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Found 5 results

  1. Really a very nice sculpt with lots of detail, which is partly why she sat on my painting table for so long. Got her finished up back during christmas.
  2. My third and final bust (for now) from Heroes & Villains Miniatures. This one is "Jacobite Highlander: Culloden Moor, 1746." The big challenge here is, of course, going to be the tartans. From my research, it looks like pretty much every piece of the outfit could be a different plaid, but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to leave the shirt and/or jacket a solid color for my own sanity. This is definitely going to be the most extensive freehand I've ever attempted. He also has a few accessories that I haven't attached yet, and even came with another, much angrier and beardier head. I probably would have gone with that one except that I just did a bearded bust and I want to try clean-shaven. (That last photo was taken with my new phone camera macro lens!) I've collected a few inspiration pics that show how just how much plaid can go into these outfits.
  3. I painted up another trio of Talisman minis, this time from the Highland expansion. The first one is the Valkyrie. I chose her first because I have always liked Valkyries, and she had some nice art: She didn't turn out great, though she does look pretty good at table level. I'm pretty happy with the hair and cloak at least. Next is the Vampiress. I picked her because a player really wanted to use a vampire. I did not have high hopes, because even though it is some nice concept art, the colours looked like they would be hard to capture. I wasn't wrong: She looks terrible up close. However, she does look good on the board, so she gets the job done. You can tell I was disappointed in them, since I forgot to add my typical grass markings to the base. After a couple lousy paint jobs I wanted to move on to the next mini as a palate cleanse. Unfortunately, I broke my glasses the next day. So I had a forced break of a couple weeks while I got my eyes examined and a new pair of glasses. On the plus side, i did get a new phone, so I have a better camera. Yesterday I started the Highlander: He was looking half decent, so I actually stopped short of trying to paint the tartan and took some photos just in case it turned out terrible. However, the pattern turned out okay. It's the best freehand I've ever done, so I'm very happy with him. The face isn't great, but that's partially the mini and partially the size. I need to get more practice with the new camera. Even though the quality is clearly better, the phone focuses on the base, so that the head is a little out of focus. Also, the pics are way too bright, you can't even see the khaki in his shirt. I took a shot with him and the Stonehaven Dwarf I painted up recently, he looks tiny next to the Dwarf.
  4. This is one of the add-on set of the Thank-You Pack in the Bones II Kickstarter. I don't know what she's called yet. Someone in my gaming group needs her for a PC (the character is named Scáthach, which would be a great name for this figure as she was a legendary Scottish woman warrior and martial arts trainer), and she was my officially named "first Bones II mini", so I'd best get started. Here she is primed with Reaper's Brown Liner. I painted her cape a deep woollen tartan green. I intend to attempt plaid later. Don't judge me. She had a slight tendency to topple over backwards, so I glued her down to a fender washer. I shaped the epoxy a bit to blend in with the rocks she seems to be standing on, but I didn't do any serious sculpting or anything. I primed her skin (I decided her legs are not bare) with a very pale, slightly sickly skin tone mixed from Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, and Phthalo Green. I'm going to try to make her a redhead with the pale sallow and rosy pink skin they (we, tbh) tend to have. This is her face at the moment. Eyebrows will come later with hair (or be invisible, as redheads' eyebrows so often are). Lastly I painted some stone-grey on her base. It's mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White and was originally mixed for drow flesh.
  5. This is one of the male characters in my RPG group. I added the ax weapon to the original charter.
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