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Found 287 results

  1. Alright, since people in other topics have been mildly interested, figured I might as well post up the finished figure. I've been trying to write a number of "How-I-Paint" articles for Cool Mini or Not, which morphed into making YouTube videos of the entire painting process. So, should you wish, you can follow my entire paint job ( ). Below you see Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome. As a metal figure, I used her as a stand-in for the Kickstarter Bones' version of her. I limited myself to the first paint set that was offered up as an add-on, so there were only 12 paints for me to choose, resulting in a simple paint scheme. The camo backpack is possibly a little out of place, but I've got plans to pair her with Sara Blitzer, IMEF Marine, as a un-stasised (is that a word?) soldier in a future world-in-ruins type setting, which explains where she gets the backpack. Sadly, I've been very slow in painting, so it's taken two months painting off and on again to get her completed.
  2. I haven't seen a thread like this here, so to kill the impatience before the actual minis arrive: What are your plans for converting particular KS Bones miniatures or using them straight in different games? I'm especially interested in the Vampire set. Give me your inspiration! :> Please put your list in 1 post and update it instead of adding more posts, to avoid cluttering the thread! My current list: rats - converted into Malifaux rats for Hamelin Chronoscope gunmen - Kaeris' Gunmen or something Guild (Malifaux) Zombie from Undead Horde or George the Zombie - converted into Essence of Power (Malifaux) We Be Goblins! (Pathfinder) - converted into random Gremlins? (Malifaux) Oxidation beast - some Exrah drone (Infninity) Rosie the Chronotechnician - Moderator hacker/Clockmaker (Infinity) Also: a full Magic Realm hero mini set, Wiz-War wizard set?, Descent townsfolk/bosses and probably any fantasy skirmish game for the next 5 years :)
  3. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/susanwilson/9-year-old-building-an-rpg-to-prove-her-brothers-w?ref=friends_backed
  4. SO, a few weeks back I posted that we had received a lot of Bones. That day, we received five truckloads. Full container trucks. Five. Here's a video Kit shot of us unloading. Now, this is just the first of 5 trucks, which itself is the first of 2 Boatloads coming our way. The important bit is that we have received all of the Vampire packages, and the only thing we're waiting for is the scheduled boatload with the 7 trucks of "Optional Rewards" Well, no. The important bit is that this video is kind of fun and cool and gives you a sneek peek at what our factory was like for a day.
  5. So I was just about to ask when i get my bundle of pdf's that came with the kickstarter.... Until I realized I was thinking about the pathfinder online kickstarter
  6. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-an-evolution-of-gaming-min/posts/396222
  7. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enworld/rebuilding-en-world/posts Bunch of nice looking pdf's in this KS and I like RPG community stuff like this. Relevant with a ton of pathfinder miniatures arriving in March! :)
  8. Hello! I'm currently running a campaign to reprint my first graphic novel. It ends in less than 5 days. Here's what one reviewer said about it.... "The 19XX is the most imaginative, accurate and beautiful book you’ve never ever heard of. While I have a deep an undying love of the oxymoron called historical fiction, all comic fans who appreciate a well-crafted and meaty (140+ pages) tale of the Great Generation during their heyday will find something to love in 19XX." -Rob Patey, Ain't it Cool News If you get a chance please check it out! I'm also working on a board game that will be done later this year around the middle of summer. -PRM And here's a couple images...
