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Found 11 results

  1. Anther round! Also, we really need other quizzers for this!! THE RULES (as copied from the previous month, with some exceptions): 1. Every day a question will be posted. 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer the question of the day before the next question is posted. (It's more of a guideline really but tradition demands we pretend it's a rule.) 3. Questions show up somewhere before noon mountain standard time aka the "Forgotten Time Zone" 4. For other quisitors: Should I fail to post a question please wait until after the noon window to post a backstop question. 5. Anyone is encouraged to suggest future questions. Please send a PM to the current or any previous Quisitor. 6. You do not have to answer every question to play. If a question feels like TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question or give a terse, concise mysterious answer. June 1st Question of the Day: So currently in my Weds night FLGS D&D game, I'm using yuan-ti of various types. A popular D&D creature but one I've never really used before in all the years of D&D gaming. Is there one creature, you've never used before while DM/GMing a game. If not a gamer, how about a miniature type, one you've never painted before say goblins or dragons, etc etc.
  2. Hey! I painted the zombie strippers!! But, even though they're not completely nude, I figured I'd be better safe than sorry. Go check them out here Let me know what you think!!!
  3. Its June! What are your Goals? I'll post mine once I have some:P GF
  4. Ok so early May kinda train-wrecked for me and my family so I really haven't had much time to write it up until now, apologies for the delay. Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72577-resolutionary-painting-challenge-2017-chatterquestions/ All the information you need should be here. Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a "Hard mode" which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it. May and June 2017 Your challenge is: 9! Bonus Challenge: The First! Beware the Batman. In May 2014, this series first aired on Adult Swim. Paint a character you want to resemble a hero or villain from the series. Characters in the series may be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beware_the_Batman Bonus Challenge: The Second! Spirit of Summer. No, no the mini, but you can do that if you wish. Paint a mini that embodies the spirit of summer to you. It can be a character in certain colors, a water scene, or (a personal favorite) a campfire. Hard Mode Challenge! Roulette Triad. I used a highly scientific method of shooting rubber bands at the wall above my paint racks and seeing where it falls to choose three colors. All three must be used, and only these three (If you have specific colors: Great! if not, reasonable approximations are allowed, please ask if you have a question) Clear Yellow Carrot Top Red Gem Purple Good luck
  5. Hey! I've been busy! I haven't been on as much as I wish I was!! I miss y'all!! I bought 3 of the muses from the DSM Stephanie Law line, and I love them! I started Clio and Euterpe at the same time, but Clio is still sitting without arms.. Maybe I'll get her done here soon too... ;) Hope y'all enjoy her, C&C is always welcome and appreciated, check her out on my blog if you want to see some of the WIP shots. (But I think they're all on the WIP thread here...)
  6. Finished this chick up tonight! I did a WIP on her, but I was mostly done with her. She'll be one of our tabletop minis. I got excited when I started painting her and really didn't take any of the mold lines off.. which is just me being lazy. Anyways, I think she turned out alright, C&C is always welcome!
  7. Painted for the June resolutionary challenge, I submit to you 1 halfling archer made by Grenadier 30+ years ago. Please let me know what you think.
  8. Bet you're thinking of the little invasive insect? I delight to inform you, you are wrong. Also: while the enthusiasm is appreciated, please do not post the monthly threads ahead of these. If I cannot post the monthly thread for some reason, then it will be posted by Flamehawke per the established format with the appropriate information. Please see page 1 here for rules and guidelines/questions. This is also the chatter thread here: The first post as linked will contain the updated totals and grand total now and the plan is to start getting the graphics sent to all who have completed the months so far soon http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58628-resolutionary-painting-challenge-chatterinfo-thread/ Also, please only create a single index post for your links. This means to modify your existing post when you get a new figure finished instead of posting a new one. This month's challenge is: 4. Bonus Challenge is: The deadline Is planned for July 1 Midnight, RST. (Reaper Standard Time). And in the wise words of Yosemite Sam: Clear out, ya lily-livers!
  9. Slowly getting through all of this project. Hopefully soon I can get a group shot of everything from the kobold warbands finished. Just a few touchups here and there are needed, but these are essentially done. I definitely am ready to start the arena style battling for this game, even if I am still in preference of the skeleton groups. Well enjoy the sights!
  10. Here is the second Rex that came with my SDE game. I decided to do this one up in purples instead of green for the skintone. I like the way it turned out, though I am beginning to see that a new system for photographing things is in order... Oh well, at least he is finished for now. Still a few places that may need touchups, but nothing too drastic. Hope you all enjoy seeing him!
  11. Stupid thing deleted my last post... grumble So! We are going to run Hoard of the Dragon Queen here soon... And we needed models for the fun stuff we are going to fight. right?! right. Well, that means I have to paint about 50 models in the next one to two months to get ready for that... Yikes! These are reptus raptors painted as (5) guard and (3) ambush drakes. I did a (somewhat) WIP and a look at my new TGJ racks on my blog, there are a lot more pictures and whatnot there. Go check it out!! C&C is always welcome, hope y'all enjoy these as much as I am!
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