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Found 152 results

  1. “Men told that Kane was a giant in stature, more powerful than ten strong men. In battle no man could stand before him, for he fought with a sword in either hand - wielding easily weapons that another warrior could scarcely lift. His hair was red as blood, and he feasted on the still-beating hearts of his enemies. His eyes were the eyes of Death himself, and they cast a blue flame that could shrivel the souls of his victims.†― Karl Edward Wagner, Darkness Weaves So I finished Kane..... His base is from my Secret Weapon Bag O Crap, with a couple of tufts, some Fine Turf, Earth color, and some fine grey ballast... (the plinth under the base was only used for the pics, and is not part of the mini) He was interesting to paint, and there were a few things I should have done earlier in the process... I should have chosen the base, and drilled the holes prior to painting, as I kept rubbing the paint off his beard.... and I should have fitted the shield to his left hand better before painting, as it was a tight fit, and I should have put the hole in better place that I drilled to hold the shield whilst painting, because if you look carefully, it can be seen.... All in all, I am pleased as to how he came out, and would recommend the mini to anyone who is a fan of the stories, or just likes a cool mini! (And if you like anti heroes, read the novels....) George WiP here Pic of Molly Hatchet's Flirting with Disaster album In the Frazetta Museum: ART PRINT NO. 69 - DARK KINGDOM
  2. A little while ago I purchased Hasslefree's "Fairies Wear Boots" piece. The Gothic Punk like Fairy stomps on candy. Now I kept thinking that it would be fun to have her chasing little Imps and stomp those into the ground. So I got me some little familairs and stuff from Reaper. Then Malefacus ( Al) send me a wonderful Mushroom he sculpted. To top things off, Knarthex ( George) send me some stuff including a nice oval wooden plinth. Thinking about it all, I realised I now have the ingredients to start on this piece. The Idea is the Fairy chases Imps and Stomps a few into the ground. Maybe she swallowed a growth potion or something. Now she can finally have her revenge on those pesky Imps! The Mushroom watches the whole scene in horror. I will not use all these Imps/Demons, but I will take my pick which will suit the scene best. To complement the large Shroom, I will include some smaller resin mushrooms. Painting will follow later, but here are the ingredients:
  3. So whilst pulling out Red Box Games recent KS to start on my Frostgrave Warband, this guys stared at me with lurid blue eyes.... He is from Bronze Age Minis, and is a Frazetta inspired mini... He is on the cover of Dark Crusade by Karl Edward Wagner, and Flirting with Disaster by Molly Hatchet... So he comes in 3 parts, and will start getting some love... Not sure if I will add the sword, as it is absent in the pic, and is supposed to go on his right hip... Now Kane is left handed, so the mini was switched, but the sword is still on the wrong side, which is why I am strongly thinking of skipping it.... Thanks for looking!
  4. Bravo 66, This is Bravo 36, SITREP, over This is Bravo 66, Send it This is Bravo 36 Have occupied forward positions in the outskirts of Gelnhausen, Negative enemy contact, over This is Bravo 66, continue to observe, Be aware that friendly Snakes will be passing through the area, over This is Bravo 36, Wilco, out So some wolf asked that I take some pics of the M1 Abrahms tanks and other Flames of War models I am painting for a friend... I set up a small bit of terrain, about 2' by 3' And placed the models in it... Company HQ section and M577 Command post objective: 2nd platoon: Snakes, ie Huey Cobras The buildings are from Sentinal Miniatures, and come apart so as to be able to put infantry inside. The trees are from Woodland Scenics, The Green Mat from GW I can't remember the company the roads come from... The green fel represents the actual area that is 'woods' for game purposes. the trees are moved when models need to move through the space. Everything else terrain -wise is scratch built. Thanks for Looking! SGT George WiP Here
  5. So I am finally starting to work on my Warband, using the minis fro Tre Manor's Warriors of the Frozen North... Never having played Frostgrave before, I am starting out with the Wizard and his apprentice, as those 2 I know I will need.... Wizard is Ejrvindr the Far Seeing: Apprentice is Dagrun Arnholdt's dottir: Not sure what the rest of the band will be.... 2 archers, a thief, a Barbarian, and 4 thugs is my thought right now.... Suggestions???? Thanks for looking! George
  6. So I started these to have some things not requiring a lot of fiddly work last NEMPA paint day, (19Nov) and finished them up last night. The Nest: I added a few small tufts of Autumn Buffalo Grass, a bit of Fine Earth Turf Flock, and some Fine Light Green Turf Flock. The Treasure pile: A few touches in the coins with Elven Gold... I dumped some of the Silver colored Glass Glitter onto this to see what it would look like, But as the glitter was NOT round, it looked kinda like someone had shattered 3 or 4 mirrors onto the pile, so it was removed.... These wre the first time I tried out my new Warcolours paints, using Violet 5 to 1 on the 'robe' Emerald 5 to 1 on the shield Yellow 5 to 1 on the Feur-di-lis and Ochre 5 to 1 on the eggs... Very different from other paints I have used... Nice fun pieces to paint! Thanks Oathsworn! George WiP here
  7. So I backed both of Oathsworn's Heroines in Sensible Shoes kick starters, and got a free resin piece in each one. The nest in KS1, The Treasure Pile in KS2... I brought them with me to paint day, as I have discovered I get more accomplished if I am doing non detail oriented work there.... I figure that the can be treasure tokens for my Frost Grave warband.... Nest: Basecoat of GW Graveyard earth, eggs are Warpainter Ocher 5, 4, & 3 Clothing is WP Violet 5 Bones, skull, & scroll are Iroku Backpack is 50% Black and Brown Leather... Treasure pile: Chest bands are Necro Gold, Dwarven Gold, Elven Gold, with Agrax Earthshade Chest wood is a white with a wash of Walnut, and Agrax Earthhade Coins are Necro gold and Viking gold Shield is WP Emerald 5, & 4 Sword Scabbard and Handle the 50% mix of Black and Brown leather Thanks for looking!
