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Found 8 results

  1. This is a Heroclix figure (Lex Corp Security if you're interested) that i got out of a Box of Goodwill. She was a quick and easy repaint, I liked the colors they used, so I just fixed them up so they weren't slopped all over each other. I figure she'll work well in modern, zombie, and possibly near future/ sci-fi games as a secret agent or something like that. I tried to paint her sunglasses to look as though they were reflecting the sky; does it work or does it look lousy? Be honest, please.
  2. Started my repaint of the HeroClix Frost Warrior for D&D Tabletop Frost Giant Warrior. The HeroClix base was taken apart and I canted him forward a bit more for his final pose. Then added bark around him to increase his base and used the original base. I will be adding sand, cork bits and other ballast to fill in gaps around the base.
  3. I like to kitbash figures. That's one of the reasons I love Bones; they're easy to cut up and customize. And for that reason, I still sometimes buy collectible plastic figures, when they clearance out; three or four bucks each for a blind packed figure, or fifteen for five blind packed in a box, is too rich for my blood these days. Recently, this local joint clearanced out their HeroClix single packs from Thor: The Dark World and The Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies. And I got to thinkin' "What are the odds that some of these figures might be suitable for Frostgrave or something?" And for fifteen bucks, I bought all they had left. Y'know what? It's disturbing when you buy ten packs of a product marked THOR, and not one of them contains Thor. Friend of mine had a similar experience, buying Man Of Steel single packs at Target. Out of ten, he wound up with two General Zods and no Supermen. Today, I ran across a clearanced dispenser of LOTR: Return Of The King single figure packs, at a very attractive price. Again, I thought: "What are the odds that I'll find some useful bits for fantasy gaming?" And I bought the whole box. It was nearly full. And out of 24 packs, we get one Gandalf, one Aragorn, two Pippins, one Sam, one Faramir, and a whole buncha no name orcs and otherwise that no one cares about. I did not feel cheated; the price was good enough that it was all spare parts to me. But I definitely thought "If that had been full price, that'd be over a hundred bucks for a large booster with two rares, a few uncommons, and a whole lotta dreck*." It definitely did not tempt me to go back into collectible miniatures games... *Oh, and one junk rare. Denethor. Denethor, of all people. Whose idea was it to stick DENETHOR in there? A character who, in both movie and book, does ZERO aside from sit in a chair, rant and rave, diss his son, go insane, and attempt suicide. And for some reason, the HeroClix people thought he needed a figure?
  4. I'm trying to get more monsters available for the random encounters in Frostgrave. First off is a Frost Giant, converted from the Pathfinder Battles: Dungeons Deep Frost Giant. She wasn't directly intended for Frostgrave, I was going to convert her to match the Frost Giant Jarl from "Giants Revisited"...then realized I misremembered the art, and she already WAS based off that piece. So she got a heavy infantry makeover:
  5. Trying to expand the bestiary for "Frostgrave". The Frost Trolls (Yetis) are former Shaggy Man from HeroClix, the apes are also former clix, and the Frost Giant is a Pathfinder Frost Giant converted to a heavy infantry type...not specifically for Frostgrave but fit the theme. First paints are applied, and Lars the Linkboy is there for scale.
  6. I picked up this Archam Asylum Guard for really cheap, and decided to paint him up as a cop. This is my first repaint, and thought the sculpt was weak on details, especially on the face and hair, I think he turned out ok for a tabletop cop.
  7. Here are some old models I have gotten some more life out. The heroclix figs. I bought for like .15 cents each (the girls I think were .50 each) I rebased them and dry-brushed them... . I also have some mageknight desert warbirds that I repainted as terror birds. And an alligator and croc from the kids toy box...
  8. Hello. I paint a lot of different things so I guess I will try to keep one thread running rather than make a thread for each thing or genre. Lately I have been working on Heroclix mods/repaints and Sedition Wars. Also the Bones-wolf in the other thread. Anything could show up, though, as I have been collecting minis for...a long time. Sedition Wars Like these minis. They have had mixed reviews since they started being received, but I think McVey did a good job with these models. Have been slowly picking away at the box. Went with yellow for the Samaritans and your standard zombie palette for the Strain. Akosha was the character I was most excited to paint from the core game. I wanted to paint her up in light colors since I have yet to see her that way, and as a contrast to her nature as a wetwork killer assassin type. Here she is with her active camo version as well. And a close up of the glowing eyes on the camo'd one. Since she's a cyborg, and all. Heroclix I have recently been bitten by the mod bug for Heroclix. It isn't a game that one would normally consider for rewarding painting, but there are some really talented modders doing inspiring work out there and some really horrid models that need replacing with something more aesthetically acceptable. Hulk. A Heroscape figure repainted and mounted on the base of a little-tiny-not-at-all-imposing sculpt from the Incredible Hulk set. Superman repainted Kingdom Come style and put on a sculpted explosion to replace the hideous TabApp sculpt. For those unfamiliar with Heroclix, the TabApp sculpts are an abomination whose only value is that they have inspired many to try modding their figures. Captain America. Another TabApp repaint/swap with some new wings sculpted on the temples. Wolverine TabApp. Repaint and some sculpting for the hair. A classic look from right after Fall of the Mutants. Thanos. I love Thanos. A Heroscape repaint and sculpted gems for the Infinity Gauntlet on the original dial from the first set. Sorry for the pic dump. Further updates will be smaller. This is just the more interesting stuff I've done recently. I have just finished up some more Strain, the Bones Minotaur, and a Zoat. Will put up pics when they are taken. In the pipe: more Sedition Wars, Alkemy kitties, more Heroclix, maybe some GW. Thanks for looking.
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