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  1. Antenociti's Workshop have announced on their Facebook page that they are planning to launch a kickstarter in early 2014 for 28mm scifi resin scenery, mdf structures, vehicles, and figures. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=592884427415869&id=153539898016993 The sweet spot is expected to be £100 and represent about a 50% saving off retail to start. I don't own any of Antenociti's stuff... Yet, but I am waiting on pieces that they contributed to Mantics Deadzone and Mars Attacks kickstarters. The photos I've seen of their previous offerings looks great and all reviews I've read and watched on their products have been very positive. I believe this is going to be one of those "can't afford to miss" kickstarters. There have been requests for them to include fantasy and modern day lines, but so far Antenociti has stated scifi only. EDIT: link added.
  2. IT HAS BEGUN! My enthusiasm for the BONES KickStatrter got the better of me and in a moment of broken will I drove out to Reaper and picked up my KS Vampire reward box with the reward paints. The rest of my add-ons will come when they come, but at least now I can dig into some of my pledge rewards. So, let me start with the list of rewards that I pledged for. -- Vampire x1 $100 : RECIVED -- Undead Paint Set x1 $18 : RECIVED -- Mind Your Manors x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Undead Giant x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Mythos Monsters x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Clockwork Dragon x1 $15 : RECIVED -- Red Dragon x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Spider Centaurs x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Forces Of Nature x1 $15 : RECIVED -- Frost Wyrm x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Deep Dwellers x1 $7 : RECIVED -- Nethyrmaul x1 $25 : RECIVED -- Hydra x1 $15 : RECIVED -- Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 : RECIVED -- C'thulhu x1 $10 : RECIVED I did start with "Tim the Enchanter". But no WIP on him. Last night I started on the Rats. First was a base of 9246 Brown Sand on the flagstone. Next was a drybrush of 9087 Weathered Stone. Last thing I did last night was paint the tails, ears, nose, and limbs with the new Brains Pink from the KS paint set #2. Overall pretty pleased with how it's going on these guys. About an hour and a half on these guys so far. Thinking that they should be done tonight and I'll post progress on them tomorrow.
  3. Well, I've decided to start another miniature. Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger Thought this would be a fun challenge to paint.
  4. I set myself a goal: Speed paint some figures for a tableau to enter into the Halloween/Fall Contest. My friend Heisler sent me a huge box of BONES from the Kickstarter, so I rummaged through it and found a couple of figures that would lend themselves easily to basic techniques. I started Tuesday afternoon and finished Wednesday night. I did do some free hand work on the skellies shield, but it was pretty basic so it didn't take long. I used stippling on all the metals, which is an easy technique that allows you to be quick and sloppy. Everything else is just base colours, washes and dry brushing. If you haven't looked at that contest thread, you might want to now. Truly, there is some stunning brush work and a whole lot of fun figures to look at and be inspired by. Have a Happy Halloween all!!
  5. So I signed up for the Figure Exchange that is supposed to end this coming Saturday and picked Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin from the Bones Kickstarter for my partner (who doesn't know who he or she is). Unfortunately, my summer exploded into all kinds of "too much to do" so I wasn't able to really get down to working on him until about a week ago. My intended recipient requested a scenic base, so this would be the very first time I've tried to base a figure. One problem I ran into, also related to "too much to do" syndrome, was that I wasn't able to locate starter bases at any of the very few stores I was able to check out, nor did any of them have "greenstuff" (or similar putties), so it has been a bit of an adventure trying to jury rig something over the past week. I finally figured something out using a tube of model putty I had on hand (it is also green but is a thick gel that is really intended for filling in gaps rather than molding), an inverted metal bottle cap and segments of V's original "broccoli" base. In the end, the gelatinous nature of this particular putty actually worked in my favour because I was aiming for a surface with the look of cooled lava flow. It may be hard to tell at this point, but it is intended to look like a spot where a very, very small, "micro-volcano" was created by thick lava bubbling up through the ground. Initially creating a dome of molten rock, the center collapsed slightly as it cooled forming a shallow crater. The spot has been solid for a long while while but something has stirred things up and lava is slowly beginning to bubble up again, causing the surface of the crater to start cracking. Hopefully the paint job I do will make this obvious. :-) Next I knew I had to "pin" V to his base, which I did with two tiny pieces of electrical wire stripped of its plastic coating pushed into each foot and then pushed into the top of the base along with a dab of Crazy Glue. I then used a little bit more of the putty to fill in spaces between his feet and the base. Next, I wanted to be sure the paint stayed on everything so I used white paint on primer on the whole base, though I didn't bother with V himself. Then I decided to try using the technique of doing the figure's eyes first, as described in this article: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/12 So far so good!
  6. Well since it's a day of the week there's another new mini based skirmish game KS http://www.kickstart...arpath?ref=live Based on groups from the Americas & Pacific these could be the minis (Metal for those who care like you Buglips) you have been looking for The core rule book includes one War Party from each region: Pacific Northwest Tribes from the North, Woodland Tribes from the East, the Aztec Triple Alliance from Mesoamerica, the Inca Empire from the South, and the Hawaiian Koa from the Pacific. First up is an Aztec Officer A wereshark spirit beast from the pacific and a shapeshifting Mayan Shaman (Nagul) A full starter kit is around 15 minis, an example shown is for the pacific northwest 15 figures above, and a LE figure and a print for $50 ($65 international) or if you want the rules too $70 ($85) probaby not one for me being broke
  7. Splurch

    The Case

    So, spacing issues aside for the case, most of the spots in the foam for my case is extremely sticky around the bottom where they glued the two pieces of foam together, a few of the bones I have stuck in unpainted to see what will fit stick to the glue. This naturally has me concerned about sticky painted figures in. Has anyone had to deal with foam with this problem before? If so, how did you fix it?
  8. Here is the official discussion thread for the Bones 2 Kickstarter. If I toggled all the settings right, it should auto-unlock approximately the same time as the KS Launch. (If not, I'll manually unlock when I can.) A little pre-housekeeping requests (as I am wishing and hoping): Please review the forum rules and play nice. Please make every effort to avoid sequential posting, it makes life so much more difficult for those of us who have to clean up after you. You can always go back and edit your posts to add the thought that comes to you after you hit that post button. Inserting large graphics or videos are tough for people on weaker connections, please try to limit those. You can always reply without quoting, or you can edit the quote down to less than all and keep your posts smaller. The most important link, Bones 2 on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones FAQ: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones#project_faq_69411 Reaper's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini Kicktraq: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones/
  9. Hey, all... I was wondering if anyone had a current estimate on how long it's taking Reaper to go through the "help" emails, and correct issues. The reason I ask is that I sent an email to them last Saturday (24th of August) letting them know that my Cthulhu came with two right arms, and no left, and I have yet to hear anything from them in regards to receiving the email, or getting a replacement, etc. I realize they probably have a fair few emails to go through, so am I jumping the gun if I send another email? Or have I somehow been missed out? Any ideas? -Vilegrimm
  10. I'm not a gamer so I don't know what to call this miniature. Here is the step by step process I followed to paint this figure. In the end I decided to paint the purple Red to match the rest of the figure. Please let me know what you think of this. Its all new to me. Jsaonator.
  11. Please scroll though to the SECOND page. I have posted the final photos. I have just competed Judas Bloospire/ Be so kind to leave me a comment as to what you think. So many folks just download a copy, and while I am flattered I really posted this here for people to give me feedback. Thanks ! I just started painting this Miniature. I have just coated him with a Brown Wash. Thanks to those of you that clicked like ! I'm still learning how to do this. I'm having a blast working the color depths.. Take your Time, and look at the color evolve ! Would enjoy Hearing from you on enhancements, or suggestions. I'm rather new at this. I am adding the my latest Judas Bloodspiers up here. Working this yellow, and red together without getting "chaulky" is a bit daunting. Think I am getting closer to my "flame" idea.
  12. IT HAS BEGUN! My enthusiasm for the BONES KickStatrter got the better of me and in a moment of broken will I drove out to Reaper and picked up my KS Vampire reward box with the reward paints. The rest of my add-ons will come when they come, but at least now I can dig into some of my pledge rewards. So, let me start with the list of rewards that I pledged for. -- Vampire x1 $100 : RECIVED -- Undead Paint Set x1 $18 : RECIVED -- Mind Your Manors x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Undead Giant x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Mythos Monsters x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Clockwork Dragon x1 $15 : RECIVED -- Red Dragon x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Spider Centaurs x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Forces Of Nature x1 $15 : RECIVED -- Frost Wyrm x1 $10 : RECIVED -- Deep Dwellers x1 $7 : RECIVED -- Nethyrmaul x1 $25 : RECIVED -- Hydra x1 $15 : RECIVED -- Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 : RECIVED -- C'thulhu x1 $10 : RECIVED WOHO!!! As you well know the Vampire reward box has enough in it keep any hobbyist knee deep in minis that need paint for months. So I guess I better get started. But what should I paint first? So many figures to pick from it’s a bit overwhelming. Do I start with low level horde monsters that paint isn’t critical and I can practice on? Do I start with a unique monster to get me excited? Do I start with monsters I will need for my upcoming D&D sessions? Do I paint a critical NPC that needs some attention to detail and a few hours of painting effort? There are so many ways to get going. In the end I decided that I need to paint a bad guy that I will need in the campaign I am running. And here he is. I call him Tim the Enchanter. A couple of notes on this figure. I don't think the details on him are as sharp as on the metal version. Particularly the scales on the snake are pretty soft so I wasn't able to get the detail that I wanted without spending hours painting on him. Next is that I wimped out on the book pages. I will paint them, I am just holding off a bit. Lastly, I do have a micro photo studio and I will retake the images when I have a chance to set it up over the weekend. For now, these pics get the idea across. Feel free to comment, just keep in mind that my goal in painting these figures is for tabletop play and I don't really plan on spending more than 4 to 6 hours on a hero size mini before I move on. Next up in the Que.... Rats. Replaced images with updated photos.
  13. http://www.kickstart...re-set-chibi-an This set of minis has 6 archetypes based on old-school D&D, but with an ADORABLE chibi twist, like SDE. For $30, you can get a chibi Magician, Barbarian, Cavalier, Thief, Ranger and Acrobat! More minis will be unlocked as the kickstarter gains suppoer (however it seems they will be primarily add-ons, not freebies). The first unlock is at $5,000 and is a DM mini. Happy pledging . ETA: Checking the comments, the minis are expected to be spin-cast plastic by Troll Forged.
  14. Dark Sword Miniatures have on their website and their Facebook something interesting: Along with this tid bit: Judging from the comments they had test castings at ReaperCon? Looking forward to seeing where this one goes. *edit* Kickstarter is live now: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/823962857/dark-sword-miniatures-special-edition-elmore-drago
  15. Phew. Reaper Kit announced shortly after midnight Texas time that the forums will be being migrated to a new server today and offline for a little while. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51636-forum-downtime-for-wednesday-oct-2-2013/ (I am not officially anything or in the loop, so the rest of this is deductions.) I am guessing they need to deal with exponentially increased site traffic owing to the wildly successful first and now second Bones kickstarter. Yesterday's Bones II opening day blew past a lot of goals, possibly faster than they expected. At the moment (5:30 AM Texas time, less than a full day after launch), the pledge totals are over a million dollars. If their site is offline for part of today, people may be concerned. So Kit gave us a heads-up. I have no idea how long this has been in the planning stages, but knowing how forethoughtful the Reaper folks are I am guessing it's been a contingency for a while. I would guess it was triggered by yesterday's massive activity. Better to be offline for a brief time on Kickstarter Day 2 than strain the servers and risk crashing as hundreds of new people show up. I don't think he said when they would be porting the forums (I'll double check in a second). So whenever it is, see you at the new place.
  16. (God, I hope this is good place for this topic..) Like many of us who backed the KS, I got a store credit for my messed up minis, plus some extra. I'm trying to debate what minis I should pick up. I'm not afraid to pick up a mini I'll never use in a game if it looks cool and/or looks fun to paint. I can't really afford big minis, and I don't care it they're Bones or normal metals. So, you princes (and princesses) of the Reaper Forums, hit me with your suggestions!
  17. I started painting miniatures in June when I sorted out the Vampire set I received. I am astonished at the quality, ability, and the sheer imagination of the members of this forum. I have been looking at everyone work, and you folks are incredible. I attach a photo of the miniatures I have painted with a bit of trepedation; but everyone seems helpful. So here is the Kickstarter Mini's I have painted so far. I haven't learned to create the bases that I am astonished by. I have viewed all the "Girl Painting video's on youtube, they have been extremely helpful, since I have never done this before. Here is a photo of my miniatures to date. Jasonator
  18. So... I got my bones a few weeks ago, if not a month. but with the new job i havent had a fraction of the time to jump in... but tonight I'm goint to start in on Nethyrmaul... a strange choice I think, considering the sheer number of minis I now have to paint. I'll post some pics later but I wouldn't expect any leaps and bounds... I intend to take it very slow and enjoy every second of it... Haven't yet decided specifially on coloring yet but i think I'm going with an iguana look to the scales and a dirty white/ yellow-teeth/brown look to the protruding bones. any advice or general thoughts are always welcomed... EDIT: it must have been the size of the pics that was hindering the upload. Anyway, I don't seem to be suffering from the "lean" that I've seen in other Nethy wips. Mold lines arent too bad, there are a couple spots where the detail of flesh around bone isn't stellar but all in all this is an awesome sight! Everything dry fit here and its apparant ill need to fill some gaps but again its not too bad. I definatley need to reshape a couple wing "fingers" should be easy from what i've read. I really don't know how I'm going to paint her yet, i've been looking at alot of iguana pics and there are a few I ceep going back to. Questions for myself at this point are : Am i sure i want to paint this assembled? Should I pin when assembling? Tonight I'm just going to clean the pieces and take care of the mold lines.
  19. So the bones kickstarter came with 12 giant rats and 2 swarms. some of its not going so well. My young daughter did the brown basecoats, then I tried to clean them up, using some drybrushing. Bleh. advice might be helpful. then I did a swarm, black rats, pink faces, and some gray highlights. it looks okay from a distance, but a hot mess up close. Then I found a WIP thread where someone painted them white. with some pink. This turned out adorable Gaint rats, but my attept to add black shadows did not go perfectly. I think I may stay with the minimalist approach. Just unpainted bones with pink details and painted bases. The bases will need color stripes so I can track them in play. Im also considering painting 3 of remaining 6 large rats black/gray with pink faces.
  20. Hey Everybody, I didn't see a "New people say hi here" thread, so I thought I'd feed two birds with one seed and say hi here while also showing some of the very first miniatures I've ever painted (well, as an adult). That's right. Brand new to painting here. I tried it once as a kid but I didn't know what I was doing and only really managed to massacar a few skeletons and vampires with heavy handed use of enamal paints. I should really try to find those figures some day... If only I could, and strip them down and repaint them - a story of redemption - but I digress. Where are the goblins right? well right here!; It's hard to get a good close up with my camera on my phone - but I'm really into this rock. You should probably go ahead and expect to see me pose just about all of my finished minis on it. Ah yes. Blury inability of my phone to take close up shots. Charming. This guy (with the mace) is probably turned out the best of all of them - either that, or the other mace guy. Another blury spear guy. Well at least the guys in the background look cool... right? And here is the whole scouting party. Yes, it's only half of the Goblins from dungeon attack. The other half is being painted by friend/housemate/indentured mini-painting slave, Kya. So anyway, that's that. If you've read this far, Thanks! and Hi! Please reply with your favorite painting "cheat" - You know, some trick you know that saves time, or just looks super cool. I know a little bit, but I can always know more and I really don't know anything. Also take a look at my trade thread over in the kickstarter trade thread (shameless plug, I know).
  21. What have you got planned? RPGs? Skirmish games? Paint practice? Conversions?
  22. Along with my thanks and appreciation, I thought I'd share a comment about logistics by outgoing Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America president John Scalzi: You've done good work, ladies and gentlemen of Reaper.
  23. Hello! So I received my Kickstarter package a week or two ago and after enjoying the rather later mass of miniatures I decided I better get painting. My girlfriend isn't a gamer and wasn't really into miniatures, but I surprised her with a decent order of paints and all these Bones and she was down to paint! I started with the L2PK 1-5 for paints and then added in another 10-15 to try and round out some of the colors. I realized that I don't really have a grey though so I will be ordering some more soon. She has a good amount of experience and talent painting with acrylics on a canvas medium (and I've tried once or twice as well) but other than that, this was the first attempt at painting a miniature for both of us. I never started the L2PKs, I really just prefer the Bonesium over metal I think. It was hard to figure out what miniature to paint first, we looked over and through the pile and found a few simple miniatures, some of the hooded elves and townsfolk looked easy enough, but in the end we decided what better miniature to start with than the Kickstarter mascot himself, Mr. Bones! I was very thankful to find that I ended up with about 8 Mr. Bones miniatures when I only ordered 2 or 3, so it seemed perfect since we would have extras and would get to paint the same miniature. -We cleaned the miniature. -Picked our colors. -Started painting, I used a #1 W&N 7, she used a #0 Da Vinci and a #0 W&N 7, she wanted a smaller brush though so I might be ordering a 00 or 000 even. -I only basecoated and then painted on Army Painter Quickshade soft tone. -She painted basecoat, then painted on shading (we didn't thin our paints this first try) I think it looks a lot better than mine. I don't think she did the highlighting step, we plan on working on the L2PK and our shading and highlighting and drybrushing, but didn't get into it for this try. Then she thought it needed some gloss finish, I don't have any gloss sealer, just the AP matte and the sealer that comes with the L2PK. She ended up using the Reaper brush-on sealer. She liked some parts of mine better so she then used a little bit of quickshade to help with the smaller details like the fingers and stuff. I don't think I need to point out who painted what, because it's fairly obvious I think, lol. Thanks for your time and interest, any and all comments are welcome! We looked through the show-off forum a bit and she liked it so I think she'll be joining at some point lol. We also looked at Anne Foersters paintjob of the metal version Mr. Bones is based from and she couldn't believe the detail lol. If anyone else has any Mr. Bones pictures we would love to see them as we couldn't find any anywhere!! Pictures were taken with an iphone 4 with and without flash. No lightbox or anything fancy, I think they turned out decent enough, but we will definitely look into making a lightbox as we get more into the hobby and pile of bones!
  24. So got my Kickstarter stuff a few weeks ago. While most of the vampire stuff is still in the baggies, I emptied all the small cardboard boxes that the paints and a few of the minis came in. After I had dry fit all my dragons and Cthulhu I was pondering what to paint first. Then it hit me, I could use the boxes as Quonset hut style buildings for modern or scifi terrain. Sprayed them down with brown primer as I planned on doing a little rusted metal effect to them. Also marked lines on the roof to ad some detail. Grabbed some black puff paint left over from another project to add some 3D roof seams. At first I was upset my unsteady hands made the lines uneven but then I remembered that tar seals are anything but even. So instead of overlapping sheet-metal seams, they are tar seams. White stuff is salt for the rusted metal effect. For step by step instructions follow the link in my signature. Don't have any pictures yet but the roofs are chrome. I'm now accepting suggestions as to wall color. Right now I've got grey, olive or brown. Don't want to go camo as it would contradict the shiny chrome roof.
  25. Hi folks, So, I'm a bit nutty about, well, containers, and I really like the Bones minis briefcases I got with my Kickstarter. a) Uh, it looks like the foamcorps.com guy has some personal issues blah blah orders aren't being fulfilled. I think I want to get some different trays for my cases (a paint tray, some of the bigger figs trays), but that up-top message doesn't fill me with a ton of confidence. What's the deal and/or should I place an order? b) Has anyone gone through a vampire box and figured out which minis fit in which little slots? I picked up 3 cases, and I think this is how the loadout should work case 1: 1 paint tray and 1 1.5" FCR006 (for paints and large figs) case 2: 2 1.5" FCR005 trays (for larger than normal figs) case 3: 3 of the trays I got with the case, for all the little guys What do you think? Should that work? Or should I just go to work with the trays I've got and a hobby knife because the site/store is toast?
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