  8. To all of my fellow forumites, near and far, Have a happy and Safe Thanksgiving! Just please take a moment or two, to think about those in the Armed Forces, posted far from their loved ones and families, doing their jobs and keeping us Free.... And to those of you around the world that don't celebrate this holiday, or like our northern neighbors in Cannuckistan that have already had theirs, May you to have a wonderful day, surrounded by friends, family, and good food... George
  9. Hey folks! I am thinking about buying an inexpensive tablet for travel use... (It needs to go to Texas this fall...) So I am asking folks what they have / use(d), what they like and dislike about them, and ny other thoughts! Not a total tech noob, but the tech advances to fast for me to keep up with! Thanks! George
  10. Hey folks! If you have seen my current WiP, you know that I am painting 15mm Armor for a friend... He sent along the Team Yankee paint set that Battlefront puts out, though the paint is made by Army Painter, and while the rattle cans are fine, the bottled paints leave quite a lot to be desired.... They are very thick when they come out of the bottle, separate very quickly, and take a loooong time to mix up. When it gets thinned, it starts turning translucent very very quickly. The one shade that was included in the set, (I suspect it is a 'soft body black') is fine on the other hand... So I am wondering what other peoples experience with Army Painter products has been... ( I know what is being said on the FoW forums, and it isn't pretty....) Thanks! Gorge
  11. So as some of you know, I painted up a mini as a gift for our resident barbarian, to give to him at ReaperCon... (Background story and WiP Here) However, being in a hurry to get things done for Con, I never did take any show off pics.... So I asked Ub3r to take some, and he just sent them, and now I'll post them for you all to see! Thanks for looking! And thanks again Ub3r! George
  12. So to set the stage.... This noob on the forums joins a mini exchange..... the person he is painting for asks that he challenge himself by only using 1 bottle of Red, 1 Blue, 1 Black, and 1 White..... Said noob is the type that buys paints in quintads (5 paint colors) so he doesn't have to mix paint, has just learned that he can thin paint before adding it to a mini, wet palettes are the Lords of Lead's gift to a painter,etc etc.... So what does any noob to the Reaper forum do when they have a question? PMs Ub3r_N3rd.... Said Ub3r_N3rd is very nice, patient, and helpful to said noob, even though his in box is coming near to bursting from pms.... The mini gets painted to a Not Perfect, But Acceptable standard, the diorama is built, the whole thing shipped out, and received.... But, said noob feels that he is in debt to his benefactor, and wants to do something nice for him..... so while looking through the Hasslefree catalog online, which said noob also learned about from our beloved enabler, he sees a mini called "My Hero"... Problem is, I am not a girl, so the original thought wont work, painting the mini to look like me saying thanks to my rescuer.... But I bought the mini anyway, thinking maybe I could do something.... So as I got to know Ub3r a bit better, and find out things about him, I thought that maybe, I could try and do this as his wife welcoming him home.... As I did not think that she would appreciate being painted up almost sky clad, I thought that I could sculpt some clothes on her, and split the base into a mini diorama, with her on the real life side, and him as his forum personae.... Little did I know that 'drapery', putting clothes on a mini is one of the harder parts of sculpting, but I had an ace in the hole.... Enter the New England Miniatures Painters Association member and forumite Mad Jack.... I asked him at a paint day if he would take a commission, what I wanted, and what it was for, and he agreed! (I will let him make his own comments here....) He did a super duper awesome job for me and I proceeded to work this up.... There was a selected group of folks that I pm ed with a work in progress, so I am going to cut and paste that here, without their comments, they can add them themselves if they wish.... (Edit, I had to edit some stuff that was needed for this to work....) Sent 02 September 2016 - 06:38 PM OH Jack.... She is beautiful!!!!!! Here they are, right out of the package..... now i need to gently clean them, and make the base, and prime..... Sent 02 September 2016 - 07:58 PM Yeah, gotta step up my game for this... Sent 05 September 2016 - 02:15 AM So I did the base in 2 parts, a smaller fan style brick, and a courser dungeon stone for them to stand on... The plan is to have her on the fan style, with the brick painted like a tiled floor, while he is on the dungeon floor with stuff growing through the cracks etc Everything has been primed so I can start.... I forgot to mention Jack threw this in as well... It got started with some Arabic Shadow... Thanks for looking! George (Never did finish the little skull mug, but I gave it to Ub3r at the con....) Sent 06 September 2016 - 02:15 PM So, black, and we all know how much fun that is to paint.... So I am thinking Dark Blue for the dress, with Black shoes.... The barbarian will likely have some sort of tan leather pants, brown boots, and manly chest hair.... I guess that painting chest hair would be like 5 o'clock shadow? a little grey mixed in with the skin tone???? Thoughts or comments????