  9. Fellow Reaper Fans, Greetings! Reapers success has inspired me to take a product idea I've had floating around in my head for a while and try to make it a reality. I'll post more on that down the line, but that's not what this is about. Rest assured, its something Reaper fans can use (in fact, I'm planning on using it with my Vampire level stuff :) ) This thread is more just a lessons learned on my part going from Idea in head to actually being able to even post my project on Kickstarter. 1. Know your product :) This sounds silly, but its important. When I started this project, all I had in my head was a vague idea of something. It was sort of a "You know what would be cool..." concept. For me, the idea was something of a dungeon tile made out of molded Expanded Polystyrene. (Better known by the brand name Styrofoam). Before I could do much more than share this crazy idea with a few people for general "That'd be cool" I had to do two things. First, I had to envision the actual product. Up to this point, it was a vague notion of creating something "similar" to the styrofoam we all look at when we get a new toy and go "what would this be good for. My actual idea, as it took form, ends up being a far cry from what most of us do with it. 2. Do your research. I've never made a product before. So, beyond forum posts on generic feedback, I had to go and get some good solid numbers on items. For me, this meant dropping some blind emails to manufacturers of packaging foam to get an idea of what the "industry average" might be for what I wanted. I was only looking for some sort of Ballpark figure, to let me know if this idea was even feasible for me. The first thing I learned was "There is no industry average". The first guy quoted me around $20-25k to get started, the next guy quoted me $14 million. The first guy made it possible, the second put it out of the realm of possibility. Needless to say I stuck with the first guy. At this point, its still all ball park figures though. Other things I've learned during this process. My initial tile height was too tall. it started with interior rooms with a wall height of 3 inches. When I made the prototype out of foam core, I found that rooms were a little tight to fit hands into with minis. So, the design got modified to 2" walls. Still plenty big. 3. Don't forget the details. Initially, I was focused on getting this thing made. What would it cost me to simply get these tiles made, and be able to sell them at a cheap price. Once I had that answer, I was initially fairly confident that my pricing was solid, and I could make a good profit of X per unit. Of course, then I started thinking of the other stuff I needed. Packaging, shipping, and even storage. All of a sudden, that X started getting smaller and smaller. It was then I realized that I needed to re-think my plans. What originally was a plan for these to come in cartons with fancy graphics on it like many other things has dropped to a sticker slapped onto the bottom of the product with the barcode and the company and product names/logos on it. Shipping has been another thing. Its hard to get accurate shipping averages, but it appears its not cheap. This hasn't changed the product itself any, but it has changed the shelf presentation more than I wanted it to. However, I feel there's an upper price limit for my product, and I'm afraid that increasing costs too much will tip it past that upper figure. So, don't forget the details. 4. Don't forget the user. This was another thing I hadn't thought about as much. I was focused on one concept, that of covering table space. Originally the idea was 24" x 24" the same size of GW's Realm of Battle Board. Some people had mentioned transportation issues, but I had naively ignored them. It wasn't until a friend actually suggested I think on it, that I really paid it much attention. I was focused on the fact that these things were stackable for both play and storage that I wasn't thinking of its size beign ackward. Then I thought how annoying the tiles for my ROB board were to manhandle, and I decided to do an experiment. I got a 24 x 24 and an 18 x 18 piece of foam core cut at the hobby store. Once I got them to the car, it became obvious which was the better choice. 18x18 sat nice and square in my passenger seat, and back seat, which would mean the stacking would work wonders. The 24? Not so much. It could sit flush in the passenger seat, but closing the door would dent it. Not good if your talking regular styrofoam. So, This meant I needed to change the design again to meet the needs of the users. Transportation. The tiles dropped from 24x24 to 18x18. 5. Find out what information people really need. I'd spent the better part of the last few weeks coming up with designs. This has all been in basic Google Sketchup. So, when I asked my manufacturer what he needed to move forward with full quotes he gave me a list of things, some of which I was hoping I wouldn't have to do. (Basically drafting out each plan, and calculating actual volumes of these weird shapes I've been making.) Some plans have been scrapped for the time being, as I don't have the skill to make them actionable. (Sadly, this means no natural looking caves for the time being). Of course, I could have saved myself some time had I asked this before hand, instead of designing then asking. Lesson learned. 