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Found 287 results

  1. So Gizmodo, a blog about tech and gadgets and other nerdery, has declared that they have had it up to here with Kickstarter, and will no longer cover anything there, except to make fun of it. Link here; language is NSFW: http://gizmodo.com/5897449/were-done-with-kickstarter I kind of understand their point. There is an enormous amount of crap on Kickstarter. We've discussed how it can be a dandy platform for fraud, and while the Potato Salad Kickstarter was a joke, and everyone KNEW that, I've seen a half dozen since that take the joke beyond the point at which it was funny. Gizmodo also brings up another category of disappointment, one that had barely registered on my radar: the hopeful dreamer who invents something... well, ranging from "kinda useless" to "utterly ridiculous," and wants to give his dream wings! Won't you pledge? I hadn't really noticed these people. I don't need an iPod watch or a cell phone dock. Mostly, I watch Kickstarter for gaming and miniatures developments. And after reading this article, I have to disagree with 'em. Yes, there are plenty of foggy headed dreamers out there who envision a world where their dream of hats and sunglasses for dogs and cats has made them rich beyond dreams of avarice. These folks don't bother me. As long as they don't hurt anyone, I see no problem in letting them chase their dream; most of 'em won't get funded, anyway. Yes, there are plenty of crooks out there. I watch out for them, and I do my homework before I throw money. But, then, I always have. Or should have, anyway. Yes, there are idiots out there who think they can get people to send them a buck because they think they're funny. I don't send them anything. Problem solved. But then I look at situations like that guy who's doing the zombie shark Kickstarter, about which there is another thread around here somewhere, and I think, "Okay, dude has done a couple KS already, and seems genuinely enthused about what he's doing, and he wants to sell miniatures of his own design, and he's actually providing product more or less on schedule. Is it necessary to stomp on this guy's happy little labors of love just because some idiot elsewhere wants me to pay him to perfect his paper airplane design? Or because some other idiot wants me to send her money in exchange for Play-Doh sculpts of megafauna and sea monsters that may never actually exist?" Not to mention actual miniatures businesses that are taking advantage of the platform to grow and diversify their businesses with plastic miniatures in a variety of genres, and send out their rewards to their backers as soon as humanly possible. I can't help but think Gizmodo's being a tad unfair. What says the multitude? And mods: If you think this thread belongs better in Beekeepers, do as you will.
  2. Well it's been a while since I posted a WIP but I have decided to do one for the recent purchases I have made. This is for the most recent Oathsworn kickstater. I got a full set of dwarves as well as the set of resin tavern furniture. I decided to paint all the resin furniture first. They don't really add to the 28mm figure total but they are very nice. I cleaned them up and gave them a quick undercoat. I started with the wooden furniture. I used a few different browns and then gave them all a brown wash. The metal parts were then painted and I used a standard Matt varnish to finish them off Next up I started on the stone items. A simple dark grey followed by two highlights. Here are some details of the cobblestone bases. They are really highly detailed. As always comments welcome. I will be cleaning the dwarves later, and hopefully get them undercoated over the weekend.
  3. Hey all, Now that I've got my Kickstarter Bones, I decided to start a separate WIP thread to help motivate and inspire me, as well as share my discovery process, flubs, thoughts, mistakes, and accidental successes with everyone. I'm brand new to this whole painting miniatures business, so any and all comments and advice are most welcome! I'll try to be as detailed as I was with my first (and so far, only) mini WIP, since a lot of people seemed to appreciate that; however, with roughly 250 minis to paint, I may not have the time to be as thorough. Unless noted otherwise, all paints used are Reaper Master Series paints, and all minis will be Bones figures from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter. For the record, my pledge included a single Vampire box and one There Be Dragons add-on. The rest of my pledge was paints and a figure case. I look forward to learning and growing along with the rest of you talented people! Index of WIP figures: 77015 Bugbear Warrior (non-KS) 77016 Rats (scattered across many posts, but this is the beginning) 77195 Mr. Bones (started here), finished here in my WIP thread; also 74021 1" Square Skull Bases, his base (non-Kickstarter metal) 77018 Skeleton Archer (1) (Group WIP) 77018 Skeleton Archer (2) (Group WIP) 77164 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard (conversion) 80013 Nova Corp: Female 77136 Well of Chaos 77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard 77040 Satheras, Male Warlock 77116 Colossal Skeleton 77016 Rats (single figure) (modified) and 74021 1" Square Skull Bases, its base (non-Kickstarter metal) 77039 Janan, Female Dragon Slayer 77001 Skeletal Spearmen (5 of them) 77017 Skeletal Swordsman (4 of them) 77017 Skeletal Swordsman (1 of them, separate project from the one listed above) 77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard (conversion) (different project from the one mentioned above) 77073 Freja Fangbreaker 77034 Male High Wizard (separate thread) 77162 Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (separate thread) NOTE: Since I tend to have multiple minis in progress at a time, most of these do not have consecutive posts. The link will take you to the beginning of when I started working on each one, though. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  4. Hi! I'm new to the forum and painting. I hope I'm doing this post right. I only have a camera phone so the picture aren't great, but I tried to crop them to make it easier to see. I got into gaming less than a year ago, and my new gaming friends talked me into buying the Kickstarter. "What do I need with hundreds of unpainted minis? I don't paint. I don't do anything artistic. I don't GM and don't really need minis." I say. "We'll have painting parties. It will be fun" they say. It sounds like finicky and annoying work (not fun), but I purchase the vampire level and a couple extras. They arrive. It takes me hours to organize the minis into groups how the kickstarter had them. But no painting parties happen. The minis were just sitting there. Organized, and unpainted. Judging me. I venture onto google. Holy crap, the mini painting community does not seem to agree on ANYTHING!? "Gesso is the best! No, it's the worst, use sandable automotive primer. Why prime bones? You'll need expensive tiny brushes! Paint everything with a No. 1! Black prime! White prime! Washes are your best friend! Washes are a cheat! Here are five million different wash recipes!" sayeth google. I almost quit before starting. In the end, I bought what seemed good and tried painting the pirates, since they seemed interesting enough to be fun but not something I'd probably use in a game, so no foul when I screw them up. My first attempt was a complete failure. How did I make a pirate look like a zombie??? <> <> 03637: Hajad, Torgan Pirate with Loot I try another. Discover that mixing white with red to highlight red doesn't get you a realistic red highlight. It gets you pink. I can't paint skin. The eyes are CRAZY EYES. And google was right - cheap silver paint looks horrible on a mini. The giant box of cheap Liquitex Basics paint I got does not respond well to thinning with water. I am not cut out for this: <> <> 03623: Finaela, Female Pirate But I'm gonna finish all five before I take that box of minis and pelt my gaming group with them. So I try a third...and, while not pleased, I am not horrified by the result. So clearly I've taken the "dry" part of dry brushing too seriously. My silver paint still sucks. But I wouldn't be horrified to put this guy on a game mat: <> <> 03626: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate Cook This pirate is a step backward, but again, not horrid. Her eyes look less crazy since she only has one: <> <> 03632: Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate I try the fifth. I like him. I actually painted a mini I liked. I took him to my gaming group, and they liked him too! <> <> (I can't find his code and name, if anyone can help) Ok, Let's see if I inserted the pictures correctly, before I post the rest! Thanks, Heidi
  5. So I returned from a month long trip in Spain this evening to find a Giant and strange box sitting on my bed. After opening it carefully, thinking it must be a bomb or decapitated head, I was overjoyed to find it was none other than my Bones Kickstarter! REJOICE! After sorting through the sheer rediculous number of miniatures, I realized that I'm going to need some sort of motivation to paint this beastly assortment of minis, and the best way to do that is to showcase my work on the internet as I try to tackle, as quickly as possible, all the Minis I got. The plan is to speed paint them up to pretty much tabletop level, a little lower than I'm used to doing with really only one base color and one layer of shading, with alot of drybrushing and washes to help me "cheat" along the way. Without further rambling, we haveeee... this guy. Model #1 of 200...ish. Mr Sandman. At first I was like "OHHHHH EVIL WIZARD!", and then I started with the purple and was like " He kinda looks like hes wearing one of those sleep caps on his head... OHHHH SLEEPY TIME WIZARD." and gave him a cute little star covered hat. Nothing is more intimidating to enemies than stars on your head. If anyone has any tips on how to take better pictures of my minis, or any comments, feel free to belittle or abuse me at your whim. Also, if anyone knows where I can find the actual names of the models so I dont have to name them all stupidly, that would be grand toooooo... okay. I'll have a new differenter picture of another mini tomorrow, with more madness.
