the mini seems to look a little better in the dark... and without my magnifying glasses on... I know there are several problems with this mini at this point. The one I'm wanting to knock out first is that I feel like the paint is chalky, or at least not very smooth on parts. Especially the skin. On a side note, I think the light I paint under may be too bright. Whilst painting I feel like my highlights are too stark, but under normal lights elsewhere in the house they almost look too subtle. I really used to be a better painter a long time ago... I thought it was like riding a bike but apparently not.
  9. Silvervane

    77165: Hellakin Goregutter

    Here we go with more Bones for you viewing. While trying to decide on colors thought I go with colors of one of my favorite super's Spiderman. Thanks for viewing and happy painting.
  10. izzylobo

    Riding dogs?

    So, one of the characters in my AD&D game is a halfling fighter who has acquired a riding dog. While the character's mini is relatively easy (I'm using Bailey Silverbell, because close enough - armored halflings are hard to find, female ones worse, and specifically banded mail?), I've strangely been having trouble finding a mounted halfling, let alone a dog big enough to be a riding dog. (There's one 25-28mm halfling mounted on a dog that I can find, one of the Wizard's pre-paints). So I'm looking for a decent-sized dog, although preferably not a mastiff (that's not a show-stopper) that's big enough to represent a decent mount relative to Bailey. I've looked at Garr and the guard dogs pack from Reaper, and Garr might work, but is a bit noble, and the guard dogs are too aggressive (the dog has so far been a bit of a lovable goof - more like the big dog from Kiki's Delivery Service, actually, than a Ferocious Attack Dog). So, obviously, there's always leeway in trying to find the right figure for a character, and concessions are nearly always made. But anyone have any other options that might be doable, for a large dog - or know of someone actually producing mounted halflings that might work?
  11. Here is one for anybody needing more halfling athletes! Link!
  12. terrainapprentice

    Hellakin, Halfling Thief 03071

    Hello Gamers! Just wanted to show you all my latest paint job. As always constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks ahead of time.
  13. Did this in an hour or so. Kind of messy but hey, he needed to game!
  14. fanguad

    02531: Dobbin, Halfling

    Presenting the base coat of one of my winter break WIPs. This is for a player of mine's halfing paladin of Sarenrae. Sarenrae's colors are red and gold, thus the prominence of those colors. By the way, that's Christmas Wreath on the base. The gold bits, armor and sword are all metallics. (Also, I can see a few spots I missed on his left side (our right)) I knew I'd screw it up if I tried to modify his shield, so I left the hedgehog intact. Here's the best blazonry I came up with for his shield: Argent, a saltair cotised gules, a hedgehog rampant reversed tawny and a crown or Does anyone know enough about blazonry to tell me if this description is correct? Next steps will be to fix those spots I missed, then add shadows.