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Found 287 results

  1. Hey Everybody, I didn't see a "New people say hi here" thread, so I thought I'd feed two birds with one seed and say hi here while also showing some of the very first miniatures I've ever painted (well, as an adult). That's right. Brand new to painting here. I tried it once as a kid but I didn't know what I was doing and only really managed to massacar a few skeletons and vampires with heavy handed use of enamal paints. I should really try to find those figures some day... If only I could, and strip them down and repaint them - a story of redemption - but I digress. Where are the goblins right? well right here!; It's hard to get a good close up with my camera on my phone - but I'm really into this rock. You should probably go ahead and expect to see me pose just about all of my finished minis on it. Ah yes. Blury inability of my phone to take close up shots. Charming. This guy (with the mace) is probably turned out the best of all of them - either that, or the other mace guy. Another blury spear guy. Well at least the guys in the background look cool... right? And here is the whole scouting party. Yes, it's only half of the Goblins from dungeon attack. The other half is being painted by friend/housemate/indentured mini-painting slave, Kya. So anyway, that's that. If you've read this far, Thanks! and Hi! Please reply with your favorite painting "cheat" - You know, some trick you know that saves time, or just looks super cool. I know a little bit, but I can always know more and I really don't know anything. Also take a look at my trade thread over in the kickstarter trade thread (shameless plug, I know).
  2. What have you got planned? RPGs? Skirmish games? Paint practice? Conversions?
  3. Along with my thanks and appreciation, I thought I'd share a comment about logistics by outgoing Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America president John Scalzi: You've done good work, ladies and gentlemen of Reaper.
  4. Hello! So I received my Kickstarter package a week or two ago and after enjoying the rather later mass of miniatures I decided I better get painting. My girlfriend isn't a gamer and wasn't really into miniatures, but I surprised her with a decent order of paints and all these Bones and she was down to paint! I started with the L2PK 1-5 for paints and then added in another 10-15 to try and round out some of the colors. I realized that I don't really have a grey though so I will be ordering some more soon. She has a good amount of experience and talent painting with acrylics on a canvas medium (and I've tried once or twice as well) but other than that, this was the first attempt at painting a miniature for both of us. I never started the L2PKs, I really just prefer the Bonesium over metal I think. It was hard to figure out what miniature to paint first, we looked over and through the pile and found a few simple miniatures, some of the hooded elves and townsfolk looked easy enough, but in the end we decided what better miniature to start with than the Kickstarter mascot himself, Mr. Bones! I was very thankful to find that I ended up with about 8 Mr. Bones miniatures when I only ordered 2 or 3, so it seemed perfect since we would have extras and would get to paint the same miniature. -We cleaned the miniature. -Picked our colors. -Started painting, I used a #1 W&N 7, she used a #0 Da Vinci and a #0 W&N 7, she wanted a smaller brush though so I might be ordering a 00 or 000 even. -I only basecoated and then painted on Army Painter Quickshade soft tone. -She painted basecoat, then painted on shading (we didn't thin our paints this first try) I think it looks a lot better than mine. I don't think she did the highlighting step, we plan on working on the L2PK and our shading and highlighting and drybrushing, but didn't get into it for this try. Then she thought it needed some gloss finish, I don't have any gloss sealer, just the AP matte and the sealer that comes with the L2PK. She ended up using the Reaper brush-on sealer. She liked some parts of mine better so she then used a little bit of quickshade to help with the smaller details like the fingers and stuff. I don't think I need to point out who painted what, because it's fairly obvious I think, lol. Thanks for your time and interest, any and all comments are welcome! We looked through the show-off forum a bit and she liked it so I think she'll be joining at some point lol. We also looked at Anne Foersters paintjob of the metal version Mr. Bones is based from and she couldn't believe the detail lol. If anyone else has any Mr. Bones pictures we would love to see them as we couldn't find any anywhere!! Pictures were taken with an iphone 4 with and without flash. No lightbox or anything fancy, I think they turned out decent enough, but we will definitely look into making a lightbox as we get more into the hobby and pile of bones!