  6. http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/2015/preview/files/assets/basic-html/page16.html (to the right of the Car pic) Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones! Fastest Kickstarter to reach $1 million. 2 hours, 41 minutes and 51 seconds. BOOYAH! Nicely done Reaper Peeps. edit: url fix
  7. When I first pledged on kickstarter I thought things would go as it was written on the projects page. It turns out alot of projects have huge problems which affects the backers and are late etc What problems have you encountered with ks? mine are: I backed eastern fronts dwarf gladiators which were supposed to be shipped in dec, it now might not be delivered until April http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/607885648/dwarf-gladiators-finely-sculpted-28mm-resin-miniat?ref=live -Eastern front studios originally planed to ship multiple shipments (which wasnt told to backers until it was funded) and then later said that doing that wasnt in the budget and now we are left with no shipping date. I also backed Boss monster (which raised over $200,000) were supposed to be shipped in Feb and now wont be shipped till May http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brotherwise/boss-monster-the-dungeon-building-card-game?ref=search -BM has updated its backers regularly and are doing a print and play version of the game in Feb but sadly they thought the printing of the game would be quicker and now it wont be shipped till May
  8. Hi, I am new to CAV so I have been looking for a way to wrap my head around models, factions and tasks. I started working on this spreadsheet to help me better understand how many of each faction we would be getting in the Kickstarter and how rounded those forces would be. I need the help of more experienced players to tell me if I'm on the right track. There are plenty of other spreadsheets out there so is this even necessary? I'm looking for feedback to either make this better or drop it all together. If others find it useful I will post it in the Kickstarter comments as well. The sheet is based on the MODELLIST PDF on CAVBOSS' web site. It seems to be the newest list available but there are a few holes in it. If you can fill any of the gaps then I will add the data to the original. I highly recommend downloading the file and opening in Excel or your favorite program because the online viewer looks horrible. I am not especially talented with Excel so don't be too critical with my formulas but constructive criticism is welcome. I'm especially interested in improving the content and the presentation of the data. Error reports are also welcome. Original FILE HERE, including new Example Forces worksheet 17+ mb New Lite Version (without Example Forces) 2 mb Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. So this is probably my least favorite mini I've produced since getting back into the hobby. I'm really really really bad at browns for some reason, which I think is due to 98 percent of my paints being Vallejo or Reaper (easy to thin and mix), and all my browns being GW. Overall, not my best work, and pretty sloppy. I've also been considering adding actual nice bases to these models instead of these boring Brocolli bases, which I think might add a bit of life to them. Tell me what you think!
  10. I was looking at the CAV-SO Pledge Manager today, and notice that each of the miniatures is listed as being for a specific faction. I'm pretty ignorant of the rules and background for CAV so I was wondering how flexible these assignments are? The reason I ask is, if they are fixed, then the distribution of miniatures in the basic pledge is very uneven. Adding up the 32 core miniatures plus the current freebies, the Empire of Malvernis gets twice as many CAVs as anyone else (full half the original 32), while the Grand Order and United Terran Federation are way behind with only 4 and 2 CAVs, respectivly. Maybe I'm jumping the gun but I was think about how to split up the miniatures into different playable forces, so I was wondering if the Razor, for example, can be used by anyone or only the Empire of Malvernis as listed? How much flexibility is there in creating faction forces in the game? Thanks!
  11. Hello, all. Back into painting after hitting a little bundle of snag during January. As life is stabilizing (a very little bit) I have blown the dust off the brushes and tackled a few of my Kickstarter minis. First up, Relic Knights. Decided to start with the Doctrine and painted up a 35 point force. Hope to have my first game Friday. All together. My knight, Delphyne, and her cypher pal, Ekhis. Del alone. Ekhis solo. I really like the idea of the little girl and her monstrous protector, and as a result these were some of the models I was most looking forward to from the Kickstarter. Librarian. Better return those books. The head on this guy was rather poorly cast, too bad as this was another model I looked forward to getting and which helped me pick Doctrine as one of my factions. Oh well, he's the Libranaut now. Novitiates. Dead kids walking, if you believe the game reports. Silly models. I like 'em. I'm not sure you are ready for that book, junior. Academy guard. More bullet stoppers. I fear they look tougher than they will play. And a boost token! Cute little thing. As several of the boost tokens are rather nondescript, I picked the mine to use for whatever for now as I like the design the most. I also finished off three chumpo Strain from Sedition Wars that were started before the boy was born. Not terribly exciting, but they bring the completed Sedition Wars models up to this: Still not much, really. I wonder if I will ever play that game. It's nice to be working again. More Relic Knights to come (in a separate thread, right?), Noh and Cerci, more BONES, and some MYTH. Thanks for looking!
