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Found 8 results

  1. Although I'm not really into "giants" per se, I've had a minor avalanche of them sitting around waiting to get some paint. I had a pinch of extra motivation while working on the Avatar of Courage and decided to throw this one into the mix as well. I apologize for the third image but I didn't realize how blurry it was until I went to edit it. I love the Redstone triad, and this was a perfect opportunity to use it. The giant's flesh was done up in that. I dulled the highlight a little bit as I've typically found the jump a little too intense. I decided that I didn't like the idea of a stone club (it just seems like it would shatter the first time it hit anything), so I grabbed the Woods triad (Rotting Wood, Heartwood Brown, and Ancient Bark) and used some Old Bronze, Clockwork Brass, and Pirate Gold for the metal fixtures. The apron is the Grey Browns (Woodstain Brown, Shield Brown, and Driftwood Brown) with the same metals for the studs and plates. The briefs are Cloudy Grey, Rainy Grey, and Misty Grey as something made me think of this as a badger pelt. The hammer head and chisels are the Natural Steel (Blackened Steel, Tarnished Steel, and True Silver). The amulet uses the same Grey Browns for the leather with Snowdrift White, Pure White, and Sparkling Snow for the crystal. Thanks for stopping by!
  2. I haven't been able to find much groove lately, but there's no motivation like a deadline (Christmas) and I'll admit that I've been feeling a little guilty about doing all those merfolk for Strawbonnet #1 the other year and not yet having done anything for Strawcap. Anyway, when each of the grandkids was born a "theme" animal was chosen for them. Strawcap's is the lion, so the Avatar of Courage was a fitting choice. I started my journey with some generic searches on lions, and a couple further searches on the Barbary Lion, just to get a little bit of a head start conceptually. I pulled the Warm Light Browns triads (Tanned Leather, Amber Gold, and Golden Blonde) for the bulk of the body, and Warm Deep Browns (Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, and Leather Brown) plus some Pure Black for the mane and tuft on the tail. The Bone Colors triad (Bone Shadow, Aged Bone, and Polished Bone) was used for the claws with some Pure White added on the teeth. The Neutral Bone triad (Dirty Bone, Graveyard Bone, and Splintered Bone) served for the dried grass skirt and leg wraps. The fabric on the loin cloth is done in two different sections: the Pure Blue triad (Sapphire Blue, True Blue, and Sky Blue) and Black Indigo followed up with Vivid Blue triad paints Ritterlich Blue and Brilliant Blue. The blues were chosen to represent the darker and lighter blues used on the hydrocephalus awareness ribbon. Strawcap was diagnosed before he was even born and for more than half his life has had more brain surgeries than birthdays. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. I'm supposed to be painting HeroQuest Goblins. Which naturally means I'm painting anything else (Mystic Circle, Thing in the Well, Mumlak, and Demonic Lasher). But at least I'm painting! First up was a bit of repair. Mumlak's adze was broken when it arrived, but a quick pin later and he's almost as good as new! I should have run the knife along the tusks while I was at it. But I didn't. Night One: I wasn't sure where I was going with this guy, I was originally going to go with a dark brown for the bare flesh. But that just felt like it would be way too much brown for my taste. I eventually defaulted to the Neutral Greys triad starting at "Cloudy Grey" instead of "Stormy". I knew I'd be using the Stone Greys on the adze, so didn't want to duplicate colors. The fur got a base coat of Pure Black and a dry brush of Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, Leather Brown, and Tanned Leather. The tusks are, rather unsurprisingly, the Ivory Bone triad. The skull topper on the jug and the femur are Bone Colors, the bird skulls will be the Neutral Bone triad. Night Two: Drybrushing, so much drybrushing. Rainy Grey on top of the Cloudy Grey. Misty Grey on top of that. The finger and toe nails are solidly applied Misty Grey. The tusks have gotten the rest of the Ivory Triad. The adze got its Shadowed Stone and Stone Grey drybrushing. The bird beaks are the Golden Skin triad. I don't know if the beaks should be more yellow than the rest of the skull, but that's the way I'm doing it. The jug is getting the "Yellow Ochre" treatment. I think I'm going to use the Terran Khaki triad on the shells on the jug, although it looks halfway decent with just the liner/wash mix. I still need to figure out the cordage, earrings, and "washers" on the cordage down by the jug. And there might be a surprise or two as well. Thanks for dropping by!