  13. So as some of you may know, I have been busy converting a Team Frog Duck into a certain Jet packing, Glitter Happy Monotreme... and I have finally finished him... So I give you..... (well you know who it is....!) He was a lot of fun to do, stretched my sculpting skills and ingenuity a bit, but I am pretty happy with the results. Thanks for looking! George WiP here
  14. Finished up Geirahod tonight! Here's pics, words tomorrow... George
  15. Since I want to bring a Bombshell mini to Reapercon, and Glacia isn't movin' my Mojo atm, I started on Geirahod... Eyes are GW Scorched Brown, MSP Linen White, and Scale 75 Tesla Blue Skin is Arabic Shadow, which seems to be my new favorite skin tone base coat.... Got the Blues in her eyes with one try..... (Will never happen again...) I found it interesting that the details of her face don't show up well in the pic on the Bombshell site... They look very soft in that pic, to me anyway... Comments and Critiques welcome!
  16. As I have been working almost exclusively on my diorama project, I have not been posting 'Finished' pictures of the models here.. So now that I have finished the 4 PC types I have decided to post them here. I give you Xanathar the Beholder's 4 'Councillors'... Slan Thurbal: (Decided that I don't have time to change HIS left hand....) Slink Monkester: Ott Steeltoes: Shindia Darkeyes: Group Shot: An approximation of their positions in the diorama, with a Intellect Devourer added... Thanks for looking! And for all those cheering me on, a one time use Gaze Reflection Dweomer! George
  17. So I am going to enter some minis in the painting contest, and thought I might put one on a plinth... I stopped at Micheal's on the way home, and picked up some stuff, but wonder what others would think... I bought a 2" cube, a 4" square, and a 4" round. My thought is to mount the cube centered on either the square, or the round, sand everything up nice, and stain it with Minwax Ebony 2718 penetrating Stain. The round: Now when I showed this to the spawn and soon to be ex, they asked how I was going to do it... Parallel: Or Catty corner: Or should I just use the cube? I plan on a plaque with the title of the piece on the front of the cube.... A rare earth magnet will secure the mini to the plinth, for ease of transport. Thanks for your thoughts! George (all 3 wooden parts were under $4!)
