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Found 5 results

  1. So in the spirit of ReaperBryan's Redecorate My Office thread, I'm going to ask you guys for some help with part of my basement game room. Unlike Bryan and his office, I do sort of have a theme for my game room which is basically medieval times meets Stargate address archive meets nerd cave. (I didn't say it was a good theme). Anyway, my wife, who is a stained glass artist, promised me she would make me six pieces of stained glass of my design for use in the window shutters I started for the three basement windows. The shutters will replace the shades, and by having them glass, I'll be able to leave them closed, but still hopefully let a lot of light in. My problem is that for the last three years, I haven't finished my part of the project because I can't decide what designs I want for the stained glass. Which means my wife can't do hers. The problem isn't coming up with a design or two, but coming up with ideas that look good together, can be paired (each window will have two pieces - one on each side of the shutter), AND can be made with at least 60% lighter translucent colors of glass to allow light in. So what do you think would look cool for stained glass in a game room? Each piece would be approximately 12" wide, by about 14" high, and as I mentioned, each shutter would have a right and left piece. I don't care if the pair in each window are part of the same design, or just along the same themes. I do want them to be somewhere in the sci-fi or fantasy realm. I do have to draw all of the patterns myself (or commission someone to do them, which cuts into my glass budget). here's some pics to give you a better idea: Here are two of the windows in the corner with the video games: Here is a sample of my book shelves with gaming, reference and fictions books, as well as some overflow hobby stuff. like Bones creatures: And finally, here's one of the other walls near the bar area:
  2. The title says all. Just wondering if anyone had anything interesting. I would post one of my own story ideas, but then I'll find out years later that it was plagarized and is being turned into a movie. It's happened to me before, I'm not being paranoid.
  3. Y'know, Reaper's been very good about Christmas miniatures lately. Jason Wiebe's Santa dwarves are great, we have Gene's original Santa (which is easily converted to Zombie Santa, btw), the Santa Mouseling, the new Elf girl, the Nativity, which continues to be expanded... yeah, Reaper's pretty much on top of their holiday promotions. I hope it's profitable. It's certainly fun. So, naturally, I want more. I really like the new Santa Dwarf, with candy cane and axe. The trouble is, it doesn't go far enough. I have decided I want a completely over-the-top Simon Bisley style barbarian, with muscles on his muscles, an entire bearskin for a kilt, mighty axe in hand, foam upon his shrieking lips, eyeballs bugged so big I can paint the little veins on them... wearing a Santa hat. Beard optional. Make it a detachable piece, even, sold with the barbarian; add it or leave it off, as you wish. I mean, think about it. Who wouldn't want one of THOSE in his collection, with the Ral Partha Killer Rabbits and GW Thruds? The concept is expandable. The following year, release a Chainmail Bikini variant, also with Santa hat, sword in hand, snarl on lips, and built in such a way as to drive the feminists crazy. Over the top! And the year after THAT, just rerelease one of the Warlord Yetis, but with big cartoon eyes and sharky teeth, as a Christmas Bumble! And the year after that, an over-the-top attacking ungulate, fangs so big he can't close his mouth! Reaper would call it Dire Reindeer, of course, but WE'D know it was Dread Rudolph, and paint him accordingly... I ask no compensation for the idea; I offer it freely and without claim. As a writer, I've been approached by those what say "Howbout I tell you my story, and you do all the work of writing the book and making it cool and readable and coherent, and then we split the $ fifty-fifty?" Yeah, right. No, take it and run with.... ...what time is it? Good lord, I haven't had my coffee and medication yet...
  4. Thrym's Table "Journaling" :: From Thought to Reality and Back After discussing paint journals with CashWiley and Ub3r N3rd recently I decided to talk about somethings that I've done to record ideas and potential projects. These include a variety of interests and not just painting but I did examples for painting journals. I've talked about SpringPad.com on here before and maybe even Google Drive but putting it altogether is what makes this post interesting. I hope you guys find it useful. Obligatory photo so this isn't just text:
  5. What are Reaper's intentions for new 54mm master series miniatures. I have a lot of great ideas for them, but i dont know if Reaper is still doing them or how to even submit my idea. Thank you, Rattatusk
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