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  1. Just in time for the replacement set to arrive and leave me a cluttered work table, I've wrapped up the first set of "Fightin' Fungi", from Ganesha Games' recent Kickstarter. The first few are some of my favorites. The Reaper, Monk, and Magician are just fun sculpts.
  2. Hi all! So after a long time without finishing any miniatures due to external factors, I finally got these two done. These two trolls are in one of the Ral Partha Chaos War Kickstarter add-on sets, pulled way back from the prehistory of Ral Partha. They were figures sculpted by Tom Meier probably back in the very early eighties and either never really released or released extremely few pieces. in any case they are bringing this one back and I had a chance to paint one. Trolls are usually pictured as green, but I was so sick of painting green skin after tons of orcs, goblins, and imps that I really needed a change, so went with purple. I actually used as my base tone, a purple that I received from Reaper with my last paint order, one of their unlabeled freebies (thanks Reaper!) so I don't even really know what color it was, but after that, worked my way down through other purples and dark elf skin to Walnut brown, and then from that purple through some flesh tones up to white. The smock I actually painted linen white and the started doing various washes. Once again, I seem to have painted a very clean dirty monster! Anyhow enjoy!
  3. Our second fantasy coin project has just launched on Kickstarter! Master of Coin: Fantasy Tabletop Coins are real metal fantasy currency designed to be used with tabletop board games, role playing games, larping or as props. More pics and info on the project page at: http://kck.st/1eDfOos Thanks!
  4. Even before we finished fulfillment of our Second Bones Kickstarter project, people were asking us to do Bones 3. You want it, you got it! Launching July 7th! Coming Summer 2015 - Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 The mascot for Bones 3 is Mrs. Bones, a fierce warrior in search of her missing husband. Expect to see an appearance by her, Sophie, and even more of their amazing friends, er, miniatures as we work to bring you some of the most epic Bones figures you have ever known. We've got some fantastic new models coming up, some of which were previewed at ReaperCon 2015, and others yet to be seen. One more thing - At the ReaperCon banquet where we announced this originally we had said that we were hoping for a target Launch date of June 8. We've had an amazing week of response and feedback, and one thing we're certain of is that we want to blow you away. So we're pushing that date back a bit now to get even more mind-blowing sculpts made, and to fit in even more things that you have been asking for. We'll have a formal announcement with a better date later, given our increased plans. Sig Banners for your use. You are free to copy the images and paste them into your sigs. Avatars for your use.
  5. The recent arrival of the Half-Orcs of Stonehaven led to a burst of inspiration (also, the fact that it was my last week before a big chunk of overtime helped). So, I'm sharing my works so far. My camera seems to highlight all the things I missed...a few have been amended since then. First we have the menfolk of the crew. Aragorc is inspiring a new PC concept, for sure:
  6. OK well it's time to try this again. Our last Kickstarter did not go the way we wanted it to, and we listened to out backers on why it did not work. We are now back at it again trying to get this off the gorund. This is a dream of ours and we are not going to stop till we get this thing on the gorund becasue we feel we have somethign very special here. So I want to reintroduce you to our Kickstarter MidKnight Heroes Season 0 Reboot! What is Reboot!? Reboot is where we went back to the drawing board and redesigned our idea. We changed for a set idea to a per miniature idea with our primary miniature Leonide as our main miniature. We added more value to you pledges and even redesigned two of our characters the was not very popular, Oda and Hanna. Our Funding level is much smaller, $2000 (Bare bones) that our last Kickstarter and we now offer free shipping to all US backers. Stop by and take a look and hep make our drream a reality! Our Miniatures will be sculpted by Robby Crawforth and Fancagne Didier and will be cast in metal. Our current Stretch goals: go to our website at www.midknighthereos.com to see all our stretch goals. Natakue and the MidKnight Hereos Team. "Thank you for supporting us!"
  7. Hi everyone! We wanted to share our Kickstarter with you all and get your thoughts and feedback! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/effwords/effwords-the-game-of-effed-up-words EFFWORDS: A Game of Effed-Up Words EFFWORDS is sort of like Scrabble, but here's the catch: Players can only play fake words that they make up! One player, known as the judge, uses letter tiles to create a fake word, and the other players anonymously submit cards with definitions to define the word. The judge chooses the best definition for the fake word, and the player who submitted that definition earns points. Think Scrabble meets Cards Against Humanity! How to Play Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS9M_8IcHDc Print-and-Play You can try out the game using a rough sample of the print-and-play version of the game: Print-and-Play https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-NnGtHNBhsIXzRMT0JpVEZJRlk/view?usp=sharing Printing Instructions https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-NnGtHNBhsIYjFUa195bXBmaXc/view?usp=sharing Rule Book https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-NnGtHNBhsIbUJnTkhkZURfMU0/view?usp=sharing Graphic Design We have about 95% of the graphic design finished for the game, and you check out out some of that on our Kickstarter. Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, questions, and comments. The EFFWORDS Team
