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  1. I looked to see if this question had been asked and answered but I couldn't find anything around or in the FAQ on the KS so, apologies if it has been asked an I'm just blind... Will the miniatures from the Kicstarter come with the alternate pieces that the original metal mini's have? For example the Rosie, Chronotechnician can either be wielding a rifle or a giant wrench. Will the Bones that come from the Kickstarter have these alternate bits?
  2. I was hoping there was already a thread on this Kickstarter project, because I didn't really want to be the one to start it in case its unwelcome for some reason. That said, this subforum has become partially about talking about other companies' Kickstarters, and Mantic did back Reaper's Bones KS. Anyway, the Mantic Dreadball Kickstarter is coming into the home stretch if anyone here wasn't aware! The gameplay videos cover a few turns, and the basic rules are published as well. There are a number of mechanics only discussed in the comments and updates, including a deck of cards you can buy from with unspent actions, and which serve triple duty for other mechanics; a variety of league rules so your teams can gain experience, individual players can buy upgrades, and even a way to sell off parts of killed players to raise funds for new recruits; and rules for coaches calling plays to earn more coaching dice, and cheerleaders that can stir up the fans for additional coaching dice. With stretch goals they've already funded the base game, and are into the second expansion (Season 3, a.k.a. "Ultimate Dreadball" which introduces large multi-hex characters and 4+ multiplayer rules). Season 4 is planned, but won't be reached in this KS unless they top $1m... it involves taking the game "onto the streets and back alleys" and creates a more tabletop type game with scenery and terrain, etc. They have two "Vampire-esque" pledge reward levels that are now bloated with stretch rewards -- "$100 Jack" for the full game and about 35 extra figures beyond what folks buying the retail boxed game will get (several MVPs that can be hired into any team, extra players for the two base teams, and samples of the other teams funded through stretch goals); and "$150 Striker" for everything in Jack plus another two teams (14 players each), another six MVPs, 2 players from each of the other teams funded in stretch goals, and some KS exclusive acrylic tokens. The $150 Striker pledge also opens up Buy-One-Get-One-Free on the team boxes (8 players each), meaning you can have 4 Season-1 teams of 14 players each, and 4 Season-2 teams of 10 players each and 2 Season-3 teams of 10 players each for $225 (about 140 figures now, soon to include a large multi-hex figure as well, and more teams in the pipeline). Other popular miniature related add-ons are various Coaches (there are game mechanics to use them, but from the sidelines making it more of an upgraded token), a four pack of Cheerleaders (also in-game functionality, but from the sidelines), a Penny Arcade limited edition MVP, and a soon to be added "Team Upgrade pack" to add a few more miniatures to any given team. So, there you go folks! Lots of minis, January delivery, and what looks to me to be a really fun game surrounding it. Discuss!
  3. With the pledge manager coming on line, I was thinking of some stuff. First, People now have money in their pockets again, after having now paid for the initial donation, so they might be using the pledge manager to up their donations where they simply couldn't before. This means that the total pledge amount will start rising up. Might we see some NEW stretch goals?
  4. My housemates and I went in on the Kickstarter back in August, while I was on the other side of the country, and I was the one who submitted payment. We thought that the 110 Liche level was just Vampire + Sophies, and went for it as an upgrade-- the Vampire level was really what we wanted, we just thought "$10 for a bunch of succubi? That's a steal!" But no, no, that's not how it works at all. Will I be able to switch it back to the Vampire level and drop the Liche level altogether? We put together $220 at the Kickstarter, for Vampire + box of sophies + lots of optionals, and I'm hoping that we won't have to give up our grab bag of various dragons to get the Vampire package re-included. :(
  5. Ok, so with all the focus on the Vampire Level and how awesome it is... Once you're sinking in a few hundred dollars, whats 200 more? But I have a few questions. 1. Is Undertaker level for stores only so that us regular folk can't pledge it? I'm a little unclear on the "US/Canadian Stores Only". I'm not sure if that is meant to deter international orders due to the bulk, or non-store owners, or both. So can regular me go crazy or not? 2. The Undertaker level implies that you get 4 each of 59 minis - the new 30 and I guess 29 pre-existing Bones. I know some of the pre-exisiting Bones are the Dungeon pack, or the later add-ons Skeletons, and I see some others in the online store like the Minotaur. But I there doesn't seem to be enough to total 59. Is there a whole list somewhere? 3. Am I crazy for even considering this?
  6. n3rd

    Base sizes

    I'm sure this information is somewhere, but if it is, I'm apparently not smart enough to find it :-) Simple question: how big are the Bones miniatures? I've pledged a bunch of money to get a set of Bones miniatures in order to use them as proxies for the conversion kit monsters for Descent 2E, and while it isn't absolutely important that they match in size, it would still be good to know whether they do or not. For instance, the Frost Wyrm looks like a fantastic proxy for Descent's Ice Worm. However, I can't quite tell whether the Bones miniature has a two-by-two base (certainly looks like it, but its much less clear for some of the other miniatures). Bottom line: What's the standard base size (if any) for 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 Bones miniatures? How can I find out what miniature has what (intended) base size? Thanks a bunch in advance.
