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  1. It's a new year! And with that come new goals. I've got a short list but need to iron it out a bit before committing.
  2. Or it will be soon! So go out there and kill it in this new year! So, what ya gonna "kill" on your "job" list first, huh assassins? :P GF
  3. Since it’s the 2nd of November and nobody has started this topic yet, I will... My goal this month is to finish enough Prince August home cast figures to stage a skirmish, and then to actually play it. I came close last month, with a last minute finish on nine figures, but I’ll need several more to field my orcs and such warband. My secondary goal is to get back to painting more regularly; I started the year at a pace of ~1 tabletop-grade figure per day, but I’ll need to stick to painting if I want to end the year with a pace of half a figure per day. I’ve been running something about that the past couple of years, which means that, if I were serious about this, I would need to focus a bit more. For most of the rules I play, a new project would be something like two armies of twelve units each of twelve figures, or a total of about 288 figures. If I didn’t “butterfly”, that would be about a year and a half of painting, which wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually stay focused on a single project. The odds against that are very long, of course. I’m currently looking at three new starts (Classical Greeks in 1/72, Franco-Prussian War in 40mm home cast using vintage molds, and generic horse and musket with imagi-nations in portable 1/72) plus three ongoing projects that could use a fair bit of work (40mm French Revolution, 1/72 scale fantasy—playable but wants two Hordes of the Things armies to fill out the campaign, about 120 figures, and 25mm vintage Tolkien fantasy—for which I undoubtedly already own more figures than will be painted) and several skirmish projects.
  4. As the title says, I NEED ideas for titles. Bad! Also, hobby Goals and crap. GF
  5. Its a little early but I had an idea and I didn't want this thread taken by another. So, what are your objectives for May? Here are mine... --Survive GF
  6. Courage looks like foolishness to a coward! Which are you! Chronicle your tales of Triumph or Tradgedy below! -----20XX --Go to GenCon-might not happen due to plague --Reach Level 43 --Run for elected office --Get elected --Fist Fight a Deity --Walk away after Fist Fight with a Deity --Hopefully after Winning that Fist Fight with a Deity --Watch a Demon Lord bleed out at my feet --have one or more Devil Kings beg me on their knees for mercy they will never recieve --have the very thought of my existence cause Greater Fey to tremble in fear --figure out how baking works --try to bake cookies from family recipes --eat lightning --continue discovering how cats work --beat three classic video games I've never beaten before-beaten Mega Man Zero 1, 3 and 4! --Create a Super Fighting Robot --Treat Super Fighting Robot as Son or Daughter --Finally play the Mega Man Zero/ZX series due to collection-MMZero4 has an effing amazing final boss fight and music to match! -----April --Royally wreck the cognition of some abusive criminals as a Phantom Thief!(in a video game. Persona 5 Royal) --try to figure out why my streaming setup isn't working now. --begin preperatiions for my next F2F D&D game. We are off to Eberron! GF
  7. Its that time of the month again! Has your Paintwater broke yet? :P What else you gonna try for this time? Go a head and post it here so we can shame you into actually doing some of it this time! But seriously, Shame is a surprisingly effective motivator. Especially for improving oneself by changing for the better. But I've rambled on for far too long. Let the Goals begin! GF
  8. Or will you just be a Bard and "sleep" with all the comely humanoids. And some nonhumanoids. and that rock over there. and the ghost of my great grandma! Yeah. So hobby goals. What are they? Where did they come from? and where are they going? GF
  9. But Enough Typing, Have At You! Post your goals, for Mankind Ill needs a Savior such as you! You Steal men's Paintbrushes and make them all gunked up! GF P.S.: I've been up since 5AM last year. No wonder I'm all loopy ;) Also, Richter Belmont is amazing in Smash Bros Ultimate, so that may have contributed to this tangent.
  10. So, its that time of the month again. What do you want to work on this month? Do you need it to be ready before "Gifter's Morn?" Or perhaps the Winter solstice? Or maybe it needs the stars to be right so great Chthulu can bring the gift of madness to your loved ones? Here are mine... --Prepare for endgame of my Swinedimples campaign --finish main story of Pokemon Shield --Get gifts for my friends --find out why kitty is sneezing so much GF
  11. Yeah, I know its WAY early, but I had an idea for the title and I didn't want "anyone else" to take my job this time! :P Anywho, what are your Hobby Goals for November! Mine are.. --Finish prep work for online D&D mini campaign "Swinedimples School for Adventures 10th year Reunion of the Class of 1291!" --Finish Custom Medusa Mini for very late "Box of Many Things" exchange(late due to illness) --Schedule a [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Sunday night Online D&D game session! GF
  12. So, time for a last grind to level up! So, what skills do you want to learn? What talents do you want to improve? Any crap you want to retrain? GF
  13. Its that time of the month again! No not That Time. Get your mind out of the gutters! And your's or someone elses pants! It is time for Hobby Goals! So, have at it! GF
  14. As it says, post what you want to get done this month! Vice President of Reality, Both Physical and Virtual and Avatar of Some Dude In A Tiny, Little Town In the Middle of Nowhere, Generic Fighter
  15. So hobby goals for March. Mine are... --PAINT SOMETHING!!!! --Get better at Cat Cohabitation --Get last item for my Box of Many Things Partner from December so I can send second package. --Prepare for the Launch of season 4 of the No One Can Know About This podcast --Pester Chris and TJ to release a new Episode of the Turtle's Paradise podcast --Complete the Chapter 3's in Octopath Traveler GF
  16. It’s almost February, so it’s time to think about what you want to get done. For me: Finish at least one twelve figure unit (two would be better) Add something to the 1/72 scale plastic Portable Fantasy project Paint enough Burrows and Badgers figures to fill out a third war band and fill out the war band forms (that translates to two or three new ones...) Paint a standard bearer for my Ghost Archipelago crew. I have a banner design sketched (bottom one, after review by my aesthetic consultants): Stretch goal: Something for the proposed urban fantasy game
  17. Hobby Goals go! Mine are below... UPDATES! Olde Stuff --Next VPRG I'm starting is likely Dragon Quest 11. --Gonna start Nativity Set soon. --Can't find the $#@@ Monks. --Spring Exchange Minis are also in que for soon. --Thinking about getting Translated Repro Cart of Secret of Mana 2 or a Shin Megumi Tensei SNES Game for next of these. New Stuff --Starting a Catlady Mini for a friend --deciding on BoGW Group Paint Mini options. GF
  18. Its June! What are your Goals? I'll post mine once I have some:P GF
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