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Found 4 results

  1. I decided to do some Scifi stuff for a change. WIP HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99265-intergalactic-journey-glitterwolf-paints-aliens-spacecraft-and-other-scifi-things/page/3/#comments Design: OnepageRules. Jackal Tracker. I used a base from Txarli Factory though. Printed on my Elegoo Mars. ********************* Gh'ruff's patience was finally rewarded, there it was! He could almost taste the bitter smell of the metal and oil the Robot emitted. Staying out of range of it's sensors, Gh'ruff had been tracking the damn thing for days waiting for the right moment. And that moment was now! He aimed and held his breath for a moment, then slowly pulled the trigger. A HIT! Another one of those metal monsters down! The trick was to hit the right spot or they would just resurrect themselves. He had seen it happen before. A bit nervous he waited, nope, this was a good kill, as far as you could kill an unliving sentient machine of course. Time to head back to the tribe. The Shaman would be happy to know the threat was gone. ********************
  2. Finished another one for my Jackal Army Design from OPR Design Base from Txarli Factory WIP https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99265-intergalactic-journey-glitterwolf-paints-aliens-spacecraft-and-other-scifi-things/page/3/#comments ************************* W'roff knew he would never become a Tracker like his brother Gh'ruff, unfortunately he lost sight in his right eye due to a fight. Stupid Humans... One day the Humans came to trade, W'roff negotiated but things got sour, the Human got offended and lost his temper, W'roff lost his eye in that fight. Gh'ruff and a few others came to his rescue and that night the Tribe ate well. Stupid Humans... Oh well, he was one of the Nomads now, searching for valuables, some outsiders would call them scavengers, W'roff didn't like that name. It was an honourable thing to provide the Tribe with food or valuables to trade. Sometimes the owner of such valuables wasn't willing to hand it over, at such occasions W'roff could rely on his trusty combat knife and pistol. ************************
  3. Two Jackal Nomads. Design: Onepagerules Base Design Txarli Factory ( Melee Fighter), Plastic Base with Milliput / GreenstuffWorld Rollerpin Cobblestone Texture ( Gunner) Part of my Scifi Projec: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99265-intergalactic-journey-glitterwolf-paints-aliens-spacecraft-and-other-scifi-things/page/3/#comments ****************************** Nomads, the Tribe's scavengers/hunters/gatherers, what would the Tribe be without them? They search for food, useful parts, places to live etc. Now sometimes they encounter others, be it Jackals from another tribe or different species, this can lead to establishing a trade route but sometimes it's necessary to use force. The Nomads are fine with either scenario. *****************************
  4. AMINI3D Mummy Sorceress, Mummy Jackal, Mummy Panther and Mummy Warrior. Printed on Elegoo Mars in resin. Part of my Shifting Sands Project: WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79372-shifting-sands-glitterwolf-paints-egyptian-undead/page/19/#comments Last pics are in the Temple of Apophis Photoboard I made.
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