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  1. Long time no post from me. Had a slump over Winter where I didn't paint/finish as much, but... recently started playing Infinity and I've gotten back into painting, so thought I should try to post more too Anyway... minis I decided to start my Ariadna army off with Uxia, as I really liked the model You can sort of see the SAS symbol I painted on her shoulder in gold and white in these shots, but it's so small that it doesn't show too well in photos. It also took far longer than I'd like to admit to paint it, given it was all of about ... 3mm high ^^; I also had to mix a
  2. Just a group of Nomad Mobile Brigada armors, The one on the left is the starter box Mobile Brigada, I didn't include separate pictures of him since I think I showed him already. The other 4 are the ones from the Mobile Brigada box. And a quick comparison to the old mobile brigada. Hacker Shotgun Machinegun missile And that's the lot of them! Probably the last Mobile Brigadas I'll ever need since I think I now have more than can really be used in the game.
  3. Hi, all. It's been a while since I've posted anything online (though I've definitely been painting stuff up), but I'm rather proud of how this guy turned out, so I thought I'd share. This is the Devil Dog figure from Corvus Belli's Infinity - USAriadna Army Pack. I'm not entirely happy with how the gun came out, but I think the rest of it is rather solid: As always, let me know what you all think. Magius out.
  4. My latest project. Someone got me this little mini for Christmas. I'm not sure how I feel about this brand. They seem to be a little smaller than stuff put out by Reaper. Not hero scale. As you can see next to the penny. All that's left is to wait a few days and add the dull coat. Thanks for looking
  5. Apologies if this is the wrong forum; if so, please move to the correct one mods. Has Reaper considered punching out 55mm bases. Infinity has started using them for some of their units and the availability of them isn't what I'd like. The market for 55mm bases is pretty niche I'll admit, but if the costs of the machining is low enough, it might be achievable. I understand and expect the numbers won't add up, but I thought I'd ask just in case.
  6. With my summer exchange mini 99.99% done, it is time to start on some personal projects. On my work table are two competition entries as well as the start of my Infinity Bakunin Nomad squad. On the two competition entries, I mainly have done base construction. The first base is for a male assassin from Dark Sword. In my mind I have pictured palace/temple ruins in the desert. Why this? Well, the miniature reminds me of this guy: And so, he will be my inspiration for this piece. The big base is for someone special and is still missing elements. Here is where it stands no
  7. These have been on my desk for over a year and I needed them off so like the others I rushed them to completion. I am not entirely happy with them but they are finished and off my desk now. There we go, more completed but rushed minis from the head of chaos.
  8. My first ever show off thread here. Not really showing off since these are not very good imo BUT I needed to get these off my desk. They have been on there for more than a year, dusted off at least five times and finally rushed through the last few stages to get them done. No idea what happened to the full on frontal view pic I took but its not in my phone or my pc, maybe I imagined it... Anyway, that's that.
  9. A pair of metros I painted for a friend. Machine gun: Rifle:
  10. Well seeing I've been working on a bunch of my Inifnity models over the holidays, here is one that is part of this month's painting quota. I spent a long time looking for colour schemes for my Nomads, starting with military and police uniforms before branching out into anime/manga stuff. In the end I went to Masamune Shirow's art for inspiration. In the end I decided I liked the look of the green schemes in this picture (SFW, but searching Shirow in general probably isn't), and while I was originally going to use a more olive green scheme my relevant colours were on loan. So I pulled out t
  11. Here's the first guy I've painted from the Operation: Icestorm box for Corvus Belli's Infinity skirmish game. He's just a grunt I was working out some color schemes and another attempt to speed things up with tabletop painting. Had a tough time pinning him to the base (a plastic piece from Sedition Wars), required some touch-ups which is why there is a horrid dot of red that needs fixing on his back calf :p
  12. Well I finally managed to finish 6 of the 9 models that made up my last Infinity tournament list. Not awesome paint jobs but grea at arm's length (& further) while playing a game. :) Yes I do have game system ADD.. Netrods Naga Sniper Garuda Tacbot Deva