  8. Stonehaven half orc warrior... The shield obscured too much so I decided to leave it off.
  9. Two days ago I got my much anticipated reward from the Stonehaven Half-Orc Adventurers kickstarter. I'm not loaded with cash, so I chose the cheaper "Party of Five" option, with one add-on. (I chose the Spellblade, Bard, Half-Dragon Duelist, Barbarian, Nobleman, & the Halfling-sized Wizard). It's been a while since I actually complete a miniature, and I'm about to start a personal challenge where I paint a mini a day for a month so I thought I'd get a little practice in to knock some of the rust off my brush skills. I started with the Spellblade since I like the look of her, & in the new edition of D&D the Half-Orc/Eldritch Knight combo would be a pretty potent combination. I think she turned out pretty well. The crimson paint on the coat is a little thick since I'd originally started painting it blue to look kinda like Master Holt from Warmachine, but I realized it might muddle the greenish skin-tone, so I opted for a more complimentary color. I considered making the sword glow, but I wanted to get it done quickly. Looking at it now I think I could stand for a bit more highlight on the khaki coat since it reads a little flat to me. Something to do later tonight I suppose. ~Muninn
  10. So here are a few more I just finished, three little goblin-imps from Ral Partha, sculpted around 1979 or so I think. These guys are really pretty puny, and I'm linking two of them because they've got there little impy parts a' dangling. Originally I didn't them to be so green. I actually started them off with a base coat of Golden Blond, but then I guess with the progressive washes of different and sundry greens, browns and Dark Elf skin triads made them greener than I anticipated. Oh well, such is life. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Kickstarter_Goblin_imp_with_javelins.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Kickstarter_goblin_imp_with_scimitar.jpg
  11. Back in the 90's, Shane Hensley worked on a setting for a couple of computer games (and some novel tie-ins), called Thunderscape: The World of Aden. It was a fantasy steampunk setting mixed with a new, terrible darkness afflicting the land. It was remembered fondly, and a couple of years ago, Kyoudai Games received the license and made a setting book for Pathfinder. Now they're Kickstartering a Savage Worlds conversion. More than that, the conversion work is being done by a member of this very forum! I will not say who, except that this person is brilliant, talented, devilishly handsome, exceptionally modest, and me. It's currently at about half its goal with thirty days left, so it's trending pretty well.
  12. Alas. All monies must go to Dark Sword for the sheer adorableness... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/823962857/critter-kingdoms-anthro-animals-miniatures-line-ex?ref=hero_thanks
  13. I bought 4 sets of dice from these folks on their first kickstarter and they are some of my favorite dice to use. Good weight and size (full 16mm). They are not absolutely perfect, but neither are any other stone dice I have seen. They also have a much better pricepoint than other stone dice I have seen. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579878362/v2-precious-stone-polyhedral-dice They had a bit of a hiccup in shipping during their first campaign because one of the stones (blue sandstone) was desired more than the others, but most orders were delivered on time and the rest well tracked and delivered right on their revised timeline. Their communication was excellent throughout the first KS. this time they are offering their original stones 1) Blue Sandstone 2) Green Aventurine 3) Red Jasper 4) Rose Quartz 5) Clear Quartz 6) Hematite 7) Synthetic Opalite plus Amethyst Lapis Lazuli Tiger's Eye Goldstone Black Obsidian One thing to note is that the numbers are printed on the die surface, not carved into the die. I have been using them for 3 months now with no signs of wear or chipping but It is an item to note. Another thing to note is they are doing pipped D6 this time as well.
  14. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_drum_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_scimitar_behind_shield_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_scimitar_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_standard_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_swinging_scimitar_front.jpg So I just finished painting these Ral Partha orcs, ones that will have ended up coming from their Kickstarter. I had to link them, because the majority of them have their orc dorks dangling about. Not utterly happy with the lighting, look a tad washed out, but maybe I'll try to take some better pictures later. Painting five similar models at the same time can kind of seem like it takes forever, especially with the limited time I typically have to paint. I kind of got a bit more time to paint this week though, so just got these finished up today. Enjoy!
  15. In order to get back into painting I decided to paint a few Bones, and to do it quickly so as to not get frustrated and lose interest trying to make everything perfect. I still ended up spending more time on these guys than I had hoped, but it was mostly because I was trying new things, so I guess that's ok. I'm not sure I got all the names and numbers correct in the title, I had a hard time finding some of them in the catalog so feel free to point out any corrections needed. First up: a dryad! To be clear, this is the Bones version. I don't think a tree can really be considered to be nude, but linked here just in case. I was trying out non-human skin tones, this one is shaded with dark blue and the highlights are a light teal. I always read that you should push highlights more, but I generally get impatient and the final, lightest highlight will ruin the careful layering underneath like it did here... Practice continued with this demon(?). The photo shows him to be much more saturated than he is IRL. Next, a tick that I tried to paint to be glowing inside. I didn't really a good photo of the glow, the gradient is much stronger in reality. The topside was meant to be like a dung beetle blue, but it came out looking a bit sci-fi. I painted these mummies as a quick break, they were probably the fastest of the bunch! They are purposefully differently colored, so they can be distinguished more easily during a game. This skeleton was also a quick job, I tried to make his equipment look dirty, old and rusty. I had tremendous fun making this guy look diseased and gross. I didn't realize there was another of these until I was looking up this part number, but I will see about making that one another color as this pale flesh seems like the easy way out to make it look sickly. Agatha seemed like she would provide a bit of variety. I tried to paint her in a comic-book style, with more sharply defined shadows and highlights. I shaded her coat more smoothly so it would contrast with the rest. Finally, this burrowing creeper that I image just came popping out of someone's lawn for a snack. I'm not sure how the anatomy of its head is supposed to work, but I gave him six eyes. Looking at it now, maybe I should put some clumps of grass on its back.