  12. Here is a selection of completed Halflings from the Arcworlde Kickstarter. I decided to get these done first as they looked nice and easy. These models are still not available to purchase yet, but a web store will. Be open soon. There are 17 models in total in this batch. First up is the Halfling Captain. Next up the five archers. Some lovely characters in here. 3 swordsmen. And finally a total of eight spearmen. (Some photos are missing for some reason) Enjoy and comments welcome.
  13. I think I am following the guidelines of the board by setting this up as a new thread. I am sure a mod will tell me otherwise at some point. Anyhow this is the first set of Arcworlde models I have got round to painting. I have based them using some milliput and sand. I will add more detail once they are painted. I have taken a few pictures of the full group I am currently painting. As always comments and suggestions welcome.
  14. Here is one of my first single threads for an individual models. I am very happy with how this has turned out. I have tried to get quite a few good photos of it. Comments welcome.
  15. Reaper posted another Friday update today. Those purple translucents look really good. I'm enjoying the adventure of Sir ForScale.
  16. I've been considering different and cost effective means to base the 500 or so figures I am getting next month from the Bones Kickstarter. I have a ton of tile samples from an architect that cleared out their old stuff. However the majority aren't square or are smaller than 1" square. I have access to slate from sidewalks breaking apart around the neighborhood. Seriously. Got about 5-10 pounds of the stuff of varying thicknesses. Makes a nice display base for the figures. You can see it on my two posted show off miniatures; Stone Giant Warrior & Thornback Troll. But 500+ figures is a lot of bases. Okay so some don't fit on 1" square bases for use with fantasy games. But I did find a product that gets me a ton of bases for cheap. 5 cents a base cheap. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000F8T9B8 It's a learning aid. $19.95 for 400 one-inch plastic tiles. The colors don't matter, they'll get painted along with the figure. It's plastic so I can drill into it for pinning, etc. I am sure there are alternatives, but for the price and my Prime free two-day shipping I said, "why not?" Limited supplies are available, but for those of us who've bought in for multiples of the Vampire level it could be your answer to basing all those minis. Assuming you want to. Mine will be here Friday. I'll add one to my Bones Garrick or Barnabas when I get them and post a picture of it with notes about it.
  17. So, I'm really bored tonight and was looking at the KS rewards and the name Spider Centaurs kept catching my attention. I can't get the image of centaurs (regular, horse-human ones) dressed up in red and blue and swinging around their forest on spider webs after being bitten by magical spiders. I propose that henceforth these model be referenced (at least unofficially) as Arachnitaurs. That is all.
  18. Here is a selection of Bones I have painted so far. I bought five original ones prior to the bones being shipped to see what they are like. Here is the ghost. Here is the werewolf, I quite like how he came out. My Ogre Chieftain Here is Garrik the Bold Here is Fimbur the Dwarf This is the first lot. More to come as I have now finished some of the Vampire set. If its ok to post directly from the IPhone? Update11/9/13 - I have just posted the right links for the pictures to appear. Also seen some of the pictures aren't great so will replace at some point. Update 2/1/14 - have now combined this as compendium of all the models I have painted.
  19. Ok, so in order for me to be able to keep the peace in my household when the new Bones kick starter launches, I need to paint as many of my bones as I can as fast as possible. My goal is to paint better than an underpaid Chinese sweat-shop worker. So here is what I have accomplished so far! (and I'll replace these crappy phone photos with the real deal when I get the photo studio set up.) Get the easy ones done 1st! Go Team Dry Brush! Monsters my favorite! Isn't it too cold around here for all these rats?! Who let these Descent figures in here... and that's one happy dragon! Spider, a lab experiment gone wrong, and some random dude who Bones party crashed. This is one horrible picture.... Who Let that Descent mini sneak in the back there! He's a giant for crying out loud! (And for those of you counting along at home, that's 38 Kickstarter Bones, 2 Bones bought outside of the KS (sshhhhhh....), 8 Descent minis, 1 Iron Wind Metal Ral Partha redo, all Painted since Gen Con. With 1 Bone I painted in June as a quick Learn to paint Bones demo for my friends, not bad progress if I do say so myself.)