  7. I thought folk might be interested in this Podcast from 'TheNerdHerders', where Bryan talks about the Kickstarter process now the first part is over He also explains why we had the PDFs that some were puzzled/dissapointed by (not me by the way, LOL), they were used to 'split' they huge stretch goals needed to give free figures towards the end of the KS. The familiars would have needed a $500,000 stretch, a daunting prospect by itself http://traffic.libsyn.com/nerdherders/Nerdherders_Exclusive_Reaper_Miniatures_Kickstarter_Interview.mp3 I picked this up of the DakkaDakka forum where it was posted by one of the NerdHerder crew, user mattyboy22
  8. Not sure how many people saw the article but I scoured the forum and didn't see anything posted about it so here you go if you missed it. I'm just going to post the link (hopefully) so you can head there yourself and save some space here. It's a great, albeit short, piece about the impact Reaper's KS is having on the RPG industry and what it says for the future of the gaming market. Great job guys!! http://www.wired.com/design/2012/08/reaper-miniatures-bones-kickstarter-success/
  9. There are a few of the sculpts out there that I'd have liked to have seen multiples of - is there a chance to have them added to the pledge manager tool as extras? Example - the Direwolf figure. IF you add that to the Pledge Manager, I'm likely to add 3 to 4 more to my order within my current 'spend'. The wraith with sword? Heck, will take another 2 of those etc. Make the price at $1 each (more expensive that the current average of 40-50 cents each), or maybe $1.50. Also how about the idea of including some of the current range - use the current pricing if you wish (though I'd not say no to a discount on that :D) but it saves a lot of hassle and shipment if you can just make a mega order of the new and current and send it out in one hit and again, taps into those who have already spent but want MORE... Hopefully either or both of these ideas will get more of your products to your new customers AND get you some extra revenue. Edit: Additional idea? Anyone wanting to use these options to get additional singles OR current range? Simply say that this option is for any customers willing to let their order ship April instead of March - gives you guys some breathing space otherwise March will simply be hell.
  10. We have a Kickstarter Conjecture thread, and a Bones You'd Like to See thread, but we don't yet have a Bones You'd Like to See in the Kickstarter thread. Not that it will help much, since it sounds like Reaper has it fairly well planned out down the road, but hey, maybe they could shift things around if one type of miniature gets a lot of interest... Here's my list of hopefuls: Kaladrax Air elementals/effects (translucent) Water elementals/effects (translucent) Earth elementals/effects (regular Bones) Hill Giants Fire/Frost/Hill giant grunts More misc. dungeon dwellers More misc. monsters from the original Manuals of Monsters not-driders molds/slimes/jellies pack (translucent) dark elves not-kuo-toa colossal skeleton colossal (and other huge) spiders more townies Warlord packs DHL army packs: 06035: Ghouls 06034: Wraiths 06058: Mummies 06059: Mummy Tomb Guardians 06002: Men At Arms Of Breonne 06022: Men At Arms 06030: Men at Arms- Archers 06004: Men At Arms Of Anhur 06023: Anhurian Swordsmen 06025: Anhurian Crossbowmen 06051: Anhurian Command 06011: Sisters Of The Blade 06012: Sisters Of The Blade 06055: Men at Arms, Malvernis 06019: Black Legionnaires 06036: Templar Knights 06039: Lizard Men w/Spears 06046: Lizardmen Archers 06047: Lizardman Command 06048: Lizardmen, 2H Club 06049: Lizardmen Tyrants 06050: Lizardman Warriors 06057: Lizardmen Warriors 06010: Dwarven Warriors 06014: Dwarven Crossbowmen 06018: Dwarven Axemen 06020: Dwarven Hammers 06024: Dwarven Swordsmen 06040: Dwarven Miners 06041: Dwarven Spearmen 06042: Dwarven Command 06043: Dwarves With 2H Axes 06044: Dwarven Warriors 06045: Dwarven Fanatics 06001: Skeletons 06052: Skeletons, 2H Swords 06053: Skeletons Swords 06003: Skeletons 06005: Skeleton 06006: Skeleton 06031: Skeletal Crossbowmen 06032: Skeletal Command
  11. There's a chance I may not see whatever add-ons get added on Saturday. If that happens, is it possible to adjust the $$$ amount after the official close, perhaps by PayPal, to account for "dang, I wanted that"?
  12. Congratulations Reapers and Reapettes! I was just considering how you must have felt. Your goal was surpassed and not by just a little either. You made more than 100 times what you asked for. All of you must be exhausted and very gratified by the response. Kudos to you!