  16. A quartet of ghasts I speed-painted during our RPG session tonight. This was my first time using a happy seppuku stamp pad for the bases. With these 4 done, I am now at a total of 8 minis complete from Bones 2; I'm sure to be done by the time Bones 3 arrives...
  17. So Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals is going to be re-releasing some of their classic line of figures through a Kickstarter that they are going to be starting up the next week or so, and I did a little bit of painting for them on a few of the goblins they are going to be offering. These are from way back, good old juicy Tom Meier goodness! If their Kickstarter does well, hopefully lots more of this will be showing up in the future! Anyway, hope you enjoy! I painted three of them, but the front view of one of them is going to be linked because his manly parts are flying hither and thither. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Kickstarter_goblin_with_morning_star_front.jpg
  18. The title is a bit confusing on this one. This is the continuation of the adventures of Agatha Heterodyne - Girl Genius. I think this is volume 13. You can read just about everything this book contains in their online comic found at girlgenius.com. All of the books in this series are reprints of their Gaslamp Fantasy online comic featuring Agatha Heterodyne, if you aren't familiar with it already then you should definitely check it out and then jump in on the current kickstarter. Here is the kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/girlgenius/girl-genius-graphic-novel-a-new-journey-begins/description
  19. I was with everyone that the mini cases from the first kickstarter were awesome, but the spaces were too small for a lot of the figures. I was thrilled to see them offer cases with larger spaced foam inserts in Bones 2. So my KS order shipped and both cases were missing. I emailed Reaper and they replied back that they would get the figure cases out to me. Today I finally received the replacement figure cases, and they have the exact same inserts as the first KS. Did I miss an update somewhere that said they were going to stay with the same dimensions as the Bones 1 inserts? Or did I just get REALLY unlucky and get my case order borked twice in a row?
  20. My latest Kickstarter is a modest offering of Elvish fantasy fonts for game masters, tabletop players and publishers: http://kck.st/1yPyfJH Thank you!
  21. The dretches from FD's IMotOP Kickstarter. More pics and WIPs on my blog.
  22. I've just launched an indie RPG kickstarter for Cavernquest, a role playing game about dwarven adventure! Its big selling point is that players can create a group of dwarves and experience more of the world than just dungeon delving (though that is present). Dwarves can gain experience by mining, forging weapons, or even apprenticing other dwarves! There are lots of fun little systems for things like journeying in different underground enviroments, investing in communities, and creating magical items. I've got a free pdf of an early edition of the game up on the kickstarter page, and you guys are welcome to go download it. Read it, play it redistribute it however you want! I'm planning on releasing the final game as a pay-what-you-want pdf and as a physical book. I'm open to questions, comments, and suggestions, so let me know what you think! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/805665166/cavernquest
  23. This is one that is very likely to get some money from me. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1635552367/dungeons-and-drafts-geek-bar?ref=nav_search Oops I missed it, already over, sorry.
  24. Hi folks, My name is Ruben Segura, producer of Koti Games, a company founded by an enthusiastic group of professional entrepreneurs. Together, we have over 30 years’ experience working in leading companies in the videogame industry. Since we all love games, we have some exciting news that we believe you might consider interesting. We will be soon launching our next project: Battle Arena Show, an innovative board game inspired by the style of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) videogames. At April 7th the Battle Arena Show's Kickstarter campaign will be launched. Battle Arena Show is a multiplayer strategy board game that takes place in an alternative reality, where the discovery of time travel has permitted unprecedented technological advances. This board game uses miniatures to recreate a morbid reality show, in which two teams battle to compete for the coveted title of Battle Arena Master. Battle Arena Show brings the gameplay mechanics of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) PC games, like League of Legends or DOTA 2, to your table. 2 to 6 players divided in 2 teams will compete to destroy the enemy base. Each player will control one or more heroes and the team will receive the help of their minions to achieve the victory. You can take a quick look at our project by watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9HUQKYVyyo Also, we are running a giveaway now and if you want to win a copy of Battle Arena Show, you can visit the following link: https://gleam.io/fb/9KyPn Good luck! You can find much more information in our web site and Facebook's fan page: http://www.battlearenashow.com https://www.facebook.com/battlearenashow We hope you like the project
  25. I am not sure how much of this is news to anybody but it just appeared in the NYT and I found it interesting enough, particularly the 1099-K: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/19/business/crowdfunded-entrepreneurs-tripped-up-by-the-taxman.html?_r=0 Cheers.
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