6. Don't forget the paperwork. I've managed so far, so good. Hiccups along the way. But, then I started thinking of the amount of $$ I need to raise (working on ball park figures, $66k at the moment). I decided that I wanted a bank account to keep this money separate from my own. This meant a business account. Started looking this information up, and came to find out I needed to be able to show a business liscense to get that to happen. Finding information on starting an online business in Colorado has been rough. But, I can say that as of this afternoon "O'mally Games" was officially born. I still need to get my CO sales tax liscense for anyone who purchases here in Colorado. Then I've had to set up the Amazon Payments account (on hold till I get the bank account.). I've also signed up for a business web page. Currently its blank, because I have nothing to show with it. 7. Don't forget your math. :) How did I come up with my 66k figure from earlier? I ended up using the following process. Figure out Startup Costs (one time costs, like mold making), and the Cost per unit of what you are making. This includes manufacturing, packaging, shipping, This includes the flat $0.30 / transaction that Amazon takes and other incidentals tied directly to each unit. Figure out your sell price (or at least your kickstarter sale price.). Multiply that price by 0.92 to take into account Both Kickstarter and Amazon's percentile cut of your money. Then subtract that figured price from the cost per item. This gives you your profit per item. Now divide your startup costs by your profit. This tells you how many items you need to sell to meet your startup costs. Multiply Units needed by cost per item, add your startup cost and this is the amount of money you need to raise to break even. This assumes you have no other money ready for the project. Let me tell you those costs add up fast. Basically I need to raise 66k just to pay for a 25k startup cost. Well, thats the tale of my journey. Hopefully it gives you an idea of what you may be gettng into if you want to go down this path yourself. Bob
  10. D6s in different metals. The real draw here is supporting this great young entrepreneur. "Help me create precision Dice machined from various solid metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Tungsten and more!" http://kck.st/VmKysd
  11. One of my long time friends and D&D campaign members, William Cuffe, is running a Kickstarter campaign for his aquatic world project called Endless Blue. I've been following his work on Elqua (the name of the world) on Wordpress for quite some time, and I'm excited to see this project reach fruition. Please consider pledging! ~v
  12. Hello, This is my first post here. I plan to launch a project on Kickstarter in April 2013. I am based in Europe and already have a partner in USA. I would like to obtain more information of the legal aspects that must be taken into consideration: 1. Do I need to establish a legal entity in USA in order to start a project on Kickstarter? 2. If the answer of the above question is "YES", what type of company do I need? Any recommendations for jurisdiction? (I don't wnat to invest too much in the initial phase since I don't know if the project will reach its goal). 3. Is it possible to establish the legal entity on a later stage when the project is about to reach its goal? 4. Do I need insurance to cover possible losses and risks? If "YES", what type of insurance is the most appropriate choice? It is a technology project that features low-voltage electrical equipment. I will highly appreciate your replies. Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone :)
  13. So this is tangental at best, but I thought I'd post this here... I just ran across this kickstarter for an album that I think is pretty cool... It isn't fully traditional music (which I also think would be cool), but it is "inspired" by traditional Anglo-Saxon instruments and music. Link is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eleniviolaris/rainstriker-a-fantasy-music-album-by-eleni-violari/ The artist has decently long (~2 minute) excerpts from the majority of the songs on her homepage, which I think is pretty cool (I like "Rainstriker" and "Morwetha's Spinning Song"): http://www.eleniviolaris.com/Albums.html
  14. I do like the fantasy sports games. Not sure I can do this one so close to Christmas though. See the KS
  15. Hi guys, if you're into fantasy art, Larry Elmore's got a Kickstarter going to make a hardcover artbook of his art used in RPGs and books. Check out the details here: http://kck.st/Sx6ksx He's adding bonus items as the Kickstart reaches new levels. By the way, my first full novel is free in various e-book formats, you're welcome to check that out as well at a link below. Kevin Rau Author of H.E.R.O. Superhero Novels http://www.kevinrau.com http://www.facebook.com/herobooks
  16. Because ReaperBryan asked to see... And because others asked about buttons/keychains...
  17. The 2 week long deepwars KS has started. http://www.kickstart...yss-mini-kicker Wonder if the OP can retitle this thread to be Shadowseas\deepwars as there's no real reason to start a new thread.