  18. Happy birthday, oddly spelled antechamber to a cathedral!
  19. So the other day, Jasonator posted a recipe for Apple Strudel in the Incoherence thread.... (#12208) and since I needed to bake something to torment OneBoot with, I decided to try it! (I tried to collect all the recipe posts here for those that might want to try this.... Please jump in Jay if there is more or I forgot something!) May I bee so bold as to recommend that you try your hand at an apple struedel. Six plus apples, cored and peeled. a stick of butter (you expected less ?) Sprinkle of cinnamon to taste. a tablespoon of three of sugar. some walnuts, other nuts to taste. 1/2 cup of Brandy.. use a decent one.. Place all the above in a pan, heat on stove until apples start getting soft. keep basting the apples with the hot butter and the nuts. Toss on brandy OFF HEAT. then let cool while you butter twelve sheets of filo dough on a kitchen towel (overlap the dough). once you have a fourteen inch by fourteen inch square, Place the apple mixture at the top of the sheets, then gently roll them up (tucking in the edges when you are halfway rolled. Brush the dough with butter/margarine. and make slashes in the dough. bake at 350 degrees until it is golden brown. Remove and allow to cool. You WON'T have leftovers !! I got all the ingredients and commenced.... Ended up using brandy, as the alcohol burns off in the cooking.... Something for those (like me!) using Filo dough for the first time.... I wondered about the "12 Sheets of dough" in the recipe, and thought that at $5 a box for 2 rolls, we will just need to use what there is... Folks, the stuff is rolled up like parchment paper, and is about as thick, and is MUCH MORE FRAGILE! There was also enough to do what the recipe calls for in 1 of the 2 rolls from one box of dough! I put the apples into a strainer for a bit to let the liquid come out... Should have left them longer or done this.... Aryanun said: I will certainly remember this the next time I bake with apples.... She likes to do many of the things I do, and she enlists me in helping her with her projects, and I enlist her with mine.... (My son gets enlisted in different projects....) I used the left over liquid that had been strained out to baste the dough as it cooked, about once every 15 minutes until it was finished.... Cooked for about 50-55 minutes... I said: so it got finished but not tasted...... It split down one side, but oh well.... Should I have cut some slits in the top, maybe? I followed the recipe as written, with the exceptions noted... All Quotes are from Jasonator unless otherwise marked. okay, waiting on photobucket.... and here you are! George
  20. So with the recent Sir Forscale painting up, people have been discussing how they shipped their minis to The Great Kaiju... I thought that maybe a thread devoted to how we ship minis might be a god idea for reference.... I shipped 2 separate packages, in the first I packed my Bannerman in a small plastic box, similar to the boxes that Oathsworn uses, wrapped in a bit of bubble wrap. the box was then padded a bit with a bit more bubble wrap, and placed in a small USPS flat rate box, with suitable packing material around it. (The Oathsworn boxes are used to hold business cards, but they look like the travelling soap dishes to me....) The second one I shipped, I again wrapped him in a bit of Bubble wrap, and put this inside the cardboard ring left over from a roll of masking tape. The roll then had tape put over it to keep him inside, and then into the small flat rate box, with some packing material to keep it centered. When I have sent exchange minis, I have used cut down card board tube from large rolls of brown craft paper to do the same thing for larger minis, and they can go in a medium flat rate box with packing material to keep them from moving around. (I can usually ship stuff for free from work, so I tend to use the boxes, which are free at the US post offices.) Also, I save any small box that minis are shipped to me in, for latter re-use.... So chime in with your methods, or quote what you did in the other thread, and maybe a mod will pin this... George
  21. So the Werepuppy has grown up some... He was something to fiddle with while doing more 'serious' work, but he turned into an experiment all on his own, as almost every paint on him is a metallic of some sort, and not counting inks, only the eyes, and inside of his mouth have no metallics mixed in! Overall, I think he is a logical progression from the werepuppy, but I still need to up my game with many things to get my technicolor wolves to look like Herman's avatar. The white is especially a pain... Comments welcome! WiP here George
  22. I just got an Android tablet, and have been using it to read and respond to the forums. But I noticed that the response menu with font, color, emoticons, links etc doesn't appear, even in non mobile version. Is there a setting somewhere to turn this on? Or is it a limitation of the Android op platform? Thanks for any INFO!!! George
  23. ***This is a request for information, not a confrontational post!**** First, you may wish to put the Policies tab at the bottom of the main page in a place that is a bit easier to find. 2nd, as I am intending to dress as a Duskwarden, for at least 1 day, I have recently acquired a replica flintlock pistol for the costume. I posted the images in the "Aquisitions Thread" and an alert forumite sent me a pm with a link to the weapons policies # 8 & 9. So my quandary is, is this an ok piece of costume? It will be inside my boot, and cable tied to my leg and not be able to be drawn and brandished. As a long time attendee of many Ren Faires, I am well aware of peace bonding rules, and I abide by them, to the point that my weapons are bonded by myself before arriving, and usually exceed the requirements of the venues that I have been to. As I will be flying to Texas, space and weight are at a premium, and I would rather not carry something I cannot use... On the other hand, I do feel that it fits the costume and the concept art of Jakob Knochengard, Duskwarden Captain. I stand ready to accept the decisions of mine hosts. George ***This is a request for information, not a confrontational post!****
  24. Hey folks! Just wondering if anyone knows of any decals that can be used to put writing in open books at our 28mm scale.... Doesn't have to be designed specifically for it, it just needs to look like it! Thanks! George
  25. So Here is the Ranger Josey Wales.... If you have been following my WiP, you'll know why he is called that.... I started this mini as a piece for one of the players in our Pathfinder game, and suddenly, something went absolutely right with the face and hair, and suddenly, people are encouraging me to enter him in the ReaperCon Painting Competition.... So I really pushed myself to make him the best he could be... Trying a few new techniques, and taking extra care with everything I did... Hope you like him. Due to the pose of the mini, I took pics from the normal top down angle, and then some pics from below... A wonderful mini to paint, but DO NOT assemble him first!!!! Lots and lots of times I cursed myself for doing that... Comments and critiques welcome! George
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