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Found 88 results

  1. skippen

    30014: The Grudge

    Well, on the heels of Ghengis Con, like many, I was excited to paint even more. So a couple days ago I started on my first bust, The Grudge by Jason Wiebe (who I got to chat with again at Ghengis Con again this year). So far, I am quite happy with it. It is odd being in a place where you are often happy with your work now. Of course I lots to improve like we all do, but being happy with something I painted and not finding just flaws is a nice thing. Last night, I set down to pain the basecoast of the studded armor (or that is what I decided it was going to be), and pretty much finished it (studs are just baseboated).
  2. This has taken me a while to get done as poor Yera had at least one bath in simply green when the skin tone did not turn out like I wanted. So with no fanfare I give you Yera the Water Buffalo Minotaur! Sculpted by Jaso Wiebe I suspect I need another matte coat. Comments / suggestions are welcome. I can always improve with help!
  3. 03579 Leprechaun and Owl by Jason Wiebe The beer label is something I drew for a friend who does home brewing.
  4. Pingo

    02599: Frorigh, Frost Giant

    This is Reaper's other frost giant, the one who isn't in Bones. My husband was running a giant-intensive campaign and I thought he would be fun. I painted him in a raking northern light, with pale ivory light on one side and deep blue shadows on the other, with an attempt to show the reflectiveness of sky and snow. His clothing is patched and impromptu, his weaponry a little battered. I painted the metals with metallic paint but also painted reflections and shadows on them. There's a WIP thread here. Some of the pictures are taken from a low angle because it seemed right for a giant. Also, Frorigh is hunched forward and a little difficult to see from straight on (indeed, he is a little front-heavy and needed some counterweight to keep him from toppling forward -- you can see at the front of the base edge where I used epoxy to tilt up the front of the base about 2 mm). ETA: I have submitted him to the Inspiration Gallery.
  5. dweer

    77116: Colossal Skeleton

    So...I finally got around to painting one of my bones figs. Picked the giant skelleton as it is just such an awesome mini. Hope ya like.
  6. FireElemental

    03422: Dire Crocodile

    This crocodile hopes to chomp some tasty, tasty PCs soon. I'm fairly satisfied with her for the time I put in. She's about 3 11/16" long and 1 1/16" wide. The tail and upper jaw are separate pieces and don't quite fit right, so I used some Apoxy to fill in gaps.
  7. I feel like he isn't very interesting. Any suggestions on how I could add interest for next time?
  8. From Reapers Facebook page- Santa Dwarf sculpted by Jason Wiebe is coming to town for a November 28th release.
  9. Marvin

    Killer Frogs (02665)

    I finally got back to work, this weekend, on some minis. These I started and finished in the last few days. Jason Wiebe's Killer Frogs, from Reaper. Purchased, to be honest, solely because they were one of two Reaper products the FLGS carried, heh. Hoping they'll restock. But they inspired me a bit and will be making an appearance in the PF game I'm running. Anywho, I enjoyed painting them. I did pretty much everything with GW washes aside from some highlighting with a yellow on each and the black slits for their eyes. Oh, and the bases I washed with Reaper's brown wash. Was unsure how exactly to approach the leaper's support piece so aimed for simple. Tried different colors on them--got a little hypno-toad with one, lol. But I'm really pleased with them, so hope you enjoy them, too. I'm (of necessity) trying to figure out some better photography, also, so apologies for some oddness on that front. Thanks for looking! Any input or advice or anything you have, about anything, is most welcome.
  10. JeffyBaby

    03296: Monstrous Snowmen

    My plan is to use these as proxies for Ice Toads in an Icingstead army. There is one more Snowman planned, but it will take a bit of conversion work before painting. The middle one was entered in the recent Painting Excuses competition.
  11. I started a FB page for my PaintMinion painting stuff, but figured as I was working on a Reaper piece, it was only fair to post it here as well for Reaper peeps to see. I have been working on this piece about 3 sessions now, and it's coming along nicely, but still a ways to go. It's a fun piece, though that hair - grrrrrr. There are some really good paint jobs out there on this, and I have seen a couple in person - I was inspired by Michael Proctor's, and so I grabbed one for myself at a ReaperCon a couple years back (thanks to Reaper Ron!). I finally am taking the time to work on it with the coming Hobbit film making me really like dwarves again. The other aspect to working on this is that I finally bought a new camera - Nikon Coolpix L810 - and I am playing with different aspects of it and how to edit. Comment if you like - this, and a historical piece I am also working on, are my first real busts to try. Some of the painting aspects are the same, but a lot of it is just learning to look at it in a slightly different way as it is so much bigger. Smooth blending becomes a necessity! Tones/shades have more play room. And I need to work on those eyes...more on the hair as I am adding white streaks to age him. Higher highlights on the face and some more color added there, I will tweak the shoulder pad color once I am done with the rest and see which way the color needs to shift, I will try and post a few pics as I go along - so get out those Grudge Busts and get painting! I could not find nearly enough pics out there on the net!
  12. Metalchaos

    14272, Sergeant Blackknife

    Here is Sergeant Blackknife sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
  13. Metalchaos

    02757, Gastaroth on 02739, Dire Bat

    02757, Gastaroth the Vampire sculpted by Werner Klocke riding a 02739, Dire Bat sculpted by Jason Wiebe. I changed the blades of his two swords for new ones from the 02455, Weapons Pack IV, by Werner Klocke.