  18. Came across this little guy today. he's been struggling along for a while now, but his designs are really very interesting and are quite good. He has sculpts of almost everything he's listing here (all but a few stretch goal minis are depicted). His prices are a bit on the higher end (since a lot of his little guys are quite small looking), but this guy is basically starting from scratch, so it's understandable with his current situation. Currently, the batch prices are: $53 gets you "All the Little Guys" - This includes: 3 Floating Eyes, 3 Phlemf, 1 of each of all 3 Peepers, a Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing, a Lensman (my personal favorite design), and a Gauth. Also, a not-beholder pin/earring $200 gets you "All the Big Guys" - This includes: 1 Tentacle Hulk, 1 Huge Alibeth, 1 Doomkiss Eye Abberrant, and 1 DeepMother $250 gets you "Get it all" - This includes: All of the above. His next 2 stretch goals are only $500 and $1000 dollars away, and each adds 1 mini to the "All the Little Guys" and "Get it all" rewards Now, there is a risk since he is brand new and untested, but I figured some of you guys might like what he's offering! http://www.kickstart...r-miniatures-se ETA: Frankthedm informed me of the depth at which the miniatures were copied from WoTC's monsters. I've included a copy-paste of Sean K. Reynolds' response to this KS. Pledge at your own risk.
  19. Updated game + miniatures looks like $85 could be the amount to pledge http://www.kickstart...rlands?ref=live
  20. Castle! is a supercool, modular castle kit that can be built and then taken apart again and again for easy storage. I'm very excited to see that my friend has finally gotten his idea so close to fruition, all he needs is a little help. Please check out his Kickstarter, and if it interests you, please help make it a reality! Follow the link below. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/castlefoundry/castle-the-modular-construction-system?ref=live
  21. I'm really interested in this one, because like any gamer, not only do I collect dice, but a billion decks of cards! And these have monsters form RPGs on them!
  22. Hi Folks, A lot of people came to check out our first miniatures KickStarter and felt that it was far too complex. We're asking folks to come back and take a second look as we've basically overhauled the entire campaign. Tidal Wave KickStarter I know there is another thread floating around which our old campaign was mentioned in, but I just wanted to start a fresh thread for those that might be skipping over the old thread. The biggest news is; thanks to our new reputable manufacturer we are able to lower our goal, which should mean we're able to achieve said goal much more easily. We've done away with exact shipping, and incorporated flat rates (except with one particular pledge level intended for small orders). Most importantly, we've done away with the Credit System and simplified as much as we could, while leaving everything as customizable as possible. As the campaign goes on we will be adding more pledge levels, but we have 2 that we want to mention upfront. DIY'r TIDAL WAVE :: For people that like to paint their own minis we have the $15 Two Fer One which gets you a full unpainted set of Tidal Wave as a bonus just for ordering a full unpainted set! This is 16 minis for $15. TIDAL WAVE :: For people, like me, that like everything already pre-painted we have the $25 "buy what you want" and get a free set of all 8 alternate painted Tidal Wave minis as a bonus! This is a minimum of 16 pre-painted minis for $25. The launch centralizes around a nautical theme, but as the campaign goes on we plan to branch out in to various other themes. The next two sets have already been revealed in our updates. Update #1 If you're into print n play games, we also have our FREE downloadable Dungeon Crawler Labyrinth game as part of our campaign. There's also our fantasy story mode expandible card game which we have on special until the end of Halloween. Update #3 Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)
  23. Just got my Sophie, comes in six parts: front wheel, front of bike, back of bike, Sophie's main body, and the two wings - should be easy to green stuff in the wing slots if you just want a "biker girl." Model looks great, but there is a fairly large gap where the wheel part meets the front of the bike part that will need some green stuff to fill in so that the tire segments line up correctly. The model can stand without a base even if you use just the bike and Sophie body without wings (but the wings help). You might need to gently push the handle bars around a bit to get Sophie into the proper seating position. Overall, a great model, can't wait to start painting it! Here is a size comparison:
  24. Thought this was worth sharing , its not minis but looks super sweet for $20 Cardgame based on dungeon crawling http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brotherwise/boss-monster-the-dungeon-building-card-game?ref=category
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