  13. Seems like a separate thread about Swords and Wizardry might be a good thing, being as some of us are going to be getting that bad boy at some point. I've played it. I rather like it. It's essentially open source Original Dungeons and Dragons. Here's hoping I can get the link to my Tumblr to work.... I don't COMPLETELY agree with the diagram; S&W is a considerable cleanup and tightening of the original, horribly written Three Book Boxed Set. It really has more in common with the Red Book and Blue Book Basic D&D editions. But it's a fine piece of work that very much captures the old style. I'd recommend it for anyone interested in the Old School Renaissance.
  14. kit


    <center><img src="/misc/KS_party_invitation.jpg" /></center> Second, our <a href="/kickstarter">Kickstarter is drawing to a close</a>, and we wanted to thank some of our friends who helped us out. So we've decided to co-opt our regular painting club time on Saturday to have a Kickstarter Close Party! Saturday, August 25 11AM - 6PM <a href="https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=embed&hl=en&geocode=&q=Reaper+Game+Store,+Teasley+Lane,+Denton,+TX+76210&aq=1&oq=REap9062+teasley+ln+denton+tx+76210&sll=33.139204,-97.097082&sspn=0.044703,0.077162&gl=us&g=9062+Teasley+Ln,+Denton,+Texas+76210&ie=UTF8&hq=Reaper+Game+Store,&hnear=Teasley+Ln,+Denton,+Texas+76210&t=m&cid=9037001873349945651&ll=33.157529,-97.067642&spn=0.057484,0.154324&z=13">Reaper HQ, Denton, TX</a> RSVP to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> (But seriously RSVP if you can. We need to buy food.) Everyone is invited. If you're in the Denton area, we'd love to see you! If you're not in the Denton area, we'd love for you to see us! We're going to be running around with our cellphones posting little video clips of this and that through the <a href="http://www.tout.com">Tout</a> service. You can follow along at at <a href="http://www.reapermini.com/tout">http://www.reapermini.com/tout</a>. (Not much to see yet, but we'll be updating that on Saturday.) In case you missed the news bump...
  15. At each "Stretch Goal" Reaper adds new miniatures to the Vampire (and Undertaker) collections so I'm looking forward to meeting the next goal for more minis! The kickstarter just dinged 2,440,000 and the golems were added to the collection. The next goal is 2,840,000. At the current rate of contributions I predict the total will reach 2,840,000 at 12:30 PST tonight. How about you? When do you predict the total will reach the next Stretch Goal?
  16. Speculation time... so the next reveal will include.... Giant Foo Dog!!!! or not.. :D
  17. Hey everyone. Whilst knee deep in minis, I found a bit of time to make a little something Kickstarter related. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it! Thank you to everyone who has made this project such a resounding success.
  18. As a newcomer, and a future costumer I hope you can answer the following. Is costums included in the € pricetags? Or does Reaper have a EU branch where they send out packages? I ask because custom tarifs are fairly steep the side of the pond.
  19. Will any of the Bones exclusive sculpts ever be translated into metal?
  20. Just curious if any thought has been given to repackaging and selling the bones mini's line into the childrens toy market ? Having seen the bend in the bones shall we say, I was reminded of one of my favorite toys when I was a child, the matchbox Monster in My Pocket from the 90's which was also a PVC type material. They had an ages 5+ rating although the regs may have changed since then. But I could easily see 8+ year olds getting in on the action especially if they're cast in different colors or even given a generic coat of acrylic which is seems won't come off. Of course selling any toy into the childerns market requires a level of testing/paperwork before it's deemed safe so its not as simple as throw some in a box and sell, but seem like it could possibly be a way to offload any overflow from model runs that simply aren't selling to recoup costs. I mean look at the classic army men plastic models they don't come much cheaper and nastier than that, and they still have approval to sell to children ;) a second market with the same inventory ? why the hell not ;)
  21. So lets look to the future, There is a dragon being made in bones plastic. I am going to assume multipiece so assembly is required. What would the possible price point be for such a dragon. OR asked another way- how good a deal is the $10 I would spend today compared to March
  22. I somehow can't seem to find how to upgrade Kickstarter pledge. My hubby chose 'Vampire level' a while ago. Now we want to add extra figures, figure case, and paint sets. How do we do that? We live in the US., and have Amazon account. Thanks in advance.
  23. I wonder if Reaper will have to expand their facility and/or hire a gaggle of new people to handle the suddenly extensive Bones line. That is a load of minis to deliver on the initial crunch...how will this affect production of existing lines? Surely they can't divert all of their people to producing Bones... thoughts?
  24. Hi i was wondering if ALL the bones on kickstarter will be sold after the drive is over.And if so when will we start seeing them. Thank u for your patience .SRY lol long time forum reader and very very few posts =p. Ernie
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