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Found 5 results

  1. Tenebrae - Nightmares of Ylia A follow up to their prior campaign, with more resin and another paint set.
  2. Kimera Kolors advertises itself as the paints which can create every color in your mind. This is true... if you are willing to mix your paints. As someone who already does so to an extent I decided to pick their paint up during their kickstarter last year, but I haven't had the time to do much with them. Time to dust them off and paint something! I'm sure I'll go back and forth between too many pictures and not enough, but sometimes you just forget about the camera. My original plan had been to use this 3D print as not only a test piece, but to be a nicely painted test piece. Unfortunately after I printed it I discovered that it is one of those models where some of the details are super shallow. A few coats of paint and there won't be any details left. Disappointed, she was demoted to just a test piece. So this exercise was to be painting an entire model using the bare minimum of paints - the primaries. This is not how you would normally go about it considering how pigments grey out, but if you've never done it before it is good practice to see how paints work. In this case I'm creating a cold pallet. We have white, black, cold yellow, phthalo blue green shade (a cold blue), and magenta (a cold red). (As an aside, if you were to throw in some secondaries you would have a complete pallet, but that is for another time.) One of Kimera's primary selling points is that they are pure pigments, unlike other brands of hobby paints, and proudly stamp their bottles just like the art companies do. In this case my Kimera magenta is PR122, just like my Golden paint. The Kimera paints are matte, but if I need gloss I can pull out a Golden sub. The wet pallet. To start I'm going to mix a Caucasian skin tone. First use yellow + red to make orange. Then desaturate with a touch of blue. And I do mean just a touch. Phthalo = potent. Then add a bunch of white until an intermediate tone is reached. Also, not sure what my camera focused on here. To create highlights add white + a touch of yellow. And repeat. Some of these obviously have a bit too much yellow in them but that is what practice is for. You can do the same thing in the opposite direction but black is also potent so it will get dark quickly. Making the shadows a bit purple will contrast with the yellow in the highlights and add more pop. Here she is basecoated with the initial skintone. It is a bit on the red side. And a few shadows with the first shadow mix. The first highlight mix, though normally this would be closer to my initial coat. Going up in the highlight mixes. And another. By the time I got the paint mixed I was running out of paint time so it was just getting slapped on to see how it looks. And smear the final highlight over everything! OK, that's not how to paint, but it does show off how much contrast there is between the colors when they are side by side. And tone it back down a bit. It's really dry here and my paint started getting a little thick. It might not show up well here but her face is getting overworked by this point. Next, more mixing and hopefully more time for painting.
  3. Tenebrae - Fate of Asteria A whole bunch of resin, or you can pick up a full set of Kimera Kolors.
  4. Vancouver Miniature Painters picked this for the first paint club item. It is Queen by Life Miniatures. I wanted to do more with it, and ended up doing the face and skin early.... then rushing the rest. All things considered, she turned out darn nice! Painted with a mix of Reaper, Vallejo, and Kimera. Reaper and Vallejo more on the skin and metal, Kimera more on the cloth. Many thanks to the paint club leader for good photos!
  5. I picked this figure because I like it but don't have strong attachment to it. The face turned out a bit mushy, but eh, s'ok. OSL was a "hmm, it should be there". Skin tones are Reaper vampiric and dusky triads. Most of the rest of the figure is with Kimera Kolors which are crazy heavy pigments; this figure was an experiment in learning how to use them. Photo is... so so. Didn't have ability to set up proper station so this'll have to do for now.
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