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Found 285 results

  1. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_drum_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_scimitar_behind_shield_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_scimitar_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_standard_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_swinging_scimitar_front.jpg So I just finished painting these Ral Partha orcs, ones that will have ended up coming from their Kickstarter. I had to link them, because the majority of them have their orc dorks dangling about. Not utterly happy with the lighting, look a tad washed out, but maybe I'll try to take some better pictures later. Painting five similar models at the same time can kind of seem like it takes forever, especially with the limited time I typically have to paint. I kind of got a bit more time to paint this week though, so just got these finished up today. Enjoy!
  2. In order to get back into painting I decided to paint a few Bones, and to do it quickly so as to not get frustrated and lose interest trying to make everything perfect. I still ended up spending more time on these guys than I had hoped, but it was mostly because I was trying new things, so I guess that's ok. I'm not sure I got all the names and numbers correct in the title, I had a hard time finding some of them in the catalog so feel free to point out any corrections needed. First up: a dryad! To be clear, this is the Bones version. I don't think a tree can really be considered to be nude, but linked here just in case. I was trying out non-human skin tones, this one is shaded with dark blue and the highlights are a light teal. I always read that you should push highlights more, but I generally get impatient and the final, lightest highlight will ruin the careful layering underneath like it did here... Practice continued with this demon(?). The photo shows him to be much more saturated than he is IRL. Next, a tick that I tried to paint to be glowing inside. I didn't really a good photo of the glow, the gradient is much stronger in reality. The topside was meant to be like a dung beetle blue, but it came out looking a bit sci-fi. I painted these mummies as a quick break, they were probably the fastest of the bunch! They are purposefully differently colored, so they can be distinguished more easily during a game. This skeleton was also a quick job, I tried to make his equipment look dirty, old and rusty. I had tremendous fun making this guy look diseased and gross. I didn't realize there was another of these until I was looking up this part number, but I will see about making that one another color as this pale flesh seems like the easy way out to make it look sickly. Agatha seemed like she would provide a bit of variety. I tried to paint her in a comic-book style, with more sharply defined shadows and highlights. I shaded her coat more smoothly so it would contrast with the rest. Finally, this burrowing creeper that I image just came popping out of someone's lawn for a snack. I'm not sure how the anatomy of its head is supposed to work, but I gave him six eyes. Looking at it now, maybe I should put some clumps of grass on its back.
  3. A quartet of ghasts I speed-painted during our RPG session tonight. This was my first time using a happy seppuku stamp pad for the bases. With these 4 done, I am now at a total of 8 minis complete from Bones 2; I'm sure to be done by the time Bones 3 arrives...
  4. So Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals is going to be re-releasing some of their classic line of figures through a Kickstarter that they are going to be starting up the next week or so, and I did a little bit of painting for them on a few of the goblins they are going to be offering. These are from way back, good old juicy Tom Meier goodness! If their Kickstarter does well, hopefully lots more of this will be showing up in the future! Anyway, hope you enjoy! I painted three of them, but the front view of one of them is going to be linked because his manly parts are flying hither and thither. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Kickstarter_goblin_with_morning_star_front.jpg
  5. I was with everyone that the mini cases from the first kickstarter were awesome, but the spaces were too small for a lot of the figures. I was thrilled to see them offer cases with larger spaced foam inserts in Bones 2. So my KS order shipped and both cases were missing. I emailed Reaper and they replied back that they would get the figure cases out to me. Today I finally received the replacement figure cases, and they have the exact same inserts as the first KS. Did I miss an update somewhere that said they were going to stay with the same dimensions as the Bones 1 inserts? Or did I just get REALLY unlucky and get my case order borked twice in a row?
  6. My latest Kickstarter is a modest offering of Elvish fantasy fonts for game masters, tabletop players and publishers: http://kck.st/1yPyfJH Thank you!