  20. Hello. I paint a lot of different things so I guess I will try to keep one thread running rather than make a thread for each thing or genre. Lately I have been working on Heroclix mods/repaints and Sedition Wars. Also the Bones-wolf in the other thread. Anything could show up, though, as I have been collecting minis for...a long time. Sedition Wars Like these minis. They have had mixed reviews since they started being received, but I think McVey did a good job with these models. Have been slowly picking away at the box. Went with yellow for the Samaritans and your standard zombie palette for the Strain. Akosha was the character I was most excited to paint from the core game. I wanted to paint her up in light colors since I have yet to see her that way, and as a contrast to her nature as a wetwork killer assassin type. Here she is with her active camo version as well. And a close up of the glowing eyes on the camo'd one. Since she's a cyborg, and all. Heroclix I have recently been bitten by the mod bug for Heroclix. It isn't a game that one would normally consider for rewarding painting, but there are some really talented modders doing inspiring work out there and some really horrid models that need replacing with something more aesthetically acceptable. Hulk. A Heroscape figure repainted and mounted on the base of a little-tiny-not-at-all-imposing sculpt from the Incredible Hulk set. Superman repainted Kingdom Come style and put on a sculpted explosion to replace the hideous TabApp sculpt. For those unfamiliar with Heroclix, the TabApp sculpts are an abomination whose only value is that they have inspired many to try modding their figures. Captain America. Another TabApp repaint/swap with some new wings sculpted on the temples. Wolverine TabApp. Repaint and some sculpting for the hair. A classic look from right after Fall of the Mutants. Thanos. I love Thanos. A Heroscape repaint and sculpted gems for the Infinity Gauntlet on the original dial from the first set. Sorry for the pic dump. Further updates will be smaller. This is just the more interesting stuff I've done recently. I have just finished up some more Strain, the Bones Minotaur, and a Zoat. Will put up pics when they are taken. In the pipe: more Sedition Wars, Alkemy kitties, more Heroclix, maybe some GW. Thanks for looking.
  21. The Kickstarter is over, but there;s still some very valid questions out there. In order to help ensure that we at Reaper see them to provide you with valid answers, this thread is now opened for Questions and Answers only. Off-topic chatter will be culled. Incorrect answers will be culled. Posters will not be notified of the culls - and it will not as a rule be considered an infraction of the rules to have a post culled, but please try to keep this thread chatter free.
  22. So, ReaperBryan posted in his questions thread of the possibility that the next kickstarter would be more focused. If Reapers next kickstarter was CAV focused, what five mechs would you want to see in the first offering? What would you want in the next five or so? My guess is that we would not see a Core Set for $100 that contained a bunch of models, but possibly a $40 base set with 10 models or so. Lets help Reaper pick the models to focus on.
  23. Lately I've noticed a rise in kickstarter updates I'm receiving from projects I've backed being nothing more than spam promoting other companies kickstarter. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of as part of a captive audience in that the only option I have if I want updates about companies I've backed is to get the updates and the spam, or get no updates at all from the projects I've backed. And I'm not talking about a valid update with relevant info containing a casual mention of another project, I'm talking about updates with no relevant info for the project I've backed whose sole purpose is to promote other kickstarters. Is anyone else becoming bothered by this?
  24. I was planning on severely cutting down on my kickstarter backing this year due to... reasons. However there are some very tempting upcoming projects. At this point I don't know if I'll be able to back any, or for how much, but here's my list anyway. Counterblast by Patrick Keith & company: Pulp Scifi with rules and minis minis minis. I've backed each of Patricks previous kickstarters, love his sculpting, and am looking forward to seeing this launch. Creature Caster: From the folks who founded UltraForge. Known for their centre piece minis. Renaissance Miniatures Pirate Terrain: Still in the design stages but looking good for release later this year. Docks, wharfs, Caribbean styled buildings, and Pirate ships. All done by laser cutter. The early prototypes are looking very nice. Those are the three I'm most looking forward to. Of course there's alway a chance we'll see something from Reaper although nothing's been announced or hinted at. Darksword, Mantic, and Larry Elmore's black & white sketch book are other possible projects out before the end of the year. Edit: And of course anything Stonehaven does will be a must have. So... What is your list looking like? Edited for fumblesome posting.
  25. Only posting this cause I know some folks here have young'uns that'll no doubt enjoy these. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835446295/pewter-ponies-miniature-ponies-for-table-top-gamin?ref=search
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