  4. My 8 year old son painted these shortly after his birthday last spring. I actually liked his colors and the pattern on the Carnotaurus. Mostly I was over joyed that he didn’t glob the paint on for once. A few weeks ago I decided to paint the eyes, teeth, claws, and base for him. Them a coat of sealer. I think they look great for the toy box. Here are my crappy before and after.
  5. I got my Mega Bundle for ReaperCon a few days ago. I was floored by the resin sculpt by Jason Weibe (@GwydionGreen), Dead Men Tell No Tales. I knew immediately that I wanted to paint it; I didn't know though that I wanted to paint it immediately, but I guess I did, as I couldn't stop thinking about it. Originally, I was going to do it as a challenge, where-by I could only use the paints included in the Mega Bundle...but I have had a change of heart. I had started doing just this, but the lack of yellow choices (Rattlesnake Leather was it) really limited what I could do with mixing, and this is too nice of a sculpt to give it anything but my best. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. I started by cleaning everything and removing the mold lines. The boat was pretty bad and I was forced to remove some of the runes and make it look like weathering to get the mold lines off. The rest was really good though. Then I primed and started painting. I primed it with Army Painter White. It went on a bit grainy. Maybe my can is getting old. At first, I didn't think it was too bad, but after painting the stone of the throne and the wood of the ship, I got really discouraged. The paint wasn't adhering to the primer right; it was like painting unwashed Bones with diluted paint. It took me an hour just to paint what you see here. Second, the rough texture was really showing up. So, right now it is soaking in the Simple Green. I hope to get that primer off and try again tonight. Andy
  6. Buenos dias, greetings and salutations fellow reaperites. I am starting a wip for various reasons. I am trying to motivate myself to complete a few more lead/bone dollies. I hope to continue updating this as I make progress. Feedback of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Even the harshest critics. But you guys are an awesome bunch. For starters I am half way done on this Warg. Sculpted by Jason Weibe and in the bones material. I am attempting to make the warg appear if he is prowling on a moon lit nite. The shadows are a blue paint I can not recollect off the top of my head. Up next is the hell hound. The sculptor is Ben Siens and the material is bones. I am trying to give him a battle worn appearance. To give him that appearance I have painted on faint scars. Now how to improve them and give them depth is a condrum. The next one I have up to finish is a mind eater. The sculptor is Patrick Keith and another bones miniature. The mind eater is an experiment using various mediums. I am also using him to work on different forms of shading techniques. And here is two different kroids. Sculpted by Gene Van Horn and in pewter. The details are amazing. I am trying to figure out the right zombie color I want for the kroid sniper. And finally an oop rackham figure. I really like the sculpt and had bigger plans that I had to scale way back due to reality. I originally envisoned his skulls to be painted asgalaxys and a cosmic scene in the back ground. My talent is not up to par yet. Thank you for viewing. And yep, need to work on editing and pic taking more.
  7. Several years ago (six?, I cannot remember) I started painting this trio of hobgoblins. It was early in my painting years, anyway. Some of my first metals beyond the metals learning to paint kit. I painted up the two shield holders and promptly put the third aside. I just couldn't handle the idea of having to put a mini together! I was completely at a loss of how to accomplish it. The two painted hobgoblins appeared in-game a few times, while the third holed up in their lair awaiting his day. Fast forward to now. They are finished! I wrapped up the third hobgoblin in a couple painting hours, with maybe 30 minutes of prep time. What a difference a few years makes when handling a mini. The shield-bearing hobgoblins were painted using RMS metallic paints. I used Scale75 metallics for the third. Thanks for looking!
  8. The adventuring party has reached the point where they scoff at meeting run-of-the-mill first-level goblins, so the DM asked for something a little different. I started on the first of two bugbear warriors a week or so ago, then got distracted by the holiday. So far I have his torso skin painted. I used the tanned skin triad, along with a bit of amber gold to give everything a slight yellowish tone. The basecoat is tanned skin and amber gold (2:1 ratio), followed by shading with tanned shadow plus amber gold (2:1 ratio) and blackened brown plus tanned shadow plus amber gold (1:1:1 ratio). The first highlight is tanned skin plus tanned highlight plus amber gold (1:1:1 ratio), followed by a highlight of tanned highlight plus amber gold (2:1 ratio), topped by just tanned highlight. I am working on getting better at controlling the paint in a series of thin layers to create the blends. So far so good, only a few near panics when the paint suddenly floods off the brush.
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