  5. So got my Kickstarter stuff a few weeks ago. While most of the vampire stuff is still in the baggies, I emptied all the small cardboard boxes that the paints and a few of the minis came in. After I had dry fit all my dragons and Cthulhu I was pondering what to paint first. Then it hit me, I could use the boxes as Quonset hut style buildings for modern or scifi terrain. Sprayed them down with brown primer as I planned on doing a little rusted metal effect to them. Also marked lines on the roof to ad some detail. Grabbed some black puff paint left over from another project to add some 3D roof seams. At first I was upset my unsteady hands made the lines uneven but then I remembered that tar seals are anything but even. So instead of overlapping sheet-metal seams, they are tar seams. White stuff is salt for the rusted metal effect. For step by step instructions follow the link in my signature. Don't have any pictures yet but the roofs are chrome. I'm now accepting suggestions as to wall color. Right now I've got grey, olive or brown. Don't want to go camo as it would contradict the shiny chrome roof.
  6. Hi folks, So, I'm a bit nutty about, well, containers, and I really like the Bones minis briefcases I got with my Kickstarter. a) Uh, it looks like the foamcorps.com guy has some personal issues blah blah orders aren't being fulfilled. I think I want to get some different trays for my cases (a paint tray, some of the bigger figs trays), but that up-top message doesn't fill me with a ton of confidence. What's the deal and/or should I place an order? b) Has anyone gone through a vampire box and figured out which minis fit in which little slots? I picked up 3 cases, and I think this is how the loadout should work case 1: 1 paint tray and 1 1.5" FCR006 (for paints and large figs) case 2: 2 1.5" FCR005 trays (for larger than normal figs) case 3: 3 of the trays I got with the case, for all the little guys What do you think? Should that work? Or should I just go to work with the trays I've got and a hobby knife because the site/store is toast?
  7. I rarely venture out into the interweb these days but I did notice some consistent complaining at BGG and the Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter about early bird specials. Specifically, "I would back this but I missed the Early Birds and refuse to pay $20 more for the same thing just because I don't camp out on Kickstarter." Is this a reasonable complaint? I don't have a strong opinion either way. I know the point is to get people to back early on rather than wait. Cheers. P.S. I have my own idea about how to get people to back early on: promise to send out their stuff first
  8. I finally got my kickstarter so I want to start a new WIP for it. I won't be able to post or paint every day, sometimes maybe once a week. The box actually arrived at my house on the day I had to go to Illinois, and after waiting for these for so long, it was a very loonngg trip. I am not actually going to take them all out of their packaging until I paint them, well that is the plan. I Decided to use my old caddy's from paint sets, I did not use them for the paint due to being slightly inconvenient I decided to start with the rats. I started cutting them off of the sticks with an xacto knife. I found that twisting them off made less bumpiness on the bottom of the bases, so I used the xacto knife and some sanding needles to file the rest of the base smooth. I do not plan on spending a ton of time on these little guys, I want them to look good but they do not have to be super well done.
  9. And so, after many adventures and travails, I finally got myself, my worldly goods, and the cats to Colorado, to begin my life anew. The last thing was the car. I had to fly back from Colorado to San Antonio, and then drive the thing back. But it sits now in my new driveway. This is important, because when my girlfriend got home from work today, the next door neighbor began chatting her up. I noticed this, and went outside to see what was up. We introduced ourselves, and he pointed to the back windshield of the car and remarked, "Reaper Miniatures, hm? Got a lot of those! They make some good stuff! You a miniatures fan?" (I have a Reaper logo decal across the back window) I was a little rattled. You don't run across too many miniatures peeps out on the loose, and here I'd moved halfway across the continent and found one living next DOOR to me. "Yeah," I said. "Got a lot of 'em myself. You could call me a Reaper fanboy." "Didja hear about that kickstarter they did?" he said. "I wanted in on that, but I was so broke when that was going on..." "Oh, yeah," I said, "I was in on the Vampire level--" "Your package, dear," said my girlfriend. She handed me the box. The box that the Reaper shipping department sent out last week; I'd asked Kit to switch my address, since the shipment fell right in the middle of my move. "Yeah, he picked up his Vampire box at Reapercon," she remarked. "This is the last of your Kickstarter reward, isn't it?" "Oh, yeah," I said, working on the box seals. "Steampunk dragon! Great Cthulhu!" My next door neighbor goggled at me. "Yeah, he loves Reaper stuff," she snickered. "Knows most of the artists, too." My next door neighbor goggled at me some more. We're likely going to get together sometime this week to talk miniatures. May well have another guest at Reapercon this coming year.... (man, who'd have thought my next door neighbor would be a miniatures guy? Small world...)
  10. Mr. Bones here has the honor of being my first completed mini from the Bones Kickstarter. You can view my WIP in the Open/Group thread. This was a few hours worth of brush time, all finished in one day, except for the basing. The blends are a little rough, but I wanted to see what I could do in a slightly accelerated time frame. He was a fun mini, although that crooked shovel is going to continue to nag at me every time I see him! Mr. Bones had to be done first, as he has a job to do...
  11. RPM Troubleshooting Links: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45910-bones-pledge-manager-is-live/ Wrong Prices (Try closing browser and reopening first) http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45911-rpm-price-descrepencies/ Starting a collection of links for Kickstarter: FAQs(This is the first one) http://www.kickstart...VipReapCrowJewe Video FAQ: http://www.kickstart...in/posts/292955 Reaper Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini Mirrored Image of C'Thulhu http://chaucersvicet...hulhuReward.jpg Explanation of the increasing amounts for goals: http://www.reapermin...180#entry627180 Shipping Information http://www.kickstart...in/posts/291046 Helpful tools: Pledge creator/tracker http://niagaragamers.net (choose your locale) (Courtesy of Dan) What a DEAL you're getting http://greg.botch.com/bones/ (mouseover gfx to see metal prices, etc) (Courtesy of Greg) Google Docs Spreadsheet (Thanks Chris) http://bit.ly/bonesksaddup Learning to Paint Links: http://www.reapermin...ng-tips-advice/ http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/32 http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/37 http://www.ttcreatio.../index.php?id=1 http://howtopaintminiatures.com/ http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/ Reaper Forum Trade Thread http://www.reapermin...r-trade-thread/ Board games that benefit: http://boardgamegeek...reapers-kicksta Reaper Player Map http://www.reapermin...nd-cav-players/ Here is a Duty Calculator found by Bob: http://www.dutycalcu...ax-calculation/ Good Explanation on calculating Duties http://www.reapermin...post__p__625463 Comparison photos: (Thanks Greg!) http://www.reapermin...ragonsScale.jpg http://www.reapermin..._OgresScale.jpg http://www.reapermin..._DemonScale.jpg http://www.shakandar.../demonscale.jpg http://www.shakandar...dragonscale.jpg http://www.shakandar.../giantscale.jpg http://www.shakandar...g/wyrmscale.jpg http://www.shakandar...spiritscale.jpg http://niagaragamers...arisonSmall.png http://niagaragamers...eComparison.png These are no longer working: ***https://dl.dropbox.c...art-scaled2.jp*** ***https://dl.dropbox.c...-art-scaled.jp*** Kicktraq: (Good thinking Bob!) http://www.kicktraq....-of-gaming-min/ Intro Video http://www.kickstart...dget/video.html Mid-drive Video [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rOj5zflhjY&feature=player_embedded[/media] Starting Forum Discussions about Bones Kickstarter: http://www.reapermin...er-discussions/ BBCode for images and banners: Ahh phooey, I cannot keep up!
  12. Many have indicated a desire to view the How to Paint Bones insert included with the Vampire boxes. Adrienne Hawkins at Reaper says I may, so here 'tis: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pz5j5whtcf8xra7/BonesInsert.pdf
  13. So, I received my Kickstarter rewards and I have some questions. It seems to me, I got a lot more than was promised. I'm in no way complaining. But I'm confused. Off the top of my head, there's a wizard with a familiar on his shoulder, sitting on some skulls and spell books that I definately don't remember being on the list. Also a few halflings. There were more but I don't remember. Also, I vaguely remember a book or PFD that we were supposed to get, but I, at least, didn't get. Did the rewards change or something? Did they add things? Few more questions: The altar, in the reward picture, has a girl on it. Mine has no girl. The familiar pack: What is the thing that looks like flowers holding a knife? Me and my buddy are still trying to figure that out.
  14. So, a "friend" of mine is running a Kickstarter for some of his music which is coming to a close this weekend (and is already funded). That is not really the point of this post. The point is this: WHY WAIT UNTIL THE KICKSTARTER ENDS TO START WORKING ON THE PLEDGE MANAGER? Am I just missing something? I realize that during the KS, times can be hectice. However, as the owner of the KS, (A) you know if you are going to be funded, (B) you know what is being offered in the packages, © you know what Stretch Goals you have added (and have been reached).... Why would you wait until the very end of the campaign to start working on the form? Why not develop the basic pledges and then add the strecth goals as they are funded so that you can spend the final week between the end of the KS and the funds being transferred to test the pledge manager and voila! Seven days after the end of the KS, you have your surveys out... Or am I just missing something obvious?
  15. Top Ten Tabletop Kickstarters: How They Do It Matt Forbeck expands on ICv2's article "Why are tabletop games outdoing even video games, which are far more popular in general? It has to do with the economies of scale of plastic miniatures."
  16. Hello all, I saw prototypes of CAV bones, any word on how they will be arriving (straight or kickstarter? and price) I thought perhaps this list will have more info.
  17. Here are the basic goblins from the Dungeon Attack set
  18. I only learned about Reaper Miniatures in February and ordered my first Bones minis in March and I love them. I recently learned about the Kickstarter project that ran last year and I can't believe what everyone is getting for a $100 contribution. IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET IN ON THAT DEAL? Sadly, I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but I felt I needed to at least ask. My real question is, does anyone know when the Kickstarter pieces will actually be available to buy on the website? I see a few of them are listed under “previews” to be released this month and I'm all set to be notified when they are. But what about all the other pieces in the Kickstarter Vampire Level (like the Griffon) will they be released this month too or later?
  19. I have a game that I'm going to on the 17th this month. I have to drive for over two hours to get to the location so having a few durable Bones for the journey would be perfect. I did two separate Kickstarters. One is Vampire plus one of every dragon and then some. I hold little hope for this making it to my door in time. The 2nd one is a lot smaller; Vampire and a bunch of giants and elementals as add-ons (no large dragons). I’m hoping the 2nd one will make it. Does anyone have a clue where things are at? Is there even a small hope for me? ~ S ~
  20. So when I went in on the Kickstarter, I never intended to actually paint any of them -- I figured I'd just use them as basic unpainted minis, because hey, for that price, why not. But when I had the pile of plastic sitting in front of me, and saw how much gorgeous detail there was on them, I discovered that I wanted to do something with them. So I bought the Learn to Paint Kit 1, did both the minis in that (which you can see in the WIP thread, if you're curious for whatever reason), and then started in on the Bones. My very first "freehand" mini was a space Marine in Packer colors. I have no gaming use for a space Marine, so figured it was safe to "ruin" if it came to that. I had some trouble with the yellow paint (I'm using Vallejo Game Color stuff, plus the Reaper paint that came with the LTPK; honestly, I prefer the Reaper stuff by a good margin, and will probably just buy that going forward); I used a dark walnut wash over the whole figure, which I realized in retrospect made his face look weird and undead; and using flat gray as a contrast color adjacent to gunmetal metallic gray didn't work out very well. But still and all, I painted a mini All By Myself, and it doesn't look hideous, so I was pleased. Next up, Lord Stoutpants McBearderson. This mini is just dripping with detail, and was really fun to do. The part that was the most interesting to me was realizing how hard it is to "read" the clothes on an unpainted mini. It wasn't clear to me if he was wearing an open-faced "kilt" or a jacket; if the jacket had sleeves; if the collar was part of the jacket or part of the shirt; etc. I like the choices I made (red sleeveless jacket over a popped-collar long sleeved linen tunic over bloomers), though. And I remembered to do different washes on different parts, so the linen shirt and face got an "intense brown" wash, and most of the rest of it got the walnut wash. That worked like I hoped, with the bonus that I put the intense brown wash on his black pants (they'd been intended to be charcoal, but my paint mixing failed me -- more white, I guess?), and it brought out some detail that was hidden in the flat black. My primary disappoint with him was the beard -- I tried drybrushing red over a brown base, to get interesting depth, and it mostly just came out flat. The next mini, it was late, I'd had some wine, and I wanted something easy and unchallenging, so skeleton it is. I hesitated for a while deciding between "bone white" and "dead white" and ultimately decided on a 1:1 mix, which I think was reasonable. Nothing fancy at all on this mini, it's kind of the opposite of the previous one that way. And finally, my... yuan-ti? naga? Snake-person, let's say. I hadn't been satisfied with any of the drybrushing I'd tried to do on anything since the rat mini from LTPK1, so I wanted to try it on something with more texture. It worked... pretty well? I overloaded the brush, or pressed too hard, in a couple of places; but for the most part, it did what I wanted, adding a bright highlight color to darker base colors. I also enjoyed doing some of the detail work here. I have no hand at all for that kind of work, but thanks to the miracles of a wet palette, I was able to keep all the relevant paints ready to hand, to fix any slip-ups easily enough. I know that all this is pretty unimpressive to those of you who've been making fancy display-quality minis. But before I did that first Learn to Paint Kit, I would have sworn up and down that there was no way I could do any of the stuff you see here, so I'm pretty pleased with it all. Next step is to learn some more of these post-beginner techniques, toward which end I have the rest of the LTPKs ordered. The nice thing with this Bones kickstarter is, I've got literally hundreds of minis sitting here, so I don't need to worry about thoughts like "oh, I shouldn't paint that yet, I'll do a much better job later." If I paint these things now, and they look worse than the things I paint later, well, a) it's good to have a visual record of that, b) I've still got more minis than I could paint in a year sitting there, so nothing lost, and c) it seems to me that one of the better ways to improve is to just paint a lot, get experience, and look at what you've done with a critical eye toward improving the next one. Toward which end, any comments or suggestions?
  21. Can anyone check to see if they can access a google docs spreadsheet for me? It contains a list of all the items in the Kickstarter Vampire box. I intend to use it to check my reward Thanks!
  22. Last night a box of Bones from the Kickstarter arrived at my door, I was so excited until I read who it was addressed to. It turns out a friend of mine sent his Bones to me because he was moving to Russia. So now I have this box sitting on a table that I can't open. My orders has a bunch of extras, I guess his didn't, that's why I got his first. Who knows when mine will show.... so tempting... ~ S ~
  23. So I just got my Reaper Bones Vampire-level in the mail maybe two hours ago, and I wanted to ask some questions to members who have perhaps worked with this plastic before. My modeling experience is mainly Games-Workshop. I guess the most urgent question I have to ask is this: A large portion of the miniatures that I received (25% +/-) are kind of warped; I know this plastic is a soft medium, and all that good stuff, so I wanted to know how to bend things back into place, and have them become more rigid. Should I immerse them in hot water, bend them, then immerse them in cold water, or what? I just want the swords, staves, and bases to not be so crooked. Secondly; for painting these, I assume the best method is merely to prime them and paint them like any other miniature, yes? My primary concern is the warping; a lot of the swords/staves are way off, and I have one model that's totally borked (some robotic monkey thing I'll never use, so I'm not going to bother filing a replacement claim) Thanks in advance!
  24. So I was looking at what all came with my pledge, again, and some of the other add ons, and a thought came to me. Will some of the sets e available in the store the way they are in the kickstarter? I'm sure some like 'here be dragons' will of course be separate, but what of the golems or the townsfolk sets?
  25. http://www.kickstart...n-of-gaming-min This is for questions, comments, excitement, clarification, and general discussion.
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