  13. I am still working my way through the Icestorm box this time with the CSU body guard, and the nomad spektr.
  14. Hello again, everyone! As many of you have already seen over in the WIP section, I've been working on this little 80's action hero tribute for quite a while, but he is finally done! It was super fun just to keep pouring little bits of character-adding detail into him, and I'm glad that I finally got the chance to paint up an Infinity model to something better than army standard. I know there are some things I could refine further, but at this point I'm ready to call him done and go back to painting fantasy minis! (I've certainly had enough Sci-Fi minis to tide me over fo
  15. Continuing with the project of painting my Panoceania Army that I began with the Space ship superstar contest, here are Tabitha and the ORC Trooper, who were not ready in time for my squad entry.
  16. So, there's a new version of infinity coming soon, and it no longer includes rules for the bug aliens. Which is fine, except I already own some, two of which are already painted. I like the minis so the question becomes what sort of fun uses can I put a bunch of bug men to? Other games that include them, fun diorama ideas, just any suggestions for what to do with these guys.
  17. Another great model from Infinity. I love the anime feel of this guy.
  18. Here's the pilot mini to go with the Iguana Tactical Armored Gear I posted recently. Same color scheme, roughly, as his TAG.
  19. Here are some Infinity forces that I painted a little while ago, for a client. He chose the color scheme for the Nomads, but let me pick on the Combine characters (it is based loosely on the studio scheme). Anyway, here they are.
  20. Now accepting suggestions for a better name. Attempted to make two playing spaces of terrain in two nights for an Infinity tournament at my FLGS. While its not finished by any means I thought I'd share some pictures. To avoid a mile long post, you can find a blow by blow over at my blog. Company I work for sells valves for water distribution. They come anywhere from smaller than 1" to larger than 48". A recent batch came in with 1/8" Masonite for protective covers. IMG_1856 by LittleRukh, on Flickr Made some bridges with notches in them so they would secure to the platforms. I
  21. Attempted to make two playing spaces of terrain in two nights for an Infinity tournament at my FLGS. While its not finished by any means I thought I'd share some pictures. To avoid a mile long post, you can find a blow by blow over at my blog. As the great MonkeySloth says, the first step is planning. Went back to my drafting class and made a scale layout. IMG_1843 by LittleRukh, on Flickr Base is 48x48x1/4" plywood. Foam is 1/8" "fan fold" insulation. IMG_1846 by LittleRukh, on Flickr Tunnels in place, starting on side one of the stream. IMG_1849 by LittleRukh, on
  22. So whilst I am waiting for my Bones to arrive I have plenty of little (and big) projects I want to get out of the way. I'm glad to say that this is one of them and its the first project I have finished all year so far. The D&D game I run is pretty huge and we have over a dozen or so players who drop in and out as their schedules permit. I have been trying to put together appropriate figs for all the PC's for some time and I finally have them all finished as of yesterday. Its been a long job, but here they are, apologies for lots of not great pics)... Creosus the Cleric and Symeon the
  23. Has anyone tried using the buildings from McFarlane Toys' Halo Micro Ops for terrain? I saw some of it in a store yesterday and the scale looked maybe a little on the small side, maybe just right. http://www.spawn.com/toys/product.aspx?product=4621 http://www.spawn.com/toys/series.aspx?series=540
  24. Now that the Bones are getting close (and I have a new shiny forum badge) I decided to start a paint log. I'll start it off with the best mini from my Dreamer crew from Malifaux I just started to collect Infinity, so I hope to post some Sci-fi here soon.
  25. So, I've admired the Infinity minis for a long time. I kept telling myself that if I still wanted some in a month/week/year/whatever, I'd go ahead a grab a couple. So I finally did. The detail is amazing. I mean, really impressive. And the cast quality is good too. There are a few that were actually challenging to find the mold line on. My biggest problem now is assembly. I hate superglue. I hate it. I really, really, hate it. There are some very fine fiddley bits that have to be glued on and they have very little surface area to attach to. I've been using Gorrila brand CA glue, but I fina
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