  7. The dretches from FD's IMotOP Kickstarter. More pics and WIPs on my blog.
  8. I've just launched an indie RPG kickstarter for Cavernquest, a role playing game about dwarven adventure! Its big selling point is that players can create a group of dwarves and experience more of the world than just dungeon delving (though that is present). Dwarves can gain experience by mining, forging weapons, or even apprenticing other dwarves! There are lots of fun little systems for things like journeying in different underground enviroments, investing in communities, and creating magical items. I've got a free pdf of an early edition of the game up on the kickstarter page, and you guys are welcome to go download it. Read it, play it redistribute it however you want! I'm planning on releasing the final game as a pay-what-you-want pdf and as a physical book. I'm open to questions, comments, and suggestions, so let me know what you think! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/805665166/cavernquest
  9. This is one that is very likely to get some money from me. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1635552367/dungeons-and-drafts-geek-bar?ref=nav_search Oops I missed it, already over, sorry.
  10. Hi folks, My name is Ruben Segura, producer of Koti Games, a company founded by an enthusiastic group of professional entrepreneurs. Together, we have over 30 years’ experience working in leading companies in the videogame industry. Since we all love games, we have some exciting news that we believe you might consider interesting. We will be soon launching our next project: Battle Arena Show, an innovative board game inspired by the style of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) videogames. At April 7th the Battle Arena Show's Kickstarter campaign will be launched. Battle Arena Show is a multiplayer strategy board game that takes place in an alternative reality, where the discovery of time travel has permitted unprecedented technological advances. This board game uses miniatures to recreate a morbid reality show, in which two teams battle to compete for the coveted title of Battle Arena Master. Battle Arena Show brings the gameplay mechanics of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) PC games, like League of Legends or DOTA 2, to your table. 2 to 6 players divided in 2 teams will compete to destroy the enemy base. Each player will control one or more heroes and the team will receive the help of their minions to achieve the victory. You can take a quick look at our project by watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9HUQKYVyyo Also, we are running a giveaway now and if you want to win a copy of Battle Arena Show, you can visit the following link: https://gleam.io/fb/9KyPn Good luck! You can find much more information in our web site and Facebook's fan page: http://www.battlearenashow.com https://www.facebook.com/battlearenashow We hope you like the project
  11. I am not sure how much of this is news to anybody but it just appeared in the NYT and I found it interesting enough, particularly the 1099-K: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/19/business/crowdfunded-entrepreneurs-tripped-up-by-the-taxman.html?_r=0 Cheers.
  12. This is actually my second paint job for the Bones 2 line but the other two are still WIP until I can finish bases and all that. So I give you my first fully completed Bones II, the Burrowing Horror! I used quite a few paints in this and I don't remember them all but basically: Tanned Leather (Base) Black wash Dirty Bone Yellowed Bone Bathalian Chitin Oiled Leather (Brown highlights around the bone plates) Sun yellow (additional highlights and eyes) Blazing Orange (eyes) Maggot white (teeth) A different leather on the belly, I can't remember the name!) Devlan Mud wash for the final wash I may still attach some sand or grass between the bone plates but I'm not sure yet.
  13. [Guys, I bet this answer is somewhere but I did search, I promise.] So I got my Bones 2 kickstarter box today, and WOW. WOWWWWW. But what was I thinking with one gelatious cube? Why only one water elementals? I didn't order Narthrax??? Are there any leftovers we can order, if we were in on the kickstarter? (I was in in a big big way) I looked at the kickstarter page and don't see any way to add there. Do I just have to wait and pay retail when they go on sale to the general public? o_o Much obliged, Willow. Also, WOWWWWW
  14. I apologize if there's a better thread for this, but I can't find one.... I just did an inventory count of my Bones II add-ons. The Kraken comes with 10 tentacles, but there are only 8 unique ones and 2 duplicates. It's not clear which tentacles go in which sockets, so it's hard for me to tell if this is intentional. The scales in many places of the body seem a lot larger than the scales on the tentacles, so it's not a smooth transition between the textures, leading me to believe that maybe I'm missing a couple. It would also be nice to get a guide for which tentacles are supposed to go where. The picture helps but not completely. Also, Cinder has a rear leg that doesn't fit very well into the body. It's clearly the right piece, but it doesn't go in all the way. Is anyone else having this problem?
  15. Since this is about Kickstarter, I am posting this article in this section. Fundraising site Kickstarter drops Amazon for payments By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Crowdsourced fundraising site Kickstarter has dropped Amazon.com Inc as its global payments processor in favor of Stripe, the fast-growing startup used by Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Apple Inc. The switch comes as the Internet retailer begins to move clients from its customizable checkout service to an Amazon-branded one. In a blog post on Tuesday, Kickstarter said it made the switch after Amazon decided to drop its Flexible Payments Service, which allows a company to develop its own checkout process. The new Amazon-branded Login and Pay service does not offer as much flexibility. Amazon's payments division has processed more than $1 billion in Kickstarter pledges and had worked with the site even before its launch in 2009. An Amazon spokesman declined to comment. Some analysts have said Amazon has been held back in payments because merchants are wary of handing over customer data to the company, which is rapidly expanding into new areas and competing with sellers. In early December, Stripe raised $70 million from Sequoia Capital and other investors that valued the startup at $3.5 billion, double from a year earlier. (Reporting by Deepa Seetharaman; Editing by Richard Chang)
  16. Hey, in one of the update lists someone posted a link to a spreadsheet with all the BONES Kickstarter minis (and BONES II,) along with a lot of other incredibly useful info. I hunted through the thread and got it once, but forgot to bookmark it. Would someone mind putting it here? As an added benefit this will make it a lot easier to find for others...
  17. Everyone who participated in the first Bones KS knows that the main box was named after the pledge level, i.e. the Vampire set package box. For many of us, the contents also became a milestone, a target to reach, and an unofficial title to earn: Vampire Slayer. Over two hundred minis painted without even counting the extras. Now Bones II is nearly upon us, alas there is no fancy names to represent each set. We only have core, expansion #1-3, extras, etc. However, they are nicely decorated with Halloween themed characters. So I propose that we nickname the boxes so as to give us reference points to our personal achievements. You'll also notice that each box has alliterations written on them. Various (not very original) names: Core set: Mr Bones; Mr Trick-or-Treat; Bag O'Bones; the "C" box Expansion set #1: Pumpkin patch; Scarecrow; Pumpkin Jack; the "M" box Expansion set #2: Werewolf; Wolfman; the "F" box Expansion set #3: Haunted House; Haunted Mansion; the "S" box Anyone else got ideas? Or even title ideas if we finish a box?
  18. A general question for those of us who didn't have either the finances or the interest at the time of the Bones 2 campaign, but what will be the general availability of the boxed expansion sets after all of the shipment waves will be done? The original Bones Vampire box is still available, but I doubt Reaper will produce any others once that stock is exhausted and stick to individual minis. So concerning Bones 2. How many extra boxes is there likely to be? I'm not talking about the boxed sets like Khanjira or DDS2, but the Core set and Expansions 1-3.
  19. Has someone compiled a list of Bones figures that were in neither Kickstarter? I'm looking to round out an order, but greg.botch.com's pages seem to be down and everyone seems to have referenced them as the definitive listing of KS I bones.
  20. Here's a quick and slightly nasty photo of some sweet sweet resin mecha. The Big guy there has some fairly bad blemishes on his left leg, but the rest was beautiful. All the weapons are modular and available individually, so might be worth a look for conversions, find 'em at Gangfight Games.
  21. I still have quite a few models in the nearly done pile and this is one of the first to be completed. Hopefully their will be a few more by the end of the year. This is Dr Watson (Sherlock is in the pile). I am impressed with the fact I actually painted his eyes. The models are by Westwind. He is based on one of my home made bases as well. As always comments welcome.
  22. I thought it was bad back when Kickstarter changed its comments format so instead of numbered, indexed pages of comments (which were confusing enough already since they started with most recent comments so the numbering was always different over time), you now get the fifty most recent comments and have to scroll down and load the previous fifty comments ... and repeat ... and repeat ... and repeat if you ever want a hope of finding an earlier comment. And they can't be searched. Yeah, I thought that was bad. But now I hate, loathe, despise Kickstarter's new format, where instead of a home page and a comments page and an update page for each project, all with nice, accessible links at the top, there appears to be a single project page with a confusing menu of options far enough down that you have to scroll down to find it. And there is no home page any more. It seems to be "Story" or "Stories" or something ridiculous like that. Look, I am a professional artist. I *get* creative. But web interface design must be clear, intuitive, and easy to navigate. This isn't any of those. Arrrgh.
  23. Some of you may have been following my thread over in the WIP section of craft corner as I decided to finish a full kickstarter pledge. That's right I have actually completed and painted all the items in the pledge. The models in question are the dwarf brewers by Oathsworn. I also picked up their resin furniture as well. The pledge consisted of 12 superbly sculpted dwarves all involved with a brewing family. I kept the paint scheme fairly simple and the selection of colours limited to tie the models together. Introducing them in no particular order. Heather McFiggin "Down in one" Duncan McFiggin Hamish McFiggin Pipes McFiggin Fraser McFiggin Ancient McFiggin Conner McFiggin Dougall McFiggin Morag McFiggin Old McFiggin Donald McFiggin And finally Mad Angus McFiggin These models were great fun to paint, and I think my hair and detailing has improved. As always comments and suggestions welcome.
  24. So Gizmodo, a blog about tech and gadgets and other nerdery, has declared that they have had it up to here with Kickstarter, and will no longer cover anything there, except to make fun of it. Link here; language is NSFW: http://gizmodo.com/5897449/were-done-with-kickstarter I kind of understand their point. There is an enormous amount of crap on Kickstarter. We've discussed how it can be a dandy platform for fraud, and while the Potato Salad Kickstarter was a joke, and everyone KNEW that, I've seen a half dozen since that take the joke beyond the point at which it was funny. Gizmodo also brings up another category of disappointment, one that had barely registered on my radar: the hopeful dreamer who invents something... well, ranging from "kinda useless" to "utterly ridiculous," and wants to give his dream wings! Won't you pledge? I hadn't really noticed these people. I don't need an iPod watch or a cell phone dock. Mostly, I watch Kickstarter for gaming and miniatures developments. And after reading this article, I have to disagree with 'em. Yes, there are plenty of foggy headed dreamers out there who envision a world where their dream of hats and sunglasses for dogs and cats has made them rich beyond dreams of avarice. These folks don't bother me. As long as they don't hurt anyone, I see no problem in letting them chase their dream; most of 'em won't get funded, anyway. Yes, there are plenty of crooks out there. I watch out for them, and I do my homework before I throw money. But, then, I always have. Or should have, anyway. Yes, there are idiots out there who think they can get people to send them a buck because they think they're funny. I don't send them anything. Problem solved. But then I look at situations like that guy who's doing the zombie shark Kickstarter, about which there is another thread around here somewhere, and I think, "Okay, dude has done a couple KS already, and seems genuinely enthused about what he's doing, and he wants to sell miniatures of his own design, and he's actually providing product more or less on schedule. Is it necessary to stomp on this guy's happy little labors of love just because some idiot elsewhere wants me to pay him to perfect his paper airplane design? Or because some other idiot wants me to send her money in exchange for Play-Doh sculpts of megafauna and sea monsters that may never actually exist?" Not to mention actual miniatures businesses that are taking advantage of the platform to grow and diversify their businesses with plastic miniatures in a variety of genres, and send out their rewards to their backers as soon as humanly possible. I can't help but think Gizmodo's being a tad unfair. What says the multitude? And mods: If you think this thread belongs better in Beekeepers, do as you will.
  25. Well it's been a while since I posted a WIP but I have decided to do one for the recent purchases I have made. This is for the most recent Oathsworn kickstater. I got a full set of dwarves as well as the set of resin tavern furniture. I decided to paint all the resin furniture first. They don't really add to the 28mm figure total but they are very nice. I cleaned them up and gave them a quick undercoat. I started with the wooden furniture. I used a few different browns and then gave them all a brown wash. The metal parts were then painted and I used a standard Matt varnish to finish them off Next up I started on the stone items. A simple dark grey followed by two highlights. Here are some details of the cobblestone bases. They are really highly detailed. As always comments welcome. I will be cleaning the dwarves later, and hopefully get them undercoated over the weekend.
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