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Found 4 results

  1. It all started with a D&D group forming. That's when I started up the painting minis in June. And having trouble finding figures that we felt represented our characters, I opted to have some fun and use some anthropomorphic Dark Sword critters. Plus, I admit I was a little scared of doing human faces on my first go. What they represent in our game, from left to right - A Half Elf warlock, a Goliath warrior, an Elf swashbuckler, and a Dragonkin cleric of Talos. And the badger's weapon is a conversion because the original mace head broke off and my friend's character carried a glaive. I bought one of the Reaper weapon packs and used a piece from that for the conversion. I also got a surprise and found that I had already bought the badger a long time ago, so I had two! So I painted both up and call them "The Brothers". I love their furry cloaks.
  2. I could use some help pushing this forward. I have just about reached the end of what I am willing to do with this piece. But I really want to make it better. The concept is an adventuring party stumbles on a pool on the beach and everyone cautiously approaches, well almost everyone. There is always someone in the party who just has to provoke the easy kill. All done with DSM critters. I still plan to add some beach grasses and with the pictures, I can see some blending and touch up issues but I would really welcome some critique on where I can improve these guys. Between work travel and some medical issues I haven't had the time to paint that I would like and my entries are reduced The pieces are in their pin holes but not attached yet as I'm still messing around with positioning. If closeups are helpful I can still take them Thanks for any advice you care to share! Roo
  3. I am doing a WIP for this one because it is my first experience with resin and these have a few obvious challenges. I also have the Shisa Lionturtle and I really want to nail that one, so this will be sort of a trial run. So far I have him cleaned up and put together. No big deal there. The arms matched up quite well and only required minor green stuff to fill the gaps. The next part will be the hardest, I think. The master models were printed on a 3D printer. The detail is good and they cast well, but the lines from the layers of the printer showed up really well on the casts. I am thinking that a layer of watered sealer before priming should take care of most of it. Any thoughts? Comments and criticism welcome and appreciated.
  4. Tom Meier did a lovely job with this but I couldn't figure out what he had in mind with the eyes. I thought I should change them to get what I could paint. One of the painters at ReaperCon spilled the beans and let slip the most important clue since paint brushes. Brush on Sealer! Unfortunately I ran out of time and was unable to change the pigtails or add the rodent coming out of the barrel. Everyone knows anime school girls have LONG flowing pigtails. They don't hack them off like is shown here. It's just NOT done. I'm going to saw them off and cast some new ones. It should be reasonably easy to glue them on. The weapon is described lovingly on their web site: "Behold the 54mm Scale Anime School Girl. She comes complete with something every Japanese school girl carries: the "HAM-HAMMER 3000" Let others dwell on the problems of the past, ACME corporation looks to the FUTURE! The new HAM-HAMMER 3000 represents a quantum leap in rodent delivery technology. Improvements include: - A 30mm barrel nearly eliminating tube-jam and greatly reducing the risk of blow-through or backfire. - Teflon coated acceleration chambers for easy cleanup. - DIAL-A-BITE, now, with the press of a lever you can set the exact masticatory parameter you need from a warning nibble or a determined gnaw to ... well!" Enjoy, and